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Saudi Foreign Minister's statement is a "no statement"
Does the statement by the Saudi foreign Minister clear Najib and the "Donation"issue?

Absolutely Not!!

Issued A calculated ambiguous press statement, seemingly  meant meant to appease UMNO politicians
 This is another  case like that of Najib going to the Mosque and getting himself cleared of  the Altantuya murder case.
How can such  an ambiguous statement made by the Saudi Foreign minister be deemed conclusive in such a huge case of alleged embezzlement by the Prime Minister.

That  statement by the Foreign minister of Saudi Arabia Adel al-Jubeir, raises more questions for the Police and the MACC to follow up on, to either  clear or prosecute Najib rather than clear Najib of the allegations of fraud outright as the Attorney General is again trying to do.

The attorney-general   Mohamad A pandi Ali  must be the first to spot it. His competence is certainly in question, he of all  persons should have been able to spot the ambiguities in the statements and he should have directed  the agencies immediately,   but rather the reverse seems to be happening.
Najib probably knew who he was hiring for the position of Attorney General of Malaysia when he chose Apandi.

What is really worrying is the statement of the Attorney General as reported in Malaysiakini, he is reported as having said, “This is because there is already a statement from the donor, so what is there left to be investigated,”.....

Now was the statement to the press made by the donor?

Did  Adel al-Jubeir claim to be the donor?

Is the attorney-general Mohamad A pandi Ali deliberately trying to mislead Malaysians and clear Najib? 
That really seems to be the case here he is deliberately trying to deceive Malaysians.

Let us look closely and understand what the Saudi foreign minister is reported to have said, whether he really said what is reported also becomes a matter of contention and I'll explain as we go along.

What the Saudi foreign minister is QUOTED  to have said is as follows;

1. "We are aware of the donation and it is a genuine donation with nothing expected in return,”

2. We are also fully aware that the attorney general of Malaysia has thoroughly investigated the matter and found no wrongdoing,”

3. “As far as we are concerned, the matter is closed,”

Has the Saudi foreign minister in his statement said that the money was donated by a Saudi royal, A a Saudi crook or maybe even a Saudi clown? 
The Answer is "No." He has not identified the donor.

The report on this statement by the Saudi Foreign Minister  Adel al-Jubeir seems to come solely from Bernama. See the following reports; (click on the links).


Gulf Times,  
The Gulf Times  quotes the Saudi foreign Minister using what is reported by Bernama, it is strange that the Gulf Times was not present at the press conference.
The same applies here too Reuters the news agency of the world also quotes the minister as reported by Bernama there was no Reuters reporter around.

  The BBC report also quotes Bernama.
"Saudi Foreign Minister Adel al-Jubeir, speaking to reporters at a summit in Istanbul, confirmed this, according to Malaysian state news agency Bernama." ......from the  BBC report
Bloomberg in its report  uses the phrase "quoted as saying," which means no Bloomberg source go this directly from the Saudi Foreign Minister just as in the case of Reuters and Gulf Times. Thai was at an Islamic conference and one wonders why the Gulf Times was left out of the news conference.

Everything seems to be coming from Bernama was this news conference at an international Islamic Conference  only given to Bernama by the Saudi Foreign Minister?
Even the Gulf Times a prominent English paper in the Arabian gulf region was left out it had to quote Bernama and so too was Reuters and what more, then at an International conference in Turkey.

Is this an exclusive Bernama story?
And if so why only Bernama?

Malaysians know only too well how the government control its agencies and the mass media, to the extent they are now moving to control even blogs and FB postings. 

 The Saudi foreign minister is quoted to have said he is "aware" that is just it. 

We are not told if he  knows for certain who made that donation, he is only "aware" and there is a difference of being aware and knowing for certain.

After all Najib has been visiting Saudi Arabia so often, he has been seeing the officials of the Saudi government and he Najib could have told them who "DONATED" that money to him and they could have accepted what  or could they be in concert with him for other reasons, to toe the line of the Saudis in the power wars of the middle east for instance, playing the ISIL game.

Najib  could well have also taken an Oath in a mosque in Saudi Arabia to convince the Saudi authorities. We really do not know I am just speculating after all he has done it in the a past.
One thing we know is that the Saudi Foreign Minister said he is aware, it could have been brought to his notice by anyone including the Attorney General himself over the phone, but he has not disclosed that it came from the house of Saud. Now that begs the question, WHY?
Now the job of  a competent attorney general will be to  to pursue, the case even further and not clear a suspect, it looks like A pandi is deliberately trying to clear Najib at every turn for the flimsiest of excuses.

 Adel al- Jubeir's February Story
In February the Saudi Foreign Minister, Adel al-Jubeir, had declared that the money received by Najib Razak into his accounts was not a political donation, but he understood there had been an “investment” by private entities in Saudi Arabia. It was a private Saudi citizen, I believe, and the funds went to an investment in Malaysia,” he said in an interview with The New York Times 

 The Matter is closed
Who is the Saudi foreign minister to decide the matter as closed? 
To understand that,  we need to know what he means by the, "matter is closed".

Well what he is telling everyone is that he is telling no more l#&s "the matter  is closed" as far as the Saudis are concerned,  he seems to be saying rather politely to Najib and his gang and the International press "for goodness sake do not drag us into this anymore we are finished with this." 
He is "aware" of what he was saying and that is why he passes the buck to Malaysia and Apandi when he says

We are also fully aware that the attorney general of Malaysia has thoroughly investigated the matter and found no wrongdoing,”

Here he seems to throw scorn on the Attorney General of Malaysia - Apandi - he seems to understand the position taken by the Malaysian Attorney General; that is why he refers to the AG having investigated the case, he being the foreign minister of Saudi Arabia is fully aware of Apandi's appointment and under what circumstances, after all 1MDB is fully on the Saudi fadar screen and the person who'll be watching it is the Foreign Ministry. So now he passes that to Apandi as though to say it is your baby.

Well  all Malaysians know that the Apandi did not investigate the case at all. We also know that it was Gani Patail who was up to the mark as far as investigations go and it was when Patail was about to charge Najib he was sacked.

He is aware of it,  he is not saying anything more, all Malaysians are also aware that Apandi never investigated the issue.

So who made him aware of this?

We all know only too well that Apandi  just went through documents and was fast to clear Najib , and now in light of this report released exclusively by Bernama most probably, he has now seized  the  opportunity in what looks like an attempt to deceive the Malaysian public if the Malaysiakini report is right where he comes out this time and says;  there is no need for further investigation.

“This is because there is already a statement from the donor, so what is there left to be investigated,”........Apandi

All Najib's men are now trying to seize this opportunity of a "pointless and empty  statement" to clear Najib including his deputy PM Zahid Hamidi who once claimed to have met the donor and claimed that the donor was the former King of Saudi Arabia although at time the King was already dead.

This issue of the 2.6 billion was first met with a denial by Najib, the story then changed to a "donation", and even the donation has taken many twists and turns although investigations all around the globe seems to point in  a different direction.

Najib claims to have returned this money, now that story seems to fall flat as well, and there is no proof that income tax was paid for this donation which went to his personal account,  now the Saudi foreign Minister comes out with a dubious statement and the Attorney General of Malaysia lends it a new twist.

The competence of the attorney general of Malaysia has been called to question from the day he took office and that competence seems be showing.

At every turn the defence given by Najib and his team seems to only open new questions and seems to be more lies to cover the first lie.


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  1. Apandi was definitely misleading. Such a poor trick. Excellent analysis, especially "MALAYSIANS MUST LEARN T READ BETWEEN THE LIES".