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If you look at the intensity with which they are attacking Anwar Ibrahim it spells two things, one desperation and the other,  cheap street politics.

Anyone who believes that all this attack on Anwar Ibrahim is not orchestrated by the BN must be absolutely naive. Najib unlike his predecessors has not yet gone for a general election because he is afraid he may land up worse then Abdullah Ahmad Badawi, and so to boost up his popularity he reckons it can only be done by weakening and slandering Anwar.

Well it might have worked if it was not done with  such intensity, even UMNO people know how UMNO fixes its enemies and now the it seems to be backfiring on Najib and UMNO.

There is  the Sodomy 2 case, a case which actually did more damage to the reputation of our judiciary, when the judge in the case after ruling in favour of Anwar in the trial within a trial overturned his own decision, a Malaysian and world first in court cases and as the BN aptly puts it Malaysia Boleh, these things can only happen in Malaysia under a BN government.

Then there is the case of the video from the Trio which is nothing less the criminal intimidation.  Anwar knows it and the whole world knows it if BN fares badly in Sarawak, the intenisty of Anwar attacks will increase, Najib will put his foot on the pedal and it will go full steam.

It's not only Najib who is afraid of Anwar, Khairy Jamaluddin is, Nazri is, the name Anwar brings chills to the spine of Mahathir Mohammed, almost all of UMNO  are afraid of him so they have to get him out by hook or by crook, to them Anwaris dangerous news.

Mahathir is watching his friends in Egypt, (Hosni Mubarak) and his friend in Libya (Gaddafi) and he has nightmares that the same fate will befall him if Anwar becomes PM, but what he doesn't realise is that Anwar does not think like him.

And as though attacking Anwar was not sufficient, they went for the electronic media, first it was Malaysiakini who have come back fighting with alternative sites, and then for Sarawak Report. They are attempting a news blackout, they only want what they say to be heard.

We have to put a stop to this brand of politics, its the worst type of politics ever practiced and Sarawak can lead the way.

I am not saying anything about RPK enough has been said in yesterdays report on this blog, except that whatever view you hold you must carefully examine the timing.

Whilst all this is being done with Sarawak in mind right now, just wait till the Sarawak elections are over, when Najib then is subservient to UMNO, all promises made in Sarawak could go up in UMNO, he'll not deliver on his promises, as he will have to have his UMNO support intact. It is already reported that UMNO backed NGOs are to protest the lifting of the ban on Bibles, this will give him the perfect reasons to renege on the promises he makes in Sarawak today.

UMNO has been quiet on the Bible issue, they have allowed him to do the talking for the time being, he will do his 360 the minute it is convenient to do so, the biggest losers will not be the Christians but the indigenous peoples of Sarawak, he is bent on fooling them, Taib is orchestrating that game pretty well, by ensuring that the village headmen do not allow the opposition into their villages.

Idris Jala a Christian is being brought to the forefront, he is being used by Najib and he is no fool not to realise this, and one wonders how come he is playing up to the gallery in allowing two standards for these issues in East and West Malaysia.

In the long houses it is reported that people are being intimidated.

As usual money is being offered this time it is RM50 per voter according to the reports in Malaysiakini, and that the special branch and police are stationed in the longhouses, this is how the rural vote is taken.

The Dayaks are being kept away from the opposition, men of goodwill must speak up and encourage their followers to go for change, change so that these people are not swindled and swallowed in this great UMNO design.

Anwar has said it today, this blog has said it before, it's now or never, if they do not change now, BN will change everything forever.

What has Najib got next , no one knows, in the towns the crowds are still with the opposition, in the villages it is anybody's guess, and the independents are nothing but spoilers placed in by the BN, it has always been the case in Sarawak.

Najib has absolutely no control over the states CM, even though he is the head of BN, this is clearly seen by the way the CM came out the very next day after Najib announced that he will be retiring to say he'd go in three years time and perhaps the best clue that all is not well in that camp is the latest Mahathir intervention.

Sources in Sarawak have said that more Malay and Melanau votes are expected to be lost as a result of this gutter politics, as it is customary for Malays not to ridicule or insult their leaders no matter what the provocation and here they feel the Barisan has gone one step too far.

For now Najib ignores the undercurrents in UMNO, that he will deal with after the elections When he returns to KL after the vote,  all he has to do is to bow to UMNO's demands and go back on the promises he makes to the Dayaks - that is UMNO politicis, the West Malaysians are only too familiar with it.

To the Dayaks I say come out in full force, show your true nature, vote against this UMNO led Barisan Nasional, do not vote the Independents, they belong to the BN too and free Sarawak from the grasp of the Barisan Nasional so that you do not get robbed of your heritage - Sarawak.

You can't afford to allow a street fighter like our PM to defeat you can you?

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