Friday, March 23, 2012

Breaking News!!!!!! Rafidah to quit politics after next GE

Sambutan Kemerdekaan ke 50
Rafidah in better times
This has not come as a shocker, but a wanita insider has told toffeesturn that Rafidah is now resigned to the fact that there is nothing she can and will do for UMNO anymore, to her UMNO looks like a lost cause, the domain of self motivated individuals some of whom she once had the highest respect for.

She is reported to have said, "things are so different now, you just do not understand what is happening,people have gone all wrong they are doing what they feel on the spur of the moment. There is no thought put into anything they say or do, and I'll not be part of it."

"I do not want the party to suffer any negative effects of my resignation so I'll wait for the General elections, I know I'll not be a candidate, I do not expect to be one and neither am I looking forward to working with people I can't, that will be morally wrong and I want to do the right thing, " according to source quite close to Rafidah.

The source tells us that she is bitter about how the wing is being affected by the 'selfishness' of one woman, she is worried that all that has been achieved will be lost and the right ingredients for a male chauvinistic domination of the party again to ensure that women remain enslaved has and is now creeping swiftly into UMNO, "the wanita are destined to be nothing more than just window dressing."

The source tells us that many in the wing  had during the Mahathiran era looked at Rafidah as a possible successor, even Mahahtir was worried she would exact a take over, she had the success, the charisma and the ability to do so, so he did the next best thing kill off all her political ambition by making her look corrupt and he succeeded, Mahathir is a male chauvinist and that is no secret.

Sharizat knows this and so do many of the wanita members at the senior levels, but they accept  it as "fait acompli," but were hoping to reverse this trend in UMNO one day, "now it looks like that one day is pushed even further down the years, nto to be realised inour lifetime."

It is said that even respectful and senior members of UMNO and its  component parties looked as Rafidah as a possible successor of Abdullah Badawi, it is even reported that Abdullah himself was against the idea and wanted her out at all costs.

Why even Pakistan had a woman premier, but in Malaysia our conservative Malay brethren in UMNO  have yet to see the light.

The source went on to say, 'the wanita wing is to get the women to work for the party, and nothing else, everything else is cosmetic, and in UMNO the women love cosmetics."

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