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Oh Datin Paduka Sri Rosmah Mansor you have to Earn it.

Bukan ke Nama you Rosmah Mansor????
Isn't your name Rosmah Mansor? 

Come on Daatin Paduka Sri Rosmah Mansor, do you  REALLY expect this young lady Nurul to  respect you when there are so many allegations against you made by the international press, by local inquires in the 1MDB, about your relationship with Jho Lo, that have been left unanswered and where legitimate findings have been made official secrets.

Nevertheless she apologised to you,  that is the result of her upbringing, that is the kind of manners she was taught "if you are wrong admit it, and if you have hurt  someone apologise at the earliest  opportunity" and that is exactly what she did.

Anyone who knows her parents would have been expecting that from her after all her mother is a Gold Medal Receipant in Obstetrics and Gynecology from the  Royal College of Surgeons in Ireland plus she is a qualified Ophthalmologist, her Husband was  an  elected Deputy President of UMNO, he was Chair of the Development Committee  of the World Bank Development and the International Monetary fund, I am not referring to Anwar's degree as it may be disrespectful to your husband, the Prime Minister of Malaysia.

Well Datin Sri we still remember the story of Saiful going to "visit your husband for a scholarship" at your house,  in case you have forgotten it,  all the events surrounding the visit and yet the prosecution in Nurul's  father's case did not find it necessary to subpoena your husband as a witness in the trial, and we keep wondering why, why and when did that story line change.

We wonder what on earth happened to the poor Myanmarese doctor to whom Saiful confessed he put a plastic pipe up his .... you know what?

Very honestly I think you should conduct an independent poll to see how many Malaysians really "respect" you. That is something you must know as the wife of the prime Minister of Malaysia our beloved country.

 I am sure you'll be more than  just surprised by the results, you may even be shocked.

There are so many incidents that you need to come out in the open with , face the international press for scrutiny, and answer the numerous allegations against you and honestly if there  is nothing to hide you must do it not only for your sake but for the  sake of the nation.

After such a public scrutiny demand an apology from all those who have defamed you if they have done so, and failing to do so, sue them for all they are worth.  I for one will support you, and I am sure all Malaysians will, even if it means you have to sue them in New York or London. 

Is this not what every respectful leader and his wife  does in the face of such allegations if they are baseless? 

Now  after you sue them and if you win and are cleared the whole world will have respect  for  you Datin Rosmah and you can hold your head up high.

Of course I'll not call you Mak Cik or Aunty that will be disrespect as I am much older then you, but I want to ask you this:

How come a Jeweler can fly in a blue diamond worth millions for your viewing pleasure, why did you even think of viewing it if you were not intent on buying it?  

Then again, if you were intent on buying it who would pay for it?

Or, were hoping to get an "Uncle" or an "Auntie"  perhaps to buy that ring for you?

You see just in case you have forgotten we are Malaysians true full blooded Malaysians not from DUMNO,  so you'll have to come out with something better, and please do not test our intelligence this way it only raises more doubts.

Well even if that was your answer about that diamond why haven't you answered Rafizi on the other diamond? 

He has asked you about the Pink Diamond?

You see Datin Rosmah respect is earned, you do not demand it and if it is not forthcoming, it is the duty of the person who is not getting the respect he or she deserves to do some serious soul searching and ask that simple question:

What on earth is wrong with me?

That is what most respectable persons do anyway, and I am sure you know that too.

I am sure all your life you have given your beloved parents love and respect in abundance, they did not have to be Prime Minister or anything like that, they did not even ask you for it but because they are your parents you gave it to them freely. Right?

Similarly if you did not give the rakyat reasons to disrespect you they never would, never ever, but  if they do disrespect you,  the right thing to do is to do some real soul searching. 

Nurul did that.. 

There is another side to the coin.


Only today Najib  said this;  Mahathir should be given the “Best Actor” Academy Award for his pretence.

You see Datin,  Mahathir is above all that, he does not need the respect of your husband, I can safely say it does not even bother him at all  because he does not expect that from him and truly he does not want and expect  that respect at all, not from your husband most of all I think.

You used seniority, age and from when you knew her (Nurul) and what she called you, you even went on to say you knew her  when she was even without her teeth, well Mahathir I suppose knew your husband when he was a kid too, I could use similar phrases phrases but that may be derogatory and so I shall refrain.

I think you should ask your husband what he called Mahathir when he was a small  boy, then school him on how to respect his elders, he should listen to you, he must respect you too after all you are older then him and once he does that  you to be able to look at yourself clearly in the mirror. and tell yourself before you tell the whole world you expect some respect from Nurul

Malaysia by Nurul


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 By Toffee


In what is viewed by many UMNO members both within the Wanita and the rest of the party as 'not surprising' Sharizat is reported to be dropping out or dropped out of GE14.

Will Najib sacrifice Pekan for the love Sharizat?

One wanita member said  "this was expected as the the majority of even the wanita feel that what she did Rafizi is wrong, "she was the guilty party here we all know that but,  a Malay has to suffer for exposing her wrongdoing'" to which I retorted, "Sin (Dosa) or wrongdoing?" and she replied,  "wrongdoing doing, bukan dosa."  I did not argue knowing UMNO people and how she could turn it into a religious issue especially since I am not a Muslim, but then she went on to say, "Rafizi also should not have exposed a Malay leader that way, that is not so good." I was really confused, I left it at that.

I was happy though,  even UMNO members expected Sharizat not to stand, and is that why after an initial attempt to stand in Bandar Tun Razak she pulled out?     

Another UMNO member cited Ahmad Zahid Hamidi,  he said "Zahid had requested  Najib not to field Sharizat, the source tells us that Zahid told Najib, "you can bring her through the back door, but do not field her for the GE as she is bound to lose teruk, teruk and that will mean UMNO loses a seat and is made a laughing stock off." Zahid and Sharizat are no real "Kissin Cousins" either.
He apparently doesn't want Sharizat to stand

Najib has not made any comment on Sharizat to date, he may use dropping her as an example that anyone can be dropped and they must accept it as gracefully as she does knowing she is reluctant to stand and in doing so  he may then point to Sharizat, but little do most UMNO members know that she is personally requesting to be dropped, as she really can't win even if she stands in Pekan or Bagan Dato, and does not intend to humiliate herself.

Sharizat's reputation has taken a beating  since the famous "cowgate" scandal and it is not going to leave her unblemished throughout her political career, it will also come out strongly should she decide to contest the Wanita head's post if ever UMNO heads really do go into a free and fair party elections.

Sharizat is the worst performing Wanita UMNO leader since the inception of the wing in the party, she was the first to be defeated and that too by a young and green entry in the political arena, the daughter of  Anwar Ibrahim - Nurul Izzah Anwar,
Clueless,Pointless, Senseless

Sharizat was a three time incumbent of Lebah Pantai Constituency and in the 2008 election had won the seat by a  15288 vote majority, but just 4 years later in 2008 facing Nurul she lost the seat she had been expecting to win easily, lost it  by  a 2895 vote margin, resulting in Sharizat openly and weeping over her loss, she never expected it in her wildest dreams, and that too by a lady who was hardly even 28 years old then.

Sharizat would have been dropped much earlier, but she has very strong ties with a close confidante of Najib Razak, in fact his closest and it is spoken of even in the wanita circles, to the extent that many ministers fear to confront her on issues they do not agree with her on.

Her mother has forbade her to criticise Mahathir Mohammad, and recently when she opened a salvo on him it is reported that she received telling off from her mother. The  mother  knows, it was Mahathir who gave her the opportunities  in UMNO, although he did not influence the outcomes of the elections in the Wanita when Rafida lost to Sharizat, that was done by other UMNO ministers including .Badawi, Najib and some other senior UMNO SC members  who saw Rafidah as a strong contender for the DPM's  position. She was by far the best performing Minister in the Mahathir cabinet and all cabinet members from the other parties had great respect for her.

After getting Rafidah out of office during Badawi's tenure, Foreign Direct Investment (FDI) was never the same and took a huge bashing, Malaysia lost one of its best Ministers of International Trade, the other was Mahathir himself..

You only have to listen to the arguments of both Rafidah and Sharizat  to find out that the Wanita UMNO has never progressed since Rafidah's departure. The quality of talk is in itself so absolutely contrasting, one very eloquent with substance in her deliveries whilst the other talks like the woman who runs a mamak Teh Tarik shop.

So will a record of sorts be set in the 2018 General Elections?

Will the Head of the UMNO Wanita be dropped as a candidate from the Elections 2018.?


Friday, April 20, 2018

UK Calls On Malaysia to Accept Election Monitoring And Condemns Fake News and Boundary Laws! A SARAWAK REPORT EXCLUSIVE



 19 April 2018
Ann Clwyd holds UK FO to account over dealings with Najib
Following a visit to KL the UK Foreign Office Minister Mark Field has made a stinging condemnation of Najb’s latest moves to fix the election and to suppress criticism through his so-called ‘Fake News’ law.
Ann Clwyd holds UK FO to account over dealings with NajibAnswering questions tabled at the end of March by the veteran Malaysia-watcher Ann Clwyd MP on Tuesday evening, the Minister, who has responsibility for matters relating to Britain and Malaysia, called on Malaysia to accept external election monitoring in the up-coming election, something the Malaysian Prime Minister has consistently refused to allow.
Although couched in the usual diplomatic language, the responses by the Minister represent an unprecedented put-down by the British Government, which has till this point remained one of Najib’s most solid allies as global corruption scandals have unravelled.
Clwyd had asked whether the British Secretary of State had made representations on the potential effect on freedom of speech of the Fake News law in Malaysia; the effect of the latest gerrymandering of constituencies on the veracity of the general election and what over-all assessment the minister had made of the political situation in Malaysia in the run-up to general elections?
In his response to the first point, Mark Field expressed Britain’s formal concern and disapproval not only over the Fake News law itself, but also the way it was undemocratically forced through in a matter of hours, without meaningful scrutiny or due process.  He went on to pointedly confirm that the UK is working together with other European nations in the EU to monitor the situation closely:
“The UK regularly highlights its firm commitment to freedom of speech and expression. I am concerned about the potential effect that the new Anti-Fake News Bill could have on freedom of expression in Malaysia, and about the fact that this Bill was passed without meaningful public consultation or debate. We are monitoring developments closely, working with EU and other foreign partners and stand ready to make any necessary representations.”

Shunned By The Commonwealth?

Meanwhile, Najib Razak has notably failed to present himself at the key biennial Commonwealth Heads of Government meeting in London this week.  The last minute no show means that Malaysia has effectively ruled itself out of taking over as the Chair of the next summit in 2020, which till this point had been expected to take place in KL.  
Foreign Office Minister Mark Field
Foreign Office Minister Mark Field

It represents an enormous blow to Najib, who coverts international recognition, and Sarawak Report has surmised that in the wake of the 1MDB scandal, followed by Najib’s hardline measures to protect himself, the situation had simply become too embarassing for other Commonwealth nations to accept. 
In his second answer, responding to the outrageous re-delineations again rushed through in a violation of due process by Najib, Field revealed that he had himself visited KL the previous week and it seems impossible not to conclude that these matters were not discussed during those meetings.  The outcome appears to have been the decision to drop Najib as the prospective Chair in waiting for CHOGM 2020:
“​On my visit to Malaysia last week, I heard about concerns related to the electoral boundary changes introduced by the Election Commission. We will be monitoring their impact, and have discussed the importance of free and fair elections with the Malaysian government at the highest levels.”
Field went on to reveal that Britain has now formally urged the Malaysian Government to accept external observers, something Najib Razak has doggedly refused to allow, despite persistent requests from the opposition parties and NGO campaigners, in particular the internationally respected clean election group, Bersih:
​”We continue to follow the political situation in Malaysia closely. During my visit to Kuala Lumpur last week, I heard about the recent changes to constituency boundaries and the passing of the Anti-Fake News Bill. I recognise that there are concerns related to both issues. The UK continues to stress the importance of free and fair elections and open and vibrant political debate. We have also encouraged Malaysia to invite external election observers, in advance of the 9 May election. [Answers FCO Mark Field 17th April]
Malaysia’s caretaker government may continue its course for the remainder of this election period, denying the undeniable and criminalising honest reporting and criticism online.
 However, voters need to realise that outside of their propaganda bubble, the rest of the world has got the measure of Najib Razak and blackballed his kleptocracy, presenting very severe consequences of loss of trust in the wider nation were he to persist in power post May 9th.

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Whilst Hadi Awang tries to rid the BN of both MCA and Gerakan, he may be digging his own grave too and in the process do irreparable damage to BN.
Is he taking advantage of Najib's position. 

It is no secret that PAS has struck accord with UMNO at its own expense.

PAS will work as spoiler in Malay seats to split the Malay vote which it assumes will favour UMNO,and that  could have been the case in a number of seats in the country prior to Mahathir throwing his weight behind Harapan.

PAS has also overplayed its importance because its previous victories especially in Perak, Penang, Selangor and even in the other states was not merely on Malay votes but on the non Malay vote in a huge way as  it was in Pakatan. PKR supporters are PKR supporters, moreover the urban Malay does not support the PAS Agenda and more so the Chinese,  in fact many of the non urban Malays too except for the people of Kelantan and some in Trengganu do not subscribe to the PAS agenda.
All moves seems to be wrong.

The support of the Kelantanese has more to do with a tribal mentality, since long before and even after independence the Kelantan Malays who are actually descendants of Yunannese (people of southern China) can trace their ancestry to Yunan and even  Cambodia if they really do DNA testing, and that is a historic fact, these people considered the rest of the Malays from the peninsular as 'Orang Asing,'   as the remaining Malays in the Peninsular had their roots in the Indonesian Islands. Accordingly they voted PAS which had its base in Kelantan.

In the present situation PAS support is not for BN as a whole but only for  UMNO.

Hadi has big plans for himself in the future and so he is willing to sit this one out, assist UMNO at this elections and then come in big time during the next elections possibly before 2022, if he lives that long. If he wins a parliamentary seat which he may not, he is hoping for a ministerial posting of significance as a return favour for his role in helping Najib and that is IF the BN can win.

For any new party to  join Barisan there must be a consensus from all member parties on  admitting the new member, and the parties in his way will be the MCA and the Gerakan that is, if they win their respective seats this time around, if they don't he'll get Najib to shut them up and gain the consensus for PAS to join BN.

For this to happen for PAS, MCA must lose and they'll carry out that operation in a subtle way to ensure that both Gerakan and MCA are nothing but passengers on the BN train, and that too third class passengers, MIC is no threat to no one in the BN, they'll say 'yes' to Najib for everything.

PAS has now set that operation in motion, it has fired the first salvo on none other than the President
Worried?  No where to run?
of the MCA who is already on a very shaky wicket in Bentong.  The PAS candidate  for Pelangai state seat Abdul Hamid Bahatim has openly stated, that Liow Tiong Lai will not win the Bentong seat this time around, he has implied that PAS will nto support Liow,  Pelangai is one of four seats under the Bentong constituency.

Other PAS sources tell us that this is actually a conflicting statement, and that we  can expect this from a good number of PAS candidates as they prepare to get rid of Hadi Awang and his gang from PAS after the elections, holding them responsible for the PAS performance at the 2018 elections.

Both the MCA and the Gerakan look doomed even before it begins, and both Najib and Hadi have overplayed and over estimated  the importance of PAS,  a party that used to lose its deposit in most of the seats it stood for in the states of Johor, Melaka, Negeri Sembilan, Perak, Penang and Pahang. The East Malaysian states was a no, no territory for this party that once claimed to be "God's Party."

Najib in his desperation is trying a lot of things, and each thing he tries something new it is really counter productive.

PAS like the BN was counting on a poor voter turnout by having the elections on a Wednesday, in fact initially most Malaysians felt that way.

Now more than ever more and more Malaysian are determined to come home to vote. One young Malaysian who had fallen for the "Undi Rosak"  and  was determined not to come over with his wife to vote because he said, "there is really no choice"  he has now changed his mind.

This is what that young Malaysian is now saying, " this is most certainly an attempt to 'steal the elections', Najib clearly knows his chances are better with a poor voter turnout, and it was proven so in Teluk Intan at the last General elections. This is cheating, and I hate cheats,  I have now changed my mind I am coming back and most certainly so," and this voter is working in East Java.

Crowds at Harapan ceramas in the rural heartland of Malaysia now taking place are proof of the peoples want for change, there is no money being dished out here , there are no big project talks, there is only talk of gross mismanagement by this government that has caused Malaysians to become poorer and there are huge and eager crowds, especially to hear Tun Dr. Mahathir, what is even more surprising is the large number of Malays at Lim Kit Siang's ceramas. Malaysians are looking united, the non Malays are cheering Mahathir and the Malays are cheering Lim Kit Siang.

What most of the ordinary Malaysians fail to realise is that they are earning much less now then they did five years ago, the value of their ringgit has shrunken compared to its value on the same  day that is 17th April 2013 (five yeas ago), then  the Malaysian Ringgit stood at 3.030499 to the US$.

Today it is 3.88756 at time of writing and that is a difference of 28.2 %, even if your wages rose by 6 percent annually during that period you would have received a 25 percent increase over the years, that is 3.2 percent short that means you are actually earning 3.2 percent than you did in 2013, and this is further compounded by the rise in price of essential goods, the 6 percent GST,  the phenomenal increase in the price of petrol, the rise in standard of living the impossible to purchase price on housing the rise in rentals and more. \

All Malaysian have actually got poorer and over the years with even more taxes to come if you give the BN a mandate we'll all land much much more poorer, the GST will certainly go up again because that is the Najib model, he is dependent on the GST, and yet at the same time he has not given the people an account fo where the GST has been spent and how it is benefiting us.

Hospital charges have gone up, medicine is expensive with some hospitals asking patients to go buy their own medicines, price of rice and other essentials have gone up and all he'll tell you is that,  "no the price has not gone up it is just that the subsidy has been removed," but what about the GST what has it done for the ordinary Malaysian.

Now to add insult to injury we have just discovered that this government may have waived millions in GST from the East Coast Rail Link (ECRL) project handled by the China Communications Construction Company (CCCC) a contract signed by Najib for which there have been accusations that the amount of money agreed upon for this contract is phenomenal. 
In today's Malaysiakini report Amanah vice- president Husham Musa has urged Putrajaya to reveal the amount of GST collection it has waived for CCCC.

At  the end of the last elections Najib asked one very impertinent question, he asked, "Apa lagi Cina mahu,"  he was referring to the Malaysian Chinese wanted, they wanted nothing other than to exercise their right to vote, a right they had given the Barisan over many years till he Badawi and Njib misused their position and did not govern as expected. 

Now I think he was talking about China, so after asking "Apa lagi Cina mahu?"  he has given them the  GST I suppose.  Not to  our Malaysian Chinese they are our brothers, he was talking about the China Chinese and I am just wondering if they gave him anything in return for the GST waiver.

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 By Toffee
Sunday 15th April 2018


Barisan Nasional hopefuls are on a seat scramble all over the country and at the centre of all this hullabaloo are the Chinese based parties who are demanding "safe seats".
Two major players in seat squabble

"Safe seats" to them are those seats where there is  a considerable Chinese presence and and a greater  Malay presence. They feel that UMNO will deliver the Malay vote whilst they will be able to get at least about 15 to twenty percent of the Chinese vote and wrest the seat. This has always been the way the MCA obtained seats in the past.

This time around the Gerakan is also seeking such "safe seats" as the jewel in their crown Penang has condemned them into the dustbins of history  and both parties are now determined to get an equal amount of  these "safe seats" for their own survival.

Although openly both the Gerakan and the MCA have declared that they will work together,  this can't be, as in the BN Parliamentarians and State Assemblymen have a lot to gain not only politically as history has testified in this country, so the demand for the safer of the safe seats gets hotter every day.

On the other hand UMNO feels that it is time the Chinese based parties fight on the Chinese turf, and that is mainly in Penang and the big cities and leave these "safe seats" which are Malay majority to UMNO as UMNO's own safety in this elections is in serious doubt.

MIC seems to be the sitting duck in this seat allocation business.

MCA is vying the Teluk Kemang seat, MIC is adamant that, that has been traditionally their seat and they are not in favour of giving it up. The Barisan Nasional has held this seat from 1974 - 2008 and in 2013 the then incumbent Sothinathan Sinna Gounddar   lost the seat to PKR's Kamarul Bharin Abbas.

MCA now feels it has a better chance of winning that seat and are lobbying for it heavily on the basis that MIC had already lost it and this time around they'd win it. An MCA leader in that area has made it clear to the MIC hopeful,  that the Chinese in the area would not vote any MIC candidate, in fact said the MCA man, even he would not vote him if the MIC candidate stood in that constituency.

Rizalman Cheras UMNO Divison Head
Then there is the  Bandar Tun Razak seat.
This  seat can be the source of a lot of trouble for Najib as  the tussle is between the MCA, and UMNO.

UMNO's division chief in that area wants the seat, then now suddenly this famous Rizalman is at the centre of  a  struggle as it was supposed to be his seat, but UMNO insiders tell us that Sharizat has been eyeing this seat for some time now and has got a tacit approval from Najib to go for that seat, if she wants to after the alleged nightclub scandal involving Rizalman.

Our UMNO sources also tell us that Rizalman was in the know of this attempt by Sharizat to take this seat even before the scandal but was confidant he'd get it as he was given an assurance of the same by a high ranking UMNO cabinet minster, believed to be Zahid with who Rizalman is closely aligned to.
Sharizat Abdul Jalil

It is therefore no secret why Rizalman cried "foul" and was asked to tone down by the party over the nightclub incident, that seems to have already tarnished his name and there is a great likelihood that Sharizat may take that seat.

However Sharizat is not really in the clear as yet, as Najib is finding it extremely difficult to sideline Rizalman who has strong connections close to Najib, and he  may not want to undermine his deputy  who our sources tell us is adamant about Rizalman standing in Cheras .

To soften the blow Najib may strike a deal  and  eventually allow MCA to retain that seat,   that is why Wee Ka Siong was reported saying,  'as it stands, Bandar Tun Razak is still an MCA seat".
Yes of course as it stands, it is, but not if the UMNO division or Sharizat has her way.

Yet another BN source tells us that if that is done the BN is bound to lose the Bandar Tun Razak seat.

As, as it is, it is a tough seat for the BN. "This is an urban seat where the Malay electorate are more  Harapan inclined this time around and the sentiment in the whole area is pro Harapan moreover the majority of the Chinese will not support the MCA or BN for that matter" said this UMNO source from Kajang.

Sharizat was offered Wangsa Maju, but that is a seat even the strongest BN candidate will lose,  the Malays from the Wangsa Maju constituency comprise a huge Malay pro "reformasi" following, and with the coming of Mahathir into the equation the chances of Harapan retaining  this seat are extremely high and Sharizat knows that as well, moreover Sharizat herself is not without scandal and is easy meat for the taking.

Down in Segamat the MIC President is suddenly feeling very uncomfortable, the stage is being set for his loss.

In the last elections the MIC President who is the incumbent won by a mere 3.61 percent and there were 950 spoilt votes and 88 unreturned ballots with a total total voter turnout of 39,895 and where he won by a slim majority of 1,217 votes.

This time around the dynamics have changed, there is the exit of Muhyiddin from UMNO and he has a strong support base in Johor, Mahathir has a strong following in that state too and that coupled with the PKR supporters makes UMNO the weaker party. 

During Mahathir's tenure Johor always returned a 100 per cent clean slate. Subramaniam is almost as good as gone, if he is fielded in Segamat and to make matters worse  he has already come out openly declaring  he is going to defend his Segamat seat, so he will find it very difficult to turn around now and say he wants something else.

Moreover Segamat was a strong support base of the former MIC Deputy President S. Subramaniam, whereas this Subramaniam is a strong supporter of Samy Velu and the chemistry with the Indian MIC supporters will not be the same  for this man as they do not really support or have any liking for Samy Velu, this may result in a  fractured relationship so the thirty odd percent of MICsupport that that he can expect from the Indian community will swindle further  and the opposition will surely benefit from the vote.

Will Najib's Malaysian Indian Blue Print help?
Can he ward off the challenge by Hanna Yeoh?

Ask any independent pressman to go and find out and any Indian will tell you this, " we have been showered with promises, promises and more promises over and over again, if all those promises were fulfilled all Indians would have been millionaires today," and as an Indian from an Indian NGO in Tanjung Malim put it to me, " ask them to make it happen first, then maybe we will vote them in the next time around. We have been lied to enough and more times, and we were fools to take them on their word, if we do it again we must be real damn fools, Najib should not be talking, he spoke at the last elections nothing was delivered. Remember his famous  Nambekei? Yes, that means TRUST,  nothing came out of it - Zero."

We gave him our trust he miss used  it and we trust him no more.

Looking at it from any angle Subramaniam is a goner if he stands in Segamat, I think the only safe seats for him are either Bagan Dato or Pekan.

UMNO Branch and Division heads are prodding Najib to send the MCA and Gerakan candidates to Ipoh, Kuala Lumpur, Puchong, Klang, and other major cities where there are Chinese majorities and leave the Malay seats for them, they have had enough, UMNO is demanding greater representation for themselves.

The Question is; 
Will Liow dare take on Lim Guan Eng?  he should,  he claims to represent the Malaysian Chinese, he is the President of the Malaysian Chinese Association,
will he even dare take on Gobind Singh Deo in Puchong and prove himself the head of the Malaysian Chinese Association?

The truth be told the Chinese and the Indians now look at themselves as Malaysians first and on that score neither him nor his party has right of place in almost all Malaysia..

Friday, April 13, 2018


  By Toffee

 Smack it to them where it counts Most!!!!!!!



Come tomorrow 14th April 2018, I am telling my newspaper man to stop my subscription of  my daily paper,  as I am sick and tired of the trash we receive in the local  press day in day out.

You get the sickening picture of whom I consider the worst Prime Minister ever of Malaysia taking a whole page and undeserved accolades make up the captions of that  page on a daily basis AND ARE YOU SERIOUSLY PAYING FOR THIS TRASH??? I suggest you think again and trash it an follow my example

The paper I have been buying  blatantly advertises the Barisan Nasional in full pages and it has refused that privilege to other parties.

In the past when other parties approached at least this one paper I know,  for which they were willing to pay, they were refused the privilege, a clear indication that it has lost its objectivity and is inclined to allow half truths flourish in its pages to undermine the other participants of the other parties vying to become government.

If you read the pother papers both English and the vernacular you'll find this one sided bandit in action and more vigorously so at these times leading to the elections,.

It is my opinion and that shared by hundreds of  thousands of others that these  papers are incapable of giving you a truly balanced view off the politics of the nation 

It is common knowledge that our papers are actually owned by political parties or persons or corporations closely aligned to them and  who actually  form the government, The New Straits Times, The Star, The Utusan, The Tamil Nesan etc. In fact every daily publication both English and the vernacular that means the Chinese press too are all aligned with Barisan National a  condition that is rather obvious to be given KDN's approval for publication I presume.

Political papers like the rocket are restricted to only the members of the DAP, not by the party but by this Barisan Government.

Now do you think it is worth supporting this media???

I urge all right thinking Malaysians to demand more, much much more, equal and balanced  reporting and the stories in full.

We only received what the government wanted us to hear of the 1MDB in the 1MDB case from the local media, most all the truth came from the foreign media and even Sarawak Report, and we got confirmation of all this when foreign governments began taking action against 1MDB and bankers involved in the same, when Joe Lo was implicated, when the Swiss Attorney General reported that cooperation with the Malaysian authorities were not forthcoming and most damaging of all when the Department of Justice (DOJ) of the US implicated not only Najib but family members in the scandal.

In the recent saga of the MINDEF land scandal we get Hishamuddin calling Rafidah a liar, but not coming out to substantiate that. I think when he does that he is acknowledging that he is one, otherwise he has to prove it, bring out the proof as requested by Rafidah.

Rafidah has asked him to produce the minutes of the meeting where this land deal was passed, but to date he has refused and refuses to even address that question.

Tomorrow I suppose they'll make  the  minutes of that meeting an official secret, but honestly I think they can't because they are just a caretaker government, meaning that Najib is for the moment only a "glorified jaga" and in that capacity he can't, so a reply to Rafidah providing the minutes of that meeting will be in order.


does he intend to go to a Mosque to take an Oath to say Rafidah is lying? that may be in order too, after all that is what he did in the Altantuya case, only that this time the people will demand to see the minutes of that meeting - Official Secret or otherwise.

What is even more interesting is that Rafidah has told us that there were "two men and woman" in that Company that had secured this deal whilst Badawi was PM and Najib was minister of defence.

Rafidah states that she  had categorically asked how was it that such a strategic asset was being  given directly to an unknown Company that was selected with the knowledge of the PM and the defense Minister only, and why the Lembaga Tabung Angkatan Tentra (LTAT) was not chosen instead.

She went further to suggest that with such an arrangement LTAT could then form a Consortium with Established Local Companies for the purpose of development, to which she received a reply telling her That LTAT will be brought it later.

What I am sure will be in the mind of every Malaysian including the staunchest UMNO member who is not already in the know is, "Who is the one Woman" in this 3 man Company".

Well I am inclined to believe it is...........

I hope among the two men in this 3 man Company one is not a man who was also involved in a mega MINDEF purchase that turned into a mega scandal later on.

Rafidah has asked the PM directly to verify what she has said regarding this MINDEF land scandal.

Why is Najib quiet, it is he who should answer it and not third parties assigned by him, has he anything to hide?

Why is that all this and much much more,  are not in the daily newspapers we buy??

The answer is this government controlled media sucks up this regime.

The press is only a tool of the government and we are being fed with lies day in day out to deliberately  mislead the people, believe me if all of you stop buying the daily papers we stand an excellent chance of either getting them to make drastic changes and then we can go ahead and purchase the editions after the elections.

Well there is a lot more that the Press does not tell us. Let us put a stop to this one-sided fake news we receive from the press.

Call your newspaper man and tell him to stop your subscription today.

I urge all Malaysian to dump the daily newspapers, this wicked and nasty government controlled media,  at least for the period leading to the elections, once this is done it will hurt the press where it matters most. Advertising revenue will fall and without circulation it is the end.

Stop your papers at least till the May 10th.

OBITUARIES  can be posted on face book ask your friends to make it viral YOU'LL GET MORE COVERAGE, and they will, sports news can be obtained on line, stock market on line too, nothing to really hold us back.