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What's all that hulabaloo about Nazri's son?

Yes Nazri's son is cleared and are we to really believe this?

Let us examine this case  as it has implications on bigger things in the country, and it is extremely dangerous, if we allow this to proceed just like that,  we are in for trouble, not just ordinary trouble but trouble in the same proportions that the French suffered during the "reign of terror, " and that seems to be the way we are headed for. It could be as bad as Cambodia and killing fields if we decide to turn a blind eye.

Let us begin at the top, everything has to be scrutinized beginning at the top and so we'll begin with the Altantuya Shaaribu case, that is the top.

There was a man called Razak Baginda involved, at   the begining of this case there was a specific  judge handling this case, then there was sudden change of judges why this happened no one really knows, there were some statements made to that judge which were expunged from the case heard by the other judge. Why?

The men shown in this picture were those found guilty of murder, to prove murder there must be a motive, and what motive could these two men have had, Altantuya's relative had testified that there was Razak Baginda and  another high ranking Malaysian Government official whom we all believe to be Najib who was involved.

That the case was tied to the purchase of the submarines from France is a well documented fact, that Altantuya was here to claim part of the money, whether there was a deal or not, no one will know, it could  have been blackmail but if it was blackmail what was the issue?

Was it the knowledge  of some huge kickback received from the French Company in which she wanted a share?

Was it a case of some illegitimate child she had conceived either through Razak or the "Top Government Official?

And could one of these issues have been the motive for the murder?

To answer that question objectively we have to look at a few issues, if there was a motive it had to be big enough to want to get her killed and to even cover up the killing to the extent that no one would  ever be able to prove she was killed. It had to be a clean job there would  be no evidence.

This  reminds me of the Sunny Ang and Jenny Cheok case in Singapore and how the Singapore authorities so efficiently got Sunny Ang on circumstantial evidence and he was convicted and hanged.

That case was a credit to the Singapore police force and their then Senior Crown Counsel (as this was pre Malaysia days) Francis Seow,  successfully put all the evidence together to show the connectivity and a jury unanimously found Ang guilty of murder. That was in 1960 and today more than fifty years later our Police force, our Attorney General who is a disgrace to his own position, and the judiciary could not give us Malaysians a decent answer to this case.

The statement above may sound inflammatory, but just like the Sunny Ang case the question never asked and never answered which is so crucial to this case is; What happened to Altantuya's immigration records that went missing, there were no records to show she entered the country even though there was proof that she arrived in KL via KLIA as a fare paying passenger on a regular commercial airline.

If there was sufficient inquiry into this aspect of the case by the police of if the AG who so  often rather conveniently sends back investigation papers to the police for further  investigations on the pretext that he does not have enough  to go on with, could have demanded the same of the Police in this case but it was never forthcoming, in fact he was not even bothered to ask.

Having said that, we can now see some apparent reasons why Najib is not prepared to set up a Commission to investigate both the former IGP under whose tenure this case took place, and the Attorney General who was responsible for this case. Does that make sense?

The two men pictured above were convicted without any motive for them to want to murder Altantuya established, and yet our courts could go an and say there is no necessity for  a motive, but does it not seem like others could have had a motive? Was that investigated?

(I have provided a link for the Sunny Ang case please click on it and read the case and you'll see how haphazard this investigation was compared with one done in 1960.)

This seems to be what has happened, the integrity of our government is now in shambles, the Sharizat case is another to go by among so many more that we can bring up,  it has almost become countless.

It is but a chain, you get me and I get you, you scratch my back and I'll scratch  yours.

 I really wonder how this chap Ong Tee Keat   was left unhurt by only an ouster from his position as MCA chief, why did they not implicate him with a sex scandal, these days they can find people who look exactly like him, they have done it to Anwar, but then again sex scandals won't work for MCA men we all know that, after all the present head had one which he admitted to, filmed in an act of improper sexual conduct which is an offense just like homosexuality under  Malaysian law and yet he was never prosecuted, nor the culprits who filmed brought to justice or for that matter even identified.

I have said it over and over again the Chua Soi Lek is such an important case for the Police to investigate and charge those who filmed him because at that time he was a Senior Minister in the Malaysian cabinet, it could have been used for blackmail, imagine the consequences of blackmailing senior ministers to the security of the nation, and yet our police did nothing about it, maybe they did not know the seriousness, so what about AG then did he not realise it?

Should I go on, the cabinet is filled with a cabinet of such cases, if you decide to catch one, a chain reaction will occur where  fingers will pointed sideways, left and right, upward and downward, and you'll find many of the county's leaders,  many top Cops, and ex top cops, Government officials and even some members of the Judiciary possibly both present and past being hauled up.

The top can't let that happen so if the top is rotten we are in a rotten situation.

Now what is all that hullabaloo about Nazri's son?

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