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Elections - anytime now so get cracking

Ya, whatever has been said about the timing of the elections one thing is for certain it's not too long from now, why even as you read this article Najib is sitting down wondering when, May 12 is very much on his mind, but he has jitters I am told, not everyone is happy with his handling of the cows, and at the same time,  "the civil suit against French naval defence giant DCNS filed by human rights group Suaram for allegedly paying kickbacks to top Malaysian officials is gaining momentum," reports

This civil suit could well implicate him and Rosmah, and add a new twist to the Altantuya murder, so he just can't wait, but he has headaches aplenty coupled with Mahathir's latest blast that there are no suitable leaders in the BN, and that they'd fare even worse than they did the last time if they go into elections now. Mahathir is saying all this to legitimise his son's move up the ladder to become PM.

Najib has a lot of thinking to do.

Whilst Najib may be contemplating the date it is time for us to take action, go out there reach to your neighbour, reach to your friends, your children, their friends, everyone you can reach and tell them why it is to time for us to have a change of government.

I can think of a few very good reasons, no one is replaceable the Barisan especially.

Why? Abuse of Power because after having been in power for so long, they tend to think they own this country, they are the anointed ones and no one else should  rule this country because it belongs to them. The power they have held all these years has been almost absolute, they are drunk with it, now  they need to be thrown into an asylum to sober up, and the only way that is done is to vote them out.

Corruption, it has become so rampant that they feel they are entitled to all those corrupt money they accumulate. The NFC case is a classic example, but yet that is only like a drop in the ocean, although the amount is a quarter of a billion ringgit.

Then  there is the Port Klang case, involving more than 8 Billion ringgit,  there are so many corruption cases and no one seems to care as long as it involves a  BN politician it is alright unless proof surfaces and even then they get off as  though  it was petty theft.

Remember Khir Toyo, and how about Rosmah's place in the purchase of the french Submarines? The list can keep going on.

The purchase of the Submarines alone cost us 77 Billion ringgit, do we need submarines? Are they really necessary? And why did we pay so much for submarines that came here and were found faulty?

The list of the corrupt and corruption gos on and on and it is not about a million or two which itself is considerable it runs in the billions each time.

Nepotism, Mahathir's sons are not millionaires they are billionaires, it has been alleged that Najib's son manipulated certain counters on the KLSE, how did he become so rich, Badawi's son a millionaire too, how did all this happen, all those who have become minsters seem to have children who become millionaires in a very short time. I remember Ling Lion Sik once saying his son worked very hard to become rich and that was when his son was barely 28 years old and had purchased Berjaya Industries, well I had a share there it got completely lost.

The Bogeyman syndrome. The habit of making a certain sector of our society a bogeyman to get Malays to unite agaisnt them.

It used to be the Chinese all the while, now they have changed tactics and it is now the Christians, they use front men do this and they do it rather effectively.

Lies no government that lies to its people deserves to be trusted.
Each day Najib waits one stupid minister after another makes a stupid statement and that sends him scrambling to put off the fire only to find out that more often than not he only adds more fuel to it, the most recent being the handling the case involving the AG and the ex police chief  Musa, this because they have all compromised their integrity each one of them resulting in no one being able to take on another. It's not that Najib seems less intelligent the truth is he is looking very stupid.

It's not too uncommon to have idiots as Prime Ministers and Presidents, but these people are usually backed by or rather controlled by more intelligent beings in the cabinet or  advisers, in our case it's one idiot after another.

The state of the Economy
If you travel out of the Klang valley you'll notice the economy of this country is in shambles, in Seramban the Capital of Negeri Sembilan economic activity seems to be at a standstill, businesses are closed, shops are closed, abandoned buildings going into decay,  go further down south to the state of Johor, visit the City of Johor Baru, witness for yourself that JB is dead - on weekdays at least. The movement of traffic is confined to Singapore cars looking for cheaper petrol which I am told are still available to them  at our expense, the authorities I believe know this too, but dare not act as it will stem the flow of Singaporeans, and we can't afford that  in a sick economic situation.

Now  if you visit JB you must pay a visit to, "The Wwonder of JB."

The wonder of JB is \ "The Water Front Mall."You can't afford to miss it, it is so affordable here, you'll not spend a sen here,  believe me not a sen.

Why is it I have this strange feeling it should have been called "What a Front - Mall?" it reminds me of the Emperor's new clothes, this mall houses nothing that is why I say it reminds me of the Emperor's new clothes, because if it does then only the wise like Hishamuddin, Chua Soi Lek  and Nazri all  from Johor are the only ones who shop there in invisible outlets, the whole place is deserted, a huge complex by the Straits of Johor overlooking Singapore completely deserted, "what a front" indeed.

Drive down to Scudai and there is an impressive building that houses the "Iskandar Regional Development Authority," and one wonders whatever happened to the much touted  "Iskandar" I drive slowly past the buildings in area almost completely deserted by day, suddenly I am shocked by a rather loud and rude sound of the horn of a four wheel drive behind me, windows tinted, I give way and it passes me turns left into the Iskandar office complex and a guard comes running out with an umbrella for what  looked like the "Tuan" in the vehicle, I saw at least seven guards around the Iskandar Development Authority building, there must have been more, white shirts, dark pants and red beret,  looking very important with nothing much to do.

Go down to the Danga Mall that houses the famous Metro and  you'll find it more than wanting - for customers of course, even though parking is free, the parking lot is less than half full or should I say more than half empty,  the famous Jeweler Habib has closed its outlet there and the date shown for the clearance sale is 2009, that shop has apparently not been occupied since,  and this is on the ground floor, just by the main entrance, that alone can tell you the state of the place.

I am told the place is busier during the weekends and that too only for the digital products sold on one wing on two floors.

I go to the Zon an area of duty free liquor, pubs and one eatery outside the hotel, we take a table take a look at the menu, it says halal, I have nothing about halal but isn't that a bit odd, in a place where the best liquor is sold at duty free rates  the all eateries within that zone called the Zon are halal, so what happens to the non Halal crowd?

If the idea was a Singaporean draw, or drawing tourists who are visiting Singapore then we have to move in our authentic Malaysian Chinese chefs there to give their best offerings -  pork and all.

The Zon hotel is a total disappointment, no blankets only comforters, the place is not too well kept the food leaves a lot to be desired and the entertainment - very very poor, why the duty free area at all? It looks like it is going to shambles, some shops in the duty free area have closed, and again the crowd extremely thin.

It is lunch time we are driving around looking for a place to eat, hotel food isn't the best in JB, we are shocked by what we find, traffic is very light, it does reflect the economic situation, but then what has happened to JB?

Well when labour was cheap it was alright, everyone had a job, there were so many jobs we brought in the  Indonesians, the Bangladeshis, the Myanmar, the Vietnamese the Cambodians and the rest, our workers opted for higher end jobs in the factories plantations many went to Singapore for better paying jobs, but today that is gone many  factories have moved out to cheaper labour markets you have them in Thailand, Indonesia, China and now Vietnam and Cambodia will soon open, Burma is on the verge of exploding all will attract more FDI than we can ever hope to get, we can't provide cheap labour anymore, even the remaining factories mostly the local ones employ foreign labour, so what do we do?

Our education policy of plagiarism to fulfill quotas which is common knowledge indeed  has resulted in an ill equipped workforce to deal with the knowledge industry, event the lesser developed economies seem to have more knowledge workers coming out of their universities and schools, our better  students especially those who have been discriminated against have left the country.

Why even the Malay elite of the UMNO class have their children working overseas, they have homes there, they were educated there and it seems that the upper echelons of the UMNOPUTRAS are preparing to rob pillage and abscond. Are they? Well  it certainly does look that way.

Why is this the case? Weren't we among the tigers of Asia in the seventies? Why are we looking like pitiful mice these days?

Is Najib aware of this deteriorating situation the country is in?

I think the idiot is, he is more interested in hanging on to his position of PM, it is the ideal place to be in, he can manipulate many things from that position, but his minsters keep giving him problems and  that can  be the only  reason he is willing to sacrifice this country to companies like Lynas, and fight tooth and nail to legitimize his decision to sacrifice the nation to the dangers of radiation, even though we have been there before in Perak,  and he now says,  the Government will conduct a study to determine if it is safe.

Shouldn't he have done that in the first place before even considering Lynas?

Is anyone going to be so serious to believe him when he says if the study finds it is not safe Lynas will not be able to operate?

The decisions on Lynas have already been made, and he'll not draw back,  his committee will only "make sure that it is Safe." that is the orders they are under.

Now the reasons he may delay this election are  because of the idiots in his cabinet,  and every time he thinks the time is right one of the idiots comes out with one "wise crack" and that sends him scrambling.

There is an abundance of  idiots in his cabinet to give him enough headaches, there is a cousin of his, there is Nazri, there is his deputy, then there is Chua Soi Lek and of course his Health Minister who does not know what is happening at all in the hospitals,  and in the midst of this crazy lot of ministers this crazy PM could very well go for dissolution of Parliament even tomorrow or in a week or maybe in a month or even wait till the last day he is allowed to, so why speculate, let him take his time, but let us resolve to start working.

Any party but the opposition, they made us non Malays think that PAS was the bogeyman, now we know why PAS called them infidels, and I really think PAS was right, in fact I believe so, because those who fear God will not lie and do bad things like they do. Remember Hassan Ali is an UMNO man in PAS clothing.

Najib  realises the  more he waits the more reasons we will have to tell Malaysians not to vote him. Even the FELDA people who were his strength do not trust him, and as time goes by even more join the ranks, so let him take his time but let's get prepared for tomorrow.

Yes let's always assume he's going to announce it tomorrow, and in that way begin to tell all our friends why they should not vote the BN, yes why they should not vote the BN, tell them to tell their friends too.

Do not believe the papers, today they reported that in Klang Taman Sri Andalas was flooded, I live in Andalas my relatives called me, my friends called me, but I can assure you that no part of Andalas was flooded, a place outside Andalas close to the CCM factory in Klang Jaya was flooded, and not Andalas.
They probably said Andalas because the place is a PAS, PKR and a DAP stronghold, a former UMNO stronghold now gone to the opposition a middle class suburb now with UMNO looking like the pariahs.

I can think about Port Klang scandal, I can think of Sharizat's cow gate, I can think of the current issues that have surfaced about the AG and the ex IGP and how this government is protecting them, I can think of thousands of corruption cases, in case you forgot we did not get any sane answer for  the deaths of Chua Beng Hock, Kugan and the Customs Officer whilst in detention and custody from the custodians themselves,  I can think about the way we were treated during the Bersih 2 rally, I had a personal experience there, I was there, and so much more, I know you have more reasons than me on your mind too go spread it around spread it like wild fire.

It is time get out there and tell all those you meet why they should not vote the BN and no candidate is to be spared they must all go or this nation will become bankrupt. It is the sacred duty of every Malaysian, if you are truly Malaysian, less our country get robbed and the robbers flee leaving us high and dry, we're almost there, believe me we are - almost high and dry.

I believe that if all corruption money were pooled together there will be enough to give every Malaysian man, woman and child more  1 million ringgit and there will be so much more left even after that, that is how bi9g and corrupt a regime we have.

Corrupt practice after corrupt practice is being exposed by the day, billions of Petronas money has not been accounted for, children of minsters get away with everything and anything,  the latest involves the PM's son and the allegation of  share manipulation, then there is Nazri's son, there is the invasion of the country promoted by the giving illegal immigrants citizenship at our expense.

Almost everyone in top positions in government are involved in corruption the, link is so terribly knotted up its almost impossible for one to get the other without implicating himself,  now it looks like even the police are involved.

Yes,  at our expense we Malaysians especially those who are not  Bumiputra watch out,  non citizens become Bumiputra and we get  sidelined even further, not so much us but our children many of whom are already fourth generation here and yet people come here as illegals and become Bumiputras overnight, it has happened and I believe it is happening, not only in Sabah but in the West too.We are being robbed, in broad daylight.

The ones made Bumiputra will even overshadow the Bumiputra Malays who are non UMNO, they are doing it they are discriminating according to your  political inclination, if you are not with them you are agaisnt them and so you get nothing.

All Bumiputra allocations were taken up by the rich and famous, Mahathir, Najib, Daim and their cronies. Look at what happened to MAS money was literally robbed in front of our own eyes and yet we can do nothing about it.

Are we going to wait and allow more of this to happen, or are we going to stop the invasion of our country by foreigners adn get rid of these traitors who are rubbishing our independence.

The need is urgent it cannot be overstated this government must fall. Just before the last elections I wrote a letter published in Malaysiakini that said, "It's now or never" asking for a denial of the two thirds majority.

Today I say, "it's now or never for an opportunity to change this government." Believe me if you don't change them this time around, you may not get another opportunity to, and even if you have it will be too late.

After 55 years in power their time is right to be retired, just retire them out, and vote in a new government.

Vote wisely, vote for Malaysia, vote for your children and the future and most of all:


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