Saturday, October 13, 2012

Muhyiddin's Supporters now push for November 30th dissolution

Now Muhyiddin's supporters are pushing him to pressure Najib for a November 30the deadline to dissolve Parliament. That they feel should be the latest date,  any longer and the BN is in trouble more so UMNO they reckon.

Campaigning in December according to the Muhyiddin camp  gives the BN a strategic advantage and they are now demanding that Najib does not delay any longer and their patience seems to be wearing thin.

As time passes by more and more Malaysians are now thinking of making a change and they can't allow Najib to stall the process any longer, to increase his popularity and remain relevant,  Mukhriz is now  lending his support to Muhyidddin's  group as well..

The strategic advantage they are talking about is, in East Malaysia it will give the Christians less time to campaign, they will be busy with Christmas and have little time to dwell on politics. This will be good for the BN as far as Sarawak is concerned.

The government controlled mass media especially the  radio and TV networks than can go  unhindered on an all out blitz  of a propaganda war to push through  as much government controlled information for the BN, and these  people who will be so busy will only have time  to receive their news from that source and the alternative media may be irrelevant and overlooked at that time.

In West Malaysia the middle class will be busy taking holidays many of them may not be around even to vote, this is the class of people they want out to win states like Selangor and Penang as the majority of this group are anti establishment.

The Christians too who have been abused will have little time having to prepare for Christmas, schooling for the children and holidays, many may not be around in their respective constituencies.

Najib on the other hand does not think so, he believes he is gaining ground on the Christians,  and needs their support, Soi Lek's noise making is getting the Christians worried, he reckons, and as such he is gaining the advantage there,  so he is fearful of annoying them.

The Christains,  he reckons will support the BN and he is not prepared to anger them as such moves  may be counter productive.

Christian Church leaders  do not openly take a stance as to which party should rule, they only pray for wise choices and wisdom for the elected representatives,  and with Chua Soi Lek peddling Hudud around every nook and corner he believes the Christians will opt for the BN even though many in their ranks deplore the BN.

Now within UMNO there are two groups  with the different views, Muhyiddin's supporters are convinced that Najib is just wasting time as he knows this is his last term, win or lose.

Muhyiddin on the other hand  is growing  all the more frustrated, and his frustration has its limits. He is sure he is going to make the move to move Najib out,  he is confident of an even worse showing than 2008 this time around.

Millions of Malays have crossed over due to many factors and the Rosamh factor is no small contributor, Malays are just sick of her and the Muhyddin camp has made no secret about that in the UMNO branches and divisions,  especially Najib's inability to control her.

Najib is fully aware of his plight, he does not see himself being ousted the way Abdullah went, he is preparing his groundwork and is prepared to remove Muhyiddin from the Deputy's position and has in mind Ahmad Zahidi Hamidi to replace him.

Zahidi, Najib believs has done a good job in handling the Suaram onslaught on Najib and he want's to reward Zahidi at the expense of a troublesome deputy, he has precedence to support him, he is doing what Mahathir did  to Anwar.

This move if carried out will sideline Mukhriz who is just waiting on the sidelines, Zahidi is no novice he will not settle to be  a 'stop gap' deputy, he will then be gunning for leadership and is more apt to win than Mukhriz, that explains Mukhriz shift to Muhyiddin.

Like Najib's father did to the Tengku, Muhyiddin is hoping to do to Najib, as Najib does not command the grasroots the same way his father did, on the other hand Muhyiddin has grasroot support plus the support of others who have grassroot support too and  he may ask Najib to  leave sooner rather than later.

How that battle plays out is left to be seen as all ministerial appointments will be the prerogative of the Prime Minister,  and Najib may use that to his advantage. 

In the meantime both Najib and Muhydiin are fighting the best wayang kulit in town,  let's see how it plays out. Some real interesting times ahead.

Hudud no longer a fear factor - MERDEKA!!!!!

If Chua Soi Lek thinks he can get the people to vote the MCA by frightening them with  the Hudud he is wrong, terribly wrong, in fact he is bordering on madness and should be sent for some serious checking at the Tanjung Rambutan Hospital.

He should be looking at the PKFZ scandal,  a scandal that involved his  party, that has suddenly gone out of the governments screen together with the MCA leader Ong Tee Keat (whom he replaced) who mooted action against all those involved in that scandal.

Ong Tee Keat was moved out and in came Chua Soi Lek.

Everyone knows that Ong Tee Keat was moved out so that the PKFZ scandal under the leadership of Najib creating  his usual sandiwaras could be swept   carpet which is what has actually happened,  but to do that they had to remove one stubborn MCA leader Ong Tee Keat and Chua whose sexual episodes actually cost him the presidency now saw the opportunity to capitalize which he did.

If Tee Keat had handled it many people would have been taken to task and many people in the BN might have been exposed  and that is one reason I'd assume Chua in his new role of MCA chief is so focused on hudud as  many of  partymen, many Barisan MPs including senior ministers  and party leaders will be armless not only for the PKFZ scandal but an accumulation of scandals.

There is a serious fear that both arms may be chopped off, but I really wonder why they are so scared, with the amount of illicit wealth these people have accumulated they could purchase artificial limbs, this country will be full of bionic people.

Like all other scandals of this regime that scandal is being swept under the carpet, it now seems that after Mahahthir Mohamed's testimony everything is alright in the PKFZ.

Any surprise?

That of course  is what everybody expected with our current attorney general at the helm anyway,  so really nothing of this magnitude ever surprises Malaysians these days,  it is the norm,  the norm we are waiting to rid ourselves of,and now with Mahathir Mohammed as the AG's chief witness the whole case falls apart and PKFZ is no longer a scandal.

Chua Soi Lek's  actual position is "Minister agaisnt Hudud," he is placed there to ensure that the hands of many BN Parliamentarians and their cronies are remain safe after the next General elections, but Chua should examine the situation as a whole and ask himself will Malaysians be more worried bout Hudud or the type of government we have today?

This ministerial position has been given to  Chua on the quiet, he is tryign to do a good job with it, but he will fail. It has to be quiet as it may anger the Malays and Muhyiddin in particular who has come out many a time to silence Chua.

Look at what Chua is so preoccupied with these days,  he has nothing but Hudud on his mind. He has asked the Bar council to study Hudud, since when did this government give the bar council any such recognition, now in desperation they have turned to the Malaysian Bar, he should ask Rais Yatim and Nazri instead, he should ask Abdullah Ahmad Badawi and they  Home Minister Hishamuddin instead they re all well versed. Dr. Rais Yatim is a lawyer, Nazri is a lawyer, Hishamuddin is a lawyer (all less intelligent though) and of course the former PM Abdullah Ahmad Badawi a Muslim scholar. Why is he asking the Bar Council?

Why?  Because many people in  UMNO and the rest of BN are afraid they may be doomed to walk the town as one arm bandits if the Hudud is implemented. UMNO ministers and MPs can't come out in the open and oppose Hudud because that will be against Islam, so they get Chua to do the shouting for them and he in turn tries to get the Malaysian Bar to assist him.

Consider this.

Weren't dead bodies snatched from bereaving  families claiming the dead had converted to Islam when even their next of kin were not aware of it?

One wonders why so many Muslims are converting to Islam without letting their next kin know about the same, should they not be proud of the fact they converted?

These dead body kidnappings have gone unchecked by this government, what has Chua done about it?

He talks so much about Hudud what has he done agaisnt the body snatching.

Has he ever come out openly to oppose and condemn these actions?

Has he won on any of those occasions?

Has he got any assurances that this will not occur again?

Has he managed to put a stop to it?

The truth is as we all know this man is nothing but an UMNO lackey, his position even in MCA is UMNO controlled and in fact MCA is the extension of UMNO - its subversion wing to ensure that the Chinese aspirations are controlled.

Every time he opens his mouth, and each time his son opens his mouth more and more people get angry and turn away from the MCA and the BN in general.

Chua has a lot of things to consider when he tries to scare the people with Hudud.

Yes,  UMNO has not introduced the Hudud, so did this make the "devil" to quote Mahathir any better?

They have done terrible things and that is why they can't even think about the hudud, they dread the hudud more than anyone else.

Isn't making non Muslims appear in the Syariah court to settle their grouses in divorce cases solemnized at the registrar of marriages a secular body, not a case of Hudud being imposed on the non Muslim Malaysians?

If the non Muslims want to build a temple, a Church or any other place of worship it is almost impossible the government will give them no end of trouble. Today they  are given places in Industrial Zones next to factories to build places of worship.

In Shah Alam a Church was given land near an oxidation pond, the community went ahead nevertheless to  build the Church, for some reason the oxidation pond was removed, and after the Christian Community  had completed the piling and as the building was work in progress the the entire structure was torn down by the the then Menteri Besar Muhamad Taib bin Muhamad, and after long delays and shifting of sites from one place to another the Church was finally given a piece of land in an Industrial site with rules that it should not look like a Church from the outside.

The next Menteri Besar of Selangor became the Champion of destroying Hindu temples, he got destroyed in the process.

Even the Bhori Muslims are not alowed to place a sign to indicate that their Mosque in Klang is a Masjid, they are Shite Muslims and they are not allowed this.

Nik Aziz and many leading Muslim scholars in the world have upheld the right of the non Muslims especially the Christians to use the word Allah for God,it predates Islam and th Christians having been using it long before the Muslims, and yet  the likes of Syed Hamid the former Minister of Home Affairs, Mahathir Mohammed and even Naajib think otherwise, although the God has been referred to as Allah by the Christians in Malaysia since the days of Francis Xavier.

We all know how UMNO and its supporters marched with a cows head in blatant disregard for the feelings of the Hindus in protesting about a Hindu Temple, that was not PAS led neither was it PAS initiated, although some UMNo infiltrators into PAS championed the cause. All this was not Hudud it was UMNO so why frighten us with Hudud?

Chua Soi Lek just like his boss Najib Tun Razak are desperate and bankrupt for ideas  and will try anything now to win the popular vote.

It is the opinion of the people that if the Barisan looses this elections many of their  leaders will flee the country, one ex leader a top figure I do not have to mention the name is so afraid he has come out and positioned the BN as the Devil and  the opposition head as an Angel, saying "it is better the known devil than an unknown angel."

Some people are just so darn scared they'd try anything from letting the Pakatan win, but a Pakatan victory is a foregone conclusion and nothing must be done to undermine the coming elections, if that is done this government has to be held responsible.

Hudud seems a better alternative than UMNO and we have all seen it, UMNOs' governance is nothing but deceit, in Hudud if you steal you'll have your hand chopped off, I reckon the corrupt have a lot to fear because they have stolen and hudud will not take that lightly and that is why the BN is so scared of Hudud.

We shall see many a retired BN  politicians with only one arm if the hudud is implemented, then in UMNO elections when the vote is carried out by a show of hands some UMNO men may not have hands to show,  and these are the people who are making a lot of noise about the Hudud using their new unofficial minister - Dr. Chua Soi Lek.

PAS would begin with only implementing Hudud for the Malays, the Syariah courts will implement Hudud law for the Malays to begin with. After all that is already in place with the present day Syariah Courts and PAS is not too happy with the adminsitration of justice in the Islamic context in these courts.

So Hudud  is no bogeyman to us the electorate right now everything seems better an alternative than UMNO and its lackeys.

So Chua Soi Lek please ensure your hands are clean, if it is not, come out in the open and admit it now like you did your sex case, or if you have anything to  hide that can be construed as theft, you may be walking  tight rope, the Pakatan is going to win.

Everything said it is the Pakatan that is going for victory, not  PAS alone, so PAS  will not be able to implement  hudud without the support of the other parties as PAS by itself will not command a majority just like UMNO has right now, anyway compared with what we have now under the BN I think any other alternative looks better.

Now if the BN politicians want their hands saved they had better be fair with the opposition.   I can only sit and wonder many generous UMNO and BN men donating arms to the armless,and Malaysian Doctors becoming specialist in that trad, but alas will our dear Dr. Mahathir have the natural resource to carry  out such operations, and you too Dr. Chua.

Friday, October 12, 2012

The Malaysian worker deserves more than RM900.

The Malaysian worker is one of the most productive in the world and yet today the wages that the Malaysian worker receives is no reflection of his/her productive efforts.

It does not reflect this fact because as any fool will tell you,  that when you have rampant corruption in a country no matter how hard and skillfully the best workers produce  goods of high quality and at the lowest cost the result of their efforts will remain unproductive. 

In short corruption negates productivity because all the productive gains of hard working Malaysian and more than just that are taken up by corruption.

The country with the most productive workforce now suffers because we are fast becoming a rogue nation with huge surplus of corrupt Government ministers and officials and by their huge appetite for corruption and corrupt practices the efforts of the Malaysian worker over the years since independence has been brought to naught, and they suffer whilst these greedy and selfish politicians accumulate wealth and live lavish lives.

Why only back in 1970 right to the early eighties the Malaysian workers were paid more than their Korean counterparts, more than the Taiwanese, in the early to mid sixties  we were paid more than the Singaporeans,  so what happened why is it  today our salaries are lagging far behind the workers in these countries, no one seems to ask and no one seems to even worry except the Malaysian worker who has to live with a meager nine hundred ringgit and that too is  “coming soon.”

By the eighties Malaysia was the largest producer of tin,  natural rubber,  semiconductors and even domestic air conditioners, and all this was lost because of  nothing but corruption, it was not because of China’s ability to provide cheaper labour,  it was corruption.  Corruption that would permeate the fabric of UMNO, the BN and eventually the entire Malaysian Government machinery.

In 1997 the exchange rate of  the Malaysian ringgit to the American Dollar was one US Dollar to about 2.9 Malaysian ringgit, with the 1997 crises it went to one US dollar to 3.5 Malaysian ringgit, and in that one episode alone the Malaysian worker had his salary slashed by a hefty 20 percent.

This  was something the worker had not really realized and neither was it something that Mahathir revealed to the Malaysian worker, because as he as blaming George Soros for the currency crisis whilst  Soros was doing a good job exposing Mahathir, he was afraid of being exposed and an angry Malaysian workforce.

That currency crisis would have a lot do to do later with Mahahtir’s ouster of his deputy Anwar Ibrahim for fear that Anwar would expose him and he could not afford to be exposed - stand naked in the eyes of Malaysians whom he had hoodwinked all the time.

The Malaysian worker has not recovered since the 1997 crisis, hi wages could have grown in terms of ringgit received but when you equate his earnings with its buying power the Malaysian worker is earning far less than he did pre 1997.

To back their latest wage offer this government will present a basket of goods to debate this, an insignificant basket, but take a look at the price of essentials, first a roof overhead look at the phenomenal increase in the price of homes, the price of rice, petrol, sugar, the cost of education, the increase in toll revenue, rising interest rates for loans and see how poor this worker has become, and today RM900 is this government’s response to this worker what an insult, after robbing the worker this government sets out to rob him or more, and tells the whole world it cares for tis workers.

The nine hundred ringgit was mooted by the MTUC even prior to 1997, in 1992 MTUC was seeking a thousand two hundred but had indicated they would settle for nine hundred, but the Mahahtir government would  not have it, it would attract too many Malaysians to factories and that would put a dent to the influx of foreign labour a good source of income for many government officials including some ministers of the time all this was done at the expense of our own workers, and their rightful requests for better wages were just stamped out.

The ministry of human resources was then propagating performance driven wage systems but that too after having completely ignored the performance of the Malaysian worker, bringing cheap foreign labour who were also grossly exploited, thus lowering wages.

Now the government used this lowered wage as the benchmark in industry to tell  the Malaysian worker who had reached peak productive performance to begin  to improve his performance, what an extremely wicked scheme.

Once the human effort has been exploited to its maximum productivity increase can only come about more the introduction of more modern methods that is the domain of management and yet take a look at the disparity of wages between the workforce and the management who are unable to provide this advantage to the worker who has already peaked. We still tap rubber the same way H.N Ridley did when he first brought rubber to this country and even if there has been any improvement it is totally insignificant, we harvest palm oil the way they used to do it in the early fifties, and what has this government done to improve that?

Now the PKR promises to top the minimum wage and bring it to the levels MTUC sought in 1994 they insult the Party, and they think they are doing a good job, they are not berating the PKR but rather the Malaysian worker whose counterpart just south of the border earns almost two and a half times more and enjoys a better lifestyle so much so many Malaysians go south to Singapore to earn a living.

This is the government that thought that by kicking Singapore out of the Federation, Singapore would learn a dire lesson and return with a begging bowl one day, how shamefully wrong they were, Mahathir himself was architect to that separation,  and how can they live with all this shame of not being able to look after their own people to the extent that their people have to go elsewhere to earn a living and more so to Singapore the country they thought they were going to teach a lesson to. LKY must really be having a good laugh at that man who at that time was no different from the person he is now, and led the ultras with extremist views.

Where is  our National Pride, Mahathir Mohammed? have you got any pride Mahathir in seeing this?

This is  nothing but finger pointer, who  accuses everyone and everything for his own  folly, he  failed his people and he  failed his  country  not only here but in nurturing good leaders to lead this nation people of integrity, people who are committed to see this country perform and find its rightful place in the world. 

Instead he  used this country for his  own purposes and every time something failed it was the fault of George Soros, Anwar Ibrahim and all the others but himself, he was always blameless. The leader who passed the buck.

PKR’s promise of a better minimum wage is not something plucked out of the air, it is done with the confidence that the Malaysian worker is among the most productive in the world if not the most and that being said one wonders why this productive workforce can’t turn this country around given the right motivation, they do a better and more meaningful job in really and substantially providing productive outcomes, not earning  money from kickbacks by setting up worthless consultancies  to earn in the billions to purchase second hand and useless submarines.

Productivity is not enhanced by increasing toll at  whims and fancies even though the toll operators  are making huge profits, not by changing electricity meters to charge more to the citizens who are already paying a premium to the electric Company that is protected by monopoly and is reaping huge profits, not by raising the price of petrol when we are net exporters of Oil and even then a higher grade of oil, not by the imposition of the pending  Sales and Service tax which this government dares not introduce now for fear of reprisals in the ballot box, not by covering the huge losses and illicit gains made by politicians in huge projects, purchases etc that runs in the billions which if accumulated and recovered would afford each Malaysian one million ringgit in his pocket.

Now Malaysian productivity is low,  so low because Malaysians just do not have the motivation anymore to work and all this is direct result of the policies of the Barisan Nasional Government. The more you make the more they take.

 The Malaysian worker is fed up, totally fed up,  all his productive efforts have been rendered unproductive because of the corrupt practices of this government, it has stifled competition, it has enriched cronies, it has enriched its elites, it has raised taxes, it has artificially raised prices and in doing all this rendered  the Malaysian worker unproductive.

1972 saw the advent of the Semiconductor industry into Malaysia, the first of such companies were set up in Penang and Melaka , followed by Selangor and Johor much later. At that time the Malaysian worker was paid far less than a rubber tapper in the estates. The basic daily wage of  an electronic factory worker at that time was only two ringgit and forty sen, yes, RM2.40 per day.

The worker was productive and in about five years from then the wage of the Malaysian semiconductor factory worker moved to between six ringgit and eight ringgit per day, by the eighties they were earning eighteen ringgit per day and later even higher till it came to a point where we were considered as no longer productive. 

At its height Malaysia was the largest exporter of Rubber, Tin Palm Oil and Semiconductors and domestic air conditioners isn’t that testimony of the productivity of our workforce?

There was hardly any industrial strife, there were no major strikes, the Malaysian workers efforts guided by proper  employee discipline and responsible trade unions, resulted in this, there has been no recognition of this on the contrary the Malaysian workforce is a down trodden lot. 

Tin failed not because it is not a commodity worth mining, in the sixties they used to say you could dig Kuala Lumpur and Ipoh and build newer cities at a profit if you excavated the tin beneath these cities. 

Then why did tin fail?

Ask Mahathir.  It failed because one man who even to this day claims he has all the prescription for the economic woes of this country, decided to try and wrest control of the tin market in the London Metal Exchange, he tried to corner the market and artificially tried to hike the price of tin thinking he’d succeed but the fool instead caused the fall of the entire tin market, contracts were not honoured, and as a result the price of tin fell to an all time low it was not worth mining it anymore. 

As a result our mines were shut down, the bustling town of Ipoh the crown of the silver state was rendered a dead town almost overnight and that was what the Mahathirian Magic did. 

Many  Malays used to share  that this man did it to hit at Chinese business in the country, at that time it was the Chinese who were the bogeymen in the country, and not really to raise the price of  tin.

Well he went with a real desire to raise the price of tin, he thought he could corner the tin market,  instead he took away form this nation its ability to earn enormous sums of revenue from a very precious natural resource and instead replaced it with the hacking away of our natural rain forests- the oldest in the world,  and had all the excuses to give the world to do so.
The jungles of Malaysia, in the peninsular, in Sabah and Sarawak were raped and it made BN cronies super rich, take a look at Sarawak. 

In fact when the Bakun dam was first proposed it was estimated the anyone who got the job to clear the forest would have made billions of ringgit without even having to move out of his house all he had to do was to leave it to the timber tycoons.

The tin fiasco by  an irresponsible scoundrel who led this nation was about his first in robbing this nation and instead of throwing him out of office the Malaysians elected him back to power for a next term. It’s not too late think again do we still want him and his cronies back in power?

Why is it Malaysia could never come out with a proper wage policy to ensure that its workers, the backbone of the economic activity of the country remained relevant?

Why is it that this government allowed the rights and privileges of these workers to be sold lock stock and barrel to foreigners to the extent our workers preferred to go about sell illegal VCD, leave the factories and go in search for jobs in the supermarkets, become street vendors turn to Bosiah activites, become Mat Rempit and turn to gangsterism – the answer lies in the governance of this country by the Barisan Nasional, driven by greed and its inherent inability to provide for its people – the workforce.

Any idiot will tell you that when you spend lavishly in things you do not require, or on things that are not absolutely required than it is waste.

For those of you who have learned “Kaizen”  you’ll know the definition for waste in kaizen is, anything more than what is absolutely necessary to get a job done.” He preached the look east policy and knew nothing about it.

This government had excesses in everything they undertook, there was tremendously  more than what was absolutely necessary to get jobs done and that is what we call corruption.  

This corruption destroyed Malaysian productivity and killed all hopes of Malaysians earning decent wages  and rendered the Malaysian worker unproductive, yet today those very people who rendered the Malaysian worker unproductive continue to rob the worker of any chance of improving productivity and earning more wages, a decent wage to, provide a roof overhead for himself and his family, to put food and not only food but nourishment on the table in his home, purchase a car, free himself of indebtedness, enjoy an occasional holiday with his family and still have some to save, in effect to  give him the right to livelihood which our Industrial court has defined this  to mean,  “the right to life” the most fundamental right enshrined in the constitution of this country. 

Allow this government one more term in Parliament and we’ll witness our wages falling below that of Thailand, the Thais are already moving Myanmar to set up the world’s largest industrial Zone with the Japanese, why did we not do this in Thailand, Indonesia and the Philippines during our hey day? 
Singapore did this here to a smaller extent, then later turned to Batam, why did we not think of doing this?
The BN government was built on a crutch mentality, it lacks business expertise,  they could not see beyond assembly plants, even Proton today is nothing more than a glorified assembly plant, the Thais are looking ahead, they’ll own factories in Myanmar, they will relocate low end assembly plants the will move to higher end plants and Myanmar will be a feeder country to Thai industry.

We were light years ahead of the Thais in by the mid eighties and the early nineties so what happened, the crutch mentality of course and the gross inability of this government to see what is economically good for the nation.

Pakatan Rakyat is  is promising better time to Malaysian workers, it is not an empty promise, wipe out corruption and so much is possible that even if a wage increase is not forthcoming the buying power of the ringgit will increase and that will mean more money in your pockets.

It is not Soros, he had nothing to do with what happened in this country, if he was why did Mahahtir go back and see him? why did Najib have to see him only recently and that too secretly in the states with a senior Malaysian minister? 

It is this greedy and selfish government they have a few surprises for you on hold if they win, after giving you a minimum wage of RM900, they'll raise the toll, they'll introduce Sales and service tax and you'll pay taxes on almost everything you buy on top of paying high taxes, they'll increase the price of petrol and the price of houses will go up more than ever before, so what is your RM900?

Everytime Pakatan says it will give you something better they say Pakatan will bankrupt the country, it is not Pakatan it is they who will. The  BN after 55 years will bankrupt this country which is already on the verge of  bankruptcy the way they have corruptly acquired wealth from this country and parked it overseas.

The white haired man in the east is good testimony to this fact.

So make a wise choice, make the right choice, and make the only choice left to you kick out this BN government.

It as we all know  soaked in corruption it will take another fifty five years to clean them up.
As elections draw near be prepared for the government controlled media to blast away like they always do with nothing but lies about the opposition and even if there a truths, not even the worst case scenario in the opposition,  nothing,  can be better  than kick to  this government out for at least four consecutive terms, we have to check the rot.

Sunday, October 7, 2012

Muhyiddin Supporters can't wait for the PM's exit.

Muhyiddin Yassin's supporters have finally come out to stake the claim for their chief as the next PM of Malaysia, and it is not really surprising as so many things have gone weirdly wrong with Najib's running of the country, the party, and most of all the elections campaign, that most of the people in the BN seem to be sure that with Najib at the helm the BN will suffer an agonising and  humiliating defeat when he calls for elections this time around.

To Muhyiddin, and  in fact the majority at UMNO, Najib has and is taking  the party in the wrong direction, he has not asserted his authority sufficiently to maim the opposition, to them he does not have enough, "fire in the belly" to win the elections they way his predecessors did.
Najib's deputy has scarce respect for him,  he has displayed that time and again by deliberately contradicting  so many directives of Najib's, as one observer noticed,  "the other so called "heavyweights" in UMNO - Nazri, Rais Yatim, Khairy,  and even the likes of Sharizat seem to be  leaning towards Muhyiddin almost to say that there is this general feel in UMNO that Najib  has to go." 

Many in UMNO see Najib today as excess baggage and they want him out, he is causing too much discontent amongst the Malays they in Johor claim,  they are worried that the Pakatan Rakyat is fast gaining a foothold in some major parts of Johor and many within the inner circles have conceded that this time around they may lose Negeri Sembilan and Trengganu  too.

Instead of  building on UMNO's  strengths, he has opted to go all out to win back Penang, Selangor and Perak which they managed to snatch back and this is being done to the detriment of Negeri and Johor says the UMNO leadership in both these states. The battle in these states are as good as lost, the UMNO grassroots will tell you this there is no way they are going to take it back especially Selangor,  Penang, Perak Kelantan and kedah and to make matters worse Trengganu has been confirmed as going the other direction this time around.

One UMNO division leader in Johor is openly asking for Najib's ouster as he thinks if they wait till after the elections it may be too late and if the BN loses this elections it will never recover from it in the near future.

He says,  "there is so much to reveal about the inner workings of UMNO that the next generations of Malays will not want to trust them anymore, and when Pakatan wins they will reveal all,   that is how serious the situation is," notice his choice of words,  "when Pakatan wins" is that an accepted fact in Johor?

Go to Parit Sulong in Johor and see what the UMNO people are saying, there is scant regard for both Najib and Mahathir, there they say - " Mahahtir must shut up and get out, and Najib must learn how to keep his house in order,  if he can't how can he be the leader," now that sentiment is seems to be spreading in Muar too, if you have the opportunity talk to the Malays there.

 As one Malay observer in Muar put it, "in those days the Malays never openly took sides, the listened quietly and gave their support, there was hardly a whisper, today they are not quiet anymore they are not even whispering, they are shouting on top of their voices, 'we're  fed up!!!' we have been betrayed for so long and this party has not only betrayed us they have stolen from us and other Malaysians, we'd rather vote the DAP." 

 The Malays led by UMNO  have long not trusted the DAP. UMNO successfully  branded the DAP a Chinese chauvinistic Party, but the DAP went on building it's image, from the Rahim Tamby Chik case, to  it's MP Ahmad Noor, and its exposure of all the UMNO corruption more and more Malays feel they have a better alternatives in the DAP than UMNO and the BN.

The general feeling down south is,  those who still do not trust the DAP there are other alternatives - PKR and the PAS and the Malays are taking it and whilst this BN government is now really worried about this Malay vote many feel that they will lose more with Najib at the helm, whether  this a Muhysiddin strategy or a fact is better known within UMNO as each faction will tell you.

With Sabah in shambles, with Sarawak who delivered during the last elections and on whose strength  the government was formed - only to land up with  a few meager  inconspicuous ministerial positions the dynamics have changed, the East Malaysians want a leader from their midst, all parties this time around have to make that offering they must see one of their people capturing  Putrajaya - becoming the PM of Malaysia and the demand is, " he  is not to be from UMNO."

The Dayaks and the Kadazans will tell you that and this time around they mean business, but  UMNO can't afford to give them that, because that will be political suicide for the UMNO leadership. To Pakatan Rakyat that is easy, it is no problem, and PAS and DAP will point  to the fact that Anwar readily became their choice for a  leader without any infighting.

Right in January this year this blog spoke of the rift and Muhyiddin's behind the scene strategies to wrest power from Najib. "Live by the gun die by the gun," so the saying goes, Mahahthir removed Hussein Onn that way, Najib removed Abdullah and now his deputy is doing the same, it seems to be becoming the UMNO culture,  however,  has Muhyiddin got the clout to do it.

 Muhyiddin has made no secret about his intentions,  for every major strategy that Najib  has put in place he - Muhyiddin has had a spanner in the works,  he is Malay  first and Malaysian next. Remember?

All his acts of public sabotage was to show the whole world that he is not a deputy to Najib, he is deputy to the chair and the chair only, that is the seat of the PM, "Najib is not after all,  an elected PM, he is a PM by default and that counts for nothing," that is what he confided with one of his close aides. Each time he came out defiantly not to toe the line like he did in the 1 Malaysia campaign Najib just stepped aside and did not confront him.

The youth in the Muhyiddin camp boasts of one staunch supporter who they say,  thinks she is Najib's closest and dearest supporter. According to those in the Muhyiddin camp  there is little they have to do, she does all the work and does it magnificently, one supporter even told this blog,  "she goes for her Botox every Thursday, is she has a change her face  ever so often." That is good enough to ruin Najib without ruining UMNO, but Najib they say "lacks strategy, he lacks foresight he is a poor leader and he must give up, cukup lah!!! cukup!!!! thy say and laugh wryly.

Najib has enough enemies within UMNO he does  not really know his friends, what we are told is that Hishamuddin Hussein Onn the Minister of home affairs and his cousin  is the only one he can trust but that too is of little use as this less intelligent minister only puts him into more trouble each time he opens his mouth.

Talking about less intelligent ministers he has Rais too in his camp, Rais the man who was supposed to have "Burnt" his bridges when he joined Semangat 46, so he has to prove now that he is faithful to the cause - but now, which cause? Najib's or Muhyiddin's?

Many in BN including Mahahtir Mohammed feel that the longer Najib waits the worse their chances of winning better, they are confident of winning after all if the elections commission seems to be in your pocket who wouldn't be?

Najb and Rosmah have  the least confidence in themselves, UMNO and the BN as a whole, so the attitude seems to be whilst we've got it we best make the good  use of it, and there is no doubting that.

One close Najib aide says he is doing everything in his power to win, if he does not then it is all God's will and that is what is irking the Muhyiddin camp they feel Najib is giving it up too easily and that with him at the helm that is exactly what will happen.

They the Muhyiddin camp is  willing to go on an all out assault on Najib to do this, they are demanding he does it, expose Najib and the Mahathir cronies within, look like the man who will save the country and throw Najib out before he calls for the next elections. They feel that is his only way out for UMNO and them.

Muhyiddin however feels time is not ripe, "he does not have the courage to" says an UMNO man, "they are all involved neck deep, one can't take on the other, they'll all die. the only way is for some of them to take responsibility and become the fall guys, not one of them but some of them, and that some is not too little, I'll tell you."

The Najib camp has decided to leave it to fate, now the irony of the whole thing is, PAS says,  "God's will is that BN loses."

When however they have not said as it is all "God's will."

Consider this Muhyiddin has the support of Johor UMNO, the Negeri Sembilan divisions are almost completely pro Muhyiddin, then you have the Trengganu, and Kelantan divisions, so why is he not taking on Najib?
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The world is talking about this Malay Wedding


 From the BBC

Malaysia wedding sparks corruption inquiry

BBC map

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An anti-corruption inquiry has been launched in Malaysia after reports that public funds were used to pay for the giant wedding of a top official's son.
Some 130,000 guests poured into a sports centre in the southern state of Malacca for eight hours of revelry.
Malacca's chief minister, Ali Rustam, insisted the function, where food alone reportedly cost $200,000 (£124,000), had been his "own family arrangement".
Opposition politicians have asked how he could afford the cost on his salary. Read more

Probe ordered into lavish Malaysian wedding


KUALA LUMPUR MALAYSIA’S anti-graft body is investigating the wedding of a top official’s son — attended by around 130,000 people — after opposition politicians questioned the celebration’s funding.

The wedding on Sunday of Ridhwan Ali, 26, eldest son of Ali Rustam, chief minister of the southern state of Malacca, reportedly lasted eight hours and made it into the Malaysia Book of Records for its massive turnout.

Opposition politicians have since questioned whether state funds were used for the event, and several of them lodged a report with the Malaysian Anti-Corruption Commission.

A senior commission official confirmed on Friday that an investigation had been launched.  Read More

Eight-hour wedding for 130 000 guests

iol pic bp Ali Rustam
Chief Minister of Malaysia's southern state of Malacca, Ali Rustam.
Kuala Lumpur -
Malaysia's anti-graft body is investigating the wedding of a top official's son - attended by around 130 000 people - after opposition politicians questioned the celebration's funding.
The wedding on Sunday of Ridhwan Ali, 26, eldest son of Ali Rustam, chief minister of the southern state of Malacca, reportedly lasted eight hours and made it into the Malaysia Book of Records for its massive turnout.
Opposition politicians have since questioned whether state funds were used for the event, and several of them lodged a report with the Malaysian Anti-Corruption Commission.
A senior commission official confirmed to AFP on Friday that an investigation had been launched.           Read more

Even in Pakistan
The Nation

Graft probe over Malaysian wedding

By: AFP | October 06, 2012 |
KUALA LUMPUR - Malaysia’s anti-graft body is investigating the wedding of a top official’s son - attended by around 130,000 people - after opposition politicians questioned the celebration’s funding. The wedding on Sunday of Ridhwan Ali, 26, eldest son of Ali Rustam, chief minister of the southern state of Malacca, reportedly lasted eight hours and made it into the Malaysia Book of Records for its massive turnout. Opposition politicians have since questioned whether state funds were used for the event, and several of them lodged a report with the Malaysian Anti-Corruption Commission. A senior commission official confirmed to AFP on Friday that an investigation had been launched. Read more

Plus many more on line news providers plus national papers in many countries.

What a shame to put a Malay wedding in the limelight for the wrong reasons. Barisan Boleh