Friday, June 7, 2019



It was  a stroke of brilliance, Mahathir used the discretionary powers vested on the PM and nailed the issue right appointing  Latheefa Koya as he new MACC chief.

Her integrity is without blemish as far as we know, she can't be easily intimidated, indications based on her character and what she stands for suggest  she may even do better than Harun Hashim the only MACC (ACA then) chief we had any respect for, he was so good the PM of the day removed him and made a judge of the chap probably for fear that too many big heads would roll in government.

Latheefa Koya - The new MACC Chief
Now suddenly this rule of law thing is being bent backwards a bit too much, there are extremists here too it seems who are what I would call rule of law extremists, there are times when discretion must be allowed and what is wrong if the Prime Minister exercises his discretion, which he is entitled to?

The appointment of the MACC chief is the sole prerogative of the Prime Minister, he is vested with that discretionary power and he does not need to consult anybody, he makes his choice singularly  if he feels that is in the best interest of the nation, as at the end of the day he is held responsible for that decision and more importantly for what it yields.
Mahathir Mohammed the PM

Now if the new MACC Chief he has appointed  fails  to live up to expectations, the PM will be held accountable, not by the Bar Council, not the opposition or even MPs from within the government who have kept quiet all this while and feel they have an opportunity to talk now, no  it will be only the PM because he took this decision by himself, he becomes singularly responsible for the outcomes.

If on the other had this new Chief does better than expected, it will reflect on the new government as a whole and the people of Malaysia - us, and a great many have the confidence she will live up to expectations.

To the Bar council, to the MP's on both sides of the divide, to all these people who have voiced their objections,  if what the PM did is illegal take him to court if there is a case to take him to court, or come out with valid reasons why you think Latheefa Koya  should not be  the next MACC head, otherwise please let the PM do his job, it's not always that he uses his discretionary powers.

The Prime Minister, must have that prerogative to exercise his  prerogatives as the head of government  at  anytime he feels it is important to do so and that is precisely what he is doing now, and in this special case I think he has done the right thing.


What is really surprising is that  the Wangsa Maju MP comes out and makes  statements that are actually troubling,  and this is actually what she said, ""This has nothing to do with Latheefa's integrity and capability," then she admits that both she and Latheefa sit on opposite sides within the party, that alone should disqualify her from making statements about this particular appointment as it reeks of  internal politicking and factionalism, that is something we did not vote for and the fact that it comes from her - a former BN person makes it more suspect.

Are there people within PKR who need to to be protected, as her statements seem to imply?

That is the more pertinent question, because if you look carefully at her statements there may be.

Now  is that "protection" the cause for the factionalism within PKR?

Tan's statement in Malaysiakini, " Some had viewed Latheefa’s MACC appointment as a political tool to block party president Anwar Ibrahim from becoming the eighth prime minister, noted Tan" begs clarification.

If the MACC chief can stop Anwar then what she is saying in essence is that she does not trust the AG, the Judiciary and the PM,and is she implying that there may be corruption cases against Anwar to be looked into? Why else should she make such statements?

To stop Anwar, Latifah from her role as MACC chief has to charge him for corruption, she can't get him for sex scandals that is beyond her purview.

If in the unlikely event she brings charges agaisnt Anwar, then the AG Tommy Thomas has to agree with her  that she has a Prima Facie  case and find merits to bring him to court, and the judiciary has to convict Anwar  and only then can Anwar be stopped, so is she implying that all these appointments are fixed for Anwar?

Is she telling us there is a case and Anwar needs to be "protected"? or

Is she smearing the government of the day by her actions, being a PKR member the party has to weigh its options as far as she is concerned remember where she came from.

Well we all know that there is no such thing, Tan Yew Kew seems like a loose cannon she seems to desperately want to plant doubt in the minds of the electorate and has to be checked by the party for its own health,  and that begs the question: Is the Wangssa Maju MP Tan Yee Kew a Trojan Horse, she sure is looking like one and PKR has to seriously consider what to do with her.
Tan Yew Kew - Trojan Horse?

I am certain that on all sides of the divide there are many who have had their hands on the till at one time or another, in one way or another or who have been corrupt in some way or another and since it is really difficult to say who is and who is not it is best the PM makes the choice himself and that is precisely what he has done period.

We all know it is difficult to find a suitable person in government service who you can really say is not corrupt or is at least not suspect,  even among MPs in today's government, we have so many who have come over from the  BN parties and who have had an influence in government are suspect too, so you look for someone you can trust, has the ability to do the job, who you know is clean and who is not afraid to call a spade a spade regardless, and to Mahathir  Latheefa is the one, and many Malaysians back that decision.

The next in line to be taken to task  with the MACC as we know are Hishamuddin and Zahid and there is  also the case of Mohamad Salleh Ismail, remember there are also  members who are in Bersatu who were then in the BN who may be implicated in these cases too, there are many  who came into PKR from BN too and we all know that too well,  it is  being shown so glaringly that the entire BN and its machinery were corrupted to the core is no more n official secret, many a BN person is now still in government both in the civil service and in Parliament, even the head of the opposition had been accused of receiving monies   so who do you select,  the select parliamentary committee too could have worms and the PM can't be expected to take chances with this position of the appointment of the MACC chief he has dome the very right thing.

Then there are possible cases against  the former chief of the Elections Commission, agaisnt the former Inspectors General of Police, the Attorney Generals, cases against Heads of many Government departments and all these have to be  investigated and where action is necessary it has to be taken.

With all these cases the PM is not expected to listen to a select committee and select someone who may  himself/herself be compromised.

Zahid, Hishamuddin were in the Home Ministry they have had close association with the agencies which will inevitably in one way or another be involved in investigations, for that matter even Muhyiddin who is the sitting minister of Home affairs could be subject to investigations for activities during the Najib era so with all these complications what panel can Mahathir trust.

Latheefa Koay feels most certainly honoured to have been given this position, she seems excited with this appointment and did not have to think about it twice, she has accepted it and I must congratulate her.

If there be any specific valid reason as to why she should not be given this position let it be voiced.

Are any of the people now being investigated related to her?

Has she been implicated in any corruption case?

Is she suspect to have been an accomplice in any corrupt case that we know of?

If there is any such reason let those in the know the Bar Council speak up or else keep shut and let Latheefa Koya Carry on, let her performance speak if that be wanting then everyone including your goodself will speak up.

For the moment, let the PM do his job without hindrance and when he needs advice he'll ask you