Monday, April 22, 2013

The Mad Camera Kung Fu King

瘋狂的相機功夫之王 google transalation

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Chua Soi Lek is fighting all over, he is the mad kung fu fighter, he fights everything including his own shadow, he has this inherent dislike for hidden cameras, camera men and cameras that some people are calling him "The Mad Camera Kung Fu Fighter"

Just say the word "Kodak"  they say and he goes mad, try Nikon he goes into a rage, say Fuji film an he will run amok, anything to do with cameras is taboo, and he does not know who his enemies nor his friends are some so close to him are good camera men, and now he is allergic to camera men especially those with hidden cameras.

He fights with Ong Tee Keat his best chance to have got a seat for MCA in Parliament,  he manged to get that man knocked out, he can't bear the sight n of Ong Tee Keat, and one wonders why.

For Chua Soil Lek victory is already won, he got rid of ChuaJui Meng, he managed to make sure that the man in his party who was the best chance for an MCA win was sidelined, he even threatened to resigng if Tee Keat was fielded,a nd now Barisan can kiss their hopes for Pandan bye bye and Chua is so happy.

Chua seems to be so happy he has actually screwed himself up.

Some people say Ong was dropped because he has many friends with special camera skills, and he owns some very powerful cameras too, anyway his fight wit Tee Keat seems over for the time being at least.

At other times he is fighting with Muhyiddin, and Muhyiddin is just waiting, because Muhyiddin is the next PM if BN wins, not Najib. 

Najib will be for only a few days, then it will be Muhyiddin, the game plan is set and Najib is trying very hard to win a losing battle there.

Then when Muhyiddin is PM he will like Musa in times of old ask the MCA President to tender his resignation, many of you may not know what I am saying, but I lived the history of this country and that is what happened, one MCA President was asked to tender his resignation by Musa Hitam one day in history and he did, the rest is history.

If Muhyiddin does not the greedy and selfish Chinese of MCA will they will realise their dreams will all go up in smoke if they do not move him out,s o they will force him out just ot bring in another clown,and jduging by any standards even this man Ong Tee Ket is clown with crooked ideas, if indeed hw ws a gentleman he woudl ahve quit the day Najib replaced him in the PKFZ scandal inquiry.

The time has come after 56 years since Malaya proclaimed independence and fifty years since the birth of Malaysia it is time for all Malaysians to wake up and pu tan end to tyranny.

We will be fools if we fall for this crap, the group that has stolen from right under our noses to not only get away with it, but then to come back and rule us.

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