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Switch off your cell phones!! are the airlines serious?

AirAsia Boeing 737-300 (9M-AAO)Image via Wikipedia
First it was on  a flight to India, Cochin to be more precise, and before take off from LCCT, there were at least four passengers  using their cell phones and either making or answering calls, the stewardess and the stewards walked by as they did not see a thing, and me the nervous passenger watching.

Then just as the plane started to move I pointed my finger to the chap on the end of the  aisle adjacent to mine and sternly said "will you shut off that phone please," and he did, but glared at me as if to say, "it is none of your business," the other passengers in the plane gave me a look too, I am not sure if they are in agreement or looked at me as a trouble causer.
Thai Airways Boeing 747-400 in 1974-2005 liver...Image via Wikipedia

Very honestly I am unperturbed, my safety comes first to remain alive rather then please others.

Through this flight I see another passenger using his phone and is apparently either texting or sending an email I am not sure, but all of us clearly heard the Captain and the Chief Steward say at the beginning of the flight that "all hand phones should be off during the flight." Were they serious?
Malaysia Airlines Cabin CrewImage by axcellor via Flickr

I take the initiative again I walk up a few rows ahead of me and tell the lady using the phone to switch it off and she does so saying, "oh sorry!"

This was Air Asia , on my return flight I encountered the same thing, and some arrogant passengers who just went  ahead  and did  the texting without any concern for the others ion the flight, one chap began calling and I had to do the needful again.

On my return I wrote to Air Asia to date I have yet to get a reply.

Next it was the the flight to Thailand, I am on Malaysian Airlines, rated one of the top airlines in the world by 'Skytrax' the lady next to me has her hand phone on, and the texting or emails begin, it goes on and on, I am nervous, then as the plane starts I tell her to switch it off and she does, the same applies to the lady on my right, she hears what I say to the lady on the left and follows suit.

I return from Thailand, I have to delay my flight by another day, as I have further business commitments, I am put put on the Orchid airlines - Thai Airways, I get in and take my seat, on the overhead signs I see "all electronic devices off," a man behind my seat, a French Caucasian I suppose as he was speaking French was engaged in conversation on his hand phone,  I got up from my seat, turned to him and said  a"excuse me please" he was sitting in the seat just behind mine, I repeat it several times, "excuse me" even placed my hand in front of his face he just ignored me, does not even look at my direction, and continued talking, I then said , "can you switch off the phone!" and for those of you who know me that would have been pretty clear, he ignored me again, a stewardess came along I asked her if she could get him to switch off the phone,  she did not seem to understand , I pointed to the sign "all electronic devices off" and she replied me in Thai.

I sat down and the man goes on on his phone non stop till the plane starts moving, there was a late comer, he sat on  the seat next to mine, he was on his phone speaking to someone, the plane is already either on tow or moving, I told  him to switch it off, he said  "yes" and continued speaking, another stewardess came  along she noticeds it and at last this stewardess told s him rather sternly to switch it off.

On all flights  we are informed not to switch on the phone till we got out of the plane, but the minute the plane begins taxiing the hand phones came out and these thoughtless passengers begin their all important conversations.

I know that there was an Air Bus crash in Bombay some years back which Air Bus attributed to the use of Cell phones by passengers during flight,  and I know ever since cell phones were not allowed to be used on board flights.

Neil Whitehouse, a British oil worker,  served  a one-year jail sentence in England for refusing to switch off his cell phone on a 1998 British Airways flight from Spain.

Sue Redmond, a British Airways PLC spokeswoman, said,  "Whitehouse put the plane at risk because cellular phones can disrupt the plane's automatic pilot, cabin-pressure controls -- and every system that is needed to keep that airplane safe for flying."

If anyone visits the web on the issue, more and more people tend to think it is alright to use cell phones in the air, many attribute the ban to commercial reasons rather then safety.

 There are experts who still think that signals from cell phones can interfere with navigational electronics and cause havoc to the planes, especially during landing and take off.

Whatever the reasons I think airlines should be more transparent about it, and tell us once and for all where they stand, as there is nothing like the jitters one gets when one sees an individual using a cell phone on flight.

If it is indeed dangerous, or even if they are unsure if it is safe, I think the aviation authorities should find a way of to take these phones into their custody before passengers board a flight and return it to them on after landing.

It's always better to be safe then sorry.

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Sunday, April 17, 2011

What happened in Sarawak?

The Long Gallery of the family house as a comm...Longhouse Image via Wikipedia
What really happened in Sarawak?

Did the opposition suffer big losses  in Sarawak? Not really so, yes, they did not manage to form the State Government they are far off that mark, they failed to break the two third's majority they are far off that mark too, but they made great gains into the  Sarawak State Assembly and that is a recognisable fact.

The DAP did extremely well, and that is good for starters, PKR has three seats and that too is good for starters, but most seats taken were in the urban constituencies and should be cause for concern, because it is the illiterate  that are still in the grips of the BN. Money politics rules the day, and the ordinary Sarawakian native is not really aware of what and how much he has lost since independence.

Even as the elections were going on in Sarawak, in  Kuala Lumpur we had people protesting on what Najib had promised the rural Sarawakian, on the Bible and Christian issues. Will Najib have the strength and determination to carry out what was promised or will he go back on his words in the face of pressure from the UMNO led NGOs and UMNO grassroots themeselves?

Will the development projects that were  promised to the rural Sarawakian time and time again be fulfilled this time at least, the new highways, the schools, the hospitals and the land issues?

Will Sarawak as Najib promised become the "richest state in the Federation,"  we all know it is already the richest in terms of what the state earns, but will the earnings go back to the state in form of development and the Sarawak Dayak be given the benefits that have been given to the Malay and even the "marginalised Indian"  in West Malaysia?

Will Najib make  another whirl wind tour of Sarawak to thank the people and assure them of what he intends to do? Will he now produce  the the road map of what development projects this Barisan Government will undertake to ensure that Sarawak becomes the richest state in the federation? And  will that road map have a time frame?

Going on record none of this  will be done, Najib will be busy  preparing for the greater lies he can tell the people between now and the next General elections, what are they issues they can create to discredit the opposition, as we can be sure that he will now be seriously planning to call the next General elections, expect it this year by October the latest.

How long will the "Silver haired Daddy" of  Mahmud Abu Bakar Taib, be wanting to cling to power, this blog had predicted even before he made it clear that it will be at least three years, and that even that three years will be more like eternity.

The opposition has been voted to do its part, between now and  the next general elections they must exercise sufficient pressure both within the country and if necessary with the aid of international agencies to allow for independent foreign observers during our next general elections.

Allegations and video proof about irregularities and even provocation of the electorate, and possible vote rigging, closing polling stations before scheduled times etc. that have been made  are cause of serious concern.

What is even more of  a concern are the allegations made out agaisnt the elections commission officers themselves, and if what the opposition is saying is true then the opposition has a duty to put enough pressure on this government to allow independent international  observers appointed by the UN to supervise the next general elections, so that Malaysians can for once after 1969  have truly fair general election void of allegations of malpractice.

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Saturday, April 16, 2011

Sarawak latest

Coat of arms of SarawakImage via Wikipedia
DAP 12 Seats
PKR   3 seats  opposition total 15 seats

8.03 p.m.

PBB 14 Seats
SUPP 3 Seats
SPDP 1 Seat
PRS   3 Seats BN total 21 seats.

DAP 10 Seats
PKR   3 Seats  Opposition Total : 13 Seats

DAP's latest position.
: DAP (9,193), BN (2,603), majority 6,590
Pending: DAP (8,232), BN (3,479), majority 4,753
Kota Sentosa: DAP (8,656), BN (5,839), majority 2,817
Batu Kawah: DAP (832), BN (1,398), majority 566

PKR 3 seats

BN 9 seats leading by 2 seats.

Controversy erupts in Batu Kawah at two polling centres where DAP has won, with the Borang 14 refused to party scrutineers while the ballot boxes have been removed from the counting centre.
"We are contacting the returning officer, and the candidate is lodging a police report," says Sarawak DAP secretary Chong Chieng Jen.
About a hundred party supporters are gathered at the Kuching DAP headquarters where live results are being projected on screens on the street.

Links to follow for the latest results.

Malaysiakini link 1
Malaysiakini link 2
Malaysiakini link 3

Latest results are Dr. George Chan BN's Deputy Chief Minister has lost to Ling Sie Kion of DAP. BN has won a total of 8 seats so far and the opposition 6 seats. 

It's the same story all over again, PAS lost all its seats and  so the results are out so early, what happened if they won, would it have been out so early?

Postal votes which are available before the votes cast at the centers are only brought into count after the votes cast at the centers are counted, as a PAS MP put it is this the BN fixed deposit?
View the link below, to see what is really going on, on the ground.

News is difficult to come by, this blog is being constantly attacked, and we're trying our best to keep it running.


Sarawak boatsImage via Wikipedia

After today's election in Sarawak the whole history of Sarawak will be rewritten, rewritten for better or for worse and its the people of Sarawak who will determine this.

Sarawak can make the impossible happen, just like Selangor, Perak, Penang  and Kedah did at the last elections, and if they the Sarawakians do this they must ensure that the opposition comes in strong in Sarawak, or the BN will do a Perak in Sarawak, or rather a Sabah in Sarawak, that's more likely.

What's a Sabah?

A Sabah is when they hunt out turncoats in the opposition form a simple majority, go on a rotation system for chief minister, issue identity cards to illegal immigrants and in the process  wipe out the identity of the Sarawakian as they are now doing in Sabah?

They will encourage Filipinos to come in and settle in Sarawak and issue them with identity cards just like they have done in Sabah, these people will then take over the main cities and send native Sarawakians back to the longhouses in the forests of Sarawak , but the sad thing is their native villages have been taken away from them by the Taib Government,  and the forests have been cleared too, so the Sarawakian has to decide what he wants to do today. Still vote the Barisan Nasional?

Vote for change or be changed forever.

The whole country expects the opposition to break the stranglehold the BN   has on Sarawak, by denying them a two thirds majority, but is this enough considering the issues at hand?

The Christian Churches  have remained aloof all this time allowing the electorate to make their choices, but when it comes to an electorate that is ignorant of their rights, who are illiterate, who have been marginalized and fed only on government propaganda the Churches have a duty t  and a moral responsibility to educate these people and give them the right information.

Surely the Church can't expect its people to make any mistakes here especially considering the issues at hand, all Christian Churches must make an effort to keep its people informed.

An opposition victory can only spell progress as has been witnessed in Penang, Selangor and Kedah contrary to what the government controlled media has been saying. All these states have turned into the black, there has been no waste and misuse of government funds, no trips to Hollywood, no buying of expensive property abroad, no enriching of  children of Mentris  Besar with government funds,or funds derived out of corruption whilst holding high office and through the office.

PAS members of Parliament have been to Churches to ask Christians  to work with them, UMNO had always made PAS the bogeyman to non Muslims and the Chinese the bogeyman to the Muslims, this is the way UMNO divides and rules.

It's time Malaysia matured, its time we opted for a two party system, its time for the Barisan to take leave of us for good, let the the opposition be built out of the present coalition in the PKR, and that is because the Barisan is incorrigible a party and beyond salvation, it belongs to garbage of Malaysian History especially the UMNO Baru.

Sarawakians what happens today determines what happens to you and your heritage - Sarawak
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Friday, April 15, 2011


Flag of Malaysian state of Sarawak.Image via Wikipedia

If you look at the intensity with which they are attacking Anwar Ibrahim it spells two things, one desperation and the other,  cheap street politics.

Anyone who believes that all this attack on Anwar Ibrahim is not orchestrated by the BN must be absolutely naive. Najib unlike his predecessors has not yet gone for a general election because he is afraid he may land up worse then Abdullah Ahmad Badawi, and so to boost up his popularity he reckons it can only be done by weakening and slandering Anwar.

Well it might have worked if it was not done with  such intensity, even UMNO people know how UMNO fixes its enemies and now the it seems to be backfiring on Najib and UMNO.

There is  the Sodomy 2 case, a case which actually did more damage to the reputation of our judiciary, when the judge in the case after ruling in favour of Anwar in the trial within a trial overturned his own decision, a Malaysian and world first in court cases and as the BN aptly puts it Malaysia Boleh, these things can only happen in Malaysia under a BN government.

Then there is the case of the video from the Trio which is nothing less the criminal intimidation.  Anwar knows it and the whole world knows it if BN fares badly in Sarawak, the intenisty of Anwar attacks will increase, Najib will put his foot on the pedal and it will go full steam.

It's not only Najib who is afraid of Anwar, Khairy Jamaluddin is, Nazri is, the name Anwar brings chills to the spine of Mahathir Mohammed, almost all of UMNO  are afraid of him so they have to get him out by hook or by crook, to them Anwaris dangerous news.

Mahathir is watching his friends in Egypt, (Hosni Mubarak) and his friend in Libya (Gaddafi) and he has nightmares that the same fate will befall him if Anwar becomes PM, but what he doesn't realise is that Anwar does not think like him.

And as though attacking Anwar was not sufficient, they went for the electronic media, first it was Malaysiakini who have come back fighting with alternative sites, and then for Sarawak Report. They are attempting a news blackout, they only want what they say to be heard.

We have to put a stop to this brand of politics, its the worst type of politics ever practiced and Sarawak can lead the way.

I am not saying anything about RPK enough has been said in yesterdays report on this blog, except that whatever view you hold you must carefully examine the timing.

Whilst all this is being done with Sarawak in mind right now, just wait till the Sarawak elections are over, when Najib then is subservient to UMNO, all promises made in Sarawak could go up in UMNO, he'll not deliver on his promises, as he will have to have his UMNO support intact. It is already reported that UMNO backed NGOs are to protest the lifting of the ban on Bibles, this will give him the perfect reasons to renege on the promises he makes in Sarawak today.

UMNO has been quiet on the Bible issue, they have allowed him to do the talking for the time being, he will do his 360 the minute it is convenient to do so, the biggest losers will not be the Christians but the indigenous peoples of Sarawak, he is bent on fooling them, Taib is orchestrating that game pretty well, by ensuring that the village headmen do not allow the opposition into their villages.

Idris Jala a Christian is being brought to the forefront, he is being used by Najib and he is no fool not to realise this, and one wonders how come he is playing up to the gallery in allowing two standards for these issues in East and West Malaysia.

In the long houses it is reported that people are being intimidated.

As usual money is being offered this time it is RM50 per voter according to the reports in Malaysiakini, and that the special branch and police are stationed in the longhouses, this is how the rural vote is taken.

The Dayaks are being kept away from the opposition, men of goodwill must speak up and encourage their followers to go for change, change so that these people are not swindled and swallowed in this great UMNO design.

Anwar has said it today, this blog has said it before, it's now or never, if they do not change now, BN will change everything forever.

What has Najib got next , no one knows, in the towns the crowds are still with the opposition, in the villages it is anybody's guess, and the independents are nothing but spoilers placed in by the BN, it has always been the case in Sarawak.

Najib has absolutely no control over the states CM, even though he is the head of BN, this is clearly seen by the way the CM came out the very next day after Najib announced that he will be retiring to say he'd go in three years time and perhaps the best clue that all is not well in that camp is the latest Mahathir intervention.

Sources in Sarawak have said that more Malay and Melanau votes are expected to be lost as a result of this gutter politics, as it is customary for Malays not to ridicule or insult their leaders no matter what the provocation and here they feel the Barisan has gone one step too far.

For now Najib ignores the undercurrents in UMNO, that he will deal with after the elections When he returns to KL after the vote,  all he has to do is to bow to UMNO's demands and go back on the promises he makes to the Dayaks - that is UMNO politicis, the West Malaysians are only too familiar with it.

To the Dayaks I say come out in full force, show your true nature, vote against this UMNO led Barisan Nasional, do not vote the Independents, they belong to the BN too and free Sarawak from the grasp of the Barisan Nasional so that you do not get robbed of your heritage - Sarawak.

You can't afford to allow a street fighter like our PM to defeat you can you?

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Thursday, April 14, 2011

Raja Petra Kamaruddin - let him be

Raja Petra Kamarudin at a press conference aft...Image via Wikipedia

Sarawak Attack - is this the ace in Najib's deck.

Well lets see some of the things he's tried, there is Sodomy 1 for starters, then he's got the alleged sex video scandal by the gang of three called the "Datuk Trio," he's thrown his "boy" Idris Jala into the fray and is courting the Christians in Sarawak, trying to cut an exclusive deal for East Malaysian Christians, he's forgotten the Allah issue, he's got the "Sarawak Report" attacked, he's followed suit with "Malaysiakini" too, attempting a news blackout, I will be least surprised if there is a complete breakdown in internet services on Friday, and now we've got this, and we are expected to believe this too.

Those of you who read my blog and know my good friend Ajit Singh Jessy, know that Ajit used to always tell us not to listen to RPK because he could not substantiate what he said. Ajit being the lawyer he is, never swallowed what RPK said like most of us who used to get thrilled by his revelations.

Having said that I believe that what RPK has said in the past were issues he was convinced were true, if not then what he is saying right now is just as credible as what he said before.

He has been recorded as having said,“I have never accused the prime minister or his wife as being involved in the Altantuya Shaariibuu murder case.” for those of us who have followed RPK this is stunning, he has suddenly turned the tables.

Being a father myself I suppose I know where he is coming from, we all know his son had some brushes with  the law, could there have been a trade off? Well we'll never know will we?

RPK as we now know does not seem  put much thought into  what he says, he is reported as having said “I don't believe the story anymore. Because I feel, maybe it's impossible. How can the wife of the prime minister have been at that place (where Altantuya killed), as that place is in the middle of the forest. "I thought, 'would she climb to such a high ground, enter the forest in the middle of the night, midnight? I thought that must be impossible."

If you go back to the blogs he is the man who made these revelations no matter who is source was, and if he did not believe it he should not have put it to print, but he did and all of us are witness to it, so what has made him disbelieve right now, I think that is the question every Malaysian who has followed RPK must now themselves.

The timing of RPK's interviews is also very important, why now on the eve of the Sarawak elections and at the time Najib is going on a whirlwind tour of Sarawak to campaign? This is the time the BN is putting all the desperado tactics in place, the blocking of the Sarawak report, the alleged Anwar video, the blocking of Malaysiakini and other blogs that are perceived as BN unfriendly, and now the RPK interview on TV3. I really wonder who arranged this interview, and if it would have been aired when he was making all those accusations. We know where TV3 is coming from too.

We have also  got to give this man his dues no matter what, do not foul him for what his happening, circumstances I believe have driven him to this, and when it may involve family as a  family man perhaps he has decided to put family first.

On the making of his Statutory Declaration Malaysiakini reports

According to the TV3 report, Raja Petra said the aim of the three people concerned was to ensure that Najib did not replace Abdullah Ahmad Badawi as prime minister when the latter steps down.

Raja Petra said he had asked Nik Azmi why he was so insistent that he (Raja Petra) make the SD accusing Rosmah of being involved in the case.

“What do you hope to achieve? He (Nik Azmi) said Pak Lah will step down. If we don't block Najib, Najib will be prime minister to succeed Pak Lah.”

Raja Petra said further he then asked Din Merican to get Anwar's approval for the SD.

“Din Merican then contacted me again and he said he had spoken to Anwar and Anwar has given the green light. He said okay, this person (Azmi) is no problem. What he says, we can believe."

If you notice he has not said that Anwar told him to make the SD,  that someone else - Din Merican is supposed to have called Anwar and Anwar was supposed to have given Din Merican the green light.

Well  think we all know where Raja Petra Kamaruddin is coming from, I do not think any Malaysian in his right mind would grudge him  what he says considering the circumstances, but I think every rational Malaysian will conclude this case without really much to think about.

Will history have a place for RPK? Most certainly it will he will be remembered well in the annals of UMNO  history, if UMNO survives.

(To be fair I think we have to hear all sides Din Merican's statement can be read by clicking on the link below, do watch the videpo too in the second link provided below) video to watch  Watch this  
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Wednesday, April 13, 2011


Malaysia Sarawak map.Image via Wikipedia

 Taib and all of BN must be thrown out there is no other way, even if you just vote Taib out, they can still get the assembly to appoint him in and then declare him the CM. So Barisan must be put out of business in Sarawak

Today I visited my friend's facebook suffice to say his name is Gerard, he's got a newspaper cutting "The Borneo Post" from 1995 where it says;
"Taib to quit in five years" and he giving his reasons why he is staying for five years.  

He's lost count I think or he failed what we called sums in primary one. Now he says in three years time, that could be eternity in Taib's calendar. 

He and the BN does not have the capacity to tell the truth.

BN will make all kind of promises to get your vote then, they'll have you chewed for breakfast by their dogs.

Discard the BN this is your last and only real opportunity to.

Some interesting sites for you to visit before Saturday, share it with your friends in Sarawak especially the rural folk.


International Campaign against Sarawak

Anembiak Latong Rebak Baru



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Taib Najib launch Sarawak attack

Flag of Malaysian state of Sarawak.SARAWAK

 Links below
Yesterday this blog carried the report of the
Distributed Denial of Service (DDoS) attack, on Sarawak Report, today Malaysiakini has become victim to the same attack.

You can still get on tho these websites by going through the alternate sites by clicking on the links below;

The Sarawak Attack is on, it is designed to deprive Sarawakians and other Malaysians of  the truth so that you do not get the whole picture.

We are dealing with confounded liars here. 
Najib is personally going to Sarawak, snub him, boo him and ditch him Sarawakians.

Come on  Sarawak !!!!! launch the counter attack and send him packing to Pekan.

Medieval justice Woman Caned

Tuesday, April 12, 2011

Taib and the BN doing a Hosni Mubarak in Sarawak


BY Theo Serampang

They have blocked the Sarawak report, of course they'll tell the whole world  they don't do such things,  they can say anything but will anyone in his right mind believe what the BN says these days? Who elsee would want to block Sarawak Report?

The Penans? Oh come off it BN for once try, at least try to tell the people the truth.

Now that is the same story all over and over again, you see they claim that  a man who was to be married the next day, who had sent messages to his friends to be there, committed suicide, that too when he was in their custody, and when you hold an inquiry they forget all the things that are important to the inquiry, you can't foul these civil  servants when they say such things it is the BN way, their ex chief did just that at another RCI.

Then a truth we uncovered yesterday, the Government backed media came out screaming that Taib would leave after the elections. Najib's press statement was carefully worded, to give people the impression that it would happen soon, today  Taib comes out to clear the air himself, he reveals he'll leve in a few years time, that could  even be four years from now. he has completely no regard for Najib, that is what he is also trying to relay to the people.

Taib like Hosni Mubarak has no intention of leaving, he has unfinished business in Sarawak, the people are angry, he has to silence them, there are land issues with the natives  he has to silence them  once and for all so that he and his cronies including the Federal Government will be able to "acquire" the land for "development" (Bakun Type) projects.

There are religious issues he has to sort it out his way,  there are issues of his own personal wealth he has to settle once and for all so that his children can leave the state with all the wealth he has created, so how can he  be expected to leave so soon?

The people of Sarawak have to act and act fast to put a stop to Taib before he puts a stop to all their rights..

The Prime Minister came out with the statement on Taib on Sunday, because the BN realises that Taib is not only baggage in Sarawak, but a huge liability to the Barisan Nasional, and he has to go, but then Taib is a powerful man in his own right, he is the Chief Minister of Sarawak, and if he decides to pull out of the BN the entire Federal Government will fall, so Najib and his deputy Muhyiddin Yassin had to keep their mouth shut when he flatly refused their request to step down immediately. This is yet another issue they'll deny.

Now the deputy prime minister Muhyiddin Yassin  says the BN is not anti-Christian, he could be right, you've got to see it his way,  what he is trying to say is,  The BN  is  not only anti Chrisitian, we are anti every other religion.

I shall not dwell on these issues if he feels comfortable raising religious issues which is after all a BN forte let it be so, they always find joy in finding the elements with which they can most  divide the electorate to begin with.

What must be said is that their claim that the Bible issue is settled is far from the truth, there are differences in the issue of the Bible in East and West Malaysia, aren't we after all one country or are they saying Sarawak and Sabah are different? That could be very very true because they have been treating Sabah and Sarawak very differently, and that is why both those states remain backward.

On the issue of the CM for Sarawak, since Muhyiddin Yassin brought out the topic coudl we have a Christian as the next CM, that shoudl not be an issue since UMNO always looks at a Malay and Muslim for thee Menteri Besars?

My take is that there is no one in the line up right now for the position in the Barisan camp and hence they will ahve to wait till Taib calls it quits, but will he? On the other hand that relative of his who is standing as an independent is actually his insurance should he be defeated, and the CM's post will yet be a family affair. If you remember the last time it happened he was suppsoed to be fighting withhis uncle Rahman.

The BN is nothing but deceit, lies and plunder, in Sarawak, UMNO has taken the place of the colonialists and Taib is UMNO's governor general.

If the people of Sarawak want to retain their Heritage, their lands and their rights they have to remove the BN now, it is now or never..

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Sunday, April 10, 2011

Desperate BN - "Sarawak Report" under Attack

Location of SarawakImage via Wikipedia
 Najib says Taib will go in his own time.
 Ours is a government of checks and balances. The Mafia and crooked businessmen make out checks, and the politicians and other compromised officials improve their bank balances.
Steve Allen

 Sarawak Report that has been providing Sarawakians  with news has  come under heavy cyber attack, the site is almost unreachable, and we have asked our sources  overseas  to try and log into Sarawak Report  to see if the current cyber blockage is confined to only to Malaysia.

Replies coming in from Canada, the US, Germany, India and Australia confirm they are facing the same problem.

Judging from the way "Sarawak Report" has come under massive cyber attack which Brown the owner of the site has described as Distributed Denial of Service (DDoS) attack, the type that brought down Wikileaks at one time, shows the extent Taib and the BN will go to deny Sarawakians their right to unfettered and uncensored news, and we all know why.

This is a very sophisticated mode of attack and in a DDoS attack, multiple bots, or programmes running on servers or personal computers will bombard a site's server with requests to view the site reports Malaysiakini.

Such an attack is costly it could costs those who order it millions of ringgit,  and can only be carried out by people with huge funds at their disposal, and who do you think they are? Certainly not the Butcher nor the Baker and it can't be the Candle Stick Maker either.  

Now who would want to such a thing, it surely has to be those who have the most to loose with the revelations from this blog. If the BN says it's not thee BN then we know who its, an if Taib says it is not him we still know who it is.

Sarawak Report is the site and the radio station that  has exposed the business dealings of the Sarawak Chief Minister and his children, and the billions they are alleged to own which he has come out to deny in very one sided news reports and interviews recently.

Just the other day Nazri told us rather unwittingly that the government does not trust the police force,
and now his boss has come out to seemingly admit what we are hearing from the Sarawak Report.

The Star reports that, Najib has said , "Taib  has agreed to step down as Sarawak CM some time after state election, leadership change will be done in a planned manner."

This 'Star" report comes on the heels of this  massive DDoS cyber attack on "Sarawak Report," so does identifying the cyber attackers pose such a huge problem?

Well the BN has always taken us for fools so, this is not anything new.

.If you notice the words Najib used,".....agreed to step down as CM  some time after state elections...." so that "sometime" can be three years later and he will step down as CM, and can remain senior Minster.

Beware the BN, they have  all the tricks to cheat the electorate with, and this is but one of them in the making.
We should have learned our lessons by now, so Sarawak vote wisely.

Another read  a must read.

Medieval justice

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Saturday, April 9, 2011


A composite image of icons of Kuala Lumpur and...Image via Wikipedia
Time for a Sarawakian Response & Time to say it Loud!!

Sarawakians do you know that if it was not for you and revenue streaming from your rich state, the richest in Malaysia, we may not have been so developed in the Peninsular?

Yes, how much do you know about your Oil revenue, how much have you contributed to the national purse in terms of oil revenue alone, leave aside, the timber that was raped from your forests, together with your ladies who were raped, and discount revenue from Palm Oil and pepper, which put together makes you the biggest revenue earner of the nation, and yet what have you got to show for it?

Do you know that the money form this revenue has been used to fund the building of the classic infrastructure that adorns the Peninsular at your expense.

The highways built in  the west were financed in part or greatly with your money directly or indirectly as it had to come from the national purse, and the rewards are extracted by UMNO led companies like UEM, and the toll concessionaires, and you in the East do not have a decent highway you can actually call a road.

Do you know that the same was not done for you because development in your state would have made Sarawakians more aware of their rights and their entitlements and that would have deprived UMNO of the opportunity to exploit you?
Dayaks in their War DressImage via Wikipedia

You are not better today then under the colonial government of Britain, only that today the colonialist is UMNO and their  lackeys in the East who are your present day political leaders, who continue to exploit you and your people, of your heritage.

The Indians of West Malaysia made a huge hue and cry about their status as marginalised people in Malaysia, yes they are, but not as badly as you.
A Modern Iban Longhouse, built using new mater...Iban longhouse

Even the Indians in West Malaysia have a greater proportion of professionals then any community in the country, some of the nations best doctors, lawyers engineers and other professionals come from their ranks, and yet they are a marginalised people. Amongst you I can only think of a name like Idris Jala, who else? There may be sprinkling, but the poorest people come from the natives of both the eastern states of Sabah and Sarawak. You would have heard of the recent starvation of people in Sarawak, and one can only wonder how such a thing could occur in Malaysia and that too in the richest state in the country, it has never been heard of in Malaysia and yet it happened in Sarawak, the richest state in the country.  The question that goes a begging is, where is all your money Sarawak? Who has got it and why must Sarawakians starve?

Whilst we in the west are privileged to have world class roads and drive on what was and has now been reduced subsidised  fuel, subsidised because we are a net exporter of oil most of which comes from you.

Just take a count of the vehicles both in the East and in the West and you'll realise that the westerners are using your money more then you are. The population in the west is greater, the vehicle count is far greater and so the usage of fuel subsidised by your oil is greater in the west then in the east. Now are you not entitled to some pay back?

Petronas itself, should belong to you, it should not be the plaything of PMs and ex PMs to take and flout like playthings to sponsor F1 races, and cars for the F1 etc. purchase and bear the costs of running losing businesses like Proton, purchasing motorbike companies by one PM for millions and then selling it out for a dollar by the next PM in what seems to be games by our prime Minsters with your money and yet you are not given any accountability of what has happened to your oil wealth.

The least they could have done was to have had the F1 circuit in your state, even that has been parked in the West and Mahahtir's son has a big say in its running.

How much of the Oil revenue has been given back to your state, how come the richest state, houses amongst the poorest in the nation, how come the infrastructure of Sarawak is so backward even Indonesia can boast of better roads and railways, where did your money go, why was it not used to upgrade all that in Sarawak.

Petronas accounts are privy to only a few people, it is not transparent the money could have been siphoned out by individuals, via special contracts and as middlemen and how many of these are Sarawakians and if there are any who are they?

Kuala Lumpur's Twin Towers could have been built by Sarawak money, now UMNO is talking about a 100 storey tower to be the highest in the world, is the money to come in from Sarawak too, or is it to be financed by UMNO incorporated and even if that is the case where does this UMNO money come from.

 Please do not mistake UMNO with the Malay, the Malays are very good people, they are huge victims too, what UMNO says is to be allocated to them is allocated lock, stock and barrel to their cronies, many who claim to have "become" Malays when they are not, these are the majority who enrich themselves with others money.

The government has promised to put in a lot of money for education if they win in Sarawak, do not allow them to pull wool over your eyes. This is to ensure they win in Sarawak, and if they do this one time you are finished, and that is why you can't let the Barisan Nasional wrest your state this one time, SAY NO!!!!!! THE BN THIS TIME AND SAY IT LOUD, IT MUST BE LIKE PENANG DID IN THE LAST ELECTIONS.

Why are they promising you this "If they win?" Damn it, it is your right, they have to give it to you now, no questions asked. You should not allow yourselves to be blackmailed by Najib and his men, you should take them to task instead.

Ask your students who come to the West to study in institutions like MARA, they are hounded and treated as second class if they aren't Muslims, ask them they'll tell you and anyway UMIT is initself a third rate University, what can you expect from an Institution that closes its doors to other races? Many of them we hear, may  be prevented from returning to vote in Sarawak.

How many Sarawakians, Ibans, Dayaks etc. hold key positions in organizations like Petronas, PORIM etc.

How many Sarawakians are there who hold senior positions in government, why is it till today there is no Prime Minsiter from Sarawak or Sabah? Ministerial postings given to your people are insignificant, and even if it is given it is to the Malanau.

Before Taib came to power his uncle was the CM, when the uncle left and before he did there was supposedly a fight between him and his uncle, now another Taib relative has come forward hoping to land the CM's post again, do not be fooled, do not vote him he is a Trojan horse from the same family. Pressmen have been driven out of the state for revealing this at the time Taib came to power.

Now Najib promises to make you the richest state, you already are and were the richest state many years ago, so what is he talking about? He should say it is time to repay Sarawak all that we owe the state, and not that he will make it the richest, they'll do it at your expense, his family and cronies will then own Sarawak, UMNO will own Sarawak, and you'll become slaves again, is that what you really want?

Sarawakians behave liek the richest state, take control of it, and when you are the richest you'll have  the biggest say, take it and take Putra Jaya that should be your dream, make an Iban the next Prime Minsiter, make a Sarawakian the Home Minister, Make a Sarawakian the minster of defense and make a Sarawakian a the Minster of Education, is that too much for you, I think not if the Malay can you can too.

Its time for Sarawakians to awake from their slumber, take your destiny in your own hands, you will speak with authority if you have  the government in your grip, and vote the BN out once and for all.

Do not listen to the evil one who brought Bomohs to try and win, drive him out, your victory wil be ours too, it will be a true Malaysian victory.

Friday, April 8, 2011


Col. Gregory Gardner (center), U.S. Army, Comm...THE PICTURE THAT INFURIATED MAHATHIR AND UMNO
 Minister in the Prime Minsiter's Department, Mohamed Nazri Abdul Aziz (one of the intelligent advocates of the the Trio )  is now calling for the establishment of a Royal Commission of Inquiry into the alleged Anwar Ibrahim Sex tapes.

He was reported by Malaysiakini to have said, "the police have to complete their investigation into the sex video featuring a man purportedly resembling Opposition Leader Anwar Ibrahim and identify the actor before the government moves to form a royal commission of inquiry."

"It was decided that we should allow the police to wrap up their investigation first,  it's not enough to just ascertain if the (video) is authentic or not. We also have to identify the person in the video, We cannot jump the gun... otherwise it would seem like we are being (partisan)."

Can I ask this learned lawyer, what exactly does he mean by this?

Is he saying that no matter who it is, they will move to form a Royal Commission of Inquiry, or is he saying once the police establish it is Anwar they will call for the RCI?

Whichever way you answer the question you will discover something fascinating, you'll discover  why this lawyer is not practicing law and is a   politician and more so - an UMNO politician at that, and why successive Prime Ministers have wanted to "use"  him.

Well, honestly  even if he reads this blog he'll never get it.

If the Police investigation reveals it is Anwar, why on earth will we require  a Royal commission of inquiry to be set up on the initiative of the government?

Is he telling us the government does not trust the force, and so  a Royal Commission needs to establish if they - the Police, are telling us the truth?

Well Nazri, tell this government that they  do not have to tell us this , we have suspected that for sometime now, and thanks for confirming our worst fears.

Now if the Police say it is not Anwar, is he saying the same thing he does not trust the force and a RCI has to determine if the Police are telling us the truth?

I think we need an RCI to look into many other things too if that is the case, including the case of Altantuya Shaaribu, and the related cases like that of PI Bala. .

In the Altantuya case the Police did not investigate the Prime Minsiter although they had good reason to, now considering the stature of the personality involved - the PM,  this certainly  is a case where  the RCI needs to be established.

Then can I also ask him why such a commission was not instituted to look into  Chua Soil Lek's video, in the case of Chua Soil Lek, he was a a senior cabinet minister, he was the minister of health,  a senior member in the MCA supreme council  and the MCA is a senior member of the BN the party that forms the government of Malaysia.

When people can film such a senior minister of  the cabinet in such a compromising position is it not a grave threat to national security?

He could have been blackmailed into giving huge medical supply contracts to the wrong people, he could have been blackmailed into revealing security secrets to which only the cabinet is privy to aren't these serious enough to invoke action, or are the Ministers from MCA and other non UMNO parties only messenger boys who are not privy to real government information?

I do not think anyone would be surprised if they knew the truth on that score anyway.

Think what would have happened if they caught the Prime Minister in such a position with an actress or a singer in a hotel in PD, will that not be a serious breach of security?

Even the filming of an opposition leader of Parliament is a serious breach of security, it is a criminal offence, and what are the police  doing about it.

Let us get this straight once and for all.

The act of having sexual intercourse, even if it happened to be  with Nazri's sister is not a crime as long as it is between two consenting adults and Nazri knows that only too well, he is a lawyer mind you and as a lawyer he knows that damn well, and even if it was his sister in the tape, there is nothing he as minister in the PM's department can do about it except that if he was thick enough get some stooges to bring out in the press, because as long as his sister is over the age of 18 and has consented to have sexual relations with another adult, even if that adult was Anwar  it will be of no consequence. Morally wrong? yes.  A Shariah offence, well Shariah law has some conditions, I am not sure if this will fulfill those conditions. A crime? No.

Murder a crime?  leave that for Nazri to answer.

Intimidating a witness who has made a statutory declaration a crime? Over to you Nazri after all you are the law minister.

However the filming of the act by a third party is a criminal offence, it becomes even a bigger cause for concern if it is a senior cabinet minister who  is  being filmed, or the prime minister or even the head of the opposition, when that happens it moves into another realm, it becomes a threat to national security besides just being the criminal act it is,.

Till today the people who captured Chua Soi Lek on video  have not been caught, and Chua himself is rather quiet about it. Why this silence, this is indeed a National Security risk, but why this quiet?

Are these people the Police, the Minster of Home Affairs, the Prime Minsiter and Chua Soil Lek himself so stupid that they do not realise the gravity  of the offence?

How many times has this issue and its relation  to National Security  even been addressed?

Does this not require the RCI, the RCI to determine why this investigation has not taken place?

It is not easy to wire the premises of a hotel by persons unknown, without the hotel owners and workers being aware that such an operation is going on, and yet today after so long the makers of that DVD have not been brought to the book.

What about Eskay, his real name is SK, he has admitted he was there whilst it was being filmed, it was he in the picture he has admitted, so who made this video is it not easy to establish, we need to know that?

In this present case, yes!! a RCI will be good thing, it will determine the real criminals in the case, the making of the video, the filming of the video for the press to view was that not an offence and the subsequent blackmail.

To top it all the head of police shows his ignorance and or his arrogance by asking the press what he should charge the trio with? If he is really so ignorant he should resign from his post, or the minister of home affairs should have taken him to task, that minister is of the same pedigree and we'll talk about him later.

Prime Minster after Prime Minsiter have found Nazri useful, he was the official court jester, and if you do not believe me click on the link see what Mahahtir had to say about Nazri,  he knew Nazri's limited abilities and what it could be used for,  so Mahathir  kept him, with people like Nazri you can do about anything you personally would not  want to.

Even Pak La discovered this,  and now Najib too, so why do you think they require a Minsiter in the Prime Minster's department, when the PM is already there?

Malaysian  Prime Ministers since Mahathir have found it necessary to talk nonsense and discovered they   require someone to shout on their  behalf, and who better then Nazri,  because when Nazri opens his mouth everyone knows what to expect. Nazri is the extreme, there are other ministers who come close, very close to Nazri,  we'll deal with them later.

All  anyone has to do is to just google some of these Minsiters and  you'll get enough of sex scandals involving them and their family members, and yet these fellows  shout without thinking, they should google before shouting.

Do we really  need to go down that road? Will it solve our political problems?

Think Nazri, Think.

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Medieval justice
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Monday, April 4, 2011

A pose for a Najis and his plastic Rose

Obama & Palin 'Dancing With The Stars'Image by Photo Giddy via Flickr
I am unwell and on doctors orders to take a rest. I shall still try to squeeze in a column or two in what is after all, a passion.

Please enjoy some of the older articles if you are around and do let your friends know about this blog, Howl has a classic which I am not releasing as yet, its all about porn something so common these days.

I hope to get well soon, my spondylolysis coupled with a shoulder injury is really hurting and I find it hard to sit by the computer.

I hope to be up and about as soon as possible. In the meantime,  I'd like to advice all of you to keep away from propaganda machines like , "The Star"and "The new Straits Times." Of course as you all know the NST is owned by the New UMNO, everything there is new.

The picture featured is Obama and Palin,think what happens if a certain Najis and Plastic Rose posed like that for us. 

I may be sick but I still think of Najis and Plastic Rosmah.

Since we are into dancing, ever hear about a "Christian Dance?" Well I am a Christian but am yet to hear of one, we dance yes but we do not have any Christian dance as far as I am concerned.

According to the articles on the links provided below, the authorities in Malaysia  are saying that since it originated in Jamaica, and a is also widely popular in the Phillipines a Christian country they suspect the dance 'poco-poco'  is Christian and are telling Muslims not to do that dance.

What nonsense, can we say the same for the middle eastern Belly Dance then?

Really  people need to have their brains put into the washing machine, don't you think so?
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Saturday, April 2, 2011


There is no more fascinating history  than the history of South East Asia. It beats me why this history is not compulsory reading in our schools. Perhaps it is because education here has a strong political agenda. It remains a tool to propagate and perpetuate political and economic policies of the government. What a pity! And what else is “Interlok” all about ? What a shame! But those who have read South East Asian history know that its treasures are numerous!"
Howl Pillai  ("The idea behind the idea" )

Interlok, yes Interlok, it seems like it is still locked..........................
But the Chinese have arrived

After a big hue and cry from segments of the indian community, we  have had a group of Indians, planted by the government and its lackeys (MIC)  to make a lot of noise about interlok, everything seems to have ended very well, that is what these people who sat with Muhyuddin have said, the word pariah has been taken out of the text and so all is alright.

So once these people who sit with their boss the Malay man (incidentally those sitting with him  are Indians and Malaysians are out of the picture) say it is alright and so, the rest of the Indian community must accept what is said - issue closed.

We've not  heard from HINDRAF yet, they stood up for the school boys and rightly so,  who when they returned their copies of the book to the school were sent to the police station for questioning, by the school authorities,  Interlok is not the National flag, it is not the National Anthem and because they returned a book they deemed improper for their own reasons they were sent to the police- a Malaysian first I reckon.

Our Minister of Education is not a Malaysian he is a Malay, (when he feels it is convenient he'll say he is a Malaysian)  his origins are somewhere in the Indonesian Islands, he knows where but he is not saying so, instead  if you ask him what he is  he says, "Melayu,"  which in Javanese means "run away."  but a  'runaway' from where at least he has to have the decency to tell us that.

Now  after this Indian group has been pacified, a group of some 45 NGOs have come out and in their numbers are some prominent Chinese groups.

Finally it looks like the Chinese have arrived, hooray, as they used to say in Hokkien when I was in school, "Heelo lai leow lo!" but are any of Chua Soi Lek's henchmen in this group of Chinese, I really do not know, but I think it will be better for all concerned if they weren't, you'll get a repeat of the MIC issue.                                                                     

Its nice to know that the  Chinese have decided to respond, they should have earlier, they would have had more tooth, now that the Indians appointed by the governments men have agreed on accepting it after some changes, the Chinese are responding, the response should have been earlier, but as the saying goes 'better late than never."

If we consider Interlok a literary work worthy of being made compulsory reading for our form five students, I must say  we have an extremely poor taste and  judgment of what good and worthy  literary pieces  are and,  it is a poor reflection of  our ministry of education, those responsible for having chosen this book for this purpose, and its minister, unless there is an ulterior motive for the selection of this book which is actually the crux of all the fuss.

Having said that one can understand where a runaway who needs to claim an identity approaches the subject of interlok from.

Yes, this book which is extremely racist in nature has been brought out to make our children learn that the Malay is Tuan and that they are all subject to him, this was and is the great Mahathirian agenda and the baton has been passed to Muhyiddin Yassin, the one time Menteri Besar of Johor whom Mahathir regarded as man without a personality as he was reputed to be one of the shabbiest dressed politicians in the BN. He was told this and has since been seen less often with  his loose, over-sized and cheap looking batik shirts which he has now traded for classic suits.

Should interlok be compulsory reading material?

Why, if the students need to be exposed to the truth then South East Asian History should be the answer, for therein lies the truth, South East Asian History will reveal the truths behind the myths that are now being created in Malaysian history, because it will provide the links and with those links the truth in our history will be established. And history is all about the truth, and not as my friend Howl put it “to propagate and perpetuate political and economic policies of the (BN) Government.”

For instance we  need to  know who Parameswar really was, not what we want to make him out to be for such reasons,

When I first studied Malayan History in the early sixties Parameswara was supposed to be an Indian Prince from a Hindu Kingdom , later when my younger brother learned this in the seventies it became a Hindu Prince but not an Indian, well I objected and later I agreed saying well it could be so, now we are being indirectly  told he is the father of one of our former Prime Minsiters as his name has been changed to Iskandar, and he was a Muslim, and incidentally that  Prime Minsiter has Indian blood too and is claiming to be a full blooded Malay, and his father's name is Iskandar too. Coincidence?

We need to know of the great Hindu Kingdoms that ruled over these parts of Asia,  we need to revisit the origins of the Wayang Kulit, (the Ramayana version I mean not the wayang kulit the BN plays), our history is our heritage, and in that heritage we'll see our oneness.

We need to know the real Hang Tuah, and the Hang Jebat, were they  related to Hang Li Poh and what were their real roles in the History of Malaysia, these people as their names will suggest were from the Hangs of China.

To write them off as mere legends is to hide our own heritage, I rememebr in the sixties on Children's day each year it began in the sixties we had a "Child Hero's Award" it was a National Award and it was called the 'Pingat Hang Tuah." whatever became of that award.

 There has been this urgent desire of late to wipe out our heritage, the Merdeka Stadium has lost its importance, no one seems to talk about it any longer? Bukit Jalil built by Mahathir has taken its place.

There are these continuous problems with Parliament House, leaks, broken latches, stinking toilet bowls, due to poor maintenance and use, to  what seems to me to be willful neglect,   it is deteriorating, is this done on purpose so that a New Parliament can be built in Putra Jaya, the Putrajaya built by Mahathir,  and the present one forgotten?

Kuala Lumpur which was made a Federal Territory just so that Selangor would continue to be in UMNO hands has been  replaced by Putrajaya as the seat of government, again by Mahathir?

The UMNO of 1946 is dead, killed by Mahathir, the UMNO we have today is UMNO Baru - it is a completely new party set up in accordance with Mahathir’s rules?

Mahathir has been trying to wipe out our  history, the parts that came before him, now he has attempted to establish a new Independence, a Mahathirian Merdeka, his very own agenda, where  the ketuanan Melayu reigns supreme, and he will be proclaimed the father of  that Merdeka (coup), and interlok whether you like it or not is locked to this agenda.

To respond to this Mahatrhirian agenda, we need to go back to our real history, we need to establish the truth, and South East Asian History has a lot to do with it.

We need to excavate and restore our edifices of our great History, the temples in Kedah, the lost city in Johor instead of confining statues   to the basements of museums hidden in the jungles  or kept as the personal property of rulers.

What race is ashamed of its own heritage? Only a people who deny their own real racial origins I suppose.
Who is Mahathir? Very recently it has been reported that he has said he is not sure of his own roots.

Or are we walking down the road of the Taliban, where they blew up centuries  old Statues of the Buddha in Afghanistan, are we becoming that intolerant, or could we be moving towards extreme right wing  policies led by UMNO and Perkasa.

Our heritage is ours and ours alone we have to defend it with our lives all of us as Malaysians, Najib included,  not our positions in Putrajaya, because without a heritage what is Putrajaya.

Get into the real history of our country, and we'll find that all the Malays, the Chinese the Indians are yes in someway children of immigrants, the Aborogines and the native population of Sarawak and Sabah the original people of the land, the real Bumiputera, and this UMNO hang up of  "Ketuanan Melayu" created by an Indian who claims to be a Malay, is to usurp the legitmacy of these natives and rob us of our history.

We are linked to the rest of South East Asia historically and we can't run away from that. South East Asian history is our history that is something we have to make compulsory reading for our form five students to mould them to know who we are how we came here and where we go from here.

Whatever it is, once the truth is established, it will be our history, of which we will all be proud of, it will be our heritage which we shall pass on to our children and our childrens children, it must be the truth, we should not live on lies, and then and only then can we talk of  a 1 Malaysia.