Thursday, October 3, 2013

Typical - Chuah Soi Lek, Typical Liow Tiong Lai - Typically MCA

How typical can it get, the power struggle has begun, it is time to tell the dhoby to get to the streets and  to wash all the dirty linen there  so that the public can  get a closer look at that dirty underwear, the soiled sheets etc, and that is the MCA story being retold.

It is time to claim the big prize - the opportunity to be,  "the big running dog of UMNO" and it is there for the the taking.

Liow was so sure it was his,  he assumed that he was the anointed successor especially after joining forces with Chuah to oust Ong Tee Keat at an extraordinary meeting mooted bey certain ex MCA top guns to shield themselves from being properly and honestly prosecuted for the PKFZ case, a case in which Najib had to step in to remove Ong's involvement.

All Ong was trying to do was to re establish MCA's integrity which had gone to shambles after the PKFZ scandal, the Chuah Soi Lek scandal and so many other MCA wrong doings, he was attempting to clean up the MCA image, but that was a little too dangerous for the MCA and so all hell broke loosethey made sure the fixed it and Ong was deposed.

Ong on the other hand does command a good following and if there is a split between these two he could  seriously mount another challenge on the MCA leadership although the better choice would be for him to leave racial politics and go to one of the established opposition parties,but he is not game for that he too is typically MCA and is watching how the game unfolds holding his cards clsoe to hsi chest, he is probably trying a Deng Xiaoping.

Tengku Adnan only very recently said that UMNO should "help" the BN Chinese parties. The word help has many connotations in this respect, help bring it even more firmly undr UMNO's grip so that they can use it to undermine Chinese interests and when they loose the elections blame MCA and the Chinese for that loss. UMNO seems to be losing its grip on this bunch of desperadoes, so before they fallout of line they have to be brought under control, less in the process of washing dirty linen they expose UMNO

Chuah Soi Lek on the other hand has no intention of relinquishing the Presidency, he wants it and like Mahathir is now grooming his son to be the successor, and to do that he is using the party's political organ the notorious daily that is the propaganda machine of the MCA to even now whack the government.

If you read the headlines in that daily, you'll be surprised because it was this daily that was spinning half truths about the opposition during the last elections and glorifying the BN as an efficient and trustworthy government, but  now its front page can even put Malaysiakini to shame read the edition of 2nd October.

Chuah is now tryign his level best to look like a Chinese champion and who in MCA would  not want to? Evey MCA leader left the MCA loaded, and yet we do not know how, the only thing we can suspect is Chuah has not had enough time to dwindle his finger in the pie and desperately wants the full  opportunity to do so.

He has done a 360 in that he is now agreeing to allow the MCA parliamentarians accept ministerial positions, in that respect we should wait and see what his son gets that is if  if he still remains  the head. The 360 according to the Liow camp was because he held on firmly to positions like that of Chairman of the PPC and other positions whilst taking others to task, now that that question has arisen and that he is keen to hold on to his positions is doing a 360.

Liow in the meantime is garnering a lot of grassroots support, it is no secret that Chuah's image after his famous VCD scandal and the way he unseated Ong Tee Keat had been drastically hurt with the majority of the Chinese in the country, he lost his credibility when as the President of the party he was not even given a seat to contest and found a lot of excuses for that desperately trying to pull wool over the eyes of the electorate and when he tried that with the Chinese it was enough, they had enough he was trying to  make them look like fools and they would not want any of it.

Liow was  the trumpeter at the last elections, he was blowing so loud he drowned all the voices against his boss the president, he was seen as a perfect deputy and all only because he was waiting  for the Presidency it was going to him, a sure ticket, he was almost the anointed successor but alas it was not meant to be so, and Chuah is now trying desperately to unseat him and his challenge and knowing the way the BN and its components work it may be just possible.

The question is will Chuah use the EGM to make MCA illegal, a typical BN trick created by Mahathir, then we'll have an "MCA Baru" and that will add another twist. Watch that as that is a possible move according to some MCA neutrals, as they claim that it now looks like the EGM will work against Chuah.

Taking a look at what MCA is offering its members, one wonders if the MCA membership is actually that daft. After having completely lost Chinese support as was witnessed during the last elections can the MCA members really go for what is nothing more than a Hobson's Choice, what choice is there between the two anyway?

However the membership just like the UMNO membership and the MIC membership will play  "follow the leader, " to rock the boat means you are out, everyone who opposes the leadership does so at his/her  own peril, the losers loose all, and the winner takes all, all sides in MCA will go for broke, that is the name of the game, and in these parties the leadership has the advantage so there is the inclination for those who even have no faith in the President to stand by him in the hope of being rewarded.

Anyone of the two succeeding, will only result in a weaker MCA the decline will only get stronger after the next Kung Fu fight, the winner will take all, and that all will not be as much as his predecessors have taken as MCA is now nothing but a toothless Tiger, aged,  beaten paw less completely fatigued just awaiting death which lingers on its corridors, and to compound that  the majority of the Chinese in this country are just fanning the flames to have this institution cremated even before it dies off completely spells nothing but doom.

Then again who is thinking of dying, even in the deathbed  the President and his deputy have begun engaging in a deadly Kung Fu Fight, where even the victor will eventually and in the not too distant future succumb to his wounds and die.

Tragic? "No!!!" shouts Chin Peng (not the late Chin Peng but a Malaysian professional), we'll cut Chicken and Burst crackers, we have been at it for some time now as we have been celebrating this timely and yet delayed process of the death of racial politics in this country.