Saturday, October 13, 2012

Muhyiddin's Supporters now push for November 30th dissolution

Now Muhyiddin's supporters are pushing him to pressure Najib for a November 30the deadline to dissolve Parliament. That they feel should be the latest date,  any longer and the BN is in trouble more so UMNO they reckon.

Campaigning in December according to the Muhyiddin camp  gives the BN a strategic advantage and they are now demanding that Najib does not delay any longer and their patience seems to be wearing thin.

As time passes by more and more Malaysians are now thinking of making a change and they can't allow Najib to stall the process any longer, to increase his popularity and remain relevant,  Mukhriz is now  lending his support to Muhyidddin's  group as well..

The strategic advantage they are talking about is, in East Malaysia it will give the Christians less time to campaign, they will be busy with Christmas and have little time to dwell on politics. This will be good for the BN as far as Sarawak is concerned.

The government controlled mass media especially the  radio and TV networks than can go  unhindered on an all out blitz  of a propaganda war to push through  as much government controlled information for the BN, and these  people who will be so busy will only have time  to receive their news from that source and the alternative media may be irrelevant and overlooked at that time.

In West Malaysia the middle class will be busy taking holidays many of them may not be around even to vote, this is the class of people they want out to win states like Selangor and Penang as the majority of this group are anti establishment.

The Christians too who have been abused will have little time having to prepare for Christmas, schooling for the children and holidays, many may not be around in their respective constituencies.

Najib on the other hand does not think so, he believes he is gaining ground on the Christians,  and needs their support, Soi Lek's noise making is getting the Christians worried, he reckons, and as such he is gaining the advantage there,  so he is fearful of annoying them.

The Christains,  he reckons will support the BN and he is not prepared to anger them as such moves  may be counter productive.

Christian Church leaders  do not openly take a stance as to which party should rule, they only pray for wise choices and wisdom for the elected representatives,  and with Chua Soi Lek peddling Hudud around every nook and corner he believes the Christians will opt for the BN even though many in their ranks deplore the BN.

Now within UMNO there are two groups  with the different views, Muhyiddin's supporters are convinced that Najib is just wasting time as he knows this is his last term, win or lose.

Muhyiddin on the other hand  is growing  all the more frustrated, and his frustration has its limits. He is sure he is going to make the move to move Najib out,  he is confident of an even worse showing than 2008 this time around.

Millions of Malays have crossed over due to many factors and the Rosamh factor is no small contributor, Malays are just sick of her and the Muhyddin camp has made no secret about that in the UMNO branches and divisions,  especially Najib's inability to control her.

Najib is fully aware of his plight, he does not see himself being ousted the way Abdullah went, he is preparing his groundwork and is prepared to remove Muhyiddin from the Deputy's position and has in mind Ahmad Zahidi Hamidi to replace him.

Zahidi, Najib believs has done a good job in handling the Suaram onslaught on Najib and he want's to reward Zahidi at the expense of a troublesome deputy, he has precedence to support him, he is doing what Mahathir did  to Anwar.

This move if carried out will sideline Mukhriz who is just waiting on the sidelines, Zahidi is no novice he will not settle to be  a 'stop gap' deputy, he will then be gunning for leadership and is more apt to win than Mukhriz, that explains Mukhriz shift to Muhyiddin.

Like Najib's father did to the Tengku, Muhyiddin is hoping to do to Najib, as Najib does not command the grasroots the same way his father did, on the other hand Muhyiddin has grasroot support plus the support of others who have grassroot support too and  he may ask Najib to  leave sooner rather than later.

How that battle plays out is left to be seen as all ministerial appointments will be the prerogative of the Prime Minister,  and Najib may use that to his advantage. 

In the meantime both Najib and Muhydiin are fighting the best wayang kulit in town,  let's see how it plays out. Some real interesting times ahead.

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