Friday, May 10, 2019


Lokeman is famous for rhetoric and now after his failed "Black Attire Campaign" this Najib's Jester is now being taken by Najib to Sandakan to campaign there.
Lokeman intimidating students

In fact no one takes Lokeman seriously, he is more of a sidekick who is given the freedom to make statements like those made by Jamal Yunos who is now very quiet.

In fact this failed politician is hardly taken seriously in fact he is more like Najib's jester and that is exactly how Najib treats him.

Now he moves East with his Boss in tow, if his boss is not accepted than Lokeman will take centre stage,and display his antics there., that is how the jester works.

I wish Angelina Jolie of Al Jazeera is there this time again to interview Najib, that will be great.

He will begin with his religious campaign saying that the religion is under threat, the Malays are under threat and will promise everything including the Pan Borneo Highway.

Najib promised this highway for such a long time ago but it never materialised, on the contrary Najib's governmetn went on to build a parallel highway to the existing North South Highway in Peninsular in Malaysia - the West Coast Highway, and the construction of that highway nearing completion by contractors appointed by Najib, has caused the major pipe bursts that has kept Klang
Najib will be there without Rosmah - change game
without water for almost a week beginning Sunday 5th of May.

Najib did not only make empty promises but stole from the nations coffers, then put the country into huge debts hoping to rake money from the debt ridden projects to pay off the sums not accounted for in the 1MDB.

Najib even allowed the dangerous Lynas plant to operate in his own home state, if he could play with the lives of people in his own home state think what he will do to you Sabah? 
Deepak in today's "Al Jazeera 101 East" interview refers to Najib as as a "Master liar he's lied about every single matter."
Was all Najib's corrupt deals done at the expense of East Malaysia?

Of course it was, in fact from the time it was in power the BN only took from Sabah and put it in more misery than ever into Sabah by inflating its population with illegal immigrants who were later legitimised and made citizens.

I was in Sabah in 2009, I was really amazed that  the "land below the wind has beaches that will put Bali to shame, Sabah has a Tourist potential that will give it more wealth than its Petroleum and Palm Oil  if managed well, and the only people who can really do that are the Sabahans themselves because they know Sabah better than anyone else.
The President in cold storage wiht the Acting President who'll be there

If the question of Sabah's population is addressed and put right, and the Federal Government is committed to beefing up security in Sabah and Sabah waters are safeguarded from the marauders from the Filipino Islands - the Abu Sayaf, Sabah will become the Tourists Paradise in Asia stripping Thailand and even Bali.

Sabah is poised to provide immensely beautiful family Tourism, a fantastic convention centre to world Tourism Nature at its best.

All this has been overlooked and allowed to deteriorate under UMNO, to the extent UMNO brought in illegals and legalised them there.

It is time Sabah takes all of that back, and the DAP can champion that for he Sabahans and that is exactly what Lokeman is going to make an issue of, he is going to tell you that that DAP is anti Islam, it si anti Malay.

Now consider this by 2035 the majority of DAP members will be orang Asal, Malays like Lokeman included although he is not Orang Asal, he will tell you that religion will be under threat, that is the kind of rhetoric UMNO is famous for divide the people and then steal from you using their lackeys in the Sabah. Isn't that what they have been doing all this time?


The Sabahans need to give the Pakatan the opportunity to right the wrongs it has suffered since becoming part of Malaysia and the only way to do it is now with Pakatan if moves are nto properly organised for this they'll have th3e opportunity to move them out in the elections to come, but it is high time Sabah tried to give the Pakatan a chance to see if it is better in delivery than BN and of course it is,