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Cornered Sharizat "Steps Down" to fight another day

  1.  Could this be the forerunner to the dissolution of Parliament

Yes she was cornered, Najib did not have the guts to tell her in the face "you are fired!" she would have fired him instead and knowing that the back door through which  she came into parliament - her senatorship closes on April 8, she decided to walk out or as she calls it "step down" on that date, and she is doing so because   the writing on the wall says it all, "IT (her senatorial status) WILL NOT BE RENEWED."

What she is doing is serving her term to the fullest she possibly can she is not  stepping down as she woudl have us believe.

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From coming into parliament through the back door, after losing her Lembah Pantai seat to a PKR rookie Nurul Izzah, and then defeating Rafidah Aziz for the post of Wanita UMNO chief, this lady had a lot to thank the people for  but,  instead continues to treat them like fools.

Her statement reported in the Star of Monday 12 March 2012, "I want to do the right thing" should not only be a statement of convenience but rather what she does has to be done  right, and not use this as another  attempt to continue to fool the rakyat.

The right thing in this case is to apologise to the rakyat,  and then turn the tables on those she knows are as guilty if not more than her for abuse of power. People who allegedly used government funds to  host their daughter's engagement, the scorpene problem, the purchase of huge wardrobe allegedly again on government funds for a spouse, nepotism, cronyism and most of all corruption, expose those and she'll be doing the "right thing."

As it stands her "own decision" is not her own, it is a matter of having no choice, if she does not say she has stepped down by then the position for her will not be existent, because she needs to hold it by way of the Dewan Negara, and her senatorship ends on that day after which  she has no place as a minister unless the senatorial status is renewed, as she has no Parliamentary seat - Nurul Izzah took that away from her, and so she has no place in the Dewan Rakyat and therefore cannot hold the ministerial post she now occupies.

I am surprised at the way "the Star" so aptly put it, "Going but staying,"she is going from her ministerial position because she  has no choice, she chooses to stay on as Wanita UMNO Chief, that is something different because this kind fo practice as we all know is so rampant in UMNO so that is alright.
Typical UMNO culture.

The other more important  observation is that  she could have been omitted from Najib's list of candidates for the next elections, could this mean that the time is ripe for the dissolution of Parliament?

It sure is getting hot, Muhydiin will remain quiet, Khairy is not heard of these days and so too Mukhriz, it's brewing, it's brewing in UMNO  and what is brewing is Teh tarek and roti canai on side and Nasi Lemak and Sirup Rose  on the other, battle Royale has begun amidst the 2012 General Election campaign.

Will Muhydiin step down the way Musa did under Mahathir, or will he fight back? According to our UMNO sources his supporters are urging him to fight on and wrest control of UMNO from the mamaks. Amongst his  supporters is Mohammed bin Mohammed Taib aka Mike Tyson who still wields considerable grass root support in Selangor amongst the few  UMNO members remaining.

They that is Muhyddin, Mohd. Taib and his other supporters are to stand on a new platform to rid UMNO of non Malays who they now claim have misled and misdirected the party with the help of a some Malay factions who were in it only for material gain. This is a powerful campaign they suppose and many Malays especially in Selangor, Ulu Perak the East Coast states and Johor seem to support this cause, make no mistake Muhyiddn has more grassroot support than Najib can hope to have, he is even stronger than Mahathir according to UMNO insiders and he can turn tables.

UMNO politics is getting really interesting just watch it's heating up now, the sparks will get out of control after the next General Elections, but if Najib decides to delay the general elections Muhyiddin and gang could go for the mamak gang even earlier.

Parliament will be dissolved before the end of the month.

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