Thursday, March 28, 2013

Muhyiddin Pushes Najib to Breaking Point.

 New TV Channel - Inde3pendent and Democratic.
Malaysia's newest democratic TV channel on line:  invites Najib to address Malaysians first.
The channel is run and managed by the DAP and Guan Eng has offered Najib Tun Razak a Prime time slot to address the nation even if it is to be a BN campaign.
 Announcement on dissolution of Parliament on 29th or 30th March the latest.

The battle cry is resonating all over Johor and if you are thinking it is between the BN and Pakatan you could be right,  but the bigger battle is now to have Najib thrown out and this is being waged between Tan Sri Muhyiddin bin Yassin's  supporters and Najib it's all an UMNO affair.

In a fierce argument that pursued between Najib and his deputy,  it has been reported that there was an understanding that Najib would announce the dissolution of parliament after the closing of the LIMA Air show in Langkawi, the reports seemed a bit sketchy but it is supposed to be after a Dinner for the LIMA delegates or something to that effect we were told by our sources on the 29th of March but LIMA closes on the 30th.

Warned Najib
Muhyiddin's supporters who had been routing for an early elections since about two years ago,  are disappointed with the undue delays,  Najib has been stalling the whole process for what he said was "unfinished business," and now that has cost him a real uphill task in the state as Pakatan has gained solid ground in this UMNO fortress. The walls of Fortress Johor or rather fortress UMNO in Johor are crumbling and is weakening more and more by the day and the finger is being pointed in the direction of Najib to the extent that Mahathir has come out and said that he could lose the Prime Minstership.

Muhyiddin Planning a take over

PM In waiting!!!
Muhyddin it is reported has told his supporters to prepare for him taking over the position after this elections, he is confident that the BN will secure the  majority required to form the government but the
overall results will be even worse than what they experienced in 2008 and as a result Najib will be asked to step aside.

According to Johor UMNO Najib has done nothing and consequently achieved nothing and the people of Johor have realised this.

The promise of Iskandar is all another lie to deceive the Johoreans and lull them into some form of complacency but  now they realise it only too well that all this is nothing but a BN ploy.

Too many business outlets in Johor Baru are closing down, the once bustling town is now a pale shadow of what it once was and now the opposition is coming in big guns to take Johor and the people of Johor are looking at them for redemption from a corrupt regime that has rendered Johor Baru a once bustling Metropolis to a silent back lane of Singapore as they  see it now, the Singapore Dollars are fast disappearing and the Barisan Government is now bankrupt of ideas of how to get Singapore back on its feet.

The Zone complex built with hope of attracting Singapore Dollars is now almost empty, a duty free outlet meant only for the drunkards who are fast becoming an endangered species.

The Casinos of Singapore have become a big draw to Malaysians, a visit to the Golden sands and you'll see some familiar faces some may even be on  on Barisan Nasioanl posters for the next General Elections due soon as, and some of them from UMNO probably gambling easy money from Malaysia.

Muslims visiting Singapore have no restrictions regarding gambling in the island state so Muslims who may have otherwise spent their money in Malaysian casinos are now to be seen in neighbouring Singapore.

Trying to become a Chavez
One UMNO branch head complained, he said, "the delay has affected us so much, every day there is a scandal being exposed, if it does not involve Najib it involves his wife or some other UMNO member like Shaarizat, this has affected our credibility, in fact if you were to ask me I will not blame the Malays especially those in Majedee and other Johor Baru districts, they are all literate people they know what is happening and with all this they now feel they have  been cheated and it is time they have to change, you can't tell them lies like before anymore and because of this delay we in Johor can expect to lose many seats."

Johor UMNO is confident that after this elections Muhyuddin will become Prime Minister that is the only issue that is stopping them from making a huge hue and cry now at the eve of elections, but the huge argument that ensued between Najib and his Deputy has been reproted in Najib agreeing to call for the dissolution of parliament on the night of Friday  the 29th or the Saturday the 30th of March the latest.

All BN operations centres have been put on alert to get ready to move with lightening speed, to get the posters up as soon as posisible.

Johor UMNO is to send one of its sabotage groups to work on Najib being returned with at least a significantly reduced majority if they can't get him to lose.

So contrary to the report in today's Star be prepared for an announcement tomorrow or on Saturday.

Monday, March 25, 2013

Watch out for the BN Spin

All Malaysians must be aware of the kind of spin that the BN will provide just before Malaysians go to cast their votes.

I am sure all Malaysians are aware of what Mahahtir did before he faced Semangat 46 in the 1990 polls.
On the eve of that elections Joseph Pairin and PBS the then ruling party of Sabah declared their support for Tengku Razaleigh Hamzah and Semangat 46 and then got him to wear the famous Kadazan headpiece that of the leader of the Kadazans,  it apparently had a cross on it's face side and UMNO in its typical style interpreted that to mean that he was now backing the Christians. Well of course with people like Mahathir one can imagine the kind of spin stories he could generate with that head piece and that he did with lightening speed and as a result  Semangat 46 and its Gagasan Rakyat were dealt a huge defeat. 

Pre elections opinion polls showed Tengku Razaleigh as a sure contender for the position and even more so because they were aligned with DAP, PAS and now PBS had switched camps, and many in the opposition parties to this day believe that PBS actually helped Mahathir execute a BN plan for which Pairin  although a key player got nothing in return but scorn from UMNO.

What Mahathir did in an  immediate response to PBS withdrawal from the BN on that day on October 15 1990 was a piece of brilliant electoral strategy to deny Tengku Razaleigh a sure victory at   the elections with a predicted  more than two thirds majority at a time when pre elections poll's predicted a Gagasan Rakyat victory and the two thirds was  a certianity now that the  PBS decided to cross over. 

What looked like a great coup of sorts turned do out to become the oppositions biggest folly the one photograph did it all, the spin that was circulated  was this man was joining with the Christians to undermine the Muslims, and the Malays bought the story, the rest is history.

Lim Kit Siang has not forgiven Joseph pairin to this day for that act, in fact many in the opposition believe he (Joseph Pairin) knowingly played his part in the  Mahithirian  strategy as the polls indicated that BN would lose the elections in 1990.

Spinning is a Mahathir specialty,  I'll repeat Spinning is a Mahatherian strategy, we have seen how he spins everything, from first denying that he had any part in the illegal IC plot in Sabah to then justifying his actions agaisnt what the Tengku did. How he conveniently forgets what he needs to forget and remembers in detail other issues that are in his vested interest to be remembered, where he claims he is not a racialist and yet is the most ardent supporter of Ibrahim Ali, where he threw scorn at the Royalty and today talks like he is their most worthy servant that is Mahathir Mohammed in his element.

So you see there is in the Barisan "a Spin Doctor in the house," and they are preparing some very strategic spins to fool the rakyat with at the coming elections. He will use all his wit at the coming elections to fool the electorate, he has a vested interest he wants to make his son the PM before he dies, he is so scared Anwar will hold him to account.

Reports from the UK state that Malaysians are today among the largest of purchases of prime UK residential property, and who else can that be other than UMNO and BN sponsored billionaires.


One that is about to begin making it's rounds is, "that the BN will be actually supporting many   Pakatan candidates,  the reason being they have already bought them over and the minute they win,  these candidates will cross over to the BN."  If anyone tells you this it is a lie, it is designed to confuse the voters, this ss part of the BN strategy

This spin message has already been sent to all BN branch heads and Divisional heads in the areas they are about to claim they are backing the candidate, this is being done to create confusion amongst the supporters of Pakatan in an effort to get them to refrain from voting, or spoiling their vote or even voting for the BN.

This claim is a lie, yes it is a lie, it has to be explained to every voter, there is no such thing, and it is being done to confuse the electorate. Do not fall for it, the more they say that about a candidate the more determined you must b to vote that candidate. Pass the word around and reprint this report  as many times as you want to, come the eleventh hour the BN will throw everything they have got, do not believe them on anything even if they tell you that they are not going to stand only make sure that on elections day you are there in the electoral booth early and cast your vote for only the Pakatan candidate. 

 Foreign Artists to draw crowds

The Penang Story

In desperation Najib has to use foreign artists to draw crowds to his gatherings. Malaysian Artists are not good enough for the BN and its cronies. They hold birthday parties in England Malaysia is not good enough fore them

Najib, for his Penang appearance brought in the famous Korean artist Park Jae-sang aka Psy who created the now world famous "Gangnam Style." with the refrain refrain "Oppan Gangnam Style" (translated as "Big brother is Gangnam style", with Psy referring to himself not Najib please).

If your memory serves you right you'll realise all the spin about Psy's visit, one was that he was so impressed by Najib he had requested a meeting with Najib and if that was the case why had we to pay him two million dollars for his short appearance, and worse still why was he not there to "lo lo" the Eee Sang immediately after his performance with najib whom he "so admired?"

Ooops!!! I forgot the Police told us there was a security threat, but it was safe for him to perform, and it was safe for him to have dinner in a Korean Restaurant  that night, the police may have already caught all the suspects by evening  one would  suppose, the same police force that have left so many murders, assaults and other crimes unsolved.

Then of course all the stories about who was paying for Psy to come, so imagine the spin just to get to Penang to draw a crowd who told him point blank NO!!! NO!!!!!!!!! AND NO!!!!!!! the three times he asked them, "Are you ready for BN."

Any idiot would have stopped at one, once he got the answer but he persisted and went for three, that is because he is a "script speaker,"  he follows the script to the letter, and that explains his reluctance to debate with Anwar on live national TV. He'' say things like "Saiful came to see me in my home because he wanted a scholarship," remember? After which it changed umpteen times to avoid all that he needs a script, and that to with a script he does now know how to articulate it to meet the situation as was at the Psy concert.

And who are we talking about? Well let me remind you he is Najib Tun Razak, the lonest serving Prime Minister without a mandate, or to make it more clear to you millennials by default.

Najib's  Pahang ATNA (All Talk No Action)

As usual it is all talk and no action, it is typically Najib, if you tell the people of Kuantan that Najib is coming they'd probably wish someone throws some Lynas waste material on his face, so he decided to go to Kuantan and to draw the crowds this time he brought in Jackie Chan.

Well we all knwo Jackie Chan is a huge draw, probably brought in by Ng Yen Yen's Minsitry of Tourism Company the Company supposed to bring in more tourists into the country by organising events, but this only brought Malaysians To the Darul makmur Stadium. I can tell you a better way to bring in a bigger crowd stage a Pahang v Selangor Final football match there, it woudl not be that costly, if you need a bigger crowd get Singapore to play Malaysia there and you'll see more than 20,000, so wh Jackie Chan?

Well Najib went to Kuantan to Fish. Yes, fish for Chinese votes, yes he got the crowd he raised money but he'll not get the votes,  the Malaysian Chinese as you will see are not fools.

We all know how seriously the Malaysian Chinese take education and more so in Malaysian Chinese Schools,  more and more of them are now enrolling their children in these schools,  and now  the Malays and the Indians are taking Chinese School education seriously sending their children there too the quality speaks for itself.

Chinese school education has proven itself to be superior if not at least on par with the best Malaysian national Type schools, they have even surpassed the mission schools where the government has intervened, and their UEC qualification is internationally recognized but ironically does not receive recognition from the Malaysian government. These are Malaysian Schools and instead of being proud of them they are not given the recognition they so deserve while foreign Universities have recognized it for entrance to their Univeristy courses.

If it is not being recognised because it is Chinese, it is independent and because top Government Schools will not be able to churn out the same class students then shame on this government, and shame on all of us if we decide to be petty and not recognise a fantastic education available at our doorsteps but rather send our children to "elite" schools in England, the US, Australia, and Europe when here in Malaysia at our very owndoorstep classic education is available in schools who do not care about your social standing but who thrive on only one thing academic achievement and believe me the teachers in these schools really drive their students to perform that way.

What is the point of standing on a rostrum and making long wordy speeches about Chinese education when you refuse to recognise it?

Why the dog in a manger attitude?

Malaysian Education provided by this segment of our society has  not been accorded the merits it so deserves, when on their own the Malaysian Chinese Community have made so many sacrifices to have brought Chinese Schools to world class levels an churn out brilliant students, one of whom invented the pen drive we all use on our computers today ,and he had to do it in Taiwan because in his own home he would never have been given the encouragement to do so, and even  if he did,  it may today belong to an UMNO Company that woudl be selling it to Malaysians and inflated prices.

The Jackie Chan concert drew a crowd of 10,000 people and managed to raise a total of RM13.5 Million ringgit of which Najib promised RM3 million from the government to an education system he refuses to recognise and all because of his desperation to win Chinese votes in a town where he is willing to sacrifice the lives of his people  to the Lynas rare earth plant.

A total of 10.5 million came from the Malaysian Chinese and only 3 million from the government to an institution that had on its won steam created an avenue for world class education in the country.

English and Bahasa Malaysia are compulsory subjects in the UEC examinations that are not recognised by the Malaysian Government but are recognised by most foreign universities many of them world class and why? Guess you'll have to ask UMNO

Tuesday, March 12, 2013

Sabah The Big Picture a Big Issue

 This blog carried an article titled, "Samy a better Leader than Najib"  and has now been informed by google that some  people have taken offence to the article and it has since been reverted to "edit" by google and is not available.
I am still trying to find the mail  google supposedly  sent to me highlight the offence, and I cant.
I am trying to fidn out more details and will publish that article again once that is done. In the meantime;

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It is a fact that  cannot be hidden the Malaysian Armed forces trained and equipped the forces of the MILF, now  does it come as a surprise that so many terrorists activities have had some connection to Malaysia and that others were alleged to have started in Malaysia, terror activities from Bali to to New York, had some of its planning rooted  here in Malaysia and why is it not surprising?

If you study the mentality of some of our UMNO leaders under the patronage of Mahahtir Mohammed you'll understand why. 

When they can use the name of God to intimidate others it is clearly understood, and the shallow and wapt reasoning of this old man who'll say just about anything to clear himself when caught explains his make up and that in turn explains the UMNO mindset.
(Read the Press Release below)

Gadaffi provided   arms to the MILF in Philippines via Malaysia, MILF fighters would bring their boats into Malaysian waters and carry out these weapons  as early as the early seventies  and could that be one of  the reason Mahahtir was awarded the Al-Gaddafi International Prize for Human Rights in 2005.

A report from Manila now states that these men who were trained in Sabah and "who know Sabah like the back of their hands," are preparing to come and join the fight on the side of the Moro  national Liberation front.

MNLF fighters
The Manila  Bulletin reports;  that Hadji Acmad Bayam, former chief propagandist of the MNLF, revealed this yesterday to the Manila Bulletin, adding that these MNLF forces may have at their disposal a huge arsenal, which they hid deep in Sabah’s rugged terrain when they returned to the Philippines after their rigid training.

Among the firearms are Belgian-made G1 and FAL, which the late Libya leader Colonel Moammar Gadaffi supplied through Malaysia.

Bayam said he was confident the Malaysian authorities were not able to find the hidden MNLF firearms because they were kept very well by the MNLF commanders who stayed behind in Sabah.

This is the reason why Dr. Jefferey Kitingan has openly said yesterday that any decision on Sabah must involve Sabahans, not lackeys of the BN who have created this mess.

Jeffery has gone further to  imply that the agreements made prior to Sabah joining the Federation were reneged and never implemented, yes Sabah's riches were the fixed deposit of these scoundrels who actually raped the land via their cronies of timber, Oil and Palm Oil.

Sabah and Sarawak would have been better off had they not joined the federation and that is calling a spade a spade. Their infrastructure is in shambles, Sabah is more beautiful a destination than Bali it would have been a tourist attraction and in fact is just waiting to  be opened to the outside world.

Now does it make sense why  Mahathir said he can't have a Christian for a Chief Minsiter of Sabah.

Donald Stephens who later became Fuad Stephens and who died in a mysterious plane crash actually told everyone he had enough, he even said that his conversion was just to appease the rogues in Kuala Lumpur, he did not want to sidelined like Stephen Kalongningkan, and towards his last days he actually said he wanted to renounce Islam and return to the faith of his fathers that is all water under the bridge now, he died and may speculate that they killed him.
Lee Kuan Yew

Mahathir cannot talk about Malaysia, Mahahtir cannot talk about the conditions under which Sabah and Sarawak came into the federation, but one living soul can give us the fullest and
most accurate testimony, and that is Lee Kuan Yew, and the Singapore archives is full of the whole story, it is history to Mahstory as dished out by that rogue that will give us the truth.

The truth is there we all know the truth,  the truth, the fears expressed by more than a half of the population now seems to be real it.
Lee with the Tengku campaigning for the formation of Malaysia

The people of Sabah did not want Islam as the official religion of the country only one third agree to that, they wanted Malaysia to be completely secular, in fact a good twenty percent did not want to join Sabah and wanted the British to continue, a good thirty percent wanted independence first before deciding but they all did not get their wishes. 

Ghazali Shaffie the Malaysian rep in the mission said Islam would only be the National religion and Malaysia otherwise Malaysia woudl remain completely secular, Mahathir declared it an Islamic country, the freedom of religion is not there when even a simple thing like Allah was made such a huge issue when the Christians used that word for god long before the Muslims.

There were many other fears, immigration was to be state issue and the people of West Malaysia had ot have a Passport to visit Sabah and Sarawak, the people in Borneo were afraid the people in west Malaysia would overwhelm them and take over their jobs, they were not too wrong.
Mahathir a Sick man

Mahathir Mohammed  interfered with every aspect of life in Sabah,a nd now Jeffery has  come out, it is the beginning of real concern of the Sabahans, many feel they would have been far better off if they hadn't joined Malaysia,a nd that does not seem too far fetched, one of  the richest states with the poorest and most marginalised of the Malaysian Population together with the Orang Asli of  West Malaysia.

 It is time for everybody to take stock, it is time to hear the legitimate grouses of the people of Sabah, the legitimate people, when they joined Malaysia they were only 500,000 strong, not thee wishes of Philippine peopel from Sulu and other Islands as well as Indonesians who were given citizenship illegally by Mahathir Mohammed.

Jefferey is moving in the right direction calling for a Borneo party and to kick out UMNO from the east it has no right there this is exactly what they were afraid about, it is time we respect the assurances  given to  them prior to the formation and allow them to determine their own destiny within the Federation. There were conditions they set out and it was only on acceptance of those conditions including Malaysia being a completely secular nation that they decided to join Malaysia.

The Malaysian Governemtn has a duty of cleaning up Sabah of the illegal immigrants, and the immigrants to whom they granted citizenship which they had absolutely no right to, and allow the Sabahans their true destiny, not to conduct elections with  created citizens to enable cronies and puppets appointed by UMNO and the BN to win.

  Jeffery Kitingan and other Sabahans must approach Lee Kuan Yew of first hand picture of what really transpired in the Malaysia agreement, they have to do it soon less the spin doctor starts his own tales as before, the question of immigration, and religion must be addressed, remember that more than half of Sabah in fact two third did not want to join the Federation for one reason or the other, it was only on assurances that they conceded, now those assurances have been trampled upon as though they meant nothing, the wealth of Sabah has been taken by cronies and the rest of the country one can presume whilst Sabah seems to be a remote outpost. 


 Press Release
UN needed for complete solution to Sabah problems -- Dr. Jeffrey

KOTA KINABALU: Now that the situation in Sabah has attracted the attention of the United Nations (UN) whose Secretary-General has urged the Malaysian government to find an amicable solution, the Government should take the opportunity to invite the UN to facilitate a total and complete solution of the Sabah issue,” said Datuk Dr Jeffrey Kitingan.

The STAR Sabah Chief said the internal security problems and international issues facing Sabah including the claim on Sabah by the Philippines or Sulu which had culminated into the Lahad Datu bloodbath require a long-term diplomatic and political solution, not a military one.

"The persistent longstanding Sabah claim by Manila and Sulu and the military altercation in Lahad Datu have clearly demonstrated that Sabah is not safe," he said. "This insecurity is against the  promise of security to us before the formation of Malaysia."

"In addition, the armed intrusion can be attributed directly to the Umno/BN government which had helped, supported, armed and trained the armed insurgency in Southern Philippines and the wanton issuance of ICs to foreigners for the purpose of increasing Umno's vote bank to ensure its victory in the general elections.

"After gaining a foothold in Sabah, Umno, in cahoots with the Elections Commission, started gerrymandering with electoral boundaries to fully benefit from its new-found members and voters. Is it a wonder that now Umno callsSabah its fixed deposit?

"Worst was to come for Sabah.   After baiting BN component leaders with the rotation of CM system, Umno started its devious and crafty takeover of Sabah.   Sabah is now internally colonized which is against all hopes and aspirations of a nation that gained independence on 31 August 1963 before forming Malaysia 16 days later."

"As a result, Sabahhas been losing and losing and will continue to lose unless there is a change of the Umno/BN government. On the other hand, the claim on Sabah by the Philippines and Sulu (which has about 15 sultans and Sabah claimants) is not going to go away by merely ignoring it. It's time Malaysia and Sabah  address the  claim and find a long-term solution. The aggressive involvement of the United Nations will help us solve many outstanding problems.

"Firstly, the UN can help allay the strong sense of insecurity which is not just due to the failure of the government and security forces but also due to the internal security problems caused by the presence of 800,000 immigrants. Secondly, the presence of an UN security force in Sabah will bolster not only the confidence of Sabahans who have low confidence in their own  security forces, but will also allay our fear of Filipinos and clarify the accusations of violence by Malaysian forces against Filipinos in Sabah.

"Thirdly, the alleged claims on Sabah has become an irritating international issue which can begin to be resolved with the presence of UN mediators. Fourthly, with bona fide Sabahans will have a role to play in determining the future of Sabah.  Sabahans cannot leave the future of Sabah in the hands of the Umno-dominated Malaysian government alone.

"Last but not least, the involvement of the United Nations will allow Sabahans to re-visit the Malaysia Agreement which was signed, including by the British government, under the auspices of the United Nations, the 20-Points and the Inter-Governmental Committee (IGC) Report.  Perhaps, the IGC could be re-activated under the purview of the United Nations which could look into the  grievances and plight of the Sabahans in Malaysia.

"Whatever the final outcome, the future of Sabah and its status is the primary decision of Sabahans and no one else and certainly not the Umno/Malaya Barisan Government who have forfeited their rights not due to their failure to keep Sabah save but by their direct actions in causing the present insecurity. They do not deserve the trust of Sabahans anymore.

“Now that the UN Secretary-General has given his view, it will be interesting to see how the Malaysian government is going to respond. The ball is now at Najib’s feet”   Dr. Jeffrey added.