Monday, July 22, 2019






Anwar needs to come out and assure the public that he was not the mastermind behind the Azmin videos as the IGP Hamid Bador had said the leader of a political party was the "mastermind."

It was after this announcement that Anwar toned down and sang a completely different tune from what he was doing prior to the arrests of his own political secretary, and other party members.

He should not blame the general public for being led to believe that he was indeed the mastermind, his sudden overtures to Azmin seems to suggest so too, and his sudden  call for a retreat where he orchestrated a call for support for him are all signs that he is the culprit behind the whole Azmin saga.
Is the he mastermind Datuk Seri Abdul Hamid Bador mentioned?

Anwar has done more damage to himself and Parti Keadillan than the cumulative damage done to him from Sodomy 1 and Sodomy 2, because now he has openly left his integrity in tatters and his silence about his involvement makes matters only worse.

The talk in town and the belief of the rakyat is now IF HE COULD DO THAT TO HIS MOST FAITHFUL LIEUTENANT THINK WHAT HE CAN DO TO THE REST OF US.

The talk in the PKR circles is that this animosity, not just rivalry stems from the time he nominated his wife  for the position of Menteri Besar of Selangor.

PKR members of standing have revealed that during that time Azmin was not in favour of   Wan Azizah Wan Ismail as Menteri Besar of Selangor after Anwar  himself failed in his bid as he was about to go to jail to serve his sentence for Sodomy2.

The sources say that Azmin was upfront with his objections of Wan Azizah taking the position of  Menteri Besar of Selangor as he knew she was not fit for the position as the evidence will now show since she became DPM. She wasn't politically astute and would have been the ridicule of the opposition and the then Federal Government. The most certain recipe for the failure for the PH government in Selangor.

Knowing that  her failure would not augur too well for the party,  (Azmin knew that better than anyone else having served as her deputy and being a founding member of the party), he was not prepared to let the party and its struggles fail with this one crazy move.

This animosity was compounded  with the Nurul also joining the fray although she did no openly say so she felt that Azmin was becoming too ambitious and had betrayed the family, she felt that her mother should have been made the Menteri Besar, since that campaigning and other party activities were held
Animosity with Azmin?
differently and the animosity kept under wraps, the Anwar family just did not trust Azmin, and that is why sthey have become so suspicious of Azmin becoming the next PM.

Prior to this Azmin himself began feeling threatened first by Zaid Ibrahim whom Anwar had brought into the party and who was vying the Deputy's position and then by Rafizi who turned out to be Anwar's blue eyed boy.

Anwar was relying on Rafizi to interpret the financial situation in the government for him, although he was Finance Minister previously Anwar's understanding of Finance and economics is next to zero, he is no financial wizard, and no strategist and as Diam Zainuddin said he was only a fiery orator who was short on deliverables.  Anwar is only a graduate in Malay studies everything he said as finance minister during his tenure as Finance Minister criticising Mahathir were nothing but echoes of what wwere being said by the IMF and other International bodies, after the financial crisis, at the end of the day Mahathir proved the whole damn lot including this upstart wrong.

His handicap has made him beholden to Rafizi and the position of the DPM he
Anwar's Blue Eyed Boy
feels must go to Rafizi when he takes over as PM that is if he does become PM.

Removing Anwar at that time  was probably the best thing Mahathir did, had he not done it Anwar would have formed an alliance with PAS and this would have been not just an Islamic State but a Islamic Republic and if you talk to his followers from his ABIM days what was part of  his thought process.


The answer rests with PH and more so with PKR are PKR members blindly loyal to Anwar Ibrahim or are their loyalties with the nation. The trouble is too many fo them are UMNOfied having their roots there and the thinking process so inclined. The non UMNO fellows look like they are more in the mold of the others who came before them and will follow for their own existence.

Are the PKR members just like UMNO members will they refuse to see these faults in Anwar Ibrahim and will they support him to become one although in the heart of hearts they all know he isn't  fit to be the PM and this is something both Wan Azizah and Nurul.know very well too, or will they leave sentiments aside and not back Anwar for the PM when the time comes.

If Anwar Ibrahi does become the Prime Minister of Malaysia he willbe the shortest serving Prime Minister this country would have eveer had and his demise will see the demise of PKR.

Frankly the PKR needs to continue that it started with Anwar Ibrahim's incarceration is no doubt, and  for it to continue as a force in this country Anwar Ibrahim must go.


Was PD more Important than the water crisis?

This is the Minister of Minister of Water, Land and Natural Resources and where was he over the weekend?

Almost the entire Klang valley was without water, this minister hails from Klang and yet at this critical timein the face of a maajor water crisis he was out there attending political retreat playing politics according to Anwar Ibrahim's tune.

Many PKR MP's and leaders who had work to do thier own work skipped this political gathering arranged iwth what looked like ulterior motives, they knew their work commitment came first and gave that priority, but with the Klang valley at probably its fourth major water cut in twelve months causing hardships to the many ore than a million people was not important enough I suppose for Xavier Jayakumar to skip this political retreat.

Zuraidah did not turn up she had a prior engagement in Surabaya and some other pre-prepared function in line with her duties, so where was Xavier.
Duty first Politics next.

Probably he thought it would be settled in a day or two and left it at that.

This morning when I called his ministry I told the person who answered the phone that I suspected sabotage, because the two major breakdowns in the last 12 months came prior to an announced major maintenance shutdown, and after it was supposedly fixed in both cases it occurred again. Coincidence???

Well I think Xavier had better go buy numbers I think there is a better chance for him to win numbers then for this kind of occurrence to happen twice, or that the people who are handling the repairs are incompetent, I am sure not.

We all know that there are many  elements in these organizations waiting to see this government fall,  and a thorough investigation has to be carried out and such elements prosecuted to the fullest extent of the law.

Leaving all that aside, there is no way one can get to the Syabas, or whoever it is  to get answers. Communication is only one way you take it, it does not matter if you do not accept bullshit, you just take it, they make the
2020 water services?
announcement and you are supposed to accept the announcement whether you like it or not is of no consequence as far as they are concerned.

It is your money so what is the attitude, we are in charge and we'll do it you do not ask questions when anything goes wrong, we'll tell you and no matter how strange that sounds that is just it tht seems to be the attitude.

You call the Minister you can't get him either, you leave a message with his people for him to call you the message is taken but I suppose it is unthinkable for an ordinary citizen to call the minister right?  He is extremely busy playing politics in Port Dickson and now back at work he can't attend to the thousands possibly millions of angry phone calls form people who are still wondering if he's having a picnic in Port Dickson.

These multiple water disruptions are disrupting our lives, it's not a matter of fixing and repairing it is preventive maintenance, it is monitoring, it is making sure it does not happen, it is security, it is being able to envisage problems before it happens that is what managing is about and that is what is expected of you and your ministry.

Speaking in context of a dentist:

Yes, of course when teeth have decayed beyond repair you pull them out, that happens so often in the life of a dentist, if there is a cavity you fill it up that too us is o often the job of the dentist, but preventing all these from happening and ensuring that the other teeth are properly maintained is the more important aspect of dentistry, Oral health care, but more often than not dentist advertise services like tooth implant, painless extraction, tooth repair, capping and the others, and less often Oral care before this happens.

The same applies here, water is a resource that is so important to life as a whole, without water human beings can die, over the weekend the Klang General Hospital had its water cut too and the minister was either not aware or did not think that important enough to be on site to ensure that services  resumed as soon as possible, Port Dickson and support for Anwar was.

With the exception of a slight trickle for about three hours yesterday, I am still without water, announcement have been made that it had been restored at 3.00 a.m. yesterday  it is now 6.34 p.m my water tank is bone dry, my taps are bone dry, I am washing myself with bottled water I purchased from the shops and that too is now in short supply and the minister is yet to call me.

Well at 70 it  is not ideal to go out and fetch water either from the pipes out there or from the tankers situated about a kilometer from me at Taman Rakyat, especially with my cervical spondylosis.

So Mr. Minister whether you are busy at work or still at the picnic in Port Dickson please call me, I have left my number with the three people I called today.


Saturday, July 20, 2019


 The present PKR "Retreat" in Port Dickson looks like it was originally planned to pass a resolution to remove Azmin Ali. 
It looks like Anwar took a change of course with the latest developments where his political secretary has been detained in connection with the production and distribution of the video implicating Azmin and the statement by the IGP that the leader of a Political Party was behind this move in which hundreds of thousands of ringgit were spent.
A conspiracy and who can the political leader be?
Anwar is the leader of PKR


In the face of the current crisis in the party which Anwar Ibrahim will deny is a crisis and has been in denial on since it began even before the last party elections, the PKR leaders hav to come out and make their stand clear on the future of the party one way or the other.

No one and absolutely no one is bigger than the party not even Anwar Ibrahim, it is not his party nor is it Azmin's it belongs to the people - it is the Peoples Justice Party and justice begins at home.      

Strangely enough, the silence of the Deputy PM, Nurul Izzah and Rafizi is deafening to say the least, have they decided to remain quiet to give  an impression of neutrality - that they prefer to remain neutral and allow this crisis  to solve itself, or are they fanning the crisis from behind closed doors.

Anwar comes out hitting like a guerilla in guerilla warfare campaign,  he comes looking like he is supporting Azmin one time and yet at another he comes out with messages implying that Azzmin should go.

The worst was immediately after his political secretary was arrested and the police made a statement that some people higher up in the PKR hierarchy could be involved, was he hoping  make a quick fix so the investigations could cease and the case closed?

It got to boiling point when the IGP said a leader of a political party was involved and  that looked like a direct hit. The leader of a political party can only be one person, and if one looks at the people arrested so far in this conspiracy there can be only one.

What is even more damaging is that hundreds of thousands of ringgit have been spent on this conspiracy and we need to know where this money came from, did it come from our donations to the party and individuals in the party during the run up to the last elections- God forbid.

It is time for Rafizi to come clean and give us an account of  where the
donations he received went to. It was given by the people for specific causes and to date he has not given us an account of those funds, in his own interest he must and he must do it soon. With his background as an accountant he should have those figures properly accounted for and up to date, these were donations for specific purposes.

We voted for a government free from gutter politics and corruption, we asked for good governance, and transparency. Rafizi himself was in the forefront of these calls and he was the man so many of us - the rakyat trusted, it is time for him to come out and be accountable about those monies, transparent about the present crisis, what he knows  about the gutter politics currently and if any corrupt practices were involved in the making of this tape, he should not hide, he should tell us everything he knows he must be transparent, he owes that to the rakyat.

Extremely quiet and Nurul not to be seen
To Rafzi, Nurul Izzah and Puan Azizah this is what I have to tell you three,
"Hell's hottest spots are reserved for those who in the face of crisis declare neutrality" and may I add who play, " I dohno lah," to which I say don't be bodoh la.

It is not about any individual we are talking about, it is about our nation, our people and our children and if you are to be leaders come out as leaders do, do not just sit back and watch, this saga, it is destroying the entire party and the government as a whole, and you are looking like crooks who conspire and lie and are breaking this up for reasons of your own.

Peoples justice Party - not the Anwar Families Party
I am rather certain that if Anwar is implicated here for being the mastermind as circumstances would have us belief, he will fight Mahathir Mohaammed tooth and nail and suggest this is a conspiracy again, well crying wolf again may not be the best idea.

To the PKR leadership get out there and tell the party exactly what you think, do not sit back and say nothing.

It is shocking that even the likes of Tien Chua,  Xavier Jayakumar seem to be fence sitters, at the most they make very diplomatic calls and for good reason I presume, they are both Anwar supporters and staunch ones too.

For them and other leaders now is the time for a call on what is right, they have to  come out and make that call loud and clear, don't just sit there and watch, make that call regardless of personalities and your past relationships or  PKR burn by your own folly.

Friday, July 19, 2019


In those days when Datuk Seri Anwar Ibrahim was incarcerated by the BN government over charges for Sodomy his first defence was that he was being vicitimised and the majority of Malaysians even those who sat on BN tables believed him.

In the days that followed he was found guilty by the courts on the two occasions only to be pardoned by the King.

Guilty for Sodomy or not, Sodomy should not have been made the issue  to rid the country of a potential leader and that was the way most Malaysians felt, the majority did not feel he was not guilty but that charge was no excuse to get rid of a political opponent, his own personal and private life should not have been brought into the fray and all that is now history.

This very man who shouted CONSPIRACY!!!!! in the highest decibels his voice box could tolerate, is now looking like the conspirator in Mohamed Azmin's case and these are based  on statements made by the Inspector General of Police.

Without mentioning names, the Inspector General of Police has said, "the mastermind  in this  wicked pact (pakatan jahat) to embarrass and tarnish the reputation of a certain individual,  is the leader of a political party, " he continued saying, " the video, circulated with the aim of raising concern among the people, was produced (dihasilkan) by those paid hundreds of thousands of ringgit.” 

If that is not a conspiracy what is?

All those arrested thus far are active members of PKR and one is even the political secretary of Anwar Ibrahim, so who is this leader of the political party the IGP is speaking about? Who is this nasty Conspirator? HINDRAF of course not.


I think the time has come for this man and I am sure it does not take rocket science for you know who he is, to throw in the towel, admit his fault and quit and maybe take his family along, unless the younger ones can display some maturity in politics and not be influenced by the parents especially the father.

How can a man who betray his closest ally who stood by him over the years, fought with him who together with Mahathir, Mat Sabu and the rest went campaigning around the country to ensure the fall of the Barisan Nasional. What integrity has this man one wonders.

His lack of integrity, his use of gutter politics gives him no option but to leave, these were qualities he was campaigning on directly for integrity, transparency  and now even before he gets into active politics he is practicing gutter politics, just the opposite and his true colours seems to be coming out.


I am afraid one of these days he is going to stand up in Parliament and attack Mahathir Mohammed, only that this time we would like to see who wills stand up to support him?

Well I guess UMNO and the BN members of Parliament will support him, and honestly I think he will embrace their support in exchange to drop all charges against Najib, Zahid Hamidi and the rest of the crony entourage, and I am saying he will do it.

He via his faction of Parliamentarian supporters and others have been wrecking the unity in PKR adn now he has decided to stage this as he fears Azmin would ruin his dreams.


To many Malaysians it really does not matter, because it is common knowledge that this practice was common even in the corridor of the Malay College in Kuala Kangsar and even this man would be be to vouch for it.

One source told me that his nick-name in the college was Angie Dickinson, because of his legs, it was rife in other boarding schools too, and many a boarding school boy is in UMNO, PAS, Bersatu and Amnah politics, who they  are and how many there are is left to be ascertained. Not all of them were in the act but it was common in the schools and it was common knowledge too.

If we are to pick up a man for Sodomy and have his political career ruined regardless of his ability to lead this nation we are in for ruin. We did not care if Anwar Ibrahim was a homosexual or not we still stood by him and fought, we fought the conspiracy, not the crime an outdated crime.


So MR. political leader throw in the towel while the going is still good, apologize and get out for good that is my sincere advice to you. Once that is done you can move on, your family can move and more importantly Malaysia can move on the way it should.