Thursday, September 13, 2018


The dust hasn't even settled and here we are at each others throats.

We are playing into the hands of, sly, crafty masters of deceit and we'll all land up losers.
Anwar is going back to Parliament isn't he????
Anwar to be PM - Mahathir to be Pm in the interim Anwar to take over after Pardon - Was there another deal?

Did he not tell us that even before this, much, much before and wasn't that the battle cry.
That we'd win the elections, and Mahathir will be the PM in the interim and Anwar will come out and be granted a royal pardon and assume the position.

Now we are behaving like the UMNO DUMNOs, he isout and we join the UMNO bandwagon that is actually stirring the shit from the behind not to allow him back.

Anwar will not come in on day one and ask Mahathir to move off, he himself has said it wil be difficult but if we deny him this chance we are the liars we are the crooks.

Yes, I must admit that Rafizi for all he is worth is also responsible for part of this objections by the people, we get dragged into a network of hate and t of deceit and Rafizi with his accusations and all sorts of calls which he took public and  that were rather ungentlemanly fueled ivision and brroken the unity.

There has never been good blood between Rafizi and Azmin from day 1 as I see it.  There is fierce competition,can the two really mend fences after the PKR elections, Rafizi is making it difficult very difficult. He has to stop his rhetoric.

I really do not know where Zuraida is coming from either and the more matured politicians in the party must bring the bandwagon together they have to sing the same song. Well the campaign will tell us a lot, but the way it is going it does not look good at all.



This is the real world of Politics let it play out, after the PKR elections the dust may settle and I really hope it does, but if we fuel it it will get worse because we are the power and they will play the game we decide and right now it is divide, it is no honour suddenly everybody does not want Anwar and why?

Well the story line varies and depending  on who you ask.

Some will tell you Wan Azizah should quit Pandan and give it to him.
Anwar with PKR founder Dsr.Wan Aziza

Many other will tell you if he is after Mahathir's chair, that is what the UMNO buggers want too, Mahathir knows too much and will actually crush UMNO he has the ability.

Some others will tell you Nurul should quit.

Honestly I am shocked.

 If Wan Aziza quits that means Anwar is being put on fast track to become PM.

Remember she is DPM and in any event the PM steps down the DPM takes over. Wan is not going to become PM so its is good for her to be there so Mahathir aand his supporters do not have to look over their shoulders that often.

If he is out for Mahathir's chair he has to go for Wan Azizah or Nurul' seat, having all 3 in Parliament at the same time is an all time high and knowing Anwar he will not want it, Wan will remain the full term I suppose.
TDM Going about his work - not perturbed at all DSAI getting prepared but is not ready yet

Nurul has proved herself in politics even before this government came to powe and when it did she stays as an ordinary MP the same with Kit Siang, his son is the minister of Finance and Kit Siang an ordinary MP.

Nurul is the kind of material we want for the future, the people who determine it is us, and PKR has a membership that has worked hard all these years to turn the tables on UMNO, they have a voice too, they want the change they fought for so long for.
Dynamic future material - still young - chhose between her and the likes of - Sharizat?
erious to fulfill their wishes as they have been for wanting him there in the first place.

A good majority of them were UMNO members who gave up all the "perks" in UMNO to make this happen, their sacrifce was real, they want to see what they worked for happen and that was the pre election promise, and anybody who says otherwise is breaking that promise.

Anwar forgave Dr. M  and allowde him to lead to save the country he made a huge sacrifice, while some say, "if Dr.M had not come we would not have won" which is true the greater part of that truth is that if Anwar had not forgiven and  accepted  Dr. M back PH would not be the government today.

And in the background is UMNO an it is haunting via proxies. They are directing the game, they have the money make no bones.

I really see failure in the background because many of us who have never been in the real political arena will not know how the games play out and it is.

Well I should  know,  I was once the Deptuy Secretary General of Parti NASMA founded by two very good people, Ahmad Noor, from Customs and  President  of Ceupacs, and Zainab Yang a fiery lady who was at the head of what would seem a very Macho organsiation and a no nonsense person Zainab Yang, she headed the Pan Malaysian Lorry Drivers Association.

Nasma was infiltrated by UMNO people, one of whom even told me he carried $50 million to Sabah in cash to give Harris Salleh for the Sabah elections.The money was taken from KUBB.

Yusof Rawa formerly from PAS was a member of the Supreme Council and for those of you who do not know him, he defeated Mahathir in the 1969 election in Kedah, a really perfect gentleman in y opinion.

Pa Yusof as I called him in those days, one day called me, he saw what was happening, he asked me to meet him near the Kg Pandan Golf Club at the junction leading to the entrance, I drove there he was in a maroon car, he gave me a letter.  saying , " take this letter, it is my resignation from the party, give it to Raja Nasrom," he (Raja Nasrom had taken over the party's Supreme Council and forced Ahmad Nor and Zainab Yang out) and told me what was going on.

He advised me to leave as he put it to me, "you are a very young and sincere person, if you stay in this game it will ruin you, take this advice from me as an elder - quit, this and politics, you do not want to be part of this game).

I quit and took his advice, analyzing political scenario has been pat of me, probably taken after my father who did the same thing during his time, a staunch Alliance Party supporter then till 1969,  commenting via my blog It's Toffees Turn maintaining my links within UMNO which I still have, and from whom I get m sources.

The article I wrote pre GE14 on:

Well my own sources were from UMNO developed from way back, my NASMA or Parti Nasionalis Malaysia days, some of the live in Melaka, others mainly in Johor and Negeri Sembilan.

Those sources are still with me, they now tell me how UMNO members infiltrate your FB pages and try and discredit all you say, some of them have multiple Face book accounts so they post, they reply their post aand they criticize your post.

A good many of these UMNO face book cybertroopers  are not even Malays they come from the BN ranks I suppose,  but are paid by UMNO and if you go to political blogs you'll see the in action.

They maintain that Najib is innocent and that there is not an iota of evidence agaisnt him an that is why the government can't charge him, without realising he has already been charge twice. Then you get another guy coming out in support after or before he gets a response an more will come to make the guy who is telling the truth look like he does not know hat he is talking about.

Let it play out,  as long as we do not smoke it the fire will not burn,  stop adding smoke to the fire.


Ask yourselves since when has Star and the NST been so Pakatan friendly?

Thursday, September 6, 2018



XI Jinpeng's favourite boy

Speculation is rife and not without reason that Jho Low is in China, and yet China has not come out to deny it.

China has refused to deny reports that he is there and has even not given our Police who had inquired regarding his presence in China an answer, there has been no "Yes" and neither has there been no "NO" that he is either there or not there.

His approach to Diam when Dian was about to leave China fuels the speculation that Jho Loh was and is in China and we all know he was both in Hong Kong and Macau, and the Hong Kong Authorities had refused to hand him over to Singapore when Singapore requested the same.
Rosmah with her partner at the back

Hong Kong is not an independent state, it is not even an autonomous state, but totally controlled part of China and these are the conveniences China gets out of treating Hong Kong as it does now - a seemingly self governed territory, as it can wash its hands off pretending the puppet government of Hong Kong is free to administer itself and it (China) does not interfere, what a laugh, you only have to ask the Hongkies.

I have had a great respect for the Chinese administration in China, thinking all the time they were beyond reproach. Their integrity looked way beyond that of the USA and other hypocritical Western Nations especially those of the Western European bloc, but nay China now seems equally bad and seems to be playing that game with as much hypocrisy if not more.

Can China really be trusted?

 It is a question we all have to ask with sincerity, and answer it similarly?

It is obvious that pre May 9th China knew all that was happening in Malaysia and refused to do anything to stop a corrupt regime, huge Chinese corporations printed the Barisan banners and paraphernalia for free and even had the audacity of claiming such in the small print below the banner
Support for Najib not Kit Siang. China sponsored BN Banners for GE 14 a clear case of meddling.

in support of what they obviously knew was a corrupt regime, not just corrupt but corrupt to the core.

In China for corruption they put their officials to death, and many of those deaths were claimed to be fixes of opposing party members who posed a threat to the government fo the day in China. I used to blame that kind of talk to Western propaganda, now I am beginning to really have my doubts.

As long as there are things to gain China is not really interested in what happens in Malaysia or any other nation for that matter. With its new found wealth it seems on a road to colonialism and Malaysia must watch this, not to be colonised by China or for that matter any country and seemingly that is exactly what China is after and what a stupid Najib and UMNO were supporting all the while.

In our midst there are agents of Chinese colonialism led by none other then the present day UMNO who to distract the rest of Malaysians claim that Kit Siang is running the country and the really absolutely stupid UMNO faithful buy that story, but do nto seethe big threat of China colonizing Malaysia.

Had BN not been knocked off its perch we would have been colonized very fast.

This is no fantasy, take a look at what happened in Sri Lanka where China literally owns a port there and yet another in Pakistan. The government fo Sri Lanka as much as it may want to deny has now absolutely no control over the strategic port China has built there and neither has Pakistan. The inability to repay the massive loans to build the so called commercial ports were all masked with huge loans for which God alone knows how much the Sri Lankan and Pakistani politicians benefited from and and sold their territory to the the new colonialist power. There are similar projects in the offing in Africa.

China readily, willingly and knowingly gives huge loans to countries knowing they do not have the ability to repay the loans,a nd in return when the repayment is not due takes over the territory for strategic purposes as in the case of both the Sri Lankan Port and the Pakistani port. The political leaders who go to China for such assistance take huge loans many times the cost of the project and one can only guess where the money goes.

Now I think the UMNO fools must put 2 and two  together to know why we paid Chinese firms 80 percent the cost of projects where work has hardly even begun, the payments were made in China aand taken from Chinese banks as loans some traitors who are looking to sell our country to China are instead now pointing at Lim Kit Siang, who is just an ordinary MP and whom they claimed will be PM of Malaysia, are the UMNO Malays really that stupid to believe that.

It's a matter of time before they begin claiming Tioman
For goodness sake Kit Siang is a Malaysian he is not a threat, he does not have a huge army nor does he control our army and our police force he has no designs to capture Malaysia but China apparently has.

In China's claim of the South China sea, a claim it will not take to the International Court of justice knowing fully well it will be kicked off it is using its might to take over territory not legitimately theirs and in this quest even the parts of the Spartleys that belongs to us is part of that claim.

Kuantan is an ideal Western Strategic point for China to control the South China Sea, and that is why China was so ready to accept the development of Kuantan Port a failed project of Najib's father Tun
Razak bin Hussein, who he is nfow trying to immortalize with the TRX exchange building, it should be rightfully called the Altantuya Sharibu tower to shame Najib instead.

The ECRL is a convinient .mode of transport from Port Klang to Kuantan, I do not think it  is meant for human traffic but rather freight from Port Klang to Kuantan to ship to China and vice versa. By bypassing Singapore and Indonesia and with control over the South China sea China will eb able to supply arms to countries in the South Asia region almost undetected via Myanmar and even Sri Lanka.
Chinese ambitions

China has ambitious projects in Melaka, and Port Klang  once they carry out these expensive projects and get us indebted like Sri Lanka they control it and eventually control the South China sea they are willing to pump in the billions and trillions required to corrupt the governments and realise their expansionist plans in the region we may have to travel around the world with Chinese Passports and UMNO supports that.

China is now using the corrupt and Chinese money seems to be buying out corrupt politicians who are agents of Chinese colonialism.

If China is sincere with Malaysia they must show it by their deeds, we need a clean country just like China needs to clean its act and which it does in its own way, we do not need to meddle with that, but China must respect us as well and not partake in activities detrimental to our own efforts of building a dynamic and independent nation, independent even of China, friendly relations based on respect, integrity and non interference with our internal affairs  is welcomed, but trying to use agents in this country to exploit us for their own benefit is totally unacceptable.

Najib can shout all he wants about Kit Siang, but what he is not saying is that he is and was  preparing the path for China and for Chairman Xi Jinpeng who will eventually become de facto Chairman of Malaysia too.

Kit Siang not that he will be premier of Malaysia is a Malaysian,  but the UMNO members do not see that possibility of  Xi Jinpeng pulling the strings for Najib to dance.
All yours boss take Kuantan, Melaka, Port Klang just take, take  and take.

With the huge projects and the massive spending and borrowings from China to fund these projects like Sri Lanka did and at the same time robbing Malaysian money as in 1MDB and other massive mega scandals this crook MO1 and his staunch disciples within UMNO and from some other notable opposition parties were preparing to rip the country apart without a care for all Malaysians UMNO members included. They have plans to rape the nation and go elsewhere and live and there is no care for Malaysia or Malaysians, now ask yourselves you stupid UMNO fools are they Malaysians in the first place?

China was actually laughing all the way till Mahathir came along, he can smell a colonialist from a thousand miles, we were not truly independent till he became PM, and that is why to get Singapore to part from the Federation we had to get Britain's approval.

Almost the entire plantation industry, shipping, mining trading etc. in Malaysia were owned by British and other European countries.When they cleared lands by the millions of hectares tit was alright, when we took it over and did the same it was deforestation that is something we'll deal with later.

It was the famous "Dawn Raid" on the London Stock Exchange that saw us take over Guthrie and Sime Darby a shock the Margaret Thatcher could not accept they immediately got to changing the rules of the game in the LSE.
After calling him a recalcitrant Paul Keating comes visiting Mahathir

That was regaining our independence, we wanted control of our indigenous industries and we took it back.

We began on a new path of Industrialization, God gave us a new found wealth - oil, we were not going to get exploited by huge Multinationals we went into sharing agreements later we set up Petronas which stands on its own as a reasonably well run MNC on its own all this was during the Mahathir years, we became the sixteenth largest exporter int he world we were a proud nation.

I was a short term expatriate in Indonesia, I used to drink with other expatriates from Europe and America they had only good things to say about Malaysia then, and you were proud to be Malaysian, I still am and will forever be, but not as a stooge or a colonial slave to anyone.

As long as it is a Malaysian who leads so what, I am resigned to the fact that in my lifetime I will not see a non Malay Malaysian become a PM we are not that politically matured yet, but yes the day will come probably in the life time of my grand children when that will be a possibility but that person will be a true loyal Malaysian and the whole country will be proud of that person.

I think it is time for the Malays in UMNO to realise that it is not DAP or Kit Siang, UMNO makes them look evil, the evil is there within UMNO and it is there with UMNO's own leadership.