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We must first understaand  what we mean by the laws of International Jurisdiction in this  case. 
It has been aapplied  before when General Pinochet a former President of Chile was arrested in Britain and it can happen to anyone else. Read the earlier story "Najib under siege...." for details.
More than just "Big Strong and Friendly


The screws are on, the onslaught by ABC is coming in installments and more than just that our first couple will now have to reckon with a man whose integrity is without blemish, Mr. Preet Bharara  if the reports that Preet Bharra is responsible for the 1MDB case are true then those involved had better get wworried if the allegations amade up so far are true.

Just who is Preet Bharra?

Mr Preet Bharra born Preetinder Singh in Punjab India and now serves as  U.S. Attorney for the Southern District of New York is a an American without any Bumiputra status whom even the US President can't take a phone and tell him to lay off or go cold with a case.

Allegations of interference was made purpotedly in Kuala Lumpurs diplomatic circles.

In the US if you are a citizen by naturalisation, that is first generation the only thing you can't do is become President, your children will be entitled to and so will their children and theiir children's children. There is no Bumiputraism in the US, that is why Preet Bharra Preetinder Singh @Preet Bharra can tell Obam or anyone else who tries to interfere with his investigations to go fly a kite or take a ride.

This gentleman brought down many City and State politicians, including the Speaker of the New York State Assembly, Sheldon Silver and the Majority Leader of State Senate, Dean Skelos, and at one time he threatened to prosecute the governor's office.

Bharara was also featured on a cover of Time magazine entitled "This Man is Busting Wall Street" for his office's prosecutions of insider trading and other financial fraud on Wall Street.


So the 1MDB is being looked at from multiple angles, will Najib manage to get his golfing buddy Barrack Obama to ask Preet to go lightly on Najib and will Obama who appointed Preet manage that.

Remember the "Big Strong and Friendly" advertisement and the turband Punjabi man who was the security guard of the bank?

It was a Punjabi man because of a reason,  their integrity was beyond reproach when it came to duty,  and they are always mindful of what they do especially if it reflects on ther race and ther religion Sikhism, they never want to an neither will they compromise the good name of the community. Like with most else there may be exceptions.

So with Preet Bharra on the case of 1MDB scandal,  there is still hope and great hope, we look forward to this brave man, a son of Punjab and now a proud US citizen to do just what is right nothing more nothing less.

If there are proven criminal activities involved and even if there is criminal intent, if there is money laundering, and if money had gone to subversive groups anywhere in the world by any means (God forbid) and if it is  uncovered then, the laws if International Jurisdiction can appy where those guilty will be charged in the US and in US courts before US judges,

Once a warrant of arrest is issued the US will pursue it to its conclucion and the investigation is going on so let it continue.

The greatest fear now for those invilved in illicit activiites of 1MDB as alleged is that this man Preewtiner Singh is handling the case.

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Najib under Siege? Zahid and UMNO looking at the Panic button.

By Toffee


There is precedent to this and it applied to quite a similar person, Augusto José Ramón Pinochet Ugarte a former President of Chile.
Najib's Role Model?

There are striking resemblances between this Augusto Pinochet and Najib Tun Razak so much so, if you did not look at the photographs and jut read their histories  one might conclude that these are not just comrades in arms but more like identical twins. Google is just too full of Pinochet  he died in disgrace on December 10, 2006 and at the time of his death there were about 300 outstanding criminal cases mostly for murder against him.

 In 2004,  a United States Senate money laundering   investigation led by Senators Carl Levin and
With Pinochet he is a specimen of Identical Plumage
Norm Coleman, ordered in the wake of September 11 attacks, uncovered a network of over 125 securities and bank accounts at Riggs Bank  and other U.S. financial institutions used by Pinochet and his associates for twenty-five years to secretly move millions of dollars.

Senator Coleman noted: "This is a sad, sordid tale of money laundering involving Pinochet accounts at multiple financial institutions using alias names, offshore accounts, and close associates. As a former General and President of Chile, Pinochet was a well-known human rights violator and violent dictator."

Aren't these identical to  accusations being made against Najib.

Hussein Najadi
Pinochet was detained and placed under house arrest in Britain in 1988, the same can apply to Najib, if  Dr Shaariibuu Setev the father of Altantuya,  and  Hussain Ahmad Najadi the son of the murdered Am Bank founder, can give these nations conducting investigations  reasonable cause to do so andthese nations are prepared  to use the Universal Jurisdiction to arrest, charge and try Najib.

Piled with the results of the various investigations on the 1MDB scandal,  the monies in his account, the shell companies created to transfer these funds, the Scorpene deal, which we are now learning can escalate to other
Satev Shaaribu father of Altantuya
purchases of arms too, and the murders of Altantuya Sharibu and Hussein Najadi of Am Bank this looks like a real possibility.

It was Saturday 26 March at or about 9.00 p.m.  when I was writing the article on "Najib trembles as Guan Eng goes clear", I received  call from my dear friend from down south, he was with another friend in Masjid Tanah, and  he asked me if it would be convenient for me to drive down to Melaka today 27/3 as he was in Melaka at the house of this mutual friend of ours,  all from UMNO except me.

I had to turn him down as it is Easter and I have obligations of celebrating this sacred festival with my family and so as an alternative we decided to go on skype.

The news was that there is a revolution within UMNO taking place right now, some influential UMNO leaders in the Najib camp have consulted with Zahid Hamidi to get Najib to step down or to just remove him by backing  a vote of no confidence in surprise move in Parliament.

The same chap, who I know only as Daud told me that they were also considering  a joint representation of a sizeable majority within the party to get Najib to step down as  the citizens initiative called the  "Peoples Congress" was about to kick off and they themselves could feel the undercurrents within UMNO backing the move to remove Najib by this group before he removes UMNO from the Malaysian landscape.

"To these people the threat is real and this is not the time they feel to back one man and lose the entire party," said Daud.

I had to hang up on Daud and go to Church it was Holy Saturday and I had to go.

I had gone for the midnight mass that started at 11.00 in the night and continued till 2.00 a.m this morning so when I returned I really did not have the time to put things down on paper, I decided to retire for the night and went to bed at about 3.00 a.m. this Easter Sunday morning.

Then at about 3.00 p.m. I began watching the live telecast of the "Peoples Congress" asking for Najib to step down, I was surprised to see both Muhyiddin and Mukhriz very calm and confident in their speeches, another friend who is from the Negeri UMNO who was at site told me over the phone about this talk to that "UMNO members are finally coming to their senses"  there was talk  he heard among the UMNO members at the rally about Zahid Hamidi removing Najib, but that the was not sure how it was be carried out.

Later in the day while I was watching the peoples congress  at about 4 in the evening, when the Amnah Deputy President was making his speech Daud called me again to cheeck if I was following the congress.

We continued our conversation and I received some valuable information which I am sharing here
Will he take over or be taken over?

He has heard, that a certain Wanita head is now between the Devil and the deep blue sea, she is grateful to Najib for having kept and backed her, but she is also tremendously indebted to Mahathir for having created her politically.

The UMNO lobby that is now preparing this removal of Najib include someone so close to him I am told that I am sure if he is in with Hamidi,  Najib is as good as out I really find this too difficult to believe and so too Daud who told me this, but he has told me his source is sufficiently placed in UMNO to be in the know, and this is the last person you'd expect t turn coat on Najib.

The other piece of  the  person who is lined up to to replace Apandi the Attorney General has told Zahiddi that he will find it difficult to take on the new position,  because so much verifiable evidence is now in the public domain that he will have to act on that information  if he is forced to take the job.

Daud says the Johor group can already smell the rot, they are very confident that Hamidi will not  replace Najib,  a new movement within UMNO are now pushing for a Zaid Ibrahim return,and are beginning total to the grassroots about this. In fact Zaid Ibrahim's name was dropped by a  lady from wanita UMNO.

The next AG is in favour of letting Najib go, that is run away to take refuge overseas, but Zahid and his supporters fear a huge backlash from the people if he allows that to happen as Zahid himself is aware of this third force that is assembled  and ready to go, the group that has approached Zahid are made up of Zahid loyalists, whereas there is another UMNO group more aligned with Mahathir. It now boils down to Zaid or Zahid.

Zahid as the Deputy PM has the advantage, but one must remember that it Muhyiddin and not Zahid or Zaid who is the Deputy President of UMNO and who will have the best advantage in such a situation.

How about Najib? "Well he is more aware of what is happening than you and me put together", said Daud. Rosmah is terribly worried and has really even asked him to give it up and move out, while they still can, I am told.

The groups going out want Najib investigated, charged - where there are sufficient evidence to do so, and punish him without any room for error, prosecuted to the fullest extent of the law, and they are dead serious about it.

The alternative being  offered is to allow France to arrest Najib under Universal jurisdiction which allows other nations   to claim criminal jurisdiction  over an accused person regardless of where the alleged crime was committed, and regardless of the accused nationality, country of citizenship,  Crimes prosecuted under universal jurisdiction are considered crimes against all, too serious to tolerate jurisdictional arbitrage and in thsi case they have the Altantuya murder and the the alleged murder of Am Bank owner and Altantuya Shaaribu.

Universal Jurisdiction  was actually used by Britain against the late Chilean dictator Augusto José Ramón Pinochet Ugarte andit can be used for the arrest of Najib and even Rosmah according to Daud and my Melaka friend.

Things seem to be getting hot during this extraordinarily hot season, and at the same time as the heat piles on Najib,  Zahid is feeling extremely uncomfortable. 


Saturday, March 26, 2016


All said and done Lim Guan Eng is in the clear, even if there was an element of corruption there it is

Attraction in the centre distraction by the sides
really nothing absolutely nothing even compared to some of UMNO and BN backbenches leave  leave alone the likes of Zahid and  Najib.

It is the suspicion of the people that man of Najib's closest allies woudl have received many more millions at least 500 percent more that what Guan Eng's house is worth.

Having said that I think it is time for all MP's. Ministers, Deputy Ministers, Menteris Besar and even state assemblymen to now come out and show us their houses they occupied after begin elected into office. This is a demand that must be made by every citizen regardless of his political inclinations and it will be good for the UMNO members to lead this call.

Anyone who owns a home beyond his means must explain in detail where he got the money and the means  tod do so, and if the MACC is really anti-corruption this should have been dealt with long, long ago.

I remember the early head of the Anti-Corruption Agency as it was then called , the late Justice Harun, he did not wait for any government official to tell him who to go after, not even the Tungku could stop him to the extent that they transferred him out and made him a judge. That was the beginning of days when corruption began creeping into the system, the day we compromised and
Removed from the ACA
removed  Harun Hashim form his position of ACA head and made him Justice Harun Hashim, what a shame, that is part of our history, especially for those of you who do not know as this fact is not registered in our history books like many others and like many others make believe history has taken its place.

Now what matters is what the people of Penang who matter believe, just go down to the ground in Penang and ask the ordinary folk,. not necessary Penang anywhere in Malaysia in Guan Eng UMNO and the BN has found a distraction a factor to get people distracted from looking at the bigger picture where the 1MDB activities which I am so tempted to call criminal, but shall refrain from doing so for the time being.

firstly the man who made the allegation lacks the guts top repeat his allegations outside the walls of Parliament but to hide behind that Parliamentary privilege what does that make him, a man with integrity or a man without any integrity, I'll leave it you, the reader  to decide.

This Guan Eng tactic is a desperate measure especially with tomorrow's March 27th rally behind closed doors, following which a massive meet and talk to the people session will proceed nationwide.
It is believed that following road show the demand on Najib stepping dow is expected o grow even wider and following that there is a likelihood of nationwide demands by the people to get Najib to step down.

The vote of no confidence will take place and the planning of putting it in place in the house is already in motion, the speaker will have little or no choice as there is to be a sizeable majority of members who have even admitted receiving money from Najib for their loyalty.

The Najib camp is aware of this and it si this awareness that has brought about the investigations against Kit Siang and Guan Eng, PKR is playing a big part in this  campaign and so is DAP, it is to weaken DAPthat this move has been put in place by Najib's henchmen.

What is going to be more damaging to Najib will be the results of the investigations goin on in New York, Singapore, Australia, Switzerland and France where the prosecutors are bent on revealing the facts as they have seen it and thsi will not only involve the 1MDB and the 2.6 billion Ringgit scandal which is now actually in the excess 4 billion ringgit, bt also the murder of one Altantuya Shaaribu.

In France a judge  Bernard Baiocco is conducting  a probe to find out if former president of French defence group Thales International Asia, paid illegal kickbacks to Mr Najib via an associate of the prime minister to win a 2002 contract for two submarines, according to people close to the case. What has been revealed so far seems t indicate that there were kickbacks and it went to the highest decision maker in this case the then defence minister of Malaysia - Najib son of Tun Razak.

According to a Reuters report on 1 February, the Swiss Attorney General Michael Lauber had confirmed that they had asked Malaysia's attorney General for assistance and at time of writing thsi report we have been informed by our sources that there has been no sharing with Swiss authorities as yet.

Switzerland's chief prosecutor s reported to have said, criminal investigation into state fund 1Malaysia Development Berhad (1MDB) had revealed that about $4 billion appeared to have been misappropriated from Malaysian state companies. The Swiss are experts in this kind of investigation and have even offered to assist the Malaysians in the same, but with Arul there in 1MDB who needs the Swiss, I guess.

The noose seems to be tightening and is in the investigation of the plane crash that took the life of Fuad (Donald) Stevens which Australia have long completed but have not revealed the results, the
Ask Ku Li what happened to him
Australian Government is holding back to its part of the investigations into 1MDB. Can we really trust the Australians, now does not get you into thinking why Australia for MH370?

The ghost of Altantuya returns and as s one shenanigan put it, "she will not rest till everyone involved in her murder are brought to justice" and it certainly is looking like this female shenanigan is right.

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 MH370 - Australia, LYNAS -Australia, AM Bank -Australia ...what more
By Toffee

Why is it all confirmation of debris from parts that are likely to be from MH370 are carried out in Australia.
The large  LYNAS rare earth processing facility in Gebeng Kuantan
Can the Aussies be trusted to come out with the truth?
I really doubt it, is there something sinister going on here?
The Aussies, we all know only too well,  have made Malaysia their rubbish dump, and the government of Najib Razak have been helping them to do so very eagerly.
The rare Earth plant Lynas is Australian, rare earth is mined in Australia, but the Australians will not allow the plant in it's vast continental country, so instead this Australian organisation has  found a safe haven in little Malaysia to produce this toxic stuff. After all who cares if Malaysians die?
China a huge nation is now cutting down their rare earth processing, they intend to stop it altogether, and why? Well this is  because it poses a threat to the environment and the people.

  Australia has the same principles about processing rare earth, but  have found Malaysia the suitable place to do it in, and that too with the full backing of Najib and his cronies.

MH370 search
For MH370 why is the  undersea search  being conducted by Australia?
The Aussies  aren't a technically sophisticated nation for such purposes, so why Australia?
 If they the Aussies volunteered, the question is why? 
What are their special interests that they are prepared to go to such lengths to do it for Malaysia?
Do they expect us to believe it is all because we are their closest friends?
Come on there is no such thing as a free lunch and more so from the Aussies.
So what is the pay back?
The Sirul Case
Why was Sirul able to hold on to his passport in Malaysia and leave the country so freely then go to Australia of all places, where he is living a high life even though he is a convicted murderer who
Sirul Azahar and the lady he admitted murdering.
admitted to his guilt in open court and why is Australia offering him refuge when they have refused many who even sought asylum there?
Why was he not put on the immigration balcklist? The immigration blacklist has been in existence even before the formation of Malaysia, ask any immigration officer there is what is called a S/L or suspected list to clear before a document of travel can be issued. 
Now looking at the time it took for him to be charged and brought to court and the trial I am inclined to believe  that he did not have a valid travel document after his release,  it must have been issued to him after his release or it was an old document  renewed for which the same procedures as an application for a new passport applies.
Did Sirul Travel on a special travel document issued by the Malaysian Immigration Department, the Home Ministry or the prime Minister's department itself?
Now what is even more shocking is why  hasn't the Malaysian government begun the process of demanding his return, is this something that was prearranged between the two governments?

Why is it Australia is not as active as Switzerland and Singapore in probing the Banking scandal of Najib Razak, wasn't AM Bank whose current majority shareholder ANZ bank involved in the RM2.6 Billion scandal as Najib's account was placed there?
Why is it China is not asked to help in the finding of MH370? Technically and resources wise China has much more resources and more sophisticated than a backyard scrap shop like Australia.
I think the Chinese will only be too willing, because most of the passenger on MH 370 were Chinese nationals and China has a duty to its citizens to be active in this search.

MH370. How did Australia come into the picture in the first place?

Why were the Chinese and the Vietnamese navies pointed in the wrong direction in the initial days of the search of MH370 by Malaysia even though Malaysia had knowledge that the plain was nowhere near the South China Sea as it had turned back and even cruised over the Straits of Melaka?

Why is it only now two years after the MH370 went missing that the management of MAS has now  admitted that they have made mistakes with the MH370 investigation what are they anyway? The mistakes.

Why is it only  now the truth of the Lithium batteries is surfacing, it was not 200 Kg as reported but a few tonnes I am now informed, does this also prove that the story about mangosteens in the cargo hatch was a lie.

Hishamuddin at his daily press briefing
And I may sound like a broken record, but what remains fresh in my mind are the words of Hishamuddin Hussein Onn at one of the early if not the first Press conference he presided over, " there are somethings I can tell you and there are somethings I can't tell you," to his day we do not know the things he knew and could not tell us then.

With all this it looks to me that Australia is not the country to be carrying out verification of parts which may be from MH 370, firstly because all these issues makes Australia look suspect in a sinister plot together with the Malaysian government to hide some important information pertaining to MH 370.

After all our Prime Minister has a cliche he uses often and what is there to keep us misbelieving that he has used it with the Australians, "You help me and I'll help you."
Australia is very unlikely to admit that the parts found off the African coast are from MH370, simply because it will only reveal the truth about the incompetence of the australians to cionduct such a  search, it will expose their stupidity.
Is the search in the current locations actually based on scientific truths or a hogwash could the plane have crashed closer to Africa? 
Well there is  evidence that seems to say so, then why is that every time a plane part is found the Malaysians are eager to get it and send it to Australia?
Just do as to disapprove it?
And if hat is the case what is there they are hiding?

In the case of MH370 when so much bad light has been shed on the Malaysian government and the airline, the Malaysian government owes it to the next of kin of the victims of MH370, the nation and the employees of  MAS to ensure that everything being done is not only overboard but seen to be overboard too and sadly that is not the case here, it only seems to be everything they do is suspect to cover sup something more sinister.

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 Yes,  whilst the British ponder a  Brexit or the British exit from the European Community, the majority of  Malaysians eagerly await "NEXIT," OR NAJIB EXIT.
If anyone claims that Najib son of Tun Razak has the support of the majority of the Malaysians he has to  think again and actually he can go tell that to the goats.

At the last elections it was abundantly clear that Najib was the first Prime Minister in Malaysia to lose the popular vote that means more Malaysians voted for the opposition than for this son of Tun Razak.

In most countries they woudl have called for another elections,s but this man went ahead aand
Is her spirit   refusing to leave
claimed the office of the Prime Minister, the only man in the history of the nation whom the majority of Malaysians did not want as their Prime Minister and yet he claims that the majority of Malaysians elected him.

If a referendum was carried out today the great majority of Malaysian will reject Najib Razak for the position of Prime Minister and he knows that only too well, but he'll never admit it though.

So why is Najib Razak still hanging on to the position of PM and refusing to come in the clear about his alleged involvement in the 1MDB, the RM2.6 Billion which has now gone up to RM4.0 billion, the KWAP, the Scorpene, scandals not to mention the alleged involvement in the Altantuya Sharibu murder case, and further allegations made against him by PI Bala who conveniently  died of a heart attack, the sacking of the Attorney General Gani Patel in what is alleged to have been a case to prevent him from issuing a warrant of arrest on the PM, the sacking of his deputy for inquiring on the 1MDB and the constant refusal to come out in the open and be questioned on these allegations.

Najib does not face the press on these issues  instead his protectors arrest and detain journalist who ask him questions pertaining to these issues.

Najib Razak does not even stand up to answer these questions and be questioned in Parliament about these issues, he leaves it to Ministers in his department and he has a whole bunch of clowns there who will say and do about just anything to defend him and we have seen a lot of that, often contradicting each other, so what on earth is wrong with this man we call Najib Razak.

In one breath he comes out full of fire saying he'll sue WSJ and the whole of Malaysia got excited about it for many reasons though and as expected by the great majority he chiceened out and has now refused to sue the journal, if he was really innocent of all that has been alleged agaisnt him then he stands a great chance to sue the Wall Street Journal for billions in fact being a PM may be Billions for bringing his name to disrepute so why hasn't Najib son of Razak not done so?

The questions have put the country in bad light nationally and internationally, we are now seen as just not a corrupt nation but a very corrupted nation, in fact what is happening now even puts UMNO in the shade of an organization corrupted to the core and Najib claims the majority in UMNO support him, and yet this majority is not asking him to hold himself accountable and come out and answer each and every accusation made against their leader who is the PM of the country.

What woudl happen if Najib decides to exit?

Well  of course the successor wil ahve no alternative but to investigate every allegation made out against Najib and if foudn guilty he will ahve to face the full brunt of the law there can be no two ways about it, and is that the reason Najib has to cling on to power for dear life and literally so?



Monday, March 7, 2016


 by Toffee Rozario

I am republishing an article I published in July of 2016 on this blog.
This report is being republished in view of the latest developments in UMNO, and if Zahid decides like Muhyiddin to play a wait and see game, thinking that Najib will not make a move to get his cousin to replace Zahid and eventually him (Najib himself) he must be really foolish and proves what I said in this article in July of 2016.
"All said and done this man is not of that pedigree, he does not have the mental capacity to think strategic, he does not bother about the nation building either,  all he is bothered  about is himself and his own vested interests, because if he really cared about the nation and national interests he would have teamed up with Muhyiddin at the very onset and removed Najib."
Hishamuddin is certainly being readied to take over from Zahid, it will take only a few months to get it all readied, and a few more months to get the calm back in UMNO.
UMNO will not fall it is a party where members are all reliant on the party and no matter how big Zahid is, he will fall out of grace days after he is thrown out of UMNO, leaving Muhyiddin aside, if Anwar was forgotten so soon what is Zahid.
Npw the question is: Can Zahid play the role  and be a Malaysian Hero?

Has he got the guts? Is he Jantn enough?
Very honestly I'd say he has no choice but to go for the juggler.
The opportunity is his for the taking


Can he remove Najib before Muhyiddin does?
Zahid Hamidi could become one of Malaysia's greatest Prime Ministers and he could steal that from right under everyone's noses of everyone by just getting Najib arrested, investigated to the fullest extent of the law and charged.

The entire process has to be transparent and every Malaysian should be given the opportunity to know what is really happening, that way he will be seen  as the savior of the nation.

In the process he can also get Mahathir to shut up and stay out of politics, he has to bring in ministers of value, people who are academically and professionally qualified and experienced and most importantly men with  unblemished integrity.

Under much pressure to quit
It will not be an easy task for Zahid but it will not be too difficult either given his position as Minister of Home Affairs and the Deputy Prime Minister, he has to have the Police Chief and the Immigration Chief on his side, in the process he has to watch carefully the armed forces as it is under Najib's cousin Hishamuddin, the two departments the Police and Immigration come directly under his  Ministry and if he proceeds along this path he will ahve to be wary of the Police Chief, he will have to neutralise him.

He needs the  Immigration to ensure that all exits are locked once he launches the takeover.

This must not be mistaken to be a coup it is not as it will be done in accordance with the law.

Zahid  does not have to worry about Muhyiddin, because with such a move he will be seen as the more capable of the two to lead, and the entire country will back him from the onset except for a handful from Pekan perhaps.

Muhyiddin could have suceeded on this score but Muhyiddin lacks the strategic mindset so it did not materialise, Najib's advisers on the other hand neutralised Muhyiddin and took down the Attorney General.

After all Zahid has the biggest support in UMNO and that has been tested by way of the UMNO elections, Najib has hardly stood on his own steam in any UMNO election since the day he joined UMNO, it was either Mahathir's or Anwar's patronage that has seen Najib through,  on his own Najib is dispensable  and has no grassroots support, for him now it all about money, he said so too, he said the money in his account was for the elections given by super rich Saudi.

Malay street comedians have a hey day imitating the way Najib speaks, gestures and even looks round, he is a joke for many Malays and that is why Malay artists are quick to draw him, make songs about him, remember the Kangkung song, make jokes about him too.

Najib is the clown of UMNO, and the  Nero of Malaysia.

Once Zahid moves in and takes over he will have to speedily  take on the task of spring cleaning UMNO and getting rid of money politics, many Malays who have quit UMNO and joined PKR and PAS will then return to a clean UMNO.

One thing he can be sure of, is that he will win the confidence vote of the majority of Chinese if he seriously takes on Najib and his henchmen, he will not only get the Malay vote but he will certainly be doing the MCA and the Gerakan a big favour and will out perform both Najib and Abdullah at the next elections and I dare say he will come close to get what Mahathir got the firt time he faced the people.

On the other hand he can choose to remain a good and loyal servant of Najib and in so doing he is putting a noose around his own neck. I suspect that is exactly what he will do till it is too late.

Power is not in the office of the Prime Minister but with the people, many a ruler, Prime Minister and President who have used the power vested on them by the people for the wrong reasons,  have  learned that lesson and most  a bit too late and have lived and died to regret it. Some recent examples were even much stronger than Najib, Gadaffi and Saddam Hussein are good examples.

This is the hour and the moment when Malaysia needs a real hero and the only person with that opportunity now is Zahid Hamidi that is if he knows what opportunity is, he had better take before Najib makes that obvious move.

Blowing in the wind with lalang
Mr Ambitious playing wait and see
If that happens all the chances Zahid has got at present goes flying out of the window, there are people in UMNO who are maintaining an eerie silence, we do not hear much from the likes of Khairy Jamaluddin and even Sharizat except for a bark or two every now and then from the head of the women's wing, trying to convince Najib she is still with him, for she is after all a Mahathir supporter and looks on him as a fatherly figure the man who brought her in and a clansman.

Sharizat will play with the wind she is an absolute lalang, Khairyy is an opportunist and is waiting to see which way he should play his cards unlike  Nazri of course who has no love lost when it comes to Mahathir,  he hates Mahathir and the feeling is actually mutual so he will throw everything he's got behind Najib and  possibly turncoat if he sees the tide in favour of Zahid.

So Zahid has actually to pounce on the moment for once it passes him by, it passes him by forever, for after all in politics there are no permanent enemies and permanent friends and strategic  alliances can be struck within very short periods even between enemies.

All said and done this man Zahid  is not of that pedigree, he does not have the mental capacity to think strategic, he does not see the obvious with Najib's present move on Hishamuddin,  he does not bother about the nation building either,  all he is bothered  about is himself and his own vested interests, because if he really cared about the nation and national interests he would have teamed up with Muhyiddin at the very onset and removed Najib.

Going by that alone Zahid will never become the Prime Minister of Malaysia and neither a Malaysian Hero.

Sunday, March 6, 2016



Swiss Attorney General Michael Lauber Najib's worst nightmare
As the heat is turned on and we are at boiling point, and after  Najib has used  every excuse, and  every reason he could make
about the 1MDB scandal and the moneys of that fund in his bank account and after all those excuses and reasons have been  rubbished, and as Najib and his henchmen have run out of excuses even the stupid ones, what does Najib do?

The accounts of the Swiss Attorney General Michael Lauber have only strengthened the case against Najib confirming what Sarawak Report had alleged, and rubbishing what the Malaysian Attorney General has said so far whilst waiting for Apandi to send him the details about the fund he had promised to send to facilitate the investigations and even offering Swiss expertise if Malaysia lacks it.

To think that huge amounts are alleged to have gone into his own pockets makes it even worse especially at a time when the rakyat have been slapped with rising costs caused by the depreciation of the ringgit, his implementation of the Goods and service tax, and the removal of subsidies.

The talk on the street is that these measures have been implemented to recoup the monies lost and taken from the 1MDB sovereign fund.

As I went  fishing in Batu Laut near Morib Selangor with one of my old colleagues  last week, one villager had this to say,  "we are finished we have to pay for stolen money to enrich him and his family, rice has gone up, petrol has gone up, everything has gone up and even bus fares for children going to school has gone up, we are finding it hard to make ends meet, and if he does not step down we are just finished." he was angry as he even suggested other ways of getting the PM out.

 That was my own experience of the anger of the rural Malay, he was really furious when told that we'd have to wait for the next elections.

As I was driving back I began to think of what could happen, the March 27 gathering being prepared by Zaid Ibrahim has already kicked off with the news conference held by Mahathir, whilst Muhyiddin and Mukhriz are planning a nation wide road show to explain the truth to the people and with this in place Najib will face some real threat to his position I thought.

What would happen if Muhyiddin, Shafie Apdal and Mukhriz are able to muster huge rural support to rally against the PM?

Then I asked my self again is he (Najib) even expecting such a scenario and what would he do if he is faced with one.

For Najib is not as simple as it was with Abdullah, he just can't simply walk out,  there is so much now to consider, had he done it earlier Muhyiddin may have covered up for him, so too would have Mahathir, but now if all the allegations about him are true he can't give up he must fight to the end and he may have a personal war chest with billions of Ringgit to do just that. The allegations are of a criminal nature and could involve almost every member of his family, and the knives are being sharpened, Mahathir is an angry old man too especially after what happened to his son.

A pandi Swiss still awaiting his promised cooperation
There are allegations of murder not one but at least three, there is fraud, there are allegations of theft, there are allegations of enriching members of his family, there is about every kind of crime alleged
against Najib Tun Razak, and to make matters worse, he removed the  Attorney General and replaced him, a move believed to be done to neutralise his (Najib's) own arrest, he has replaced him with a crony who had even the audacity to ask the MACC to stop investigations against Najib and declared that Najib had no case to answer only to be proved wrong by the Swiss Attorney General who is still awaiting the cooperation of Apandi over money laundering involving 1MDB funds.

The judiciary , the police and the attorney general's chambers seem to be under his control, very soon it is envisaged the National Bank will come under his control when he proposes the new governor to the King.

He has begun making moves to amend the already Draconian  Official Secrets Act to make punishments under the act even more severe, in fact his attorney General even suggested life imprisonment. This is an indication of  the level of desperation the AG and he are now under.

So what will Najib do now as the noose tightens.

Najib was after all the protege of Mahathir Mohammed and he really learned a lot, he is now the master of Mahathirism and he is about to teach his mentor a few tricks.


My thoughts go back to the time in 1987 when On 27 October 1987, Operation Lalang was carried out.

The Star and Sin Chew Jit Poh, and two weekly newspapers, The Sunday Star and Watan,  had
their publishing permits suspended.  The Star at that time  was one of the two  main  English newspapers that provided news more from the  Opposition’s point of view. This was considered treason, and during Operations Lalang, this newspaper was shut down.

Ops Lalang some of those detained
Politicians, activists from NGOs, Muslims who had converted to Christianity were all arrested under the Internal Security Act .   Among the more prominent detainees were the opposition leader and DAP Secretary-General Lim Kit Siang, ALIRAN President Chandra Muzaffar, DAP Deputy Chairman Karpal Singh, MCA Vice President and Perak Chief Chan Kit Chee, Dong Jiao Zhong (Chinese Education Associations) Chairman Lim Fong Seng, Publicity Chief of the Civil Rights Committee, Kua Kia Soong. PAS Youth Chief Halim Arshat, UMNO MP for Pasir Mas Ibrahim Ali and UMNO Youth Education Chairman Mohamed Fahmi Ibrahim. Although most of the UMNO detainees were released either conditionally or unconditionally, 40 were issued detention order of two years this  included th elike so of  Lim Kit Siang and Karpal Singh and other  other party colleagues,  PAS members and many social activistsincluding the then Aliran's Chandra Muzaffar Shah. I also remember the detention of a friend of mine from Shell, he was a Malay who had converted to Christianity, and he was detainee only for that reason under the ISA, I have not heard of him since and I shall not mention his name all I'llsay is that it began with the alphabet H.

Operations Lalang resulted from action taken by Najib, Muhyiddin, Momahhed Taib the Selangor Menteri Besar at the time at the Tamil Physical & Cultural (TPCA) stadium (Malaysia's first stadium) threatening violence against the Chinese, this was the time Kit Siang was relentlessly questioning Najib over  an
NST front page after Ops lalang
alleged timber concession valued at RM30 million (very huge at the time), awarded by Najib, then the Pahang Menteri Besar to a man living in a low cost house. After the Ops lalang the issue was forgotten as Kit Siang was behind bars.

MCA's deputy President at the time Lee Kim Sai, was inline to be arrested but he escaped to Australia and it is rumored that he was pre-informed to save embarrassment in the BN.

Najib is probably the best student of Mahathir Mohammed and he has proved to be so, the protege has proved that he is capable of outdoing his mentor and so looking back I am wondering if the heat really gets unbearable, will Najib have an Operations 1MDB along the lines of  Operations lalang or even a bigger and a more extreme sweep.