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This article is not against  the Malays, it is aimed at the UMNO policy for the Malays. There is a huge disparity in the Malay community created by UMNO and not the other races.
This "agama bangsa cry" is nothing but a diversion, hog wash,   to pull wool over the eyes of the poor Malays and make them  ignorant of what is actually happening,  using Malaysians of other religious groups and  race to make sure that the poor Malay stays  with UMNO, so the disparity of  the Rcih Malay and the poor Malay can continue unabated.
The real disparity is between the rich Malays and the poor Malay not the Chinese and people of other races.
I talk about Melayu here and the Melayu of pre-independence must see what has happened to the Malays in Malaysia how both they and the non Malay have got hijacked by the UMNO elite, by creating another Melayu.
I have been very frank in my views, it may seem to hit at the Malays in general, but if you read properly it is aimed at UMNO and the right wing Malay extremists.
Inadvertently the Malays have got sucked into this plan of UMNO's unknowingly I'd like to assume.  
It is a cruel plan and it is aimed at destroying our national unity, the faabric of our society once rated the best cosmopolitan society in the world, damaged by May 13 created by UMNO and  now it has to be told as it really is

By Toffee


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Published: November 23, 2014 04:33 PM GMT+8

Latest Update: November 23, 2014 07:40 pm GMT+8

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The disparity is not among Malays and non Bumis but against Poor Malays and Rich Malays

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