Monday, March 5, 2012

Diam lah Daim

I think that is the message we should  send to Diam Zainuddin, he has become Barisan's old wise man and Barisan men get senile with age, Mahahtir is a good example, as no one listens to the senile Mahahtir anymore except for the likes of Najib, and Ibrahim Ali.

No one listens to Mahahtir, even the woman, who sang his praises, who shouted his name and thanked him so much and said he was the greatest, does not listen to him. That woman  is Sharizat she praised and thanked him on the day she was elected the head of the wanita in UMNO.

Mahahtir had so much to do with it because he had fallen out with Rafidah over the National car issue, now he has told her to step down and Sharizat tells Mahahtir to go to hell.

So if no one is listening to Mahahtir, who should Najib turn to? The only best person he can think of is Diam Zainuddin who was unheard of all this time since he left the cabinet.

Daim is now singing praises of Najib, and Chua Soi Lek of all people,  claiming that that man is very brave in one breath, and then implying that all has to be done the Barisan way in the other, what he actually means is the UMNO way, because UMNO tells all the component parties what is expected of them.

The brave man in the MCA is Ong Tee Keat, he was willing to put his presidency on the line, when he decided to go head on with the Port Klang scandal. Then Najib stepped in and decided that he would handle the issue, and nothing has come out of that scandal since, so the billions that have been lost have actually been safely taken by persons known and unknown and in the process we got taken for a ride.

The next thing was to get rid of Ong, but to sack him would have  been unthinkable for an MCA that had been shattered and blasted out by the people at the last General elections, to sack him would  have meant a good portion of Ong's followers could  have left the party and weakened the dying MCA, that they were not prepared to do, so they got the sacked Chua Soi Lek back on the scene, and with UMNO's support he ousted Ong Tee Keat.

Confucius he say, " Brave men do not last in the MCA, we have seen it ever so often, all the brave men have ben sidelined and sent out, "  so how can Diam say Chua Soi Lek is brave. Diam lah.

If Chua Soi Lek was indeed brave he should have after admitting that it was him on the sex tapes demanded an investigation as to how his privacy was infringed upon , not so much for personal interests, but because that was an extremely dangerous move. he should have lodged a police report to get those who filmed him and the Police themselves should have decided on their own accord to go for those who filmed such a senior minster of the cabinet in such compromising positions no police is report is necessary when the security of the nation is under threat.

This could be used to blackmail and if you can blackmail a senior minister it could  lead to matters of internal security being at risk.

Imagine what would  have happened if it was Najib, he could have been subject to political blackmail, even  now people tend to believe that Najib is being blackmailed, he can't dismiss  Sharizat because they say he has too many skeletons in the cupboard and that explains Sharizat's comment "only the PM can ask me to go," seen by some in UMNO as a direct challenge to him.

There is the Altantuya and related Scorpene issues, there are Rosma issues, there are so many issues and UMNO people who are not in his camp are fully aware of it, is he being subject to subtle blackmail, many think so, and that is the state of our government, the UMNO led  Barisan Nasional Government.

In Chua's case the people responsible for having him filmed are top Barisan members from his own party, if that was revealed and the persons charged some of them would land in jail, so nothing ever came out of who filmed Chua Soil Lek, leaving national security issues aside the act of filming alone is  a crime so what are our Police doing, looking at doctored tapes with Anwar Ibrahim look alikes trying to scrutinize it and then say the picture is real it is not doctored.

The public did not buy it in fact each time it came out more Malays threw their support with the opposition, the people have got wiser, they do not buy into your lies and con games.

And now of all people Daim Zainuddin has to come out and try and prop up a useless situation, very few Malaysians these days care too hoots for this ex Finance Minister's opinions, in fact like Mahahtir his comments will lead a lot of people away from the BN, it is clear that these are desperate moves by UMNO who have always relied on Malay support and who are losing it by the thousands by the day to woo the Chinese vote which the considered irrelevant at one time.

So UMNO the party that once boasted it coudl go it on its own is now so reliant on the other races, the ones they called names, the ones they wrote nasty things about and wanted it included as  literature in schools, where are you today UMNO, that you ahve to go Diam Zainuddin to shove up support from the Chinese community.

Diam shoud come out and say Najib is brave if he has the guts to do what he is planning to do after the General Elections, introduce surtax, his I-care medical scheme to fleece the people of another 10 percent of their income, increase the price of petrol, raise the prices of commodities in the process and in the process make living even more expensive.

That is what Najib has planned for after the elections, then the people who vote him will realise what they have got themselves into.

As an ex finance Minister these are the issues with which he should measure Najib's competence and efficiency, and it is because he can't do that with Najib that he has said the PM should not be the Finance Minister. Why then did he not tell and challenge Mahahtir when Mahathir did that? Oh Daim we all know you do not have to tell us we all know.

We have a failed government, Najib hasn't got a clue on how to manage this nation, and if we allow this government to continue for another term we could come out worse than the Phillipines and Brunei, is that what we want?

So Diam la Diam

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