Saturday, February 27, 2016


"About the money from SRC International that went into Najib's personal bank accounts, I was personally informed by the former attorney-general (Abdul Gani Patail) together with evidence which clearly showed it to be a criminal act,"... MUHYIDDIN'S STATEMENT TO THE PRESS (Malaysiakini)
Sometimes and in some circumstances you only have to shut up to confirm the veracity of a statement, this is one of those instances. 
Gani tells all by keeping shut - a Masterstroke

Too much has happened to people that Gani Patail the ex AG has decided not to tell a lie by just keeping his lips sealed.

As a Government Servant Gani Patail is duty bound to dispel a lie involving him and more so the credibility of the government the instant it comes to his notice, but he has decided to keep his mouth shut. Now think about that.

Gani is a lawyer, he was the ex attorney general, and he knows that he can't lie on such issues, so he has decided not to deny Muhyiddin's claims and instead chose to remain quiet that way he has done no wrong.

It may not have been the absolute right thing to do, but he is not wrong either he has not denied Muhyiddin's claims, and that means Muhyiddin's claims must be absolutely true or Gani would have been duty bound to deny it or at least  those parts that were wrong if any and he did not do that either.

If Muhyiddin's allegations weren't true, Gani is duty bound as a Civil servant to deny it immediately it is brought to his attention, failing which disciplinary action can and must be taken against Gani, and Gani Patail knows that only too well. So why did he choose to remain quiet?

What Gani is doing in essence is by keeping shut he is confirming everything Muhyiddin has claimed that is and I quote;

"About the money from SRC International that went into Najib's personal bank accounts, I was personally informed by the former attorney-general (Abdul Gani Patail) together with evidence which clearly showed it to be a criminal act,".....(Muhyiddin as quoted in the article below)

That being the case Gani has made his choice keep shut like he did from day one, but in a master stroke has told us everything at last by just saying nothing.


Will Gani be forced to tell a lie, now that the truth is virtually out?

 I think it is very likely to happen,  so do not be surprised if Gani comes out and says that Muhyiddin is lying or comes out with a version that will make Muhyiddin's case look like an exaggeration to discredit it.

Will that surprise you?

I think not, but then you'll have to excuse Gani Patail too, you must consider the circumstances under which such a thing is likely to happen, he has already made his announcement.


Sunday, February 21, 2016


Now that the Bangladeshi  Secretary Ministry of Expatriates’ Welfare and Overseas Employment, Begum Shamsunnahar had yesterday reportedly described the announcement by the Deputy PM that the hiring of Bangladeshi workers are frozen as an “eyewash”, and insisted that its citizens will continue
their plans to work in Malaysia following the agreement signed, the Acting Secretary is clearly saying that Ahmad Zahid Hamidi is telling us Malaysians a lie.

What have you to say to this Ahmad Sahid Hamidi?

We are concerned we need you to come out and rebuke the Secretary Ministry of Expatriates’ Welfare and Overseas Employment and clear your name, as otherwise you'd look like a liar, and we can't have a liar as our Deputy PM as we are already need urgent answers  with our PM on credibility issues. Credible answers that is.

This is not the first instance that affects your credibility,  there is the announcement you made that you had met the "donor" of the RM2.6 Billion in Najib's account, then you changed your story to donors, and later we were told by others that the "donor" was the late King of Saudi Arabia, who died long before you were supposed to have met him and this tares your credibility apart, your integrity is at stake you need to come out and clear it for all Malaysians and more so for yourself the Deputy Prime Minister of Malaysia.

There are more instances for which the Malaysian Public requires you to come out and give an account of yourself, there is also an assault case that was "settled" it was alleged that you had personally assaulted a chap over an issue with your daughter. What were the terms of  that settlement?

There is litany of issues on your part that relate to your the Deputy PM and probably the PM in waiting if UMNO really wants you there, we Malaysians are faced with a huge crisis of integrity in the office of the PM and if you do not clear it we will find ourselves sinking into a deeper hole.

The Bangladesh Expatriate Ministry's acting secretary Begum Shamsunnahar has virtually called you liar, now what have you to say about that?

Now my member of Parliament,  Klang MP Charles Santiago, has thrown a dare to you to disclose the details of the memorandum of understanding (MOU), which your government had signed with Bangladesh in relation to the 1.5 million Bangladeshi workers controversy, will you dare do that?

This is no small issue, it involves not just 150 workers but 1.5 million workers.

The government does not even have proper statistics of the number of illegal Bangladeshi workers in the country, but one thing is certain the numbers are huge, parts of Kualal Lumpur are already almost exclusive Bangla towns. Bangla businessmen operate in the vicinity of Low Yat, around the Central market area, with many more operating as subcontractors, owners of car workshops, hundreds if not thousands of Tandoori stall keepers, operators of  travel agencies, car wash, community money changers including repatriating of funds to Bangladesh via the black market etc. and all this without a bona fide license and if they have one, one wonders how, and whilst living in this country illegally.

Many of these Bangladeshi men have Malay (Bumiputra) girlfriends and some even wives, others marry Indonesian girls and have children born in Malaysia with Malaysian birth certificates.

Children of these Bangladeshis will become Bumiputras and then the trouble will begin.

Malays will be undermined this are hardened people, they know how to fight for a living unlike the Malay Bumiputra who has always had the advantage of government support just because they are Bumiputras, they will sweep all Bumi entitlements like the Indian Bumiputra have done and leave the Kampung Malay still backward they will then become the elite of the Bumi Class and the Malays Bumi will then become second class and non Muslim citizens will become 3rd class citizens.

Just as is being done now, they shall take over all the riches of the country and claim that the Bumiputra is still underprivileged using the statistics of the Malay Bumiputra whom they will want to retain at that level so that they can claim more Bumi rights and grab all the opportunities for themselves. I don't have to give examples, many of these people exist even at the highest levels in UMNO.
One million five hundred thousand Bangladeshis with the already approximately 3 million of them in the country makes the numbers of foreigners even higher than population of the Malaysian Iban, Dayak, Duzun, and other indigenous peoples of Malaysia, so what is this government trying to achieve?

The lower strata of the Malaysian Chinese and Indians will be deprived opportunities and be marginalised too.

It really looks like there is another agenda, and there must be one come out and tell us what it is?

Ask the agents how much money is paid to the agent of an employer of Bangla workers and you'll realise the huge amount that can be made from this transaction,  for 1.5 million there is I am told more than 1.5 billion what I am told is it can go to three times that mount, and the Bangla worker will have to pay for that even before he arrives in Malaysia.

Saturday, February 20, 2016

Zaid's call to rally on March 27th must be Apolitical.


 by toffee

 Zaid Ibrahim has proposed that a gathering be held on March 27 to call for Prime Minister Najib Abdul Razak’s resignation.
Needs the support of all

The time is ripe for the people to get the   the Prime Minister to step down from office,  after all the people did tell him that at the last elections when he lost the popular vote, but because of our electoral process he remained, and many accuse him of having gained the upper hand by gerrymandering.

It is obvious that the country is  not being managed, it is being damaged instead, we are in the throngs of destroying everything we have gained since independence unless we as "A People"  stand together and get back control of our beloved country.


Parties are amorphous and hard to define, this effort should be above politics and all Malaysians, regardless of political inclination including UMNO and the other BN components  should come
Don't give me your finger!!
together for what is after all a National cause

This is a must, we have reached the stage where  many or the majority  who sit in high political office, who are aware of what is really going on, ignore it and its implications to the Nation at large in order to serve their own selfish personal interests of  material gain and repentantly  continue to defend what apparently looks like  the "compromised office of the Prime Minister".

UMNO's very existence will depend on its presence at the rally.
Do not expect MCA and MIC to participate, do not expect any other BN component to participate if the people in UMNO refuse to.

We do not need the whole of UMNO but we need a significant portion of UMNO there and when that happens then branches of MCA and MIC men will join the fray and if not driven by national sentiments by the want of political gain at least, which is an inherent part of the DNA of members of these parties.

This is where we test the mettle of  the UMNO  to bring forward substantial numbers of UMNO The war of the titans - which will you choose?members in this effort, Mahathir Mohammed, Zaid Ibrahim, Muhyiddin, Mukhriz, and any other UMNO leading members of integrity  who are willing
to break ranks and step forward.

This is where we test the  real loyalty of UMNO
members, men and woman who will come forward for this rally in numbers, carrying the UMNO banners in significant numbers and I believe there are many, but they should not wait for bus fares or hired buses, and free hotels and free meals, it has to be an effort of the heart, if that happens we'll get our country back intact.

Can she rally the women that really matter
There are already UMNO branches that have broken ranks with Najib,  the momentum can take shape there, then there are professionals in UMNO who will step forward, these young men are serious and are willing to make that sacrifice for the nation they are not materialistically motivated, I am sure they will be there but if the leaders come in they will bring the banners along,  and as these numbers show up many more will join the ranks, if UMNO Malays are truly interested in the well-being of the nation they have to stand up and be counted.

Rafidah can dmake a difference if she decides to join the group the women too will come out, there is
a resentment for Najib and Rosmah among many of the wanita and they need a leader up front.

Being Malaysians, we all know only too well, that there are many Malaysians out there who will sit this out on their armchairs, probably watching what is going on on telly,  hoping things will change for the better.

To these armchair Malaysian I say, "Get up and join the rally!!!" things will change if you do, and things will not if you continue with your indifference. it is your indifference that has allowed this government to carry on the way it is.
What will really make a difference is if members of the Judiciary, the legal profession other professional bodies, Doctors, Teachers, Civil Servants,  the business communities, the banks and people from all walks of life turn up for this rally.

Now more than ever the UMNO Malay and the rest of Malaysians are being asked to prove their loyalty to the Nation, and not to an individual who  has no regard for the people, who has left many questions on his integrity be answered by individuals close to him, in what looks like a game of bluff  where if what that individual says is proved a lie or wrong another bluff crops up.

First we had the story of a "Donation" from an individual, then we had his deputy tell us he met the donor, later we heard that it was the late King of  Saudi Arabia who was dead at the time he claimed to have met the donor, then it what looks like an excellent effort of a huge Public Relations effort the Attorney General and the BBC came out at about the same time announcing that the PM was cleared and that there was no case to answer.

The Attorney General has a lot to answer for, he has failed to allow release thee MACC report and set it aside just saying the PM has no case to answer, and now in the face that the Saudi authorities themselves have said that no such "Donation" was made, the Attorney General and the Prime Minister himself owes it to the people to give us an explanation.

Explanations are not rare with this Prime Minister, explanations that demand only more explanations are common place, in the eyes of the people his integrity is in question and if that integrity of the Prime Minster is in question Malaysians are in serious trouble.

We are talking about just a singular  incident there are countless, Mahathir has made allegations that really look blatant including allegations of murder, but Mahathir has not been taken to task and there are criminal and corruption allegations made out against this PM that has been left in limbo with the flimsiest of excuses and just set aside. This is serious when it involves the office of the PM and the whole world is now watching this PM and even his family.

The wife of the PM has been subject to so much ridicule or is it more than just that ridicule?  Are these true? Are these real? No effort has been made by the PM in his personal capacity, to clear the
Accusations of excess
name of his own wife, now does that not leave very serious questions of the dealing of the house of Najib Razak?

We have to reshape the politics of our nation and in doing so absolute integrity is of utmost importance and  in the  aftermath of this rally which if properly managed should be significantly attended the success of which will be measured by calling for a total accountability of all the allegations made out against the present leadership.

The transition after Najib has to be thought off, we just can't jump from the frying pan into the fire, we must learn from our past mistakes, many created by Mahathir himself. to the extent that it was so easy to corrupt UMNO to the chore and that is what we see here today. Even UMNO rules have to go back to what it was pre UMNO Baru.

A cleansing of all offices that have been compromised and a rebirth of a new nation under God and the King where power will rest entirely wit the people.

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Tuesday, February 16, 2016


The way things are going, one wonders if the US ambassador to Malaysia is doing his job of keeping his government informed of the hosts of undemocratic acts taking place in Malaysia by the Malaysian
US Ambassador To Malaysia
Government or, if his role is purely ceremonial and he has nothing to do with such issues, or that he ignorant and ill informed, or that the Americans under Obama are part of the whole scam.

Very  often Obama seems to be giving subtle hints that he is "tolerant" of Najib as Malaysia is a  "model democratic Islamic state".

If that is the way Obama thinks then the President of the United States is terribly ill informed, because it is abundantly clear that Constitutionally  Malaysia is a secular state and that Islam is only the official religion of the state, and by referring to Malaysia as a "moderate Islamic State" the Obama administration is actually undermining the already abused and undermined Malaysian Constitution so it will not be wrong to assume that Obama is in fact part of this plot to undermine democracy in Malaysia.

Even if it is an Islamic State, today Malaysia can't stand out as "Moderate" Islamic state, it has drifted from that end of the spectrum to being a radical Islamic State, encouraged by the actions of the Malaysian Government.

Practices that have lasted ages in Malaysia are surely and rapidly being discarded because it is considered "un-Islamic"

Even a cross like mark on a biscuit raised a huge hue and cry as the product being "un-Islamic"  and the biscuit factory was forced to change the dies to remove that cross like sign, why even the alphabet "T" has been called into question, as does buildings, with structures that resemble a cross, a five ringgit bill that had what looked mild streak to make it look like the flag poll outside the then Royal Palace was structured like a cross was recalled by Bank Negara and replaced.

For centuries the Malays celebrated a festival called "Mandi Safar" it was from their Hindu heritage which UMNO just hates to admit and eventually "Mandi Safa" which was steeped in Malaysian culture is lost to the extent that the Gen y and  even the late baby boomers have no recollection of such a cultural festival. The 3 day Malay Wedding has gone and most of its traditions have been lost to this reformation.

The once 'ever green' and fashionable Sarong Kebaya is a thing of the distant past to the extent that anyone viewing such a dress on a Malay lady today would be shocked as it would be unbelievable.

Malay is being replaced by Arabic, the importance this nation places on Arabic will even put the Arabs who now place a lot of importance in English to shame.

The Prime Minister of Malaysia who now proclaims to be staunchly against Islamic Sate was the very man who once called on his party members to emulate ISIS in their political struggle in  Malaysia and is that not something we are now seeing in the attitudes of Ali Tinju and 'Papagomo'?

The religious frenzy driven by the PM himself when he tries to convince the rural Malay  electorate that the opposition especially the DAP is un-Islamic just to get the popular Malay support when he himself knows it is untrue are reasons that drive many Malays into this defensive mode the mode to defend Islam and join the Islamic state.
I do not have to talk about the Allah issue, when after centuries of using the word Allah for God in the Malay, Dusun and other indigenous languages it  suddenly became an issue, where the Christians were stopped from using the word Allah for God. The Christians have objected to this and even Arabic scholars and authorities in Islam have rejected this but  became an issue of political making and that it can be used to muster rural Malay sentiment and subsequently Malay Vote this government encouraged it.

Does the government have the capacity to put a stop to this?

I'll say "YES" and rest my case I will say no more, if you need to know more, you'll have to study Malaysian History, but sadly it may not be there anymore,  if you are keen to study the government's ability to handle such cases, what they call 'sensitive' issues of their own (UMNO) creation go read up all that is available on Raja Nasrom a former UMNO member for he was once silenced on such an issue.

Make no mistake Nasrun was very influential UMNO figure, it was he who engineered the defeat of the MIC Deputy President   Dato Subramaniam from his Bangsar seat by getting the Malays who were mainly UMNO supporters especially from the Kampung Kerenci Areas to vote PAS instead, and unbelievably PAS defeated Subramaniam at that time and yet  when Nasrun raised a sensitive, an Islamic Sensitive issue Mahathir silenced him and all the others just remained quiet. on the issue, it has never been raised since. This was in the eighties.
The Barack Najib Connection

Now we have 1MDB and believe me the CIA knows every move Najib made in that sting, but to date Najib is treated like a right royal whenever he goes to visit his golfing buddy Barack.

Why is Najib being given special treatment?

Why is it the Myanmar Junta were treated as criminals the offenses are rather similar, but then the Myanmar Junta were China friendly, but with  a few twists of his arms Najib has become a lackey of Obama's US Government.

Monday, February 15, 2016


by Toffee

 The Huffington Post has among other prominent American Newspapers welcomed Najib Tun Razak to the US by publicly insulting him.

This time around there were no  full page advertisements in leading US papers welcoming the   "First Lady of Malaysia," I wonder if she even accompanied him, and if she didn't I don't think we have to speculate why, she is after all now a sought after personality by the international press, especially in countries like the US, and I am sure the Journalists from the Wall Street Journal would love to interview her.
Alone without Rosmah?. Why?

To get back to the issue at hand the articles in the Huffington Post.  How to Lose Friends and Alienate People: The Stymied Progress of U.S.-Malaysia Relations

Will he sue the Huffington Post? 
I am sure he will not as there is nothing he can sue them for.

Will his Inspector General of Police (IGP) lodge a  report with Interpol to issue a "Red Notice" for the journalist who penned this article?
Well you can't discount that probability, it has been done before by the current sitting Police Chief  only to be publicly told off by Interpol.

It is abundantly clear that Obama is a Najib accomplice and that all he is interested in is;
what he has got to gain by being friendly with the Malaysian PM, after all his Presidency is almost all but over, and he is only interested in achieving the TPPA that will be a feather on his cap and hsi Presidency at our expense.

The bunkum that Najib si a close ally because of his commitment to fight ISIL is nothing but an excuse for Obama's own convenience, for after all it was Najib who had actually asked his own UMNO supporters to emulate ISIL born out of a combined support of Saudi Arabia and other Sunni nations to destroy the Assad regime of Syria and fight the Shite influence in the middle east.

That is why there was a sudden anti Shite campaign in Malaysia with the current deputy Prime Minister accusing Mat Sabu of being a Shite and followed by UMNO big wigs referring to the Shite as not just deviants but Satanic.

One time regarded as another Islamic country, Iran was almost immediately sidelined by this anti Shite rhetoric by UMNO and judging from the circumstances one can only guess it was at the prompting of the US who were then very aggressively stepping up an anti Iran and anti Syria campaign at the beckoning of its great ally Saudi Arabia.

One has only got to look at Saudi Arabia, and Brunei where the monarchs exercise absolute control to realize how really interested Obama and the US administration are  in freedom and democracy, surely China and Russia has more credibility than the US, they are consistent with what they say and do.

Now in the US Najib still has the audacity to move around after having promised to take the Wall street Journal to court and then chickening out, it was nothing but hogwash as he knows he'll be faced with the full wrath of the American press, and a host of investigative journalists if he tries and will be internationally exposed.

Talking about being Internationally exposed, let us hope that the US, Switzerland, France and Singapore carry out thorough investigations into the 1MDB sovereign fund and the ill gotten money of the rascals involved.

If it was a Russian, an Iranian, a Syrian a North Korean or a Zimbabwean there will be no doubt that not only will the FBI and CIA drag a nit comb type of investigation leaving no stone turned and adding on more propaganda like the did "the weapons of mass destruction" for Iraq. to get rid of their target at all costs even lying, but as long as it is one of their lackeys there is the  tendency to even not pretend sometimes that they are  they are investigating.

In this case I believe they are pretending and suspect Najib is there to get Obama to cooperate with him

Sunday, February 14, 2016



Amid talks and reports that Najib's Presidency may not last his return to Malaysia from the US, there is a growing appetite for Jho Low now, with the International Press hungry to be the first to reveal the first big time exposes on this close aide of Najib Tun Razak.

Apa lagi Cina mahu
Malays in Malaysia and especially disgruntled UMNO members are questioning Najib's generosity to this "Chinaman" at the expense of poor Malays in Malaysia with one branch chairman saying, "Najib could have made hundreds of millionaires by giving them only a tiny fraction of what Jho Low has inherited via the 1MDB", and that saying is now resonating within the walls of almost every UMNO Division and Branch.

Yet more are questioning Rosmah Mansor's riches and Najib's ability to provide for Rosmah the luxuries that seems to have overtaken that of Imelda Marcos, whilst many urban and rural Malays and other Malaysians are struggling to make ends meet, since the implementation of the GST and continuing rising costs are now are beginning to see little relevance in UMNO.

The dissatisfaction within UMNO, especially among the grassroots is now growing and growing rapidly, that there is a real possibility that Najib's Premiership is not going to last the next General Elections especially as some of the Divisional leaders who are reported to have received handouts from Najib are now prepared to turncoat for what they claim to be "the good of the nation" although it is understood that they ahve been given a tacit undertaking that they will not face any prosecution for the monies takeen or will not have to return what has been given to them.

In the meantime the former Prime Minster Mahathir Mohammed has accepted to the become patron of this group of UMNO Branch leaders and grassroots who are now demanding Najib's ouster.
Will he succeed in righting his wrongs
What is even more worrying for some Najib loyalists is that the supporters of the Deputy PM are now pushing him to oust Najib whilst he is away, this they see as the greatest opportunity to take over
rather than wait till Najib is kicked out unceremoniously by the party or the people and going by Najib politics that could take a life time by when even Zahid will be replaced they say.

Watching the whole situation hawkishly is Najib's cousin who has remained quiet all this time, Hishamuddin Hussein is the Minister of Defence.
Can the Minister of Defence remain a faithful cousin?
Hishamuddin has been quiet for a long time now and has been hardly heard of, sme UMNO sources believe that Deputy PM Ahmad Zahid Bin Hamidi is only a stop gap deputy and will be dropped once Najib feels strong enough.
UMNO sources speculate that Hamidi will dropped the same way Anwar was only that in his case there will be both criminal charges and also charges of criminal breach of trust, after all Njaib it is
rather apparent has full control over the office of the Attorney General and, the judicial system in the country today seems to suit the Najib agenda.

Ahmad Zahid is aware of this plot and plans his moves carefully, even having thoughts of dropping the 1.5 million intake of Bangladeshi workers as that could be turned into an issue for Najib to turn on him with.

These moves are not being planned for the immediate future .but for a later date, Najib has a been a
Will History repeat itself or will he act first?
good student he has learned well from Mahathir and is moving slowly, he has no plans to relinquish his position in the near future and is there for the long haul by hook or by crook.

Zahid's move has to be planned for now or it will be a little too late too soon.
Will Zahid make his move or will he moved out either by way of the next elections or an extraordinary general meeting which is now being mooted by the grassroots?

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