Wednesday, August 26, 2009

Uighur, UMNO Afraid of China?


The issue of the Uighur homeland, Turkestan is an older issue than the Palestinian problem, it spans centuries, why isn't UMNO making a firm stand? Are they afraid of the Chinese Government, or have they become slavishly beholden to this country.

Have they - UMNO, compromised our independence by some of their actions? Remember that even before Najib visited China recently to reenact his fathers visit to China, ( that was his his father's bid to mend relations with the Malaysian Chinese for his major role as the architect of May 13 1969, which was then and now no secret with the Chinese>. Remember Altantuya's transit Immigration records between Mongolia, China and Malaysia went missing too. Was this a formal arrangement? Did that arrangement compromise our independence, if that was a compromise with Najib than surely our independence has been compromised.

What you see above is the flag of Uighurs, a Turkic people from Eastern Turkestan today called Xinjiang Uighur Autonomous Region under the rule of the Peoples Republic of China.

The territory was renamed Xinjiang (which means "new territory" in Mandarin ), soon after invasion of the Dzungars by the Chinese of the Qing dynasty. An estimated one million people were butchered and the land so laid to waste that it took almost whole generation to recover from the savageries of this brutal attack.

In 1920, nationalists Uighurs had already began their struggle against the post Qing warlords controlling Sinkiang. The Turpanese poet Abdulhaliq, having spent his early years in Semey and the Jadid intellectual centres in Uzbekistan, returned to Sinkiang with a pseudonym that he later styled as a surname Uighur. He wrote the famous nationalist poem Oyghan, which opened with the line, "Hey poor Uighur, wake up!". He was later murdered by the Chinese warlord Sehng Shichai in Turpan in March, 1933 for inciting Uighur nationalism through his works.

Uighur independence activists staged several uprisings against post Qing and Koumintang rule, and in 1933 and 1944, the Uighur successfully regained their independence twice and proclaimed the East Turkestan Republic.

In 1949, after the Chinese Nationalists lost the civil war in China, East Turkestan’s rulers did not agree to join The Communist Peoples Republic of China, led by Mao Dze Dong.

A plane crash planned by the communist Chinese killed most of the East Turkestan’s supreme leadership (reminds me of a similar incident many years later in Sabah which killed Fuad Stephens), almost immediately the Chinese then marched on East Turkestan, supressed the East Turkestan army and after stiff resistance conquered the territory, reestablished the Xinjiang Uighur Autonomous Region and appointed the East Turkestan under secretary Saipidin Eziz the first Governor.What remained of the East Turkestan army was 'absorbed' into the Peoples Liberation Army and the government officials of East Turkestan subsequently 'absorbed' into the Chinese Communist party (CCP).

Although concessions were made by the CCP many loyalists fled to Turkey and other Western countries from where they staged anti-CCP activities in an effort to restore their independence, this effort continues to this day.

The people of Eastern Turkestan are the Palestinians of China, they are Muslims as well, some of them have been here to Malaysia, some of them may have event spoken to UMNO members, I am certain some of them have studied with Malaysians overseas and have told their story, they do not look like the Chinese, and today they are considered to be Chinese by the Chinese Government to legitimise their occupation.

They Uighurs are demanding their independence, taken away from them in 1949 by Mao and the CCP, instead, the Chinese Communist Government is sending huge numbers of ethnic Han Chinese into the region to neutralize this independence struggle. The Uighur are desperate, they seek support of all nations, more then 250 of their men have been arrested at the onset of Ramadan this year after the recent unrest in the region, to be tried by Chinese courts, the question now asked of Najib and the Malaysian Government is; What is our stand, why have you been so quiet, these people have been suppressed for centuries by the Chinese, theirs is not an issue as new as the Palestinians, why is it their struggles are being overlooked, is it because this Government is afraid of the Peoples Republic of China, or is it there is too much to gain economically? Or are we dictated at by other nations?

This UMNO led government can't adopt double standards, they have to come out in the open and state their stand, and looking at the history of this land there can only be one, and it has to be loud and clear, our unconditional support for the Uighur homeland and Independence, even if it means it has to be carried to the UN, by us. Malaysia can lead this via the OIC.

Why have we remained silent for so long? Najib must make public this stand.
Are we afraid of the Chinese? Has our independence been compromised?


Thursday, August 20, 2009

The Teoh Beng Hock inquest letter?

Is this the letter handed by Gobind Singh Deo to the court? Take a look.

Anything that is Public domain is no longer a secret, this letter is on many blogs, I think we should all know its contents. Click on the link below.

The Mystery Letter from MACC officers


Wednesday, August 19, 2009

Watch the "Royal Malaysian Police" in action

"President of Unity Party WA to Najib Tun Razak":

BY Anonymous

Special privileges (CISO) for the umnoisation in Peninsular Malaysia cover four items only: Malay representation in the Civil service; intake into institutions of higher learning; scholarships; and opportunities in business. Nowhere is it stated that these four areas are only for the Malays of Peninsular Malaysia. Other items concerning the Malays are covered by the Federal Constitution. The Malays of Sabah and Sarawak and other Natives are not entitled to Special Privileges. Their rights are protected by the King under the Federal Constitution.If Anwar Ibrahim is a traitor to the Malays, as claimed by Umno, how did he betray them?

As PM, Mahathir was noted for his UMNOisation policy. He believed that everything in Malaysia should be run by his bunch of UMNO elite and the others reduced to irrelevance. That’s why he started the Buy British Last and Look East policies i.e. to replace the Chinese role in Malaysia with the Japanese provided they helped the Malays to replace the Chinese role in Malaysia. It has nothing to do with imbibing Japanese work ethics. However, the Japanese were not interested in screwing up anybody especially the Chinese who they felt worked hard for their living. Besides, the Japanese themselves were not interested in helping the Malays for various reasons.

According to Penang Chief Minister 2 Professor Ramasamy’s Phd thesis, it was Mahathir who advised the civil service to throw away the application forms of non-Malays. The result is that 90 per cent of the civil service today is Malay.

What the Umnoputras have today is way above what has been provided for by the Special Privileges for the Malays and that's because of Mahathir.

The Police Force used to have a lot of Indian officers. Mahathir got rid of all of them.

True, Mahathir did not disturb the Indians like Badawi who presided over the demolishment of Hindu temples etc. Mahathir just ignored the Indians and took away whatever little they had and gave it to the Umnoputeras. It was easier for the Umnoputeras to grab from the Indians than from the Chinese. It became even more difficult after the Look East Policy failed and the Chinese business community reduced the NEP to Ali Babaism. Mahathir resigned a very disappointed man because he could not help the Malays (or rather his group) replace the Chinese role in business. All the Umnoputeras he helped in business eventually went bankrupt and things would have been even worse if he had not set up Danaharta after kicking out Anwar whom he felt was a stumbling block to his grandiose plans. Mahathir cares two hoots about Anwar’s sexual preferences, if any.
- Hide quoted text -

The only relationship that Mahathir has had with an Indian was with Samy Vellu.

Thursday, August 13, 2009

The poll time to act

93.3% do not read the NST, only a mere 2.9 percent read the paper.

Yes the poll is over, this blog has an estimated estimated 773 readers, of this 105 or 13.6percent responded to this survey.

Of the 105 who responded , 3 readers or 2.9 percent of respondents say they still read the New Straits Times; (What an achievement for the NST)
of the remaining votes 102 votes, 90 readers of this blog, or 85.7 percent say they do not read the paper;
that leaves a balance of 12 votes and of this 4 readers or 3.8 percent are thinking of stopping their subscription;
and of the remaining 8 readers or 7.6 percent of the voters ask the question, "The New Straits What?" indicating that they are totally disgusted with the paper.

The New Straits Times must be very proud of its accomplishments, this paper in the days it was the 'Straits Times' was the leading and most authoritative voice in this country, has now under the direction of its present editorial management successfully dwindled the readership so low that people feel its better not to advertise in it, lets do them a favour help them shut down permanently.

In the days of the "Straits Times" its headlines used to include the views of opposition leaders, the late Seenivasagam brothers, Dr. Tan Chee Khoon, Ahmad Boestaman, Karam Singh and in full and the context in which they said it, including the views of Lee Kuan Yew who was at one time on the opposition bench of our Parliament.

This newspaper the NST which claims to be the successor of the Straits Times is nothing better than trash, a kind of "UMNO mad magazine," which lacks substance and takes the rakyat to be fools, now the rakyat will take it back on them. The advertising pages will tell the story.

"A worthy successor of the Straits Times?" A sucker to UMNO more like it. What utter rubbish, "worthy successor!" Rubbish is trash.

This blog says "STOP READING" Trash, trash belongs in the rubbish bins, let the paper die a sudden death, a natural death sometimes takes too long we can make it sudden, read anything else but the NST.

This will send an unequivocal message to the other dailies to give us news with integrity, especially political news, if it is not there we shall continue with the next paper, this will open the front for web based papers and many people with the cash will start just that, on top of that you may not need a KDN permit to publish it, that will be good for real journalism and good and respectable reports to read every morning.

Operation "Sudden Death."

Use what you have at your disposal, the 'SMS,' the internet, the phone, or as you meet your friends tell them "I've stopped reading the NST," then ask them "have you?" The 'SMS' text should read, "I've stopped reading the NST, have you?"

All respondents use the net, all are from the English medium and the only logical conclusion is they know the New Straits Times and of this according to the sample 93.3 percent (includes those who ask New Straits what?) have categorically said in one way or another that they do not read the paper. The NST is on a limp the

We have to stop papers that propagate lies, let's begin with the NST, we need to win back the integrity of information in this country, we should stop useless UMNO propaganda, we have to restore the integrity of the Malaysian government, it has been seen to be compromising, because the corrupt can't possibly catch the corrupt without exposing themselves, and with this weak and corrupt leadership that is all one can expect, and this press by its stance seems to support this effort.

We have to target the machinery they use to undermine the people, and paralyze it, we can make the NST and economically nonviable unit.

Please pass this message on, go on the net, go on your phone and it should read, "I have stopped reading the NST, have you? " And if they need know why send them another message, tell them to visit this blog.

Let it begin.

Sunday, August 9, 2009


Survey topic
Have you stopped reading the New Straits Times?

The survey is on the left of this page.

For the next five days I shall be sending out reminders for you to participate in this survey.

Please get your friends to join in this survey, we need to know how good this paper the NST is, maybe even this paper needs to know .

Sometimes Managing editors do not have a clue.

Need as many people as possible to take this survey.

We could probably extend a copy of the results of this survey to the "NST" too.


Saturday, August 8, 2009

Beer? Barking up the wrong tree

Why this hypocritical noise over the sales of beer I wonder, is that really a problem, I am sixty and have Muslim friends, many Muslim friends who used to smoke, drink and make merry, they even had girlfriends they used to date freely and vice versa, today most of them have stopped drinking, today some of them smoke and most of them have kicked the habit - it's my Muslim friends I am talking about.

Today I see many Malay boys, mostly Muslim, they make up 90 percent of the drug addict population in this country, they are hooked on heroin, and from my own experience working with them in 1996 I have found out that this habit, which is the scourge of the nation is the biggest menace, not drinking and smoking or going out with your girlfriend or friends as the case may be.

In spite of the death sentence for pushers and peddlers, these boys still get their fix and the drug trade flourishes in Malaysia unabated.

In 1996, I took about a hundred boys from the Pusat Serenti in Tampin to work at the factory where I was the Head of HR. We brought them in, we placed them in hostels just by the plant, we had a warden to look after them, and besides my own personal attention and that of one of our own in house wardens, I was, I thought on a mission to get these boys to kick the habit and turn over a new leaf, I was very committed to this ideal, I was looking forward to pull this project through.

The commandant of that Pusat Serenti saw that in me, one Major Mohammed, he sat me down, and he warned me that these boys were very difficult to rehabilitate, he even told me, 'sir if you can rehabilitate at least two or three you are good, if you get one to kick the habit be very happy because that is a huge success.'

I told him off, I did not like his negativity, I told him I was shocked about his attitude, and the good Major a seasoned army man patiently continued, "you see sir" he said, "I see the enthusiasm in you, it is you, I am worried about, I do not want you to get depressed about this and this is real, take my advice, but carry on you are doing a good job."

All those who have worked with drug addicts will tell you the Major was right, he was very right, I had these boys for only a period of about six to eight months before the Home Minsitry decided to end the programme, I went there and demanded an explanation, I fought and got my boys to stay for a further three to six months as the Ministry was releasing them in stages , then as they were being released from their detention I saw with my own eyes what happens.

I'll not go into the decision of the ministry to release these boys from detention at that stage, its technical, it and it is very subjective.

The very first day the first boy in my charge was released from detention, he took a bus to KL and got his long awaited shot, he was caught on his return by the warden and was sent back to the Pusat. This chap was from Trengganu I remember, he did not know KL, but when he wanted his shot, he knew exactly where to go on the first day, and if these guys have such a powerful network what are our authorities doing? Their priority I think is to catch these boys who drink beer or go out with girlfriends, I am sure in their younger days our PM and his father included, had their time, but today these boys cant.

The children elite who are schooled in England, the States, Australia and Europe, even Singapore are free to enjoy their youth and grow up in the process, the remaining unfortunate Malay children whose parents are not rich enough to send them overseas, have to stay at home and be watched of their every move by these 'morality enforces.'
The leaders who are the elite and who know of their childrens exploits keep mum and allow the local Malay youth here to be discriminated against, only for their own political advantage.

What is the 'Mat Rempit' problem? Is it difficult to understand? Why is it growing?

These youth need the experience of growing up, they are at a stage of their lives where they need to be free to try and learn from their mistakes and experiences, stop them from what comes naturally, or what we have accepted as social norms and they'll fight you with all they have got, and that is the "Mat Rempit."
Guidance Yes!!!!!!! Enforcement No!!!!!!!!


No I bet not, all the UMNO big wigs know this, that is why there is no real attempt to stamp out the 'Mat Rempit,' its all political, totally political, The 'Mat Rempit' is crying out to be understood, crying out for recognition of his adulthood, his right to make choices, is crying out for his own freedom and no one cares to listen, only the suppression continues and this beer drinking accusation is but one of them

It's so political they can send battalions after battalions of Police personnel to attack innocent marchers who march for a civic and moral causes, but can't find the numbers to wipe out this scourge of drug addiction, to study in depth the 'Mat Rempit' problem and understand it to address it positively.

This Government is more interested in its political power it does not really understand the social issues it has given birth to by politicization, racialism and by inadequate and unqualified leadership and corruption.


Sunday, August 2, 2009

Time Kills all Kills, and the Killing goes on

Why is it the MACC swung into action so rapidly when some accusations of corruption were made against the Selangor State assemblymen?
Why was this a priority and why was Toyo, not an urgency?
Why have they not revealed the corrupt practices in the former State assembly headed by Toyo?
Remember the Istana in Klang, built by a former railway guard turned assemblyman? Was there an investigation there?
What about the association of wives of assemblymen and the funds, have the MACC made any investigations?
If they hadn't then why the haste, why this LIFO principle instead of a FIFO principle.
In my opinion there can be two reasons, one is extremely obvious, that is they are not an independent body, they are still working under the direction and control of UMNO and not even the BN, its only the UMNO big wigs that call the shots. Why am I even saying this its rather silly to try and publicize the obvious.
The next is what I see as an extremely urgent reason, so urgent that some are willing to kill.
Ong Tee Kiat has made it public knowledge that he will reveal the facts of the Price Waterhouse report in the PKFZ scandal, he has also made it public knowledge that he has been threatened, and that he had informed the police. Lim Kit Siang even suggested that he'd make a report to the police based on Ong's claims, so there are some things that are outside the realm of the MACC, they'd not be able to keep some information privy to themselves if Ong allows the beans to be spilt, and there are people in high places willing to take on Ong one way or the other and shut him up, so Ong can be managed as long as he is in the MCA, even Chua JuiMeng talked about outside interference in MCA as hsi reason to quit.
Now if anybody has been making a lot of noise about the PKFZ scandal it has been the DAP, and the MACC I believe were more concerned with what some of them knew, rather then just investigate some allegations of corruption which even the MACC knows lacks any credibility.
The MACC is looking into the PKFZ and they would not want their "findings" to be compromised by some revelations especially from the DAP, from the Lingam case we know how they workand how they skew findings to suit the requirements of their masters.
The PKFZ involves some very big personalities, it may bring the BN down to its knees, it may send some BN big wigs to prison, so the call must have been out to find out what they knew.
Teoh Beng Hock was not an assemblyman, neither was he a Parliamentarian, he was only an aide to a Politician, a former journalist, a man with quite a lot of leads out there from whom he could induce a lot of information, probably even with inside information to persons in Price Waterhouse, so what did he know.
Teoh Beng Hock could have been the target, the other assemblymen were taken to mask the entire operation, Teoh would have held fast to his knowledge, he was either prepared to share and at the same time prepared to reveal what he shared with the MACC officials, or he refused to share what he knew, and that was dangerous for the MACC and its masters, he had to go.
Why else was a "witness" treated as a suspect. Why was he questioned in the wee hours of the morning, why was a witness detained, and how did this "witness" die.
If he was indeed released, and if he was indeed only a witness, whey were his personal belongings in the hands of the ACA, why are so many questions left unanswered?
Why was the large wooden door to the MACC office closed that afternoon, the very afternoon they announced his death.
An inquest with a magistrate will not suffice, this case implicates the Government, the Police, the MACC and the attorney General, the very man who should be doing his level best to protect all citizens.
The only solution is a Royal commission of inquiry, properly and independently constituted with men whose integrity is unblemished.

Saturday, August 1, 2009

President of Unity Party WA to Najib Tun Razak

A letter from the Unity Party of Western Australia sent by its president Eddy Huang to Prime Minister Najib Tun Razak and copied to all major newspapers in the Asia Pacific region.

The current raging issues in Malaysia have been picked up by most foreign media..

The Unity Party WA - a well known political party in Perth noted for its fights for human rightswrote to our new PM Datuk Seri Najib asking for his comments on Dr. M's recent claim thatthe Malays are under threat in Malaysia.

Its President sent a copy of his email to a long list of recipients shown below. It will be interestingto read of our PM's reply if he chooses to respond.


From: Unity Party WA []
Sent: Wednesday, 8 April 2009 8:33 AM
Cc: Editor-Yomiuri S.; Editor-Strait Post sg; Editor-Indomedia; Editor-Asian Tribune; Editor- Apple Daily tw; Editor - Zaobo sg; Editor - Wenxue City; Editor - United D/N Tai; Editor - The Star; Editor - The Asian Age; Editor - Taipei Times; Editor - Sohu; Editor - SingTao - fr; Editor - Singtao; Editor - Sing Tao - uk; Editor - Nihao; Editor - Malaysia Today; Editor - La Presse Chinoise; Editor - Dim Sum; Editor - ChannelnewsAsia; Editor - Brunei Times; Editor - Bangkok Post; Editor - Apple Daily; SBS Radio Perth; sbs Radio; SBS - Sydney; Editor-W.N.Wkly -Qld; Editor - WAFM1049; Editor - Saigon Post; Editor - Qld A.B. Wkly; Editor - Pacific Times; Editor - Indian; Editor - DCH Mel; Editor - Chinesent; Editor - C.M.D Mel; Editor - Aus.Chinese daily; Editor - Aus.Ch.Weekly; Editor - asiabusinessweekly; Editor - ACNW vic; Editor - ACA; Editor - A.C.Times; President - Press club NZ; Chair - CPU uk; Commission - eu; President - CJFE ca; President - NPC us; President - Press Cl ch; President - Press Cl id; President - Press cl in; President - Press cl lao; President - Press cl ma; President - Press cl nz; President - Press cl -sg1; President - Press cl sm; President - Press Cl ta; President - Press Cl ug; President - Press cl uk; President - Press Club - india; President - Press Council; Paul Murray; Manager-ABC - TV; Manager - TV/9 Perth; Manager - TV/10 Perth; Manager - Channel 7; Howard Satlier; Editor-West Australian; Editor-Sydney Morning H; Editor-Sunday Times; Editor-Courier Mail; Editor-Advertiser; Editor - Xenox; Editor - WA News; Editor - the Australian; Editor - Sun Herald; Editor - News Digital; Editor - LINKS; Editor - Jim Marrs; Editor - Heraldsun; Editor - GetUp; Editor - Crikey; Editor - AJA; Editor - AFR; Editor - 6PR; CEO - 2 UE Radio; Editor - Today Tonight; Editor - News; Hong Lim MP; Iris Wang - MP; Senator - Henry Tsang; Senator - M. Choi; Presideent - He Nan Asn; President - WHF; President - WACCC; President - SDU; President - SAWA; President - HKABA; President - He Tong Huey; President - FCMA; President - Chung Wah Asn; President - CAU; President - CAF; President - Bruni Club; President - ACMF; President - ACB/Club; Mayor - Marrickville; Mayor - Auburn; Jack Au - Auburn; Councillor - Sandra. Liu; Chang Zhidan; President - Fujian Asn; Editor - AVAAZ; Editor - AVAAZ; Editor - AVAAZ; Editor - AVAAZ; Editor - avaaz; Editor - BBC; Editor - Belgian Today; Editor - DW Radio; Editor - Enquiro; Editor - Free Press ca; Editor - Globe Mails; Editor -; Editor - Guardian; Editor - guardian uk; Editor - Gulf Times; Editor - Haaretz; Editor - Haaretz; Editor - Het Belang be; Editor -; Editor - Independent; Editor - ITV; Editor - New York Times; Editor - SF Gate; Editor - TV Be; Editor - TV7 fr; Editor -; Editor - WSJ; Editor; Editor -political Comments; Editor-L'; Editor-Toronto Star; John Pilger; Manager - TV Europe
Subject: Fw: Mamak, O Mamak ! The mamakutti

Malaysian Prime Minister,

Dear Prime Minister,

We refer to the email below from one of our members for your information.

Would you like to comment, please?

We look forward to hearing from you in due course.

Yours respectfully,

Eddie Hwang
Unity Party WA

Mahathir claimed that the Malays are under threat. Under threat from
whom? Can the Malays be under threat:-
From a minority 35% of the population over the majority 65% which are
made up of Malays?
From a less than 10% minority in the Police, Army, Judiciary,
Attorney General Office and MACC which are predominantly filled by
From a minority of the Members of Parliament where Malays make up
more than 60% the majority?
From a group who doesn't control the air, sea and land? These are
controlled by UMNO and its cronies such as MAS, AirAsia, MISC, Toll
Concessionaires, NAZA, Proton and Perodua.
From a group who doesn't control the supply of basic necessities such
as food, water and utilities? These are monopolised by UMNO cronies
such as Bernas (rice and flour), Water Concessionaires (SPAN, SYABAS,
etc), Telekom (telephone), Tenaga (electricity) , etc
From a group who doesn't control the main stream media. The mass
media are wholly controlled by UMNO and its cronies such as Utusan
Melayu, Berita Harian, New Straits Times, The Star, The Sun, Media
Prima (TV1, TV2, TV3, TV, TV8, TV9 and all the Radio Stations), ASTRO,
etc? Lately even Harakah and Suara Keadilan have been banned!
From a group whose mother tongue and religion aren't enshrined in the
Federal Constitution where Malay is the official language and Islam is
the official religion? Other groups can't even hold any interfaith
dialogues and use of the word of Allah without being severely
intimidated by protests, storming of conferences and warnings from
From a group who can't be appointed the Prime Minister, Deputy Prime
Minister and Mentri Besars and a host of high positions in the Malay
states as enshrined in the state constitution or decree by the Sultans
where only Malays from UMNO can be appointed?
From a group who are ever subjected to intimidation of arrest under
the flimsiest excuse using the ISA, the Police, MACC, etc and a myriad
of repressive laws such as the Sedition Act, Multimedia Act and
treason against the Sultans, etc? Of course UMNO are spared from such
actions and above such laws.
It is a blatant lie that the non-Malays can ever threaten the Malays.
Who is actually threatening the Malays? From the look of things, UMNO
finger prints are everywhere - UMNO Malays are actually the ones
threatening and stealing from the ordinary Malays and non-Malays.
Someone has to be the punching bag and scapegoat for UMNO's cling to
power and thievery - hence putting the blame on non-Malays!
UMNO is a racist party and it is very clear that they are separating
the Sultans from their subjects and the Malays from the non-Malays for
their own selfish ends without a thought of the consequences and our

Reports from the scene, it has begun

Gerakan Mansuhkan ISA Chairman Syed Ibrahim Syed Noh,contemplating a bigger rally soon.

Gerakan Mansuhkan ISA Chairman Syed Ibrahim Syed Noh said that they would try to hand over memorandum to Palace another day
Rally a huge success a big hand to those who were there for you, and the next time please make sure you are here too, and counted.

If there is to be a measure of success, 157 organisers arrested prior to today's rally, (see star report today, quoting the Police) and yet about 100,00 people turned up in support of the cause, in the case of Perwaris the pro government organizers, Zero arrests and Zero turnout. Its true what the PAS, DAP and PKR claim the rally was ahuge success.

Dr Mujahid Yusuf Rawa arrested, Sivarasa of PKR arrested they cops need Tien Chua to make it one Indian, one, Malay and one Chinese, so stupid these racialists.

Reports from the PAS HQ says its a stand off, the Police on the outside and the party heads on the inside, sheer provocation, as long as the cops remain outside the PAS HQ the supporters will remain on the streets, its a stand off created by the police.

The police seem to be provoking the issue, they're regrouping at Sogo, and intimidating the crowd, this may go on for hours more, this is a mixed crowd, a truly Malaysian crowd, and they are taking on the police.

This blog reported about 400 detained, jsut received from DSAI;
anwaribrahim: 200 people and may be more were detained. This is a blatant abuse of law and against the cardinal principles of democratic nation.

The police ate targetting Tien Chua at PAS HQ.

"Police trying to get into the PAS headquarters, they claim the protesters are inside they want to get at them. A classic case of ISA in action, this is whay they need the ISA to silence their critics, and not for security, for security they have to arrest BN leaders who alleged to have been involved in criminal activities, and Kugan's killers."
Razak B

The other group Perwaris, comprising the Silat experts, not to be seen. Whoever this perwaris fellow is he has attempted to shame the Silat experts of this country, he forgot they are men of principles the real Silat experts and they will not fallfor his shallowness.

If there is to be a measure of success to this rally, the police have confirmed the arrest of 157 people
before the rally (the Star- 3.30 pm. and yet the rally went on.

Kuala Krai Pas MP
Hatta Ramli saved by the crowd when police were attacking him.

4.30 Police at the PAS HQ, jsut outside not gone in yet, or are they going to go In?

4.27 p.m. my sources tell me that tear gas is still being fired at the crowds in the Sogo and Raja laut areas, a police source says they have to finish the stock as the expiry date is close at hand.

Total arrests could exceed 400 people, the capital is in turmoil and the PM is in Kota Baru.

Hit by chemically laced water, me yes me, being treated by a a young Malay boy, cool man.

Cops have lost their cool even as people disperse they are attacking them.

Just when we thought it was all over, tear gas firing again, water cannon in the Sogo area. its 4.17 now.

Cops are back at the scene, they are fidgety, I think the IGP has to call them back to base, they seem to be stressed out.

"Its all over, what a shame it could have been the biggest marketing event of the year," a business proprietor tells me, "a crowd of about 50,000, what an opportunity lost, it could have been turned into sales, we do not get such opportunities for free these days, the police spoilt the event, its not easy to host such a huge event."

When asked if he does not see it as a threat, his reply "was what threat, there are threats everyday, and if the police can work as efficiently around here everyday there will be absolutely no threat at all."
"Ah you can't talk to police you know, they'll not understand."

Total crowd estimated at above 50,000.
All PKR leaders in PAS HQ, press conference to follow.
The rally is a success even without the petition handed to the King, the entire nation is now talking.

PKR leaders trying their best to make it to the PAS headquarters.

Attention shifts to the PAS headquarters, as the crowds move towards the PAS HQ, the police seem to be regrouping as well. A confrontation is brewing.

The one thing we can be proud of is, that even when faced by a brutal and provocative police force, we the people do not resort to violence.

All is quiet, except for a few helicopters, are the Police taking new orders?

Police in plain clothes mingling with the crowds and arresting them at will, so far more than 100 detaine
Sivarasa PKR Vice president arrested.

Kit Siang's comment in Anil Netto's web page;
limkitsiang: Effective use of water canon, FRUs & police today show if IGP focus on his job, there can be 0% crime rate in Msia. What a misplaced talent.

View, people on the scene are talking to him via twitter.

3.00 p.m

Police brutality in its element, you have to be here to witness it, oh what have I been missing, our cops are excellent in this area, must be the best in the world, police attacking innocent civilians, never witnessed or heard of this before.
Total crowd estimated at fifty thousand, about 20,000 at Dataran Merdeka, 20,000 at City Hall and about 10,000 at the National Mosque, more should team up again, as those who scattered from the Sogo Dang Wangi area regroup.

Datuk Seri Anwar Ibrahim, Lim Kit Siang, Datuk Mahfuz Omar and Datuk Seri Nizar Jamaluddin are at the demonstration
The indiscriminate firing of the water cannon has begun, typical signature violent action of the Royal Malaysian Police, innocent onlookers with children are caught in this fire, and this police force does not seem to care.

There is no one from the government camp to witness these atrocities, because it is they who call for it. On my way into the thick of action I saw what looked like a dog, a pariah dog (mongrel), with its tail between its legs, running away, someone said, "Gerakan, " I wonder what it meant.
If you're not here follow me, for updates.

Even as I write more and more people are beginning to be arrested on site by the Royal Malaysian Police, the so called Police of the people whose duty it is to ensure
that the rights of the rakyat are protected, are arresting people over a peaceful demonstration of people expressing thier frustrations over the ISA, with a petition to the King.

Are the Police using this ISA to detain these people? The same police who arrested Theresa Kok over some wild allegations, the same Police who arrested and detained a reporter of
a Chinese daily, claiming later they did it for her own safety.

Up to this moment 2.18 p.m an estimated 80 persons have been arrested, they ahve been picked form various points in the City, Sogo, Central Market, the Masjid Jamek LRT station and even the national Mosque.

The City police chief Deputy Comm Mohd Sabtu Othman, is believed to be leading operations, he is reproted to have said police arrested over 25 people, including suspected organisers of illegal gatherings, near the National Mosque.

The Seremban-Sungai Besi Highway, Jalan Kelapa Gading, Jalan Mahameru, roads around Dataran Merdeka, Jalan Travers and roads around Istana Negara have been closed, in an apparent attempt by the police to block the people from delivering their message to the King.

So far no one from the other group has been arrested, in fact the other group is not to be seen at all during this time.

One fo the marchers has told us come rain or shine, Police water Cannon, tear gas or even gun fire they are determined to reach the King, to hand him this petitiion. Encik Hafiz Busoh, who claims to be an enlightened UMNO syas, "I am here to lend support to this, a worthy cause, i do not have to toe UMNO's line all the time, I support anything reasonable."


Its time to March, come make it a rally to be reckoned with!!! Come March with the organisers, I'll be there I want to support them, I want to save my country.

I am headed for Sogo in Jalan Tengku Abdul Rahman this morning, I am headed there to save the nation, and you ought to be there too, so pack what you need to bring along, a National flag, maybe a raincoat and head for Sogo with me.
Take the train, or the busses, they can't block the railway line, come there because your presence counts, rain hail or shine be there.
Reject Najib's 'why march' call, because we are not asking for a review of this draconian peice of legislation, one with which all our freedom can and has be curtailed without even being given a chance to be heard.
Innocent men have died udner the ISA, this government has trodden on people at will with this law, and they will continue to to do so under the guise that it is here to preserve the security of the nation.
The biggest threat to the the security of this nation is this BN govcernment. The so called Silat groups that are to assemble to oppose this move is made up of UMNO die hards, there is'nt a single PAS or PKR memebr in its midst, it is the face of UMNO threatining people who want to make a statement in peace, this is the way UMNO and the BN works, this gigvernment is a threat to the peace, security and progress of this nation.
The ISA and the OSA have been successfully used to arrest and detain ayone who dares to expose their worng doings, it has been done in past, it is being done in the present and it will continue to be done in the future, the ISA is their only safeguard to continue to plunder the nation at will.
So if you want to rid ths country of a corrupt and criminal police force/MACC, corrupt members of our judiciary, corrupt politicians, and have a nation that is once again respected throughout the world join me today in Kuala Lumpur as we march to the Palalce of our King to hand him a memorandum to abolish, yes ABOLISH!!!!!! and not review the ISA