Saturday, May 23, 2015

Najib desperate, may drop Muhyiddin and promote Zahid


Najib Razak is being advised  to drop Muhyiddin by his very closest aides, who feel the time has come for him to show his mettle and play hard ball.

Following that drop Najib is expected announce a cabinet reshuffle which will see the appointment of yet another Finance Minister - Finance Minister II and according to sources this person will be brought in via the senate.

Our sourcews in UMNO tells us that Rafidah may make a come back in a very special position and although this may anger Sharizat but  Najib is not too worried about that mooed  as he feels Sharizat owes her allegiance more to Mahathir then to him and it will be good to give her a signal about who controls the roost right now, he is confident Sharizatr will react in his favour, but Rafidah stays.

Rafidah on the other hand is all out to shut Mahathir out of the Malaysian political landscape for good, although she sees Najib as a Junior she is willing to lend him a helping hand.

Rafidah is being roped in to help out in a strategy to rope in more FDI an area she excelled in in the Mahatherian years and Rafidah has expressed her willingness to do so.

With Muhyiddin out of the way Najib is expected to make other changes, Education will go to Hishamuddin and his job at the helm will be to show the whole world what a mess Muhyiddin has made in Education.

Friday, May 15, 2015

Najib's Summer Solstice of Woe

Well the Northern  Summer Solstice takes place every year in June usually between the 20th and the 21st of June this year it will be on the 21st of June and that is the day the sun will be overhead, right overhead at 12.00 noon till you hardly see even your shadow.
A sign of disaster ahead

What has this got to do with Najib, well the 21st of June will be day by which Najib has to make up his mind to quit or face a barrage of expositions by the former Prime Minister Mahathir Mohammed as to why he must leave Putrajaya  and this blog has been informed that these expositions coming from various sources, will be so evident  that Najib will just have to step down in disgrace.

Mukhriz, he has just broken his silence,  deafening silence now a defining voice, he knows what is coming,  almost all of Najib's supporters are yelling their throats sore to get him to make a stand, whilst the smarter ones dare not force him make a stand for fear that the it will have a domino effect on the waning support for Najib, in fact it will be the catalyst that will get others to come out in the open to ask Najib to step down from where it will be a point of no return.

Many of the senior members in Parliament, UMNO members as well as other BN component members think it is best for Najib to step down without further delay  as his continued presence there will only affect the party's performance at the next General Elections, but typically of UMNO politics none of the UMNO politicians in power will dare even suggest that to Najib, and greater still the fear of the component party leaders who owe their very survival and existence to UMNO.

One senior Gerakan official had this to say, "all our losses can only be attributed to UMNO it was not us, we did very well for the people, it was UMNO and it's policies that wiped us out of Penang and now it will wipe itself and consequently BN out the same way if Najib stubbornly clings on to power. That is the trouble with these UMNO guys they get drunk with power and they'll not let go."

When asked why he does not voice this out publicly his reply was, "you know I suppose, the kind of trouble I can get into doing that," and when asked to elaborate he refused. He spoke to me on condition of anonymity

"Gerakan has many  atime shown it is distaste for UMNO politicians and their racial sentiments, especially against the Chinese, they have actually been wiped out of Penang and there is almost no coming back, the PM made a fool of himself there at the Gangnam show and that image of the PM so out of touch with reality still has it's effects  on Penangites they find it difficult to forget that, " he said and he left.

"What he says may be true but during the time they were in power they had ignored the times UMNO wielded its power over them and left them looking like clowns.  Had Gerakan decided to go it alone at that time they'd still be in power,"  says Clement  a Penangite of Chinese origin, who runs a business in Tanjung Malim just north of Kuala Lumpur, "remember we gave them the mandate in 1969 as an opposition party and though they joined the government we kept them there, but as we saw our rights being trampled upon by UMNO and they, sucking up to it, we knew we had to smash them up, they are never coming back, because we tell our children the stories of trust, trust is the most important thing to the Chinese," continued clement.

"Penangites never forget the PM who should have stopped after his first call, "Are you ready for BN" and the resounding response of the crowd shouting NO!!!   Najib only displayed the fact that he hardly understood what he was talking about, he was only reading from a script, as the script had the question thrice, he asked thrice, although the response was a slap on his face and we wonder how we could have such a man as our PM, and how a party calling itself respectable can have him as their leader, it's  a disgrace not only to them but to us as well for having given them a continued mandate," he said, "that's enough, never again."
Are you ready for BN - the call that lost Penang

Clement was right, the  Penangites said "No," to the PM  on his face and all his promises to Han Jiang were not upheld to this day, it will be an issue again when the next elections come.

Najib's end could well have started in Penang and it could have started with Psy the Korean for in the election that followed where the BN spent millions at its ceramas providing free food to those that attended, it lost and it lost terribly, together with the heavy losses it suffered in Johor its strongest state, Perak, Selangor,  Kelantan and Kedah. The BN's showing was far worse than that of the 2008 elections under Abdullaah Badawi, at least Badawi won a fantastic election earlier only to be thrown out once the fruits of Mahathirism destroyed him.

Well what has been said so far is in Public domain, what is yet to come if it comes to the crunch will be be more interesting for all true Malaysians, people who love this country, in desperation the truth is about to be told and it will be told if Najib holds on, so pray he does.

The shit will hit the ceiling so to speak and it is just around the corner.

We'll hear the true Altantua story, we'll hear the true 1MDB story we haven't heard it all  yet, only that this time some critical information given by key figures will expose the entire sham, we'll hear true happenings that took place in the tiny hollow called Port Dickson, that will be curtain raiser,  we'll hear of timber concessions given away carelessly, we'll hear about Karaoke sessions with staff of the ministry of defence that used to go on till the wee hours of the morning only because a crow wanted to sing into the nite and a crow that had the top man in the Ministry at that time tied to her apron strings, and so much more with no holds barred, tis coming soon.

We'll know when the 1MDB was really hatched by sore losers in the game, many of the untouchables now, will have their butts kicked in public, there will be turmoil in the political landscape of the country.

What will be more telling is the involvement of the ordinary Malay folk from the Kampungs, UMNO's main support base,  we've not seen that for a long time, they are fast losing confidence, their confidence in Najib has been eroded in the aftermath of finding out that Tabung Haji was dragged into the  1MDB fiasco.

They are now questioning  the way Zakat money is distributed, one  Malay who spoke to me said it is so difficult for a poor Malay to get money from the fund, he has to fill out so many forms, he has to wait so long before he can be given a handout, there must be a lot of money there but it is so difficult.

He continued, "we know Christians also give out charity but they do not make people suffer to get it, as it is people are already suffering why make them suffer some more?"  then he turned to me and asked, "do you people make them fill up forms, the poor when they come to your churches for help?"

We are approaching the crunch Najib can't just walk away, he may have to be taken away, and Mahathir we are told is dead serious, he want's Njaib out now, but is willing to give him up till June.

Najib on the other hand is mulling an open contest a contest Mahathir will not be able to fight him with, Najib is considering going back to the people for a mandate, he feels that is his best chance to bury the 1MDB issue and everything else and shut his critics down. Some UMNO sources tell us this is being seriously considered by his inner circle and this will be the last straw.

Najib is also talking to Hadi Awang to move over with his PAS faithful and Hadi has more than just a handful of supporters in PAS who are willing to do that they see the "opportunities" in the deal and Najib we are told are promising them many.
The  Kuching High Court's decision  today to  nullify the Election Commission's re-delineation exercise for Sarawak may have thrown the spanner into the works for Najib.

Scheming an Unholy  Alliance
Will PAS be able to make it to BN?

Well if Najib has his way certainly yes, but that will be at the expense of burying the rest of its BN partners both in the Peninuslar and in the East and which will surely spell disaster for BN, but it takes a man of Najib's intelligence to make such a move,  the 1MDB has taught us that maths is Najib's weakest link and so too must be strategy. He will amke his next strategic mess doing that.

Right now the people who surround him are not strategist, he uses professional advice of PR firms and the advice is most often from highly paid professionals who are foreigners who give him the wrong political advice as they do not understand the Malaysian political landscape.

At loggerheads
His supreme council can only give him failure strategy and all this thanks to Mahathir for having set up a failure prone succession line up, probably to pave the way for Mukhriz, but now time is running out, Mukhriz too will fail and fail miserably at that, he's too much of a green horn and by the time he gets to sit in Putrajaya if the Barisan is ever reelected, Mahathir may be long gone.

Whatever happens in the future for the present the Malaysians must get the truth about 1MDB and stop Najib in his tracks if he is doing the wrong things or the country will most certainly face bankruptcy.