Saturday, March 31, 2012

Elections - anytime now so get cracking

Ya, whatever has been said about the timing of the elections one thing is for certain it's not too long from now, why even as you read this article Najib is sitting down wondering when, May 12 is very much on his mind, but he has jitters I am told, not everyone is happy with his handling of the cows, and at the same time,  "the civil suit against French naval defence giant DCNS filed by human rights group Suaram for allegedly paying kickbacks to top Malaysian officials is gaining momentum," reports

This civil suit could well implicate him and Rosmah, and add a new twist to the Altantuya murder, so he just can't wait, but he has headaches aplenty coupled with Mahathir's latest blast that there are no suitable leaders in the BN, and that they'd fare even worse than they did the last time if they go into elections now. Mahathir is saying all this to legitimise his son's move up the ladder to become PM.

Najib has a lot of thinking to do.

Whilst Najib may be contemplating the date it is time for us to take action, go out there reach to your neighbour, reach to your friends, your children, their friends, everyone you can reach and tell them why it is to time for us to have a change of government.

I can think of a few very good reasons, no one is replaceable the Barisan especially.

Why? Abuse of Power because after having been in power for so long, they tend to think they own this country, they are the anointed ones and no one else should  rule this country because it belongs to them. The power they have held all these years has been almost absolute, they are drunk with it, now  they need to be thrown into an asylum to sober up, and the only way that is done is to vote them out.

Corruption, it has become so rampant that they feel they are entitled to all those corrupt money they accumulate. The NFC case is a classic example, but yet that is only like a drop in the ocean, although the amount is a quarter of a billion ringgit.

Then  there is the Port Klang case, involving more than 8 Billion ringgit,  there are so many corruption cases and no one seems to care as long as it involves a  BN politician it is alright unless proof surfaces and even then they get off as  though  it was petty theft.

Remember Khir Toyo, and how about Rosmah's place in the purchase of the french Submarines? The list can keep going on.

The purchase of the Submarines alone cost us 77 Billion ringgit, do we need submarines? Are they really necessary? And why did we pay so much for submarines that came here and were found faulty?

The list of the corrupt and corruption gos on and on and it is not about a million or two which itself is considerable it runs in the billions each time.

Nepotism, Mahathir's sons are not millionaires they are billionaires, it has been alleged that Najib's son manipulated certain counters on the KLSE, how did he become so rich, Badawi's son a millionaire too, how did all this happen, all those who have become minsters seem to have children who become millionaires in a very short time. I remember Ling Lion Sik once saying his son worked very hard to become rich and that was when his son was barely 28 years old and had purchased Berjaya Industries, well I had a share there it got completely lost.

The Bogeyman syndrome. The habit of making a certain sector of our society a bogeyman to get Malays to unite agaisnt them.

It used to be the Chinese all the while, now they have changed tactics and it is now the Christians, they use front men do this and they do it rather effectively.

Lies no government that lies to its people deserves to be trusted.
Each day Najib waits one stupid minister after another makes a stupid statement and that sends him scrambling to put off the fire only to find out that more often than not he only adds more fuel to it, the most recent being the handling the case involving the AG and the ex police chief  Musa, this because they have all compromised their integrity each one of them resulting in no one being able to take on another. It's not that Najib seems less intelligent the truth is he is looking very stupid.

It's not too uncommon to have idiots as Prime Ministers and Presidents, but these people are usually backed by or rather controlled by more intelligent beings in the cabinet or  advisers, in our case it's one idiot after another.

The state of the Economy
If you travel out of the Klang valley you'll notice the economy of this country is in shambles, in Seramban the Capital of Negeri Sembilan economic activity seems to be at a standstill, businesses are closed, shops are closed, abandoned buildings going into decay,  go further down south to the state of Johor, visit the City of Johor Baru, witness for yourself that JB is dead - on weekdays at least. The movement of traffic is confined to Singapore cars looking for cheaper petrol which I am told are still available to them  at our expense, the authorities I believe know this too, but dare not act as it will stem the flow of Singaporeans, and we can't afford that  in a sick economic situation.

Now  if you visit JB you must pay a visit to, "The Wwonder of JB."

The wonder of JB is \ "The Water Front Mall."You can't afford to miss it, it is so affordable here, you'll not spend a sen here,  believe me not a sen.

Why is it I have this strange feeling it should have been called "What a Front - Mall?" it reminds me of the Emperor's new clothes, this mall houses nothing that is why I say it reminds me of the Emperor's new clothes, because if it does then only the wise like Hishamuddin, Chua Soi Lek  and Nazri all  from Johor are the only ones who shop there in invisible outlets, the whole place is deserted, a huge complex by the Straits of Johor overlooking Singapore completely deserted, "what a front" indeed.

Drive down to Scudai and there is an impressive building that houses the "Iskandar Regional Development Authority," and one wonders whatever happened to the much touted  "Iskandar" I drive slowly past the buildings in area almost completely deserted by day, suddenly I am shocked by a rather loud and rude sound of the horn of a four wheel drive behind me, windows tinted, I give way and it passes me turns left into the Iskandar office complex and a guard comes running out with an umbrella for what  looked like the "Tuan" in the vehicle, I saw at least seven guards around the Iskandar Development Authority building, there must have been more, white shirts, dark pants and red beret,  looking very important with nothing much to do.

Go down to the Danga Mall that houses the famous Metro and  you'll find it more than wanting - for customers of course, even though parking is free, the parking lot is less than half full or should I say more than half empty,  the famous Jeweler Habib has closed its outlet there and the date shown for the clearance sale is 2009, that shop has apparently not been occupied since,  and this is on the ground floor, just by the main entrance, that alone can tell you the state of the place.

I am told the place is busier during the weekends and that too only for the digital products sold on one wing on two floors.

I go to the Zon an area of duty free liquor, pubs and one eatery outside the hotel, we take a table take a look at the menu, it says halal, I have nothing about halal but isn't that a bit odd, in a place where the best liquor is sold at duty free rates  the all eateries within that zone called the Zon are halal, so what happens to the non Halal crowd?

If the idea was a Singaporean draw, or drawing tourists who are visiting Singapore then we have to move in our authentic Malaysian Chinese chefs there to give their best offerings -  pork and all.

The Zon hotel is a total disappointment, no blankets only comforters, the place is not too well kept the food leaves a lot to be desired and the entertainment - very very poor, why the duty free area at all? It looks like it is going to shambles, some shops in the duty free area have closed, and again the crowd extremely thin.

It is lunch time we are driving around looking for a place to eat, hotel food isn't the best in JB, we are shocked by what we find, traffic is very light, it does reflect the economic situation, but then what has happened to JB?

Well when labour was cheap it was alright, everyone had a job, there were so many jobs we brought in the  Indonesians, the Bangladeshis, the Myanmar, the Vietnamese the Cambodians and the rest, our workers opted for higher end jobs in the factories plantations many went to Singapore for better paying jobs, but today that is gone many  factories have moved out to cheaper labour markets you have them in Thailand, Indonesia, China and now Vietnam and Cambodia will soon open, Burma is on the verge of exploding all will attract more FDI than we can ever hope to get, we can't provide cheap labour anymore, even the remaining factories mostly the local ones employ foreign labour, so what do we do?

Our education policy of plagiarism to fulfill quotas which is common knowledge indeed  has resulted in an ill equipped workforce to deal with the knowledge industry, event the lesser developed economies seem to have more knowledge workers coming out of their universities and schools, our better  students especially those who have been discriminated against have left the country.

Why even the Malay elite of the UMNO class have their children working overseas, they have homes there, they were educated there and it seems that the upper echelons of the UMNOPUTRAS are preparing to rob pillage and abscond. Are they? Well  it certainly does look that way.

Why is this the case? Weren't we among the tigers of Asia in the seventies? Why are we looking like pitiful mice these days?

Is Najib aware of this deteriorating situation the country is in?

I think the idiot is, he is more interested in hanging on to his position of PM, it is the ideal place to be in, he can manipulate many things from that position, but his minsters keep giving him problems and  that can  be the only  reason he is willing to sacrifice this country to companies like Lynas, and fight tooth and nail to legitimize his decision to sacrifice the nation to the dangers of radiation, even though we have been there before in Perak,  and he now says,  the Government will conduct a study to determine if it is safe.

Shouldn't he have done that in the first place before even considering Lynas?

Is anyone going to be so serious to believe him when he says if the study finds it is not safe Lynas will not be able to operate?

The decisions on Lynas have already been made, and he'll not draw back,  his committee will only "make sure that it is Safe." that is the orders they are under.

Now the reasons he may delay this election are  because of the idiots in his cabinet,  and every time he thinks the time is right one of the idiots comes out with one "wise crack" and that sends him scrambling.

There is an abundance of  idiots in his cabinet to give him enough headaches, there is a cousin of his, there is Nazri, there is his deputy, then there is Chua Soi Lek and of course his Health Minister who does not know what is happening at all in the hospitals,  and in the midst of this crazy lot of ministers this crazy PM could very well go for dissolution of Parliament even tomorrow or in a week or maybe in a month or even wait till the last day he is allowed to, so why speculate, let him take his time, but let us resolve to start working.

Any party but the opposition, they made us non Malays think that PAS was the bogeyman, now we know why PAS called them infidels, and I really think PAS was right, in fact I believe so, because those who fear God will not lie and do bad things like they do. Remember Hassan Ali is an UMNO man in PAS clothing.

Najib  realises the  more he waits the more reasons we will have to tell Malaysians not to vote him. Even the FELDA people who were his strength do not trust him, and as time goes by even more join the ranks, so let him take his time but let's get prepared for tomorrow.

Yes let's always assume he's going to announce it tomorrow, and in that way begin to tell all our friends why they should not vote the BN, yes why they should not vote the BN, tell them to tell their friends too.

Do not believe the papers, today they reported that in Klang Taman Sri Andalas was flooded, I live in Andalas my relatives called me, my friends called me, but I can assure you that no part of Andalas was flooded, a place outside Andalas close to the CCM factory in Klang Jaya was flooded, and not Andalas.
They probably said Andalas because the place is a PAS, PKR and a DAP stronghold, a former UMNO stronghold now gone to the opposition a middle class suburb now with UMNO looking like the pariahs.

I can think about Port Klang scandal, I can think of Sharizat's cow gate, I can think of the current issues that have surfaced about the AG and the ex IGP and how this government is protecting them, I can think of thousands of corruption cases, in case you forgot we did not get any sane answer for  the deaths of Chua Beng Hock, Kugan and the Customs Officer whilst in detention and custody from the custodians themselves,  I can think about the way we were treated during the Bersih 2 rally, I had a personal experience there, I was there, and so much more, I know you have more reasons than me on your mind too go spread it around spread it like wild fire.

It is time get out there and tell all those you meet why they should not vote the BN and no candidate is to be spared they must all go or this nation will become bankrupt. It is the sacred duty of every Malaysian, if you are truly Malaysian, less our country get robbed and the robbers flee leaving us high and dry, we're almost there, believe me we are - almost high and dry.

I believe that if all corruption money were pooled together there will be enough to give every Malaysian man, woman and child more  1 million ringgit and there will be so much more left even after that, that is how bi9g and corrupt a regime we have.

Corrupt practice after corrupt practice is being exposed by the day, billions of Petronas money has not been accounted for, children of minsters get away with everything and anything,  the latest involves the PM's son and the allegation of  share manipulation, then there is Nazri's son, there is the invasion of the country promoted by the giving illegal immigrants citizenship at our expense.

Almost everyone in top positions in government are involved in corruption the, link is so terribly knotted up its almost impossible for one to get the other without implicating himself,  now it looks like even the police are involved.

Yes,  at our expense we Malaysians especially those who are not  Bumiputra watch out,  non citizens become Bumiputra and we get  sidelined even further, not so much us but our children many of whom are already fourth generation here and yet people come here as illegals and become Bumiputras overnight, it has happened and I believe it is happening, not only in Sabah but in the West too.We are being robbed, in broad daylight.

The ones made Bumiputra will even overshadow the Bumiputra Malays who are non UMNO, they are doing it they are discriminating according to your  political inclination, if you are not with them you are agaisnt them and so you get nothing.

All Bumiputra allocations were taken up by the rich and famous, Mahathir, Najib, Daim and their cronies. Look at what happened to MAS money was literally robbed in front of our own eyes and yet we can do nothing about it.

Are we going to wait and allow more of this to happen, or are we going to stop the invasion of our country by foreigners adn get rid of these traitors who are rubbishing our independence.

The need is urgent it cannot be overstated this government must fall. Just before the last elections I wrote a letter published in Malaysiakini that said, "It's now or never" asking for a denial of the two thirds majority.

Today I say, "it's now or never for an opportunity to change this government." Believe me if you don't change them this time around, you may not get another opportunity to, and even if you have it will be too late.

After 55 years in power their time is right to be retired, just retire them out, and vote in a new government.

Vote wisely, vote for Malaysia, vote for your children and the future and most of all:


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Tuesday, March 27, 2012

Will Sharizat become defacto Prime Minster after the next General Elections?

CAPTION ME: When Rosmah met Michelle.
 Rosmah Mansor & Michelle Obama . (Photo credit: qwazymonkey)
We all know that right now Rosmah Nansor is the defacto Prime Minster of Malaysia.

Anything she wants she gets and Najib is powerless, as all the reins of power are held by Malaysia's most powerful lady Rosmah Mansor.

She is already making Imelda Marcos and Maria Antoinette look like novices, she has Najib at her feet and the  press at her beck and call.

She has appeared in the local dailies more often than Tun  Siti Hasmaha has in Mahahtir's entire tenure  as Prime Minister of Malaysia, she has proclaimed herself or has been bestowed the title by her fearful husband "The First Lady" of Malaysia.

Now  has anyone else amongst our Prime Minister's wives ever, ever dared call themselves that? First lady!!!

Where did she get the audacity to let herself be referred to that way?

Did the Press suddenly decide to give her that title or were they asked to refer to her that way?

Whatever I say about Mahathir, I think Siti Hasmah was a fine wife of a Prime Minister and she carried out her  responsibilities in the best manner fitting a Prime Minster's wife, and no one can deny that, she was graceful,  a very motherly figure and the type that Rosmah can't stand up to. That is something I say without any reservations whatsoever. Even in all their political rivalry both she and Wan Azizah have a cordial relationship, and that is well known, not that they go out of their way to meet each other these days, but that is because of the kind of person she is -Siti Hasmah.

Anyway I think rosmah Abdul Jalil  is about to alleviate herself, or go into some sort of hiding soon as it is rumoured that Sharizat Abdul Jalil has suddenly assumed so much power in her "stepping down deal" with Najib,  that she would soon be in a position to pull the strings at Putrajaya.

What will happen to Rosmah then is anybody's guess, but Rosmah is no pushover either,  especially as when it comes to Najib, so Sharizat Abdul Jalil has to make her moves without  her knowledge, or she may just "see four" (whatever way you spell it) if you know what I mean.

MUNICH, GERMANY - JUNE 29:  Malaysian Minister...
Shahrizat Abdul Jalil . (Image credit: Getty Images via @daylife)
Sharizat has got to this enviable position through the deal, which was, "you do not drop me and phase me out or I will have to try the same number with you and I have the necessary ammo to hit back at you with a vengence," as  she may be  left without a position after the next General Elections, but she still wants her political clout  in the Wanita, and the only way she can ensure that happens is to have a hold on Najib, which she nowy has, what exactly that hold is, is anybody's guess, because that is how compromised the integrity of the office of the Prime Minister is.

Rosmah realises that there are somethings not right between her husband and Sharizat Abdul Jalil, but she is also aware of Sharizat's links with Mahathir and any sinister move against Sharizat may get her on the wrong side of Mahathir.

The talk in UMNO circles is that Mahathir feels she is an embarrassment to the party and the race, and they Rosmah and Mahahtir aren't all that close too. She is aware that Mahathir sees her as an irresponsible irritant, he is not used to highty flighty  ladies and to him Rosmah is one.

Tagalog: Ang larawang ito ay kinunan ko noong ...
Imelda Romualdez-Marcos  a pale  shadow of  our Rosmah (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

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Monday, March 26, 2012

What's all that hulabaloo about Nazri's son?

Yes Nazri's son is cleared and are we to really believe this?

Let us examine this case  as it has implications on bigger things in the country, and it is extremely dangerous, if we allow this to proceed just like that,  we are in for trouble, not just ordinary trouble but trouble in the same proportions that the French suffered during the "reign of terror, " and that seems to be the way we are headed for. It could be as bad as Cambodia and killing fields if we decide to turn a blind eye.

Let us begin at the top, everything has to be scrutinized beginning at the top and so we'll begin with the Altantuya Shaaribu case, that is the top.

There was a man called Razak Baginda involved, at   the begining of this case there was a specific  judge handling this case, then there was sudden change of judges why this happened no one really knows, there were some statements made to that judge which were expunged from the case heard by the other judge. Why?

The men shown in this picture were those found guilty of murder, to prove murder there must be a motive, and what motive could these two men have had, Altantuya's relative had testified that there was Razak Baginda and  another high ranking Malaysian Government official whom we all believe to be Najib who was involved.

That the case was tied to the purchase of the submarines from France is a well documented fact, that Altantuya was here to claim part of the money, whether there was a deal or not, no one will know, it could  have been blackmail but if it was blackmail what was the issue?

Was it the knowledge  of some huge kickback received from the French Company in which she wanted a share?

Was it a case of some illegitimate child she had conceived either through Razak or the "Top Government Official?

And could one of these issues have been the motive for the murder?

To answer that question objectively we have to look at a few issues, if there was a motive it had to be big enough to want to get her killed and to even cover up the killing to the extent that no one would  ever be able to prove she was killed. It had to be a clean job there would  be no evidence.

This  reminds me of the Sunny Ang and Jenny Cheok case in Singapore and how the Singapore authorities so efficiently got Sunny Ang on circumstantial evidence and he was convicted and hanged.

That case was a credit to the Singapore police force and their then Senior Crown Counsel (as this was pre Malaysia days) Francis Seow,  successfully put all the evidence together to show the connectivity and a jury unanimously found Ang guilty of murder. That was in 1960 and today more than fifty years later our Police force, our Attorney General who is a disgrace to his own position, and the judiciary could not give us Malaysians a decent answer to this case.

The statement above may sound inflammatory, but just like the Sunny Ang case the question never asked and never answered which is so crucial to this case is; What happened to Altantuya's immigration records that went missing, there were no records to show she entered the country even though there was proof that she arrived in KL via KLIA as a fare paying passenger on a regular commercial airline.

If there was sufficient inquiry into this aspect of the case by the police of if the AG who so  often rather conveniently sends back investigation papers to the police for further  investigations on the pretext that he does not have enough  to go on with, could have demanded the same of the Police in this case but it was never forthcoming, in fact he was not even bothered to ask.

Having said that, we can now see some apparent reasons why Najib is not prepared to set up a Commission to investigate both the former IGP under whose tenure this case took place, and the Attorney General who was responsible for this case. Does that make sense?

The two men pictured above were convicted without any motive for them to want to murder Altantuya established, and yet our courts could go an and say there is no necessity for  a motive, but does it not seem like others could have had a motive? Was that investigated?

(I have provided a link for the Sunny Ang case please click on it and read the case and you'll see how haphazard this investigation was compared with one done in 1960.)

This seems to be what has happened, the integrity of our government is now in shambles, the Sharizat case is another to go by among so many more that we can bring up,  it has almost become countless.

It is but a chain, you get me and I get you, you scratch my back and I'll scratch  yours.

 I really wonder how this chap Ong Tee Keat   was left unhurt by only an ouster from his position as MCA chief, why did they not implicate him with a sex scandal, these days they can find people who look exactly like him, they have done it to Anwar, but then again sex scandals won't work for MCA men we all know that, after all the present head had one which he admitted to, filmed in an act of improper sexual conduct which is an offense just like homosexuality under  Malaysian law and yet he was never prosecuted, nor the culprits who filmed brought to justice or for that matter even identified.

I have said it over and over again the Chua Soi Lek is such an important case for the Police to investigate and charge those who filmed him because at that time he was a Senior Minister in the Malaysian cabinet, it could have been used for blackmail, imagine the consequences of blackmailing senior ministers to the security of the nation, and yet our police did nothing about it, maybe they did not know the seriousness, so what about AG then did he not realise it?

Should I go on, the cabinet is filled with a cabinet of such cases, if you decide to catch one, a chain reaction will occur where  fingers will pointed sideways, left and right, upward and downward, and you'll find many of the county's leaders,  many top Cops, and ex top cops, Government officials and even some members of the Judiciary possibly both present and past being hauled up.

The top can't let that happen so if the top is rotten we are in a rotten situation.

Now what is all that hullabaloo about Nazri's son?

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Saturday, March 24, 2012

Najib made no decisions, it was Sharizat's call all the way.

The wanita members of team B have revealed that all decisions of yesterday's meetings were decided by Sharizat and that Najib had no say in the final outcome.

The entire deal was worked out by Sharizat, even Najib's statement was carefully worded by Sharizat's aides, this was all because as one source put it, "she was prepared to defy Najib and expose him if he wanted her out."

The indications were there when Sharizat said she would step down on 8 April, that was the end of her senatorial term so there is no question about stepping down, it's just that her term expires on that day unless renewed, it was nothing more than a face saving proposition, that turned out  to make Najib look like a coward.

"He had suggested she leave,  he used Mahathir to put pressure on Sharizat," but Sharizat just refused and her statement about stepping down on April 8th was nothing more than just plain defiance.

She had then hinted through her emissaries that she was prepared to go for broke, and spill the beans on more UMNO scandals, and attack all and sundry and the PM caved in.

Sharizat has also asked for an assurance of a Parliamemtary seat at the next General Elections and team B suspects that Najib has already accepted this, so what is this stepping down about?

Sharizat's supporters were pushing the PM for a favorable decision they got a part of what was asked for, there is now pressure to make sure her husband's case is handled favorably, in fact this is old news they had already visited Hishamuddin and Najib on these issues earlier and it was reported in the official media. 

They have been asking the government of Najib Tun Razak to refuse to bring up this case at all they even cited his case and hurled accusations of so many in the party including Mahathir Mohamed,  asking him  if they could be given such privileges, why couldn't Sharizat's family? immunity from prosecution is what they are seeking.

Well we now have Nazri's son's case will that be prosecuted now? In Sharizat's case it is a mother and her sons together with her husband, how about Nazri and son will there be a thorough no holds barred investigation?

Najib is  helpless in the face fo Sharizat's  faction threatening to expose him if he refused to make her deputy toe the line, and he did just that. This is one smart cookie, a true blooded  mammak, they have ruled and will continue to rule this way.

Meanwhile the opposition loves what is happening because they are not finished with this case , there are more scandals associated with this one case alone and this is but one card  they have to play come the next elections, even a member fo Sharizat's team has said they can forget Selangor now.

Will Najib call for elections now? I think he will soon because he plans to use the ghost of May 13 to scare the Malaysian voter, and because the EC is on his side to do what he bids them to.

I think the opposition has to call for international observers, its going to be dirty, 10 times worse than it was in Sarawak.

Friday, March 23, 2012

Breaking News!!!!!! Rafidah to quit politics after next GE

Sambutan Kemerdekaan ke 50
Rafidah in better times
This has not come as a shocker, but a wanita insider has told toffeesturn that Rafidah is now resigned to the fact that there is nothing she can and will do for UMNO anymore, to her UMNO looks like a lost cause, the domain of self motivated individuals some of whom she once had the highest respect for.

She is reported to have said, "things are so different now, you just do not understand what is happening,people have gone all wrong they are doing what they feel on the spur of the moment. There is no thought put into anything they say or do, and I'll not be part of it."

"I do not want the party to suffer any negative effects of my resignation so I'll wait for the General elections, I know I'll not be a candidate, I do not expect to be one and neither am I looking forward to working with people I can't, that will be morally wrong and I want to do the right thing, " according to source quite close to Rafidah.

The source tells us that she is bitter about how the wing is being affected by the 'selfishness' of one woman, she is worried that all that has been achieved will be lost and the right ingredients for a male chauvinistic domination of the party again to ensure that women remain enslaved has and is now creeping swiftly into UMNO, "the wanita are destined to be nothing more than just window dressing."

The source tells us that many in the wing  had during the Mahathiran era looked at Rafidah as a possible successor, even Mahahtir was worried she would exact a take over, she had the success, the charisma and the ability to do so, so he did the next best thing kill off all her political ambition by making her look corrupt and he succeeded, Mahathir is a male chauvinist and that is no secret.

Sharizat knows this and so do many of the wanita members at the senior levels, but they accept  it as "fait acompli," but were hoping to reverse this trend in UMNO one day, "now it looks like that one day is pushed even further down the years, nto to be realised inour lifetime."

It is said that even respectful and senior members of UMNO and its  component parties looked as Rafidah as a possible successor of Abdullah Badawi, it is even reported that Abdullah himself was against the idea and wanted her out at all costs.

Why even Pakistan had a woman premier, but in Malaysia our conservative Malay brethren in UMNO  have yet to see the light.

The source went on to say, 'the wanita wing is to get the women to work for the party, and nothing else, everything else is cosmetic, and in UMNO the women love cosmetics."

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Camp B and a third force -The Sharizat issue.

The Wanita  is split into two  camps now and they are hurling accusations about each other and here are some of  the things some of them told me.

I shall be meeting a few top people in the team B sometime tomorrow and will publish the whole story as it unfolds from what I have labeled 'team B',  late Saturday night or the wee hours of Sunday morning.

A Selangor delegate, a "supporter of Sharizat," had this to say, "Najib has just cooked the right recipe for the fall of Selangor again."

Another delegate,"it becomes bad if we have to tell her to go, it reflects badly on her, it reflects badly on the party (us) too especially, after what she said and did at the Wanita Assembly, and what is being revealed now, it is better for her to go than to stay, it is better for all of us."

"UMNO has to stop play acting as if nothing is wrong when things are so wrong,  this helps no one, it destroys the party, it has, it is and it is continuing, today's outcomes have made it only worse, I worry for UMNO and I worry especially for the wanita wing all the progress we have made will go down the drain soon and all because of this, " ....a soft spoken intellectual in UMNO.

" Everything is alright, it should be alright,  but there is a third force working in the midst of the wanita issues today, everyone knows who heads this third force, she has a lot to be angry with Sharizat for, she is a typical case of the saying about, hell, fury and the woman? I forgot the saying" when told "hell hat no fury like a woman scorned" she blurted out "yes!! yes!!! yes!!! that's it, this woman was scorned, having said that I wish to add, that even though that be the case, in my opinion Sharizat must go, nothing personal, it is just morally wrong for her to stay."

There is credibility in the  published notion that Najib having compromised his own integrity is powerless in asking Sharizat  to go.

More updates as it comes in.

Received at 9.53 p.m.
"In UMNO,  and sadly even in our wing - that is the wanita, we have reached a stage when we worship our leaders, this is wrong. In UMNO we  have lost the ability to see the good from the bad, the right from the wrong and  this is the attitude of the leadership. It has evolved into a  culture practiced and getting more radical by the day, the hour and the minutes, preached so eloquently by the leadership. Now  think how it affects the grassroots who have been programmed to follow blindly. As an UMNO member I say this is wrong, I hope more will follow me so we can stand up and say it aloud to save the race the religion and the country." ....... taken directly from an sms.

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Thursday, March 15, 2012

Malaysia's wokers screwed by the BN

Even before our Independence Malaysia was noted to have a strong, vibrant and productive workforce and they were a force to be reckoned with.

We used to be the largest rubber, tin and palm oil producers in the world and post independence we were amongst the largest producers of semiconductors and  the largest producer of domestic air conditioners and all these were then labour intensive industries and the Malaysian worker stood out, because of the contribution of our efficient and dedicated workers we the world's largest producers of these products and in turn they were amongst the most productive workforce in the world.

One man who thought he was a maverick wrecked our position in time by trying to corner the tin market,  his stupidity caused the country a great deal ruined the prosperity of the Kinta Valley and brought the price of tin tumbling down forcing most of Malaysia's tin mines to close down. We lost our position in tin as a result and the effects of this was felt very badly all over the country, especially in Perak - the Kinta Valley.

Since that fateful day when tin came crashing down in the London Metal Exchange, the state of Perak became a failed state, from one fo the richest states in the federation to a failed state, and all that thanks to one man Mahathir Mohammed, the state is yet to recover from that disaster, and its workers have to go elsewhere in search of a decent living today.

Until today Mahathir  has not acknowledged his part in this stupid scheme that caused the country billions in revenue, shut down mines, sent many miners into desperation and rendered thousands of mine workers unemployed.

He wasn't  in the least bit  concerned, like a poker player losing a round he just let it be, to him after all it was mainly the Chinese who will suffer. That has always been his attitude even till today it surfaces time and time again.

In the eighties after what was so famously called the "dawn raid" engineered by Mahahtir's brother in law Tun Ismail Ali, which saw Pernas and later PNB control of Sime Darby and subsequently the rest of the  plantation industry  one would  have expected that the estate worker would  have a got a better deal, but instead the estate worker continued to be exploited, and as workers began demanding more, the government introduced foreign workers.

In 1973 when the semiconductor industry first came to Malaysia they paid  their workers a meager RM2.40 per day, much less then what the Estate worker was making at that time, but by the late eighties the semiconductor industry workers were paid as much as RM35 ringgit a day much higher than the estate worker who today makes an average of about RM700/- and that too most of the original Malaysians in that industry have left to be replaced by cheaper foreign workers.

The construction industry suffered a similar fate, the introduction of foreign labour undermined our own skilled workforce so much so today if the illegal foreign workers are tracked down and detained the construction industry will grind  to a halt there are hardly any Malaysians in that industry.

With the type of foreign policy that Mahahtir preached many of the huge electronics giants left the country, why even in his famed MSC Microsoft that once was his most ardent supporter is now quiet and have decided to play it cool.

The Palm Oil, Rubber and manufacturing industries today have lost their clout, they have lost their productivity rankings, they have lost their leadership positions and all  because of this stupid government and its stupid policies all headed and thought out by Mahahtir Mohammed.

The Rubber Research Institute of Malaysia was rated the foremost Rubber Research centre in the world during the days of Mr. B. C. Shekar,  it is not even heard of today, what achievements have they come out with since we really do not know.

In the eighties when the Corn, Soya bean and Sunflower seed oil lobbies managed to successfully discredit our Palm oil and Coconut oil as hazardous to heart and health it was the likes of our researches in the Oil palm Industry who came out fighting to reestablish Palm Oil as the choice Oil for the Confectionery and  food industries.

I remember as plant manager of a confectionery plant, Dr. Anthony Wong of lam Soon Oil and Fats and Dr. Chua of Yee Lee Oil Mills giving me the facts that in fact Palm Oil was the better and safer choice. The industry fought back both on the home and international fronts with facts and they won.

Today if we re boycotted because of discrimination, deforestation, destruction of natural habitats of people (tribes and animals)  this government will not have material facts like we had in those days to fight a lobby. In fact we are already experiencing this with the sale of our Palm Oil to China today I am told.

India was always ourlargest importer of Plam Oil, but under Mahahtir to distance himself from his Indian heritage he had little or nothing to do with one of his biggest trading partners, he treated them with least interest and I believe they returned the compliment too these actions have affected our Palm Oil industry.

Indonesia is fast becoming a  leader in Palm Oil and Rubber, our experts are there teaching them how to become the world's best, do not blame them, blame the Barisan and its policies, these people were forced out to make a living the only way they know how.

This man Mahathir Mohammed almost singlehandedly destroyed the entire tin, rubber and palm oil industries in this country.

The biggest deterrent to productivity is corruption.

Nepotism and cronyism is corruption too, do not treat these two elements as different and coupled with these ills this country suffered, its workforce lost out not because they were not productive but because by these actions they were rendered unproductive.

I remember one Japanese CEO addressing us at the Selangor Vocational Guidance Conference in Klang in 1992. He had this to say, "In 1973 when we set up plant in Telok Panglima Garang, we were so proud of our workforce, even the Malay girls who studied in Malay medium schools could speak fairly good English leave alone the those who passed their SPM and other qualifications, these were form 3 dropouts mostly, but today even your univeristy graduates can't speak English, " then he went on to ask, "what happened."

He went on to give us an example of what Malaysia is now famous for, and he called in sloganeering. "You are famous for saying, 'Malaysia Boleh!' for almost anything, and I ask," he said, "Siapa boleh, Apa boleh and mana boleh."

There was a good turnout at the conference and we were really dumbfounded, yes this man was revealing to us what had happened, he said our education system had failed us, we were turning   out people who were not as good as those he had seen in 1973 and the early years in the industry, productivity suffered, and although new technology was being introduced to keep our workforce competitive, the education system was not churning out students who were competent enough to cope with the changes in technology to be able to embrace new methods and means and remain competitive.

The lower end operations of the industry were being moved out to other countries where labour was cheaper, but our education system failed us we could not churn out graduates to cope with demands of the technological advances that were taking place in manufacturing in industry.

Not that they had to know rocket science, but the lack of English made it almost impossible to teach our local workers now graduates new technological stuff. The result most of these industries down sized and moved out to China where the Chinese have embraced English and are coping so well that almost everything we use today is made in China. 

Mahahtir Mohammed was once described as a visionary, yes his vision is seen all through the nation, in the roads we build, by the time the road is completed it is still jammed, because the growth and developmental factors and other bigger issues are not looked into. We build roads for today without looking at what tomorrow will bring, and yet we pay road tax, road toll, petrol duties etc. this is daylight robbery.

We talk about vision 2020, of becoming a fully developed nation by then, and the former Selangor MB Khir Toyo tried to fool the whole world by proclaiming Selangor was already a developed sate during his tenure, but take a look at the waste disposal in the Klang Valley alone and let that speak for what he has said, take a look a the congestion of the Klang General Hospital and let them talk about Selangor's developed status, take a look at the fact that the Shah Alam Hospital the Hospital in the State's capital  that remains  unbuilt from pre-2008 in a contract awarded  and paid for by the BN Government is yet to be realised and ask what is happening, is this a fully developed Selangor?

Shah Alam is the nations industrial capital, and the State capital of Selangor the most developed state in the country and yet in this state capital we are yet to see a government hospital built, the workers of Shah Alam are sent to Klang in emergencies and they do not like it because the congestion in that hospital is terrible and it looks more like a death house than a hospital. That is how  much the BN government thinks about the Malaysian worker. Go take a look at the death knell called ward 8 in the Klang General Hospital.

In Singapore a normal general worker, unskilled is paid about Singapore $1000/- that is about MYR 2400
and yet he is sufficiently productive,why? Well simple if there is  little or no corruption your productivity is well grounded, once corruption creeps in no matter how hard a man works he will be rendered unproductive and that is the fate of our Malaysian workers, corruption jsut negates all their productive efforts till they get fed up and just give up and that is what has just happened in this country.

In the academic front what kinds of students did we churn out, how many of them got a CGPA of  4 who were streamed in the arts and with religious studies included? How many of them were from the science, mathematics and other engineering and streams and were those from those streams really required in this country.

Out of the blue the government comes out and says we have too many doctors, we do not have sufficient specialists to train them. we have had a lot of doctors but this government refused to send these doctors for postgraduate training to be prepared for the more medical student s graduating.As a result this country that is supposed to be fully developed in 8 years from now has a very low doctor to population ratio, the doctors we have in government hospitals are overworked, whilst the health minister is busy politicking.

What kind of results are we seeing against our needs in industry is there a match? Do we have students who will fit into industry in the first place? Is our Education planned in tandem with our developmental needs.
We will land up with more Abduallh Badawis and Mahahtirs, to lead us the way the system is set up. Probably more religious scholars, and yes maybe we may  need that considering the number of Churches, Temples and Mosques we build today.

Forget the weaknesses in our education system, our workers and our students have the capability to learn and be productive, it is in their genes, their parents proved that time and time again, but the biggest deterrent to productivity is corruption.

It is corruption,  cronyism and nepotism that were the major factors in Malaysia losing its competitiveness.

Imagine the contracts that are given to shell companies like the Rosmah Company in  the Scorpene issue. That consultancy was just set up to receive a kick back and nothing less.

There are numerous such cases, even the latest NFC case there would not have been so much waste if not for the cronyism practiced in this case the whole Company has been rendered unproductive by the thousands that were poured on the Ministers Children in the form of salaries when the were incapable of running the company, it was  blatant and wilfull waste of public money and when the Malaysian worker is less productive we blame him.  That was public money and that is how they the BN treat Public funds.

Even though the Auditor General highlighted these nothing was done by the Government to investigate the case till it was brought up by the opposition.

Those who suffer most are the Malaysian workers, they - the one time most productive workforce in the world has been rendered ineffective. This corrupt government has used cheap foreign labour to undrmine Malaysia's productive workforce, the corruption that is the norm has deprived us the opportunity to pay those (our workers) decent wages to put them on par with workers in Singapore,  Korea,   Hong Kong and Taiwan.

In 1977 just five years after the semiconductor industry came into this country our workers  were paid more than the Korean, Taiwanese and Hong Kong workers, today workers in these countries earn so much more than Malaysian workers  and we have the Barisan government and the corruption that they have bred to thank for it.

Our graduates are wondering around  thinking of what to do, MBA degrees are flouted like nobody's business, so much so industry does  is not interested if you have an MBA unless it is obtained from a reputable University and that you went to the campus of that University to obtain it. "The MBAs offered here by most foreign universities is not even worth the paper it is printed on,"  said one executive director of a large MNC here.

In every nook and corner there is a "Univeristy" being opened, it offers  degree programmes, they are called Univeristy Colleges, when I ask the students which University the University College is affiliated to they look and me bewildered and say,  "no, we are a University, and the degree I have is issued by the University College."

So in Malaysia you now get a full fledged degree from a University that is called a "University College."

Aren't University colleges supposed to be affiliated to established Universities, and aren't those degrees supposed to be issued by the the University rather than the University college? 

The aim of the Barisan is to breed a  less educated population that way they can rob us all of our heritage, our natural resources and everything else till there is nothing else to steal than leave us high and dry and move to those countries where they own so much property.

This is clearly seen in the way they run the government, since Mahahtir 's time he ensured that there was no intelligent successor in his cabinet, when he found one he charged him with sodomy, and that became the order of the day.

Mahahtir's successor was Abdullah Ahmad Badawi, I will refrain form talking about him and let you draw your won conclusions about that man, today it is Najib running this country with his wife, and his deputy is the man who said,  "I am  Malay first and Malaysian second,"  the Deputy Prime Minisiter of Malaysia.

I do not have to talk about the mental capacity of Hishamuddin Hussein Onn and Nazri the defacto law minister, you draw your own conclusions.

So what are we left with nothing believe me nothing and they care two hoots. They will hang you up high and dry and feel nothing about it they have been doing this time and time again. Whilst they rob the country of billions they give us handouts for RM500 and opposition supporters are not allowed to receive it - Government money, people's money and the only way people get their money back  is to  support this corrupt regime. Political prostitution that is what it is and that is what they demand.

If we take the sum total of all the money lost by way of corruption in Malaysia we will realise that every Malaysian would  have been able to get one million ringgit each  if we recoup all the money that we lost to these corrupt people. Yes!! Yes!!! YES!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! one million ringgit each, but all that money is in the hands of few people a very few people so imagine what we have lost and how much they have accumulated.

Still thinking of voting the BN?

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Monday, March 12, 2012

Cornered Sharizat "Steps Down" to fight another day

  1.  Could this be the forerunner to the dissolution of Parliament

Yes she was cornered, Najib did not have the guts to tell her in the face "you are fired!" she would have fired him instead and knowing that the back door through which  she came into parliament - her senatorship closes on April 8, she decided to walk out or as she calls it "step down" on that date, and she is doing so because   the writing on the wall says it all, "IT (her senatorial status) WILL NOT BE RENEWED."

What she is doing is serving her term to the fullest she possibly can she is not  stepping down as she woudl have us believe.

DSC_5605DSC_5605 (Photo credit: BugBitesandCo)
From coming into parliament through the back door, after losing her Lembah Pantai seat to a PKR rookie Nurul Izzah, and then defeating Rafidah Aziz for the post of Wanita UMNO chief, this lady had a lot to thank the people for  but,  instead continues to treat them like fools.

Her statement reported in the Star of Monday 12 March 2012, "I want to do the right thing" should not only be a statement of convenience but rather what she does has to be done  right, and not use this as another  attempt to continue to fool the rakyat.

The right thing in this case is to apologise to the rakyat,  and then turn the tables on those she knows are as guilty if not more than her for abuse of power. People who allegedly used government funds to  host their daughter's engagement, the scorpene problem, the purchase of huge wardrobe allegedly again on government funds for a spouse, nepotism, cronyism and most of all corruption, expose those and she'll be doing the "right thing."

As it stands her "own decision" is not her own, it is a matter of having no choice, if she does not say she has stepped down by then the position for her will not be existent, because she needs to hold it by way of the Dewan Negara, and her senatorship ends on that day after which  she has no place as a minister unless the senatorial status is renewed, as she has no Parliamentary seat - Nurul Izzah took that away from her, and so she has no place in the Dewan Rakyat and therefore cannot hold the ministerial post she now occupies.

I am surprised at the way "the Star" so aptly put it, "Going but staying,"she is going from her ministerial position because she  has no choice, she chooses to stay on as Wanita UMNO Chief, that is something different because this kind fo practice as we all know is so rampant in UMNO so that is alright.
Typical UMNO culture.

The other more important  observation is that  she could have been omitted from Najib's list of candidates for the next elections, could this mean that the time is ripe for the dissolution of Parliament?

It sure is getting hot, Muhydiin will remain quiet, Khairy is not heard of these days and so too Mukhriz, it's brewing, it's brewing in UMNO  and what is brewing is Teh tarek and roti canai on side and Nasi Lemak and Sirup Rose  on the other, battle Royale has begun amidst the 2012 General Election campaign.

Will Muhydiin step down the way Musa did under Mahathir, or will he fight back? According to our UMNO sources his supporters are urging him to fight on and wrest control of UMNO from the mamaks. Amongst his  supporters is Mohammed bin Mohammed Taib aka Mike Tyson who still wields considerable grass root support in Selangor amongst the few  UMNO members remaining.

They that is Muhyddin, Mohd. Taib and his other supporters are to stand on a new platform to rid UMNO of non Malays who they now claim have misled and misdirected the party with the help of a some Malay factions who were in it only for material gain. This is a powerful campaign they suppose and many Malays especially in Selangor, Ulu Perak the East Coast states and Johor seem to support this cause, make no mistake Muhyiddn has more grassroot support than Najib can hope to have, he is even stronger than Mahathir according to UMNO insiders and he can turn tables.

UMNO politics is getting really interesting just watch it's heating up now, the sparks will get out of control after the next General Elections, but if Najib decides to delay the general elections Muhyiddin and gang could go for the mamak gang even earlier.

Parliament will be dissolved before the end of the month.

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