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UMNO Under attack from within

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It's not PKR, it is not PAS, its not the DAP not even the Christians as the UMNO big wigs would want their membership to believe every now and then, so that they can get them to close ranks and fend of challenges that arise  from within the party.

Any move by the many factions who are now in wait to pounce and change the present status quo  is diverted by these make up enemies by the UMNO elite leading UMNO presently.

At the Apex of this power pyramid is the 'Godfather' Mahathir bin Mohammed, the man who is is so terrified at what may result in Anwar taking over Putra Jaya that he will not rest till Anwar is dead, that he may force the hand of the present leadership to even try an Aquino on Anwar is not too wild a thought, it is in fact a reality, as that would be the last option and they'll do it, if they have to.

Mahathir who is now recuperating is bent on making Mukhriz a power within UMNO, and he will do it anyway it comes fast, he may move Najib out in favour of Muhyuddin, or he may get Najib to throw discard Muhyuddin in favour of Rais Yatim as a stop gap, to prepare for his son's eventual ascension called succession.

Muhyuddin on the other hand knows that his position is very vulnerable, more so because there is nothing in the age gap between him and Najib and so any thought of taking over at the helm can only materialise with his removal of Najib. He needs to remove Najib to do that and he can't do it the way Najib did it to Dollah, he has  to do it in away the membership accepts.

UMNO has a natural hatred of  women, the women are not to dictate anything within its ranks, that was the failure of the 'fat lady,' Rafidah Aziz, she decided to talk down to the UMNO men and that was something UMNO could not accept, more so if they thought she had aspirations for the top and that is why even her mentor - Mahathir Mohammed got int the act of planning and carefully executing her downfall.

Now the Muhyuddin camp have begun the whisper campaign, the whispers are getting louder by the day, and thy are whispering about our "Plastic Rose," referred to in some UMNO circles as 'Rosmah Plastic.' People around Khairy Jamaluddin are familiar with that term too which originated from some of the Johore branches.

According to one UMNO veteran the lady has overstepped the line, "it is alright if she uses some government money for her shopping, everybody also do like that, you don't believe me look at Toyo's wife, but, but, Toyo's wife never show her face and try and be a hero, in Malay culture the wife must not do that, she is trying to be bigger then her husband. If she is  Wanita head or Wanita exco and have a position in government that is alright, but now she is only his wife she cannot try and act like she is a Malaysian leader, NO! she is the wife of a Malaysian leader she must understand."

"What must be done," I ask, he waives his hand then says, "We  Malay say, I am not saying any person but in general terms lah, if the husband is Jantan he must make such woman shut up."

Identifying this UMNO group is difficult they seem to come from a cross segment of UMNO and are led more by the old guard, it is rumored that this has been discussed with some senior ministers from UMNO.

This is  believed to be Muhyuddin's trump card and he is holding it close to his chest, Mukhriz boys  have started another whisper campaign about Muhyuddin's own ambitions and this has reached Najib.

The Plastic Rose is  not the type to cave in too, she has the PM by his belt and can swing him any which way she wants.

Now to get all these people off his back Najib uses two Ministers, who have been blessed with lesser intelligence, on is the Home Minister - his cousin, the not so smart  Hishamuddin Hussein Onn and the other is none other then the loose canon Nazri.

It is Hishamuddin's job to create huge bogeymen, like he did recently, when he took on the Christians. Then there is the Trio is there anyone who does not believe that the Trio are actually acting in concert with the Police who come directly under the Home Ministry?

If there was any truth to any of both allegations some people should have been detained, and why is it not so till today? The real reason is those who need to be detained are those who created both situations and they all come from within UMNO.

It is within UMNO that all UMNO's troubles arise, the greed that has become the culture of UMNO can't be quenched, the desires far exceeds it potential to feed it, the higher they are the greedier they become, winner takes all and so the grassroots are left wanting, the trips to Medan and Bangkok that used to be some of the handouts to branch treasurers in lesser branches does not excite anymore every Ahmad can afford to go to Medan now, the project and , the contracts  which can be Ali Babbaed out are few and far between, most states are now controlled by the opposition, and some are so small the MCA towkay does not want it too, and discontent is  growing within the ranks, to add insult to injury as though Najib has not had enough now there is Rosamh to feed, and they are asking, "Who is Rosmah?"

With the escalation of prices of basic commodities the government is desperate, UMNO is desperate the Malay support is waning, corruption is being recognised as real, and the silent shadow boxing going on behind the scenes to wrestle power is worsening the situation.

Nothing is happening at the Federal level, its only scheming, allegations, and sex scandals.

Anwar is the greatest danger he is a danger to all in UMNO,  it is he who surfaced corruption, nepotism and cronyism in UMNO, now that was too big a danger to Mahathir Mohammed who realised that his protege had come of age and was really keen on taking the country back from his thieving tribesmen - UMNO.

If UMNO is to survive 2020 it has to address this immediately, it has to rid its membership of the corrupt, the cronies and get rid of nepotism immediately, but alas all that is ingrained in the very fabric of that party and that means UMNO is doomed.

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UN experts begin Malaysia rare earths visit

UN experts begin Malaysia rare earths visit

KUALA LUMPUR – A team of UN atomic energy experts began a week-long visit to Malaysia on Sunday to review the safety of a proposed Australian rare earths refinery that has drawn protests.
Following public concerns that radioactive waste from the plant could leak out and harm the environment, Malaysia has put the project by Australian miner Lynas on hold, pending the independent panel’s review.
A nine-member team led by a senior official from the International Atomic Energy Agency (IAEA) arrived this weekend to review the plant, which is under construction near the town of Kuantan in eastern Pahang state, said an official from the International Trade Ministry.
The team is meeting Malaysian government officials on Sunday before traveling to eastern Malaysia on Monday to meet residents and inspect the construction site for three days, he said.
They are expected to present their final findings by end of June, the official said.
The Lynas Advanced Materials Plant (LAMP) was scheduled to begin processing rare earth – used in high-tech products from iPods to missiles – in the third quarter of 2011.
But activists and residents say they fear radioactive waste produced by the plant would not be disposed of properly and could endanger them and the environment.
Pending the panel’s review, the government has said it will not issue a pre-operating licence to Lynas and has barred imports of raw materials from Australia to be processed at the facility.
A similar facility built by a Japanese firm in another part of Malaysia was forced to shut down in 1992 due to protests.
Lynas has insisted the plant poses no safety threats. It has said any waste would be placed in safe, reliable engineered storage cells to avoid any leakage.
Lynas has described the facility as the largest of its kind in the world set to be one of the few sources of rare earths outside China.

Wednesday, May 11, 2011

Dompok should demand an apology from Rais and Hishamuddin

Dompok should stop playing the passive role to allow Christians to be continuously barraged, harressed, intimidated and bullied by UMNO and the Utusan for their own purposes and to drive a wedge between the Christians and the Muslims.

Dompok's latest statements that "anyone can become a Prime Minister of Malaysia is to appease what has just happened in the latest unprovoked attack on Christians, and the fanning of anti Christian sentiments amongst the Muslims against the Christians in Malaysia, by the Utusan and UMNO in an effort to get Malays who are now no longer pro UMNO to the UMNO fold.

The Utusan has been given free rein to do what it wants to rally Malay support even if it means doing so at the expense of National unity, and senior UMNO ministers have provided the back up support for such issues regardless of the harm it does to national unity and our beloved country, and both Rais Yatim and Hishamuddin have done it, although Hishamuddin has back tracked since.

In the latest episode the Home Minister, Hishamuddin Hussein Onn an educated lawyer by profession jumped the gun and criticised the Christians even before he could direct his Police Officers to investigate and establish the truth behind the matter in which the Christians were falsely accused of trying to make Christianity the official religion of the country.

This move is clearly a political one that has backfired,  it was not so much aimed at the Christians as it was aimed and provoking the sentiments of Muslims in the country, and the majority of the Muslims are Malay so the Malay daily the  Utusan was the tool used for the purpose and the effort, at the expense of the Christians.

After the purported Anwar Ibrahim Sex scandal, fell flat on the face of UMNO, the party decided to try and get PAS to split ranks with the Pakatan, but PAS stood firm, knowing the type of politicians in the UMNO fold, God fearing men are decent men,and they will not do things that are not right and what UMNO is doing is blatantly wrong,  deceitful and crooked, so UMNO has to look for like minded people and they have got them in their fold in the other Barisan parties, but ehy want the Malays who are fast deserting UMNO for Pakatan based parties.

Having failed to put a dent on the Pakatan Rakyat, and their inability to get PAS back into their fold the next course of action was to create bogeyman, a bogeyman so big and so dangerous the Malays would  all rally behind UMNO as the champion of  what they call the champion of Religion Race and Nation. This is the clearest case of UMNO using religion to influence the Malay, and using it wrongly.

The bogeyman was again the Christians, they successfully used it once against Semangat 46, Mahathir used it, these seem to be all Mahathirian (Mahathirdan) tactics, and it worked now they tried it the second time an it looks like it failed. (It's either the Christians or the Chinese, they tried the Indians via the Hindu Temples and failed)

UMNO is desperate for Malay support as  the educated Malay and the young Malays  are now distancing themselves  from the corrupt, the deceitful and the arrogant, they are now going back to their roots of being a proud people, proud of their race and proud of what has been achieved in Malaysia, and will not let anyone not even UMNO destroy that for them.

Christian ministers in Parliament must voice their discontent against these ministers for using Christianity and Christians as their punching bags, as the tools with which the instill fear on the people, they did it with making the Chinese the bogeyman, and MCA sucked up to them, they did it breaking Hindu temples and MIC sucked up to them, they are now doing it by intimidating an harrassing the Christians and the Christian ministers are sucking up to them. These are all men in the same boat as long as they are in the Barisan they can't be trusted.

Gerakan has come out and demanded that Utusan be investigated and prosecuted, the demand is nothing more then a mere statement unless they say, "if you do not do it we shall pull out of this coalition,"  only if that is done then it is a demand, and demand they must if there is to be any credibility left in the leadership of that party.

Dompok if he is sincere will issue an ultimatum to the Barisan, to arrest the editor of the Utusasn, close the Utusan down for a period of time like Mahathir did the star during ops lallang, and if  Hishamudin and Njib do not comply resign from the BN, is Dompok serious enough? he can't sit on the fence he has to come down and take a stand, or he is just one of them playing the same game.

It is people like Dompok, Pairin and other ministers in East Malaysia who can make the difference, the Gerakn can make a difference the MCA ministers can make a difference if they are serious about us being Malaysians of equal rank, but alas they have all accepted their fate as second class Malaysians.

But get one thing straight Dompok, Soi Lek and Subramaniam may be second class, but  we are not we are all  equal Malaysians,  "Satu Bangsa, Satu Negara, Malaysia Berjaya," and no one can take that away from us.

Sunday, May 8, 2011

Rosmah jetsetting at taxpayers expense

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Rosmah Mansor is in Turkey, and Najib seems to have orchestrated another huge Public Relations blitz that will costs the Malaysian taxpayer huge amounts of funds at a time when the price of essential goods in Malaysia are rising unabated, and this government has no clue on how to stop it because they are actually doing nothing about it in the first place.

This much touted Global Summit is actually a no event, the only people actually talking about it are the Malaysian press led by Bernama.

In the days before the summit this summit only received publicity from Bernama.

The event received very little coverage from even the Turkish press.

Rosmah seems to be carried away with her self proclaimed title of 'First Lady,' and Najib seems to be allowing her the use of public funds for this purpose, tax payer money.

This Global Summit is meant for 'Women leaders' so how has Rosmah become a Malaysian leader?

Was she elected by the Rakyat?

Is she being sent as an UMNO delegate?

Is she a Barisan Delegate? or is she just the Prime Minister's nominee?

Even the other Malaysian woman delegate to this 'conference' - Sharizat, is a person who lost her seat at the last elections and was is only in the cabinet by way of the 'back door,'via the senate. Sharizat was probably putthere to justify Rosmah's presence, maybe Malaysians should have a chance to view the unedited version of the session that Rosmah shared, we'd get a good idea of how our money is being put to use.

The nation is in trouble, food prices are escalating on a daily basis, today we are told that the price of chicken has gone up because the price of chicken feed has gone up, the Malaysian worker has asked for a minimum wage and those who helped him organise it were arrested and in the face of all this the PM's wife is doing her thing, 'the first lady act."

The price of petrol goes up almost every month and if the price of oil is so high Malaysians should be smiling,this government must be able to subsidise essential items, but since UMNO backed companies took over the sugar trade, the price of sugar went up, the price of rice has gone up, vegetable and milk are up, flour is up, and that too although we are a net exporter of oil, why are these funds not being used to ease the burden on the rakyat, instead we get taxed even more.

Are these funds being used for projects like Rosmah Mansor's overseas trips? There is no way of knowing after all Petronas affairs are the privy of only the top brass in UMNO and their duly appointed representatives.

 Before plastics

Rosmah Mansor is fast taking the shape of a Maria Antoinette, probably with thousands of shoes and sandals in a cabinet statched away in the official residence of the PM. Never before in the history of this country have we seen the wife of a PM take centre stage and front herself as a a leader of the people in such a way when in the first place she is not.

Even Tun Dr.Siti Hasmah Ali, the wife of Mahathir Mohammed never did any such thing, she never got involved in the business of government, her role was caretaker of the PM which she carried out excellently, she never once took the limelight away from her husband,and never tried to dabble in political, foreign affairs or even in national health issues, she was loved by the people for her very unassuming ways, an ardent Badminton fan she identified herself with the people and not as a self proclaimed "First Lady." Tun Dr. Siti Hasmah lacked that arrogance, and we all know what an esteemed background she came from.

Tun Dr. Siti Hasmah, was a medical doctor by profession, one of the first Malay women to qualify as a medical doctor if not the first, she was in practice as a doctor long before Mahathir became a Prime Minsiter but she never possessed the arrogance of a Maria Antoinette, but rather the gentleness of a mother,and that is something all Malaysians acknowledge and have never grudged her for.

She held herself so well that even though Mahathir is such a controversial figure I never once saw anyone take a swipe at her, she has the respect of all.

If she traveled abroad on her own it was for reasons she was well qualified to speak about, for instance birth control and against abortion, and that too not as "first lady" but with the 'Sisters of Islam.' Now very honestly could we have sent a better representative then her for such a purpose?

She was no 'jet setting mamma,' who constantly altered her face, trying to steal the limelight away from her husband, deputy Prime Minsiters, ministers or Members of Parliament. She was the quiet wife of the Prime Minister who looked after him as wife and even when he was hospitalised she did not come out to meet the press to give us a run down of his medical condition although she may have been qualified to do so, she left it to the doctors attending to the Prime Minister her husband, and we all knew with her by his side he was in good hands.

Tun Dr. Siti Hasmah is even talked about so well by Dr. Wan Azizah the wife of Anwar Ibrahim and both of them have a mutual respect for each other, now that is how a PM's wife is expected to behave, she has no right of office, all other Ministers and Members of Parliament have right of office she has none, her place is besides her husband and yes maybe chairing charities and other organizations in the country and that too with out too much of the limelight unless to draw attention to specific issues, like raising funds for ex servicemen, preparing Hari Raya goodies for our soldiers and other servicemen on duty etc. Not assuming the role of Minister of foreign affairs.

Najib has to be very careful, many a leader has fallen because of the arrogance of the wife, she is not the leader the people elected, and in the first place Najib was never elected the leader he now is, he has yet to test his popularity with his party first and then with the people.

Rosmah has to do what she is supposed to do, be the wife of the prime Minister and not the de facto minister of foreign affairs and 'first lady?'