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The Director of Immigration should take prudent steps to solve this illegal immigrant problem that has plagued this country for more than 30 years and
Immigration Director General
Mustafar Ali
has been steadily rising year on year and instead of threatening employers who are the backbone of our economy, he should address ways to stem out the illegal immigrant problem.

Mustafar Ali must first realise this is not an employer problem but a bigger and more serious Immigration Department problem that has been left unsolved for years because there has been no effective action. He needs to do a root cause analysis and come out with solution's.

A huge portion of illegal immigrants are those who came in legally and then for some reason or other have absconded from their employers thus becoming illegal immigrants, others in huge numbers keep coming into the country via Thailand, via the sea, over the causeway  and even via our airports and as bona fide tourists and students who once they are in refuse to go back.

This is a problem of the department not employers, the illegal immigrant has been coming  in illegallyover the years  and the department has to find ways to put a stop to these illegal entries.

These illegals are a  social problem and employers who employ them have actually offered a solution to this social problem so instead of trying to threaten them with harsh actions the DG should use them as partners to control immigration and stem out the illegal problem with effective measures.

It is now no secret that in more ways than one, officers of the department itself were responsible for this problem via the selling of passports to foreigners as was revealed earlier, they could have been involved in the letting in of many illegal immigrants but I'll not dare guess the numbers and this was compounded by the illegal IC issue in Sabah and many suspect even in the peninsular.

Thousands, if not more even maybe to the extent of exceeding a million illegal immigrants reside in Malaysia and are part of our economy many to the disadvantage of the bona fide Malaysian small traders.

A successful Bangla did he come here to operate a Pasar Malam stall?
There are foreigners who came into this country as workers, ran away from their employers and I know at least one who holds a key post managing his own company in the country today, and that too after overstaying for many years after which he managed to get back to his native land and return as the owner of his own business, which he actually owned as an illegal immigrant and in turn  married anther  illegal Indonesian and has a child born in Malaysia. Foreigners doing business in Malaysia is common place not big huge business but small business that Malaysians could well be doing especially today.

Indonesian's and Bangladeshis are now independent contractors plying their trade here in Malaysia, some registered legally and others without a license and without being registered as such and most probably plying their trade free of tax, whilst milking our economy.


If there are illegal workers in factories and in other industries, then the Immigration department should do the most sensible thing; get them registered and keep them as workers with a legal work permit with those employers who employ them, rather than go to punish them, treat these employers as your partners and using them come out with some effective solutions.

Allow employers to hold the passports of the workers and issue them with a security Pass signed by a specific person in the Company's management. The pass should contain a photo copy of the employees passport identification page and a copy of his work permit signed and stamped by the employer.This pass should be valid for  only three months at a time and then renewed. The authorities have the right to call for the passport of any employee to whom this pass is issued  at any time for inspection and audit. The workers pass should be accepted as a valid identification document only in the district he resides and works in by the police and immigration, in and he must be told just that, his passport must be kept for safe keeping and embassies  should not issue a passport to their nationals unless there is a valid police report made here in Malaysia. If he intends to leave the district the employer has to put reasonable controls in place to ensure he returns if the employer si willing to allow him to do so , but this should not be encouraged.

Employers will have the task of ensuring that these workers do not abscond, if they do the employer will have to be fined and once the worker is caught he should be sent back to his country of origin without any delay.

These illegal workers should be paid the minimum wage and offered accommodation and their levies are to be paid by the employer.  They should enjoy all benefits enjoyed by their Malaysian counterparts inclusive of Bonus and salary increments during their tenure here in Malaysia.

After a five year period these workers should be repatriated and new ones brought in on that way industry benefits as the new worker who arrives will then begin at the lowest salary on the scale and work upwards for a period of five years, it keeps our wages competitive, but as the minimum wage rises the scale has to be adjusted accordingly.

Factory canteens or hostels canteens must provide reasonably good and nutritious meals  to these foreign workers  at a reasonable cost, and not expensive to the level the worker is broke by the months end.

It will be a good idea for the employer to deduct a sum of 100 ringgit from the the workers wages  and keep it as a saving for the employee.The worker must be told that this is actually to defray any cost iun case he absconds.

This amount of money will be returned to him at the end of the five year contract that will ensure that the worker has RM6000 on the day his contract ends and that is a good amount to take back home. The worker will forfeit his right to this sum if he is dismissed from employment for cause or if he absconds.

The Company has to make a provision of a minimum of RM50 per month per worker so that he receives a gratuity of a minimum of RM3000 at the end of the contract, this coupled with his savings of RM100 per month and his own personal savings if any will give the worker the opportunity to take home a minimum of RM9000 at the end of his contract.

Once the worker realises this,it is a great motivation for him to remain and work diligently with his employer, as he may lose all these if he doesn't. 

Once the worker has accumulated more than RM3000 it is very unlikely that he will abscond, moreover if treated fairly and with his overtime income if any the worker will prove to be very productive.

What I am suggesting is a system I personally put in place, where employees were extremely productive and even offered to work during the Hari Raya Holidays for which they were rewarded with a fast food of their choice which was a great hit besides Holiday wages for the third day of Hari Raya which was not a Public Holiday.

The Company performed beyond targeted expectations year on year and workers got as much as even four months salary as bonus.

Employers who choose to hire foreign workers must be aware that there is a cost to hire these workers, and if they are willing to pay that cost why not, but all said and done the Malaysian worker must be given the first choice and if they Malaysian worker takes the job his hire is for a permanent tenure up till retirement at age 60 as the law now applies his total cost to the company must not be inferior to that of the foreign worker at point of entry when the Malaysian worker begins employment.

Instead of threatening employers in  industry with these half past six measures  that are punitive and in "accordance with the Law" and then allowing them to bring in workers from Bangladesh as has been agreed upon by our Minister of Home affairs for which we believe his brother has a hand, let us legalise these people who are already on the job, under these or more stringent terms and let things move on rather than increase the number of foreigners many of whom will turn illegal anyway as has been the case for so long.

The terms and conditions mentioned above must apply to all foreign labour, employers must be able to pay the cost for foreign labour and not just rely on them as a cheap source at the expense of the Malaysian worker.

The joint population of the legal and illegal immigrants  in the country today far exceeds the number of Indians and Orang Asli put together I am told. 

The Immigration department should step up its efforts to stem out this inflow of the illegals, not bring them in cohorts with people in the department and other government agencies and then once in treat them as slaves and criminals.

Malaysians in general are generous and kind and we shall not allow another human being to be trampled upon whilst he is trying to survive, what we should do is to check the source of the problem and rectify our mistakes of the past, and in doing that stop the influx of foreign labour.

Our priority now must be to legalsie these illegal foreign workers without using third parties to add cost to the employer, we already have a fat government service and they shoudl be used to run this exercise  till we have legalised the current batch of illegal foreign workers to the fullest,  in a very transparent manner so that the illegals can be legalised without fear and the process made easy for employers, given an opportunity to earn a descent living and the facility to save and then repatriated after a reasonable tenure  in the country.

Why can't this be done instead of bringing in 1.5 million Banglas?

Or is this a sinister move to get employers to employ the 1.5 million quota the government has given the Bangladeshis, that figure not being met because there is a lack of demand and is this an arm twister being carried out in the interested parties who are unable to benefit from fulfilling the 1.5 million quota of Bangladeshi workers? 

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Saudi Foreign Minister's statement is a "no statement"
Does the statement by the Saudi foreign Minister clear Najib and the "Donation"issue?

Absolutely Not!!

Issued A calculated ambiguous press statement, seemingly  meant meant to appease UMNO politicians
 This is another  case like that of Najib going to the Mosque and getting himself cleared of  the Altantuya murder case.
How can such  an ambiguous statement made by the Saudi Foreign minister be deemed conclusive in such a huge case of alleged embezzlement by the Prime Minister.

That  statement by the Foreign minister of Saudi Arabia Adel al-Jubeir, raises more questions for the Police and the MACC to follow up on, to either  clear or prosecute Najib rather than clear Najib of the allegations of fraud outright as the Attorney General is again trying to do.

The attorney-general   Mohamad A pandi Ali  must be the first to spot it. His competence is certainly in question, he of all  persons should have been able to spot the ambiguities in the statements and he should have directed  the agencies immediately,   but rather the reverse seems to be happening.
Najib probably knew who he was hiring for the position of Attorney General of Malaysia when he chose Apandi.

What is really worrying is the statement of the Attorney General as reported in Malaysiakini, he is reported as having said, “This is because there is already a statement from the donor, so what is there left to be investigated,”.....

Now was the statement to the press made by the donor?

Did  Adel al-Jubeir claim to be the donor?

Is the attorney-general Mohamad A pandi Ali deliberately trying to mislead Malaysians and clear Najib? 
That really seems to be the case here he is deliberately trying to deceive Malaysians.

Let us look closely and understand what the Saudi foreign minister is reported to have said, whether he really said what is reported also becomes a matter of contention and I'll explain as we go along.

What the Saudi foreign minister is QUOTED  to have said is as follows;

1. "We are aware of the donation and it is a genuine donation with nothing expected in return,”

2. We are also fully aware that the attorney general of Malaysia has thoroughly investigated the matter and found no wrongdoing,”

3. “As far as we are concerned, the matter is closed,”

Has the Saudi foreign minister in his statement said that the money was donated by a Saudi royal, A a Saudi crook or maybe even a Saudi clown? 
The Answer is "No." He has not identified the donor.

The report on this statement by the Saudi Foreign Minister  Adel al-Jubeir seems to come solely from Bernama. See the following reports; (click on the links).


Gulf Times,  
The Gulf Times  quotes the Saudi foreign Minister using what is reported by Bernama, it is strange that the Gulf Times was not present at the press conference.
The same applies here too Reuters the news agency of the world also quotes the minister as reported by Bernama there was no Reuters reporter around.

  The BBC report also quotes Bernama.
"Saudi Foreign Minister Adel al-Jubeir, speaking to reporters at a summit in Istanbul, confirmed this, according to Malaysian state news agency Bernama." ......from the  BBC report
Bloomberg in its report  uses the phrase "quoted as saying," which means no Bloomberg source go this directly from the Saudi Foreign Minister just as in the case of Reuters and Gulf Times. Thai was at an Islamic conference and one wonders why the Gulf Times was left out of the news conference.

Everything seems to be coming from Bernama was this news conference at an international Islamic Conference  only given to Bernama by the Saudi Foreign Minister?
Even the Gulf Times a prominent English paper in the Arabian gulf region was left out it had to quote Bernama and so too was Reuters and what more, then at an International conference in Turkey.

Is this an exclusive Bernama story?
And if so why only Bernama?

Malaysians know only too well how the government control its agencies and the mass media, to the extent they are now moving to control even blogs and FB postings. 

 The Saudi foreign minister is quoted to have said he is "aware" that is just it. 

We are not told if he  knows for certain who made that donation, he is only "aware" and there is a difference of being aware and knowing for certain.

After all Najib has been visiting Saudi Arabia so often, he has been seeing the officials of the Saudi government and he Najib could have told them who "DONATED" that money to him and they could have accepted what  or could they be in concert with him for other reasons, to toe the line of the Saudis in the power wars of the middle east for instance, playing the ISIL game.

Najib  could well have also taken an Oath in a mosque in Saudi Arabia to convince the Saudi authorities. We really do not know I am just speculating after all he has done it in the a past.
One thing we know is that the Saudi Foreign Minister said he is aware, it could have been brought to his notice by anyone including the Attorney General himself over the phone, but he has not disclosed that it came from the house of Saud. Now that begs the question, WHY?
Now the job of  a competent attorney general will be to  to pursue, the case even further and not clear a suspect, it looks like A pandi is deliberately trying to clear Najib at every turn for the flimsiest of excuses.

 Adel al- Jubeir's February Story
In February the Saudi Foreign Minister, Adel al-Jubeir, had declared that the money received by Najib Razak into his accounts was not a political donation, but he understood there had been an “investment” by private entities in Saudi Arabia. It was a private Saudi citizen, I believe, and the funds went to an investment in Malaysia,” he said in an interview with The New York Times 

 The Matter is closed
Who is the Saudi foreign minister to decide the matter as closed? 
To understand that,  we need to know what he means by the, "matter is closed".

Well what he is telling everyone is that he is telling no more l#&s "the matter  is closed" as far as the Saudis are concerned,  he seems to be saying rather politely to Najib and his gang and the International press "for goodness sake do not drag us into this anymore we are finished with this." 
He is "aware" of what he was saying and that is why he passes the buck to Malaysia and Apandi when he says

We are also fully aware that the attorney general of Malaysia has thoroughly investigated the matter and found no wrongdoing,”

Here he seems to throw scorn on the Attorney General of Malaysia - Apandi - he seems to understand the position taken by the Malaysian Attorney General; that is why he refers to the AG having investigated the case, he being the foreign minister of Saudi Arabia is fully aware of Apandi's appointment and under what circumstances, after all 1MDB is fully on the Saudi fadar screen and the person who'll be watching it is the Foreign Ministry. So now he passes that to Apandi as though to say it is your baby.

Well  all Malaysians know that the Apandi did not investigate the case at all. We also know that it was Gani Patail who was up to the mark as far as investigations go and it was when Patail was about to charge Najib he was sacked.

He is aware of it,  he is not saying anything more, all Malaysians are also aware that Apandi never investigated the issue.

So who made him aware of this?

We all know only too well that Apandi  just went through documents and was fast to clear Najib , and now in light of this report released exclusively by Bernama most probably, he has now seized  the  opportunity in what looks like an attempt to deceive the Malaysian public if the Malaysiakini report is right where he comes out this time and says;  there is no need for further investigation.

“This is because there is already a statement from the donor, so what is there left to be investigated,”........Apandi

All Najib's men are now trying to seize this opportunity of a "pointless and empty  statement" to clear Najib including his deputy PM Zahid Hamidi who once claimed to have met the donor and claimed that the donor was the former King of Saudi Arabia although at time the King was already dead.

This issue of the 2.6 billion was first met with a denial by Najib, the story then changed to a "donation", and even the donation has taken many twists and turns although investigations all around the globe seems to point in  a different direction.

Najib claims to have returned this money, now that story seems to fall flat as well, and there is no proof that income tax was paid for this donation which went to his personal account,  now the Saudi foreign Minister comes out with a dubious statement and the Attorney General of Malaysia lends it a new twist.

The competence of the attorney general of Malaysia has been called to question from the day he took office and that competence seems be showing.

At every turn the defence given by Najib and his team seems to only open new questions and seems to be more lies to cover the first lie.


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The 1MDB case has gained international notoriety. it is now lined up with the great crimes and criminals against humanity on par with  Apartheid, the Myanmar Junta, Pinochet the dictator, and sufficiently notorious to  attract the attention of Oscar-nominated film maker Mike Lerner who has now begun producing a documentary "The Master and his Wolf" a documentary which he hopes will join the dots between 'Wolf of Wall Street' producers Red Granite Pictures and a billion dollar scandal now threatening to bring down the government of Malaysia.


If I were Arul Kanda I'll get out of the country, Arul Kanda will breakup at the rigorous  interrogations of international interrogators - seasoned professionals with years of experience in all the tricks involving fraud and money laundering.

Even if he thinks he knows all their tricks they always have got new ones with which to break him

In his own interest to consult others
He must get out of the country  to be free to make statements the kind that will get  him concretely silenced in Malaysia or for which his integrity can be blown up to smithereens.
Arul has served his purpose to the people who appointed him,  and judging from the results so far I do not think they are too happy or overjoyed by the outcomes so far produced, and as the case heats up internationally Arul is more a liability to those who appointed him rather than an asset.

Arul will be the centre of investigation, by international authorities and judging from what we already know Arul will want to safeguard his personal integrity and would not want to be the sacrificial lamb and neither will Shahrol Azral Ibahim Halmi.
He knows what's at risk
Attempts to point the finger at Shahrol Azral Ibrahim Halmi is not even an attempt to pull wool over the eyes of the Malaysians who ae too used to it but rather to pull wool over the eyes of the international investigators from the US, Singapore, Luxembourg and Switzerland and let's just wait and see who will fall for it.

I noticed something when the entire team in 1MDB tendered their resignations calling for an investigation of the ex CEO of 1MDB, that  was indeed a very strange proposal.

We all know that Shahrol Azral  has openly given his reasons for leaving 1MDB and putting him under investigations will only open "Pandora's Box" for Najib and the rest in the 1MDB scandal.

Arul Kanda being the most recent CEO who supposedly has solved all 1MDB's problems will be the target of global investigators of the case.

May need to talk to Najadi
There can be no hiding as some of the countries especially Switzerland who can use, "Universal jurisdiction," which allows states or international organizations to claim criminal jurisdiction over an accused person regardless of where the alleged crime was committed, and regardless of the accused's nationality, country of residence, or any other relation with the prosecuting entity.

Crimes prosecuted under universal jurisdiction are considered crimes against all, too serious to tolerate jurisdictional arbitrage.

Money laundering is an international crime, the recent issue of the Panama Papers only shows that the perpetrators of such crime are almost exclusively the rich and famous, and Switzerland being noted for slush foreign funds of the rich and famous may want to show the whole world that it is serious about running legitimate operations and have absolutely no tolerance for such crimes.

Arul and the ex CEO of 1MDB could be key personalities in the final phases of the investigation of these cases to provide the final link.
If I were Arul or even the former CEO (Datuk Shahrol Azral Ibrahim Halmi)  of 1MDB I'd be very careful, I may take the option of Pascal Najadi, son of murdered Ambank founder Hussain Pascal Najadi the son of the murdered AM bank founder Hussain Najadi,

There is a lot that Arul and the ex-CEO will give out at the interrogations that could put the final nail in the coffin of those Zombies still fighting hard and denying everything only to be proven wrong at the next turn.

The end is nigh and desperate people do desperate things, Kevin Morais' brother had asked for a second post-mortem and in strange ways that was denied him and the body cremated without him even being informed that they were planning to do so.

Today the courts are conveniently hearing the case of death as described in the first post-mortem, we will never really know how he died will we?

In desperation people will do anything as long as it serves their interests and keep them in the clear.

Interesting times yet dangerous times, very dangerous.

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This article is not against  the Malays, it is aimed at the UMNO policy for the Malays. There is a huge disparity in the Malay community created by UMNO and not the other races.
This "agama bangsa cry" is nothing but a diversion, hog wash,   to pull wool over the eyes of the poor Malays and make them  ignorant of what is actually happening,  using Malaysians of other religious groups and  race to make sure that the poor Malay stays  with UMNO, so the disparity of  the Rcih Malay and the poor Malay can continue unabated.
The real disparity is between the rich Malays and the poor Malay not the Chinese and people of other races.
I talk about Melayu here and the Melayu of pre-independence must see what has happened to the Malays in Malaysia how both they and the non Malay have got hijacked by the UMNO elite, by creating another Melayu.
I have been very frank in my views, it may seem to hit at the Malays in general, but if you read properly it is aimed at UMNO and the right wing Malay extremists.
Inadvertently the Malays have got sucked into this plan of UMNO's unknowingly I'd like to assume.  
It is a cruel plan and it is aimed at destroying our national unity, the faabric of our society once rated the best cosmopolitan society in the world, damaged by May 13 created by UMNO and  now it has to be told as it really is

By Toffee


PTPTN scholarships for Bumis only, 

Malay groups suggest

Published: November 23, 2014 04:33 PM GMT+8

Latest Update: November 23, 2014 07:40 pm GMT+8

Ibrahim Alif o Malay Rights group Perkasa
Championing the racist Malay agenda
Champions the Malay and Islamic agenda in crisis
He blamed the Chinese

Ethnic Malays openly denounce Chinese in rally organised by Malaysia's ruling party UMNO

 Najib blames polls results on 'Chinese tsunami'

Pictures you did not see

The disparity is not among Malays and non Bumis but against Poor Malays and Rich Malays

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We must first understaand  what we mean by the laws of International Jurisdiction in this  case. 
It has been aapplied  before when General Pinochet a former President of Chile was arrested in Britain and it can happen to anyone else. Read the earlier story "Najib under siege...." for details.
More than just "Big Strong and Friendly


The screws are on, the onslaught by ABC is coming in installments and more than just that our first couple will now have to reckon with a man whose integrity is without blemish, Mr. Preet Bharara  if the reports that Preet Bharra is responsible for the 1MDB case are true then those involved had better get wworried if the allegations amade up so far are true.

Just who is Preet Bharra?

Mr Preet Bharra born Preetinder Singh in Punjab India and now serves as  U.S. Attorney for the Southern District of New York is a an American without any Bumiputra status whom even the US President can't take a phone and tell him to lay off or go cold with a case.

Allegations of interference was made purpotedly in Kuala Lumpurs diplomatic circles.

In the US if you are a citizen by naturalisation, that is first generation the only thing you can't do is become President, your children will be entitled to and so will their children and theiir children's children. There is no Bumiputraism in the US, that is why Preet Bharra Preetinder Singh @Preet Bharra can tell Obam or anyone else who tries to interfere with his investigations to go fly a kite or take a ride.

This gentleman brought down many City and State politicians, including the Speaker of the New York State Assembly, Sheldon Silver and the Majority Leader of State Senate, Dean Skelos, and at one time he threatened to prosecute the governor's office.

Bharara was also featured on a cover of Time magazine entitled "This Man is Busting Wall Street" for his office's prosecutions of insider trading and other financial fraud on Wall Street.


So the 1MDB is being looked at from multiple angles, will Najib manage to get his golfing buddy Barrack Obama to ask Preet to go lightly on Najib and will Obama who appointed Preet manage that.

Remember the "Big Strong and Friendly" advertisement and the turband Punjabi man who was the security guard of the bank?

It was a Punjabi man because of a reason,  their integrity was beyond reproach when it came to duty,  and they are always mindful of what they do especially if it reflects on ther race and ther religion Sikhism, they never want to an neither will they compromise the good name of the community. Like with most else there may be exceptions.

So with Preet Bharra on the case of 1MDB scandal,  there is still hope and great hope, we look forward to this brave man, a son of Punjab and now a proud US citizen to do just what is right nothing more nothing less.

If there are proven criminal activities involved and even if there is criminal intent, if there is money laundering, and if money had gone to subversive groups anywhere in the world by any means (God forbid) and if it is  uncovered then, the laws if International Jurisdiction can appy where those guilty will be charged in the US and in US courts before US judges,

Once a warrant of arrest is issued the US will pursue it to its conclucion and the investigation is going on so let it continue.

The greatest fear now for those invilved in illicit activiites of 1MDB as alleged is that this man Preewtiner Singh is handling the case.

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 Rosmah Mansor does NOT understand that the US is a Nation of Laws

Monday, March 28, 2016

Najib under Siege? Zahid and UMNO looking at the Panic button.

By Toffee


There is precedent to this and it applied to quite a similar person, Augusto José Ramón Pinochet Ugarte a former President of Chile.
Najib's Role Model?

There are striking resemblances between this Augusto Pinochet and Najib Tun Razak so much so, if you did not look at the photographs and jut read their histories  one might conclude that these are not just comrades in arms but more like identical twins. Google is just too full of Pinochet  he died in disgrace on December 10, 2006 and at the time of his death there were about 300 outstanding criminal cases mostly for murder against him.

 In 2004,  a United States Senate money laundering   investigation led by Senators Carl Levin and
With Pinochet he is a specimen of Identical Plumage
Norm Coleman, ordered in the wake of September 11 attacks, uncovered a network of over 125 securities and bank accounts at Riggs Bank  and other U.S. financial institutions used by Pinochet and his associates for twenty-five years to secretly move millions of dollars.

Senator Coleman noted: "This is a sad, sordid tale of money laundering involving Pinochet accounts at multiple financial institutions using alias names, offshore accounts, and close associates. As a former General and President of Chile, Pinochet was a well-known human rights violator and violent dictator."

Aren't these identical to  accusations being made against Najib.

Hussein Najadi
Pinochet was detained and placed under house arrest in Britain in 1988, the same can apply to Najib, if  Dr Shaariibuu Setev the father of Altantuya,  and  Hussain Ahmad Najadi the son of the murdered Am Bank founder, can give these nations conducting investigations  reasonable cause to do so andthese nations are prepared  to use the Universal Jurisdiction to arrest, charge and try Najib.

Piled with the results of the various investigations on the 1MDB scandal,  the monies in his account, the shell companies created to transfer these funds, the Scorpene deal, which we are now learning can escalate to other
Satev Shaaribu father of Altantuya
purchases of arms too, and the murders of Altantuya Sharibu and Hussein Najadi of Am Bank this looks like a real possibility.

It was Saturday 26 March at or about 9.00 p.m.  when I was writing the article on "Najib trembles as Guan Eng goes clear", I received  call from my dear friend from down south, he was with another friend in Masjid Tanah, and  he asked me if it would be convenient for me to drive down to Melaka today 27/3 as he was in Melaka at the house of this mutual friend of ours,  all from UMNO except me.

I had to turn him down as it is Easter and I have obligations of celebrating this sacred festival with my family and so as an alternative we decided to go on skype.

The news was that there is a revolution within UMNO taking place right now, some influential UMNO leaders in the Najib camp have consulted with Zahid Hamidi to get Najib to step down or to just remove him by backing  a vote of no confidence in surprise move in Parliament.

The same chap, who I know only as Daud told me that they were also considering  a joint representation of a sizeable majority within the party to get Najib to step down as  the citizens initiative called the  "Peoples Congress" was about to kick off and they themselves could feel the undercurrents within UMNO backing the move to remove Najib by this group before he removes UMNO from the Malaysian landscape.

"To these people the threat is real and this is not the time they feel to back one man and lose the entire party," said Daud.

I had to hang up on Daud and go to Church it was Holy Saturday and I had to go.

I had gone for the midnight mass that started at 11.00 in the night and continued till 2.00 a.m this morning so when I returned I really did not have the time to put things down on paper, I decided to retire for the night and went to bed at about 3.00 a.m. this Easter Sunday morning.

Then at about 3.00 p.m. I began watching the live telecast of the "Peoples Congress" asking for Najib to step down, I was surprised to see both Muhyiddin and Mukhriz very calm and confident in their speeches, another friend who is from the Negeri UMNO who was at site told me over the phone about this talk to that "UMNO members are finally coming to their senses"  there was talk  he heard among the UMNO members at the rally about Zahid Hamidi removing Najib, but that the was not sure how it was be carried out.

Later in the day while I was watching the peoples congress  at about 4 in the evening, when the Amnah Deputy President was making his speech Daud called me again to cheeck if I was following the congress.

We continued our conversation and I received some valuable information which I am sharing here
Will he take over or be taken over?

He has heard, that a certain Wanita head is now between the Devil and the deep blue sea, she is grateful to Najib for having kept and backed her, but she is also tremendously indebted to Mahathir for having created her politically.

The UMNO lobby that is now preparing this removal of Najib include someone so close to him I am told that I am sure if he is in with Hamidi,  Najib is as good as out I really find this too difficult to believe and so too Daud who told me this, but he has told me his source is sufficiently placed in UMNO to be in the know, and this is the last person you'd expect t turn coat on Najib.

The other piece of  the  person who is lined up to to replace Apandi the Attorney General has told Zahiddi that he will find it difficult to take on the new position,  because so much verifiable evidence is now in the public domain that he will have to act on that information  if he is forced to take the job.

Daud says the Johor group can already smell the rot, they are very confident that Hamidi will not  replace Najib,  a new movement within UMNO are now pushing for a Zaid Ibrahim return,and are beginning total to the grassroots about this. In fact Zaid Ibrahim's name was dropped by a  lady from wanita UMNO.

The next AG is in favour of letting Najib go, that is run away to take refuge overseas, but Zahid and his supporters fear a huge backlash from the people if he allows that to happen as Zahid himself is aware of this third force that is assembled  and ready to go, the group that has approached Zahid are made up of Zahid loyalists, whereas there is another UMNO group more aligned with Mahathir. It now boils down to Zaid or Zahid.

Zahid as the Deputy PM has the advantage, but one must remember that it Muhyiddin and not Zahid or Zaid who is the Deputy President of UMNO and who will have the best advantage in such a situation.

How about Najib? "Well he is more aware of what is happening than you and me put together", said Daud. Rosmah is terribly worried and has really even asked him to give it up and move out, while they still can, I am told.

The groups going out want Najib investigated, charged - where there are sufficient evidence to do so, and punish him without any room for error, prosecuted to the fullest extent of the law, and they are dead serious about it.

The alternative being  offered is to allow France to arrest Najib under Universal jurisdiction which allows other nations   to claim criminal jurisdiction  over an accused person regardless of where the alleged crime was committed, and regardless of the accused nationality, country of citizenship,  Crimes prosecuted under universal jurisdiction are considered crimes against all, too serious to tolerate jurisdictional arbitrage and in thsi case they have the Altantuya murder and the the alleged murder of Am Bank owner and Altantuya Shaaribu.

Universal Jurisdiction  was actually used by Britain against the late Chilean dictator Augusto José Ramón Pinochet Ugarte andit can be used for the arrest of Najib and even Rosmah according to Daud and my Melaka friend.

Things seem to be getting hot during this extraordinarily hot season, and at the same time as the heat piles on Najib,  Zahid is feeling extremely uncomfortable.