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Sack Hishamuddin

It is time the Prime Minister asked for Hishamuddin Hussein Onn's score card and see how he has fared in meeting his KPIs.

If he is the minister of circus clowns he may come out with flying colours and that too only maybe, but for Home Minster - he has failed both -   the ministry and the nation terribly and deserves to be urgently sacked.

There are just too many cases of  incompetence from this boy that the Prime Minister has to act urgently.

The Allah issue with the Christians is one issue he was unable to handle, a no issue was blown out of proportions and with the help of the Prime Minister who even fanned the issue  it went out of control. Hishamuddin had no clue on how to solve a problem created by his own government. The word Allah for God is used by all in all countries and this practice even predates Islam and yet in Malaysia it became an issue.

The Tok Guru came out and said Allah is for everyone, if Hishamuddin had taken a Que from the Tok Guru it would  have been diffused without becoming the political issue UMNO made it to be. He should  have followed basic Malays principals, basic human principals to be more accurate, he should  have left  politics aside and asked everyone to take heed of what Nik Aziz said, and let the issue rest. People woudl have respected him if he had done that.

His arrogance has left the issue still hanging without a resolution the courts too seem to be taking their own time and no one will believe you if the PM says well it's with the Courts, it's issues like this and the the way the cases are handled that gives us aa clear picture of the  influence the government has on the judiciary, for the time being the delay is just what the government and UMNO requires and it amy continue to remain there for a long, long time.

Then there is the Bersih rally and the brutal attack on ordinary citizens by the police force who come directly under the purview of his Ministry.

Obviously the police denied any wrong doing, thousands at the scene gave evidence and yet this man decided to back his police force going along with their lies, till an  inquiry proved otherwise, Hishamuddin Hussein Onn did not even have the guts to apologise to the people for his wrong judgement, if he is a football fan he should take a leaf of Kenny Daglish's apology in the Surez issue. No stones were left unturned in that apology and Suarez was referred to as a liar. Is our Home Minsiter man enough for that?

The latest issue of a foreign journalist, who is supposed to have committed a crime in his country which is not a crime in our country. He was deported with great haste and Hishamuddin claims that he was not  aware  of the court order prohibiting this extradition to a country with whom we do not have an extradition treaty.

This young man can face the death sentence in Saudi Arabia for what he had done, I just can't help but ask the minister what was the motivation in this peculiar case for him to send this young boy out there to face what could very likely be a death sentence.

Even if he does not receive the death sentence on what grounds did he send this boy over, he was no terrorist, he was running away from people who would very well execute him, there is no extradition treaty and even if there was one he would have recourse to our courts before he is extradited so why this unilateral decision by this minister to extradite this boy.

This Keris carrying minister who does nothing but agitates the citizens is our Minister of Home affairs, under his watch the police have been accused of  all sorts of  barabric acts against the citizens, he has done little or nothing about it and yet he remains our Home Minister.

Najib Tun Razak should whilst he  contemplates sacking Sharizat, whilst he is  politically maneuvering around his  deputy  in attempts to push him off and whilst he pays millions to PR firms to boost the image of both him  and his spouse, pay some urgent attention to this incompetent minister - sack him.

It is now romoured that this man who until recently was  being touted to replace Muhydin as the next deputy PM a stop gap one to eventually make way for Mukhriz, is now being lined up by Najib to be the next  Menteri Besar of Johor - just imagine Hishamuddin Hussein Onn  as MB for Johor, what a laugh.

So what is Najib up to,  well nothing really our UMNO connections tell us he is following instructions of Mahathir Mohammed.

There is a great probability that Hisham will lose his Parliamentary constituency which is made up of forty percent Chinese voters, he'll be allowed a state constituency too, and with that he'll take the MB's position, it has been beautifully maneuvered to set the stage for a quick succession of Mahahtir's son Mukhriz.

With Hisham's removal the stage is set for Mukhriz to move up the ladder, he'll take the home Ministry that will give him the clout to start removing people with corruption cases piled agaisnt them, cases of corruption amongst the UMNO elite for which you do not need magnifying glasses, you'll be able to detect that with both eyes shut,  and in that process start wiping out UMNO strong men and women not in the fold,which will of course include the current DPM, Sharizat and Khairy.

The cases may never come up if the people "volunteer" to leave peacefully - UMNO politics.

Najib does not have too many alternatives, there is too much in the closet and he has to take what is being offered by Mahathir, Hisham knows what is happening and is very angry, he was supposed to take the PM's post after Najib albeit as a stop gap measure, now he will not be able to do that, he is being sod by his own cousin, and it's too hard to swallow.

Mahahtir is desperate too, he has to get his son up there to control the events, he is already on panic mode, his recent call that we should investigate all the other "Tuns" their children and other family members indicates clearly that this man is getting nervous with the pressure being piled on him,  it looks like there is a lot to be exposed in as far as he is concerned and if Mukhriz does not move up fast that may happen sooner than later, and Anwar is a real threat.

Mahathir is so scared of Anwar he is capable of anything, and if anyone has to be watched under the ISA now it is Mahathir. The Tengku was never wrong in having sacked this man from UMNO back in 1969.

Najib is going to be allowed only one term after elections, even that may not be possible, he may have to leave earlier, after the next GE the stage is set to kick him out as soon as Mukhriz has dealt with Muhyidin and for him to take over.

Sharizat is the key they have  to remove her first  to remove Muhyidin,  and they are finding that part tricky and difficult,  she will take on Najib and Mahahthir in the process and they know she knows too much,  and they are aware that in her case it is a case of  , "hell hath no fury like a woman scorned" and Sharizat is just saying that to Najib, "Don't you dare, you have enough skeletons in the cupboard for me to send you and your entire household to hell."

As much as he likes too Najib can't do anything to Sharizat, so he is sucking thumb, right now wondering what to do with her there,  it is said that BN will lose at least three hundred thousand Malay votes from the Sharizat issue alone, the Malays are getting angrier by the day over this cow issue.

Moreover the recent sentencing of Rahman Bakri's and Mohd Rusli Busro has angered the Malays even more.

Judge Azhaniz Teh Azman Teh,  yesterday found Abdul Rahman (left) guilty on eight counts of making false claims amounting to RM80,000, fined him RM50,000 or a year's jail for each charge.

The six-year prison term will served concurrently while the fines, if not paid, would result in another eight years’ imprisonment.

The Malays now see the big picture, here is a case involving  more than  200 million ringgit, Sharizat's husband would  not have got it if not for her position, it was given to her by Muhyidin, they took the money used it for their own purposes, and they walk free, whilst  this man has only an RM80 thousand ringgit offense and is now sentenced to serve a prison term fined RM50,000 because he like the rest of the Malays in UMNO are just pawns, his being charged and sentenced is carried out under the instructions of the UMNO elite - they say to hide the more powerful.

What on earth happened to Khir Toyo they ask, what on earth happened to the billions in Port Klang they ask and what is Najib doing? What happened to a school teacher who became a Menteri Besar and a millionaire in the process and now is quietly retired. what happened to the thousands of others who have earned dirty money in the millions and many especially the elite in the billions, they ask.

One UMNO Branch leader in Selangor had this to say, if your hands are dirty how can you reprimand others, and that is precisely the case here.

Muhyidin, Sharizat and Khairy will support the move to move Hishamuddin out,  they have nothing to lose by that, but touch one of them now and all hell breaks loose, and they are prepared for it, but is Najib and UMNO ready for yet another big UMNO shake up?

In all this  the biggest threat to the nation right now is Mahathir A/L Iskandar Kutty, yes he is a threat to the peace and internal security of the country, it is his patronage that has got Ibrahim Ali moving and why do you think Ibrahim Ali can threaten and provoke other Malaysians with impunity the way he does now, who is he anyway, if not a tool of Mahathir Mohammed. 

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