Wednesday, April 25, 2018

Oh Datin Paduka Sri Rosmah Mansor you have to Earn it.

Bukan ke Nama you Rosmah Mansor????
Isn't your name Rosmah Mansor? 

Come on Daatin Paduka Sri Rosmah Mansor, do you  REALLY expect this young lady Nurul to  respect you when there are so many allegations against you made by the international press, by local inquires in the 1MDB, about your relationship with Jho Lo, that have been left unanswered and where legitimate findings have been made official secrets.

Nevertheless she apologised to you,  that is the result of her upbringing, that is the kind of manners she was taught "if you are wrong admit it, and if you have hurt  someone apologise at the earliest  opportunity" and that is exactly what she did.

Anyone who knows her parents would have been expecting that from her after all her mother is a Gold Medal Receipant in Obstetrics and Gynecology from the  Royal College of Surgeons in Ireland plus she is a qualified Ophthalmologist, her Husband was  an  elected Deputy President of UMNO, he was Chair of the Development Committee  of the World Bank Development and the International Monetary fund, I am not referring to Anwar's degree as it may be disrespectful to your husband, the Prime Minister of Malaysia.

Well Datin Sri we still remember the story of Saiful going to "visit your husband for a scholarship" at your house,  in case you have forgotten it,  all the events surrounding the visit and yet the prosecution in Nurul's  father's case did not find it necessary to subpoena your husband as a witness in the trial, and we keep wondering why, why and when did that story line change.

We wonder what on earth happened to the poor Myanmarese doctor to whom Saiful confessed he put a plastic pipe up his .... you know what?

Very honestly I think you should conduct an independent poll to see how many Malaysians really "respect" you. That is something you must know as the wife of the prime Minister of Malaysia our beloved country.

 I am sure you'll be more than  just surprised by the results, you may even be shocked.

There are so many incidents that you need to come out in the open with , face the international press for scrutiny, and answer the numerous allegations against you and honestly if there  is nothing to hide you must do it not only for your sake but for the  sake of the nation.

After such a public scrutiny demand an apology from all those who have defamed you if they have done so, and failing to do so, sue them for all they are worth.  I for one will support you, and I am sure all Malaysians will, even if it means you have to sue them in New York or London. 

Is this not what every respectful leader and his wife  does in the face of such allegations if they are baseless? 

Now  after you sue them and if you win and are cleared the whole world will have respect  for  you Datin Rosmah and you can hold your head up high.

Of course I'll not call you Mak Cik or Aunty that will be disrespect as I am much older then you, but I want to ask you this:

How come a Jeweler can fly in a blue diamond worth millions for your viewing pleasure, why did you even think of viewing it if you were not intent on buying it?  

Then again, if you were intent on buying it who would pay for it?

Or, were hoping to get an "Uncle" or an "Auntie"  perhaps to buy that ring for you?

You see just in case you have forgotten we are Malaysians true full blooded Malaysians not from DUMNO,  so you'll have to come out with something better, and please do not test our intelligence this way it only raises more doubts.

Well even if that was your answer about that diamond why haven't you answered Rafizi on the other diamond? 

He has asked you about the Pink Diamond?

You see Datin Rosmah respect is earned, you do not demand it and if it is not forthcoming, it is the duty of the person who is not getting the respect he or she deserves to do some serious soul searching and ask that simple question:

What on earth is wrong with me?

That is what most respectable persons do anyway, and I am sure you know that too.

I am sure all your life you have given your beloved parents love and respect in abundance, they did not have to be Prime Minister or anything like that, they did not even ask you for it but because they are your parents you gave it to them freely. Right?

Similarly if you did not give the rakyat reasons to disrespect you they never would, never ever, but  if they do disrespect you,  the right thing to do is to do some real soul searching. 

Nurul did that.. 

There is another side to the coin.


Only today Najib  said this;  Mahathir should be given the “Best Actor” Academy Award for his pretence.

You see Datin,  Mahathir is above all that, he does not need the respect of your husband, I can safely say it does not even bother him at all  because he does not expect that from him and truly he does not want and expect  that respect at all, not from your husband most of all I think.

You used seniority, age and from when you knew her (Nurul) and what she called you, you even went on to say you knew her  when she was even without her teeth, well Mahathir I suppose knew your husband when he was a kid too, I could use similar phrases phrases but that may be derogatory and so I shall refrain.

I think you should ask your husband what he called Mahathir when he was a small  boy, then school him on how to respect his elders, he should listen to you, he must respect you too after all you are older then him and once he does that  you to be able to look at yourself clearly in the mirror. and tell yourself before you tell the whole world you expect some respect from Nurul

Malaysia by Nurul


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