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Invading Malaysia the EC way

Ya, you don't need a foreign army or country to invade this country if the allegations made by PAS Secretary General  Mustafa Ali are true, and there will be very few Malaysians including UMNO members who will really doubt what he says, except that the UMNO members and members of component BN parties may be delighted with the plan as it could assure a BN victory, but surely  even BN members and everyone from all sides of the divide must sit up and take notice and demand action if they really love this country.

Allegations By PAS Secretary General
The allegations made out by Mustaffa Ali are serious and warrants immediate investigation from the authorities - as this is  not some of  that flimsy stuff the BN has gone about calling treason - this  is really and truly treason in every sense of the word. This if proven will be considered an act of surrendering the country to foreigners by the Barisan Government.

According to the PAS Secretary General a resort  in Cherating, Kuantan, is being used as a processing centre as well as to distribute the MyKad.

He said, "the centre is used for two purposes, one to hold and then coach foreigners who are then given Malaysian identity cards, and the other  to process locals, who are then transferred to other electoral constituencies."

The first act of giving foreigners myKad and enabling them to vote is an act aimed at depriving Bona Fide citizens their right of electing  a government of their choice.

It is an act where we as Malaysian citizens will then lose our rights to these foreigners who in the first place are not citizens, but are given citizenship solely to deprive Malaysian their right of choice and to compromise the integrity of the elections - and that is extremely dangerous.

This is something we have all been observing   for a long time now rather indifferently, in Sabah these foreigners now outnumber the locals, and actually have more rights than the locals, this was set up by the issuance of citizenship to Indonesians and Filipinas in Sabah , now the same exercise is being carried out here  and soon  we'll  have  Indonesian and Bangaladeshi Bumiputeras and they will have more rights than the ordinary non Bumiputera Malaysian citizens.

Acknowledgement of crooked things happening
 "There may be some hanky-panky, but elections in Malaysia are clean, not absolutely clean, but clean.

"I must stress that it is also not as rampant as in other countries where the government gets 90 percent of the vote... here the opposition has even won some states,

Mahathir Mohammed - Malaysiakini Aug17.

Coming from the Mamak Kutty this is dangerous, he seems to say it, as though it is okay because what he says is,  it is not as rampant as in other countries, what kind of reasoning is that from an ex PM?

But then again if we know what happened when Pairin defeated Harris Salleh and the firing that Musa Hitam got from him (Mahathir) for not allowing an illegal takeover by Tun Datuk Mustapha and Haris at that time will explain that it was this man who defiled the sanctity of the ballot box in Malaysia.

Malaysians both Bumiputra and non Bumiputra will face dire consequences if this is true as these "New Bumiputeras" will then eventually have more rights and privileges then even the Bumiputera.

A government that has compromised its integrity will succumb to blackmail and loses its right to govern.They will and, can be easily blackmailed by this "New Bumiputeras"  to seek more privileges.

Right from the beginning when Najib stepped into the shoes of the PM with Altantuya issue hanging over his head, without clearing his name in the 
Altantuya case the integrity of the office of the PM was compromised.

Could Najib have had a motive to kill Altantuya? 

Could Razak Baginda and Rosmah both also  involved in the purchase of the Scorpene submarines have had a motive?

What motive could the two security personnel have to kill  Altantuya Shaaribu?
Not that any of the two "were going to be the next PM of Malaysia," if you know what I mean.

How could the immigration records of Altantuya Sharibu have been erased  from our Immigration department? 

Who was senior enough to give such orders, Badawi? 

But then again why would Badawi want to do it, he had nothing to gain, instead he had all to lose and lose he did, for not investigating this case as he should have.

The people who have been charged and found guilty of the murder were Mohammed Najib's  personal bodyguards, they had no motive to kill Altantuya, so what was the motive and who was behind that motive is yet to be determined.

Why was Najib not investigated? 

He was not PM then so why did the authorities see it unnecessary to investigate him? Why had they to be afraid to investigate him?

Surely our Attorney General knows that for a murder charge to stick, there must be motive, so I ask again, what was the motive? And who could possibly have a motive?

The recent deportation  of the French lawyer in the Scorpene case, the lawyer acting for a Malaysian NGO has cast even more doubts on Najib's claims that he did not know Altantuya, that he never met her and that he had no role in that murder.

Now if the integrity of that office is in question, how can we trust the PM himself in this myKad  case, a case of high treason?

The Prime Minister has to be aware that this is not a little issue, for this if true will lead to defilement of the sanctity of the ballot box.

The Prime Minister must be aware of the consequences of such acts, history has taught us that this will result in people taking the law into their own hands in desperation, the streets will open like they never did before in Malaysia, protests and anarchy will be the order of the day, and that is something we do not want, and we should not want and a responsible Prime Minister must act to ensure that this not happen.

Acting to ensure this does  not happen is not to arrest people who make the allegations and warn him of the consequences, that is the duty of every citizen, especially when the nation is in deep trouble as is in this case  and is actually if true allowing the country to be invaded the EC way.

The Elections commissioner has to take note he has to see  PAS secretary-General Mustafa Ali immediately, he must seek him out proactively this is a serious allegation, he must act responsibly, the PM has to seek the assistance of the PAS Secretary General too, it must be given top urgency and whatever investigations to be carried out in this excercise should be done transparently, as the least doubt cast by a government so riddled with  corruption, and lack of integrity will only lead to trouble.

The PM has to decide, as the burden of all these allegations lands up finally on his desk. He must decide for the good of the nation, for King and Country, and he can't sit in Putrajaya and sing Karaoke with Rosmah whilst the country burns. Nero did just that only that he did not have Rosmah.

He must learn form history and act accordingly or he will be treated accordingly as many a leader who shirked his responsibilities has found out in the past and are finding out presently.

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