Sunday, November 27, 2011


By Howl  Pillay
We are all very tired.
It happens year after year.
RM 250 million is a lot of cow.
It is also a lot of bull.
We are not goats.
We do not eat from feedlots.
But we vote at the booth.

Wednesday, November 23, 2011

Dissolution of Parliament in March.

Expecting the worst Najib has set March for the dissolution of Parliament, it will be after the passing the bill to remove the Internal Security act.

The bill will have the full support of Parliament, this time around the BN, and in particular Najib, Mahathir Mohammed, and some of their cronies will want it more than anyone else, even more than those who are currently being held by this draconian piece of legislation.

There will be a motion to repeal the ISA in March and depending on the outcome of the elections the new government if it is led by the BN will reinstate the ISA if they win with  a clear majority, or the bill may be held in ambiance as it will then be awaiting Royal consent and accordingly it will either receive or not receive Royal consent.

This is  the game being played and a plan of this government, fearing that they might be ousted in the next General Elections they are taking all measures to protect themselves. They fear that the armed forces and the police may break ranks and follow the orders of the government of the day, and so in order to ensure that they can use whatever means within their power they may try and retake Parliament by foul means, and if they fail take flight from the country, to do this safely they’ll have to revoke the  ISA lest they become victims of their own folly.

An UMNO source says this was the brain child of the Attorney General who himself is afraid of being held accountable should the Barisan lose the next General Elections. It has received the tacit approval of Mahathir and Najib and the possibility of the formation of another National Operations Council (NOC) is very real, the irony is it is being put in place by Najib Tun Razak – like father like son.

The NOC idea is to be the first option should they lose the General Elections.

Huge sums of money are being transferred out of Malaysia on a daily basis, it is worst than the Indian Black market, and the only person capable of making such transactions is none other than an Indian who masquerades as a Malay, he has a an entire brigade of money changers working for him, he does not need sophisticated banking systems to take that money out.

The situation is rife the man who said what is happening in Syria, and  Egypt cannot happen in Malaysia is now rather quiet, he sees the possibility that it will happen here, the people are fed up, and they want their dignity back. 

The people of Malaysia want their country back and in that process there will be assemblies, peaceful or otherwise, no Malaysian rally has been violent,  it only became violent because the government made it violent by use of brutal police force, and the people who participated in those rallies were victims of violence. It has been proven  in the Tung Shin Hospital incident.  It happened time and time again in Malaysia.

Malaysian football crowds were never violent, they shouted they jeered, they cheered but they were never violent, violence is not our way of life and many a foreigner will attest to that. But his government in pursuit of its own agenda are and have proven to be capable of turning rallies violent if it suits them, safety and human life seems to take a back seat when their own interests are involved.

Elections are due after the March sitting of Parliament, a lot of issues need to be ironed out and as Mahathir put it, Najib has done nothing since he came to office, he has been more preoccupied with his foreign travel, his shopping trips for Rosmah, his promotion of Rosmah to first lady and the immense importance he has given her in Malaysian politics that she is sometimes made to look as the defacto minister of foreign affairs.
Whilst Rosmah basks in her popularity, and her ability to appear daily in the press, more often than the Deputy PM and even the PM, in fact more often than any minister and members of Parliament, the Malaysian community and more particularly the Malays are angry at her arrogance, and her lavishness and though many may not be familiar with the famed Maria Antoinette, they are with Imelda Marcos and have drawn a parallel between the two.

In the meantime my good friend Muhydiin is just waiting for the opportune moment to present itself,, he knows he stands on unstable ground at the moment, not because Najib will get him - on that  score he is rock solid, but the fear the real fear that Barisan may lose. This has caused his most ardent followers to keep nagging him constantly  to go into direct confrontation with Najib, expose him  and thereby make himself a hero amongst the Malays. 

One UMNO insider says taking on Najib now, is the DPM’s best bet, the time is opportune now, Najib is not popular amongst the Malays and a move this time is a sure win, a win that will make him an UMNO hero and possibly lead to the return of many Malays from PKR.

If however he fails and tht is a remote possibility he can cross over and join the PKR, and that way it will mean “heads I win, tails you lose” to Najib.

Muhydin is a slow mover and in politics the slow movers can’t survive, he has to come out of his shell and go for that brutal blow to Najib if he is to succeed in becoming Prime Minisiter. The PKR will be more than willing to give him that position after a term or two of Anwar at the helm, but as far as UMNO goes he can kiss his chances goodbye there is no way he will get to sit on that chair as it goes right now that place is reserved for Mukhriz Mahahtir, unless Muhydin takes the advice of his followers and goes for  on Najib now.

This truly is a case of it's now or never.

Sunday, November 20, 2011

Najib attempts to put UMNO in order before next GE.

 It is sheer desperation as Najib attempts to put UMNO in order, his order that is, before he calls for the next General Elections.

Keep watch, be careful lest you get tempted by the forces of evil led by the UMNO Baru and their lackeys the MCA, the MIC, the almost defunct Gerakan, the PPP, the rest of this unholy alliance that has plundered this nation and cheated their peoples using every trick at their disposal, even to the extent of legalizing illegal immigrants giving them citizenship to deprive Malaysians, and more so Malaysian Bumiputras what were their dues.

For Joseph Pairin Kittingan  to sit in the Barisan and demand explanations is nothing less than hypocrisy of the highest order, for if you partake with thieves, even though you are not party to this one theft you are a thief by any reckoning, and as the saying goes, “tell me who your friends are and I’ll tell you who you are.”

The next General Elections are nigh, they can’t call the elections till they have either discredited Anwar Ibrahim or till they shut him out, and this is not happening, because the bungling Attorney General, the Government and even the judiciary who have time again fumbled in what is seen by the world as a “great fix.”

Remember that Sodomy 1 came about after Anwar raised the issues of “nepotism and cronyism,” he shook the very foundations of UMNO and Mahathir could not believe what was going on.

 The Mahathir family would have  had a lot to lose had Anwar succeeded in eradicating that “nepotism and cronyism,”  and he  Mahahtir Mohammed would not stand idle and allow that to happen, not at the cost of his family and the empire he was building with them, that was the nepotism Anwar was speaking about.

Anwar had to be shut off, he had to be discredited to the extent that he became totally unacceptable to the Malays and the best way was a charge of Sodomy, Mahathir is a great disciple of Hitler, and this was taken out of Hitler’s scheme. Portray Anwar  as a homosexual and a man without morals and he’d be totally unacceptable to the Muslims and the Malays, all this time Anwar was seen as a champion of Islam and the Malays, Mahathir had  to hit him where it mattered most, and what better than a sex scandal and more so Sodomy,  he almost succeeded.

They thought it had been done, they were convinced it was done, they felt Anwar was nothing more than a few lines in history at best, and that belief was reinforced after Badawi’s clean sweep when he went to  the electorate the first time – it looked like Anwar was really in all senses of the word destroyed, he was  history and Mahathir had successfully dumped him.

Then came the last General Elections, the government lost five states something the BN thought was impossible after May 13 1969, after declaring Kuala Lumpur a Federal Territory and after depriving the Selangor state assembly of five sure opposition seats the late Tun Razak was sure that Selangor would never fall to the opposition again and so did his successors right up to Abdullah Ahmad Badawi.

UMNO was shocked by the stunning blow that befell them, Mahathir was trembling when Anwar claimed he had the support to form a Government, even on elections day word was out Badawi and his son in law had lost in their respective seats, but then it is easy with our EC, there are the military and postal votes, and how that is allocated is only known to the EC and the PM in  particular.

We were at a wedding dinner in Melaka, I was asked by a friend what I thought about the elections this time around. My reply was, “ I have this strong feeling it will be like the 1969 results, we are going to witness a repeat,” and lo and behold we did.

As early as 7.20 p.m. that night my friend from Penang Ajit Singh Jessy called me he was so excited, he was almost shouting when he told me, “in Penang it is a clean sweep, the Gerakan is dead, they have been wiped out and the DAP has won a stunning victory, Koh Tsu Khoon has been has been kicked out.” I immediately relayed that message rather reluctantly to my friends around the dinner table, and all of us  could not believe it. There was no news about it at all, there seemed to be almost a total news blackout.

At about 9.30 pm another friend whose son is married to a Malay and whose parents are strong UMNO beneficiaries told us his son had called him to inform him his mother in law was crying saying that five states had fallen and that they were going to lose everything.

A little later a friend of mine Jaafar (not his real name) from Kuala Lumpur calls, he had this to say, “ you can fool all the Malays sometimes, but you can’t fool all the Malays all the time, and UMNO is being told that today by us Malays.” 

Jaafar still an UMNO member says today that, “what was supposed to be Bumiputra rights and privileges were taken and given to a select few in UMNO many of whom are not real bumiputras, and they were made super rich at the expense of the rakyat.”

Well within UMNO now there is this realisation that the Chinese are not the bogeymen they are made out to be so often by Mahathir, he had been doing it since 1969, , but rather those in power in UMNO who have deprived the Malays and the all Bumiputras what was supposed to be theirs.

Jaafar also says this, “this UMNO  will continue to make the Malay ignorant, for it is  in their ignorance that this plundering, corruption, nepotism, and cronyism can continue, the Malays are waking up and when they have soaked in the truth these people will be dumped into the dustbin of history.” Many Malays he says have begun and are learning now to hate Mahathir, for what he really is, his dark side is being revealed. He takes us for fools by using Ibrahim Ali to say all those stupid things and expects us to react, we are matured, were not fools and we’ll not be fooled anymore,” said Jaafar.

UMNO too realizes that the Chinese card can’t be played too often, the Malays themselves are realizing this, so they have found another bogeyman, the Christians.

Now this Government of Najib Tun Razak and his beloved Rosmah are scheming the ways and means by which they shall rest power at the next GE. Najib is losing patience with the Anwar trial, his assurance that he would testify and then backing down at the last moment speaks volumes about his credibility.
Surely in the interest of justice Anwar must be given every avenue to clear his name, but in this particular case it seems so different.  The judge contraded his own decision after he had judged at the trial within the trial that the DNA evidence obtained from the plastic bottle by one Jude Blacious Pereira was not admissible. 

His decision to overrule his own judgment tends to lend credence to the suspicion that the AG is pulling the strings in this case and the judge is just doing his bidding. From the decision he has taken in this court I am quite convinced that he is incapable of even writing a proper judgment independently as has been the case in a recent controversy of plagiarism within our courts involving our judges. What a shame.

Najib Tun Razak spoke of one Malaysia, all posters carry his face with the number one beside it, to indicate more that he is trying very hard to reinforce with the people that he is the No. 1 in the country.
His number two not to be outdone immediately contradicts what he says ,and says, “I am Malay first and Malaysian second, “ he would have been more correct if he had said ”I am Indonesian first and Malaysian second,” that would have been difficult to challenge. That one episode indicates Najib’s inability to control UMNO.

It is reported that Najib and his deputy are to be on holiday, they are out there to iron out a few things, first is the succession plan, Muhyudin wants the assurance from Najib that he will vacate the post after serving a full term after the next General Elections, Najib is saying it will be two elections and that is a long time, the Muhyuddin camp are unwilling to accept it.

Najib’s people think he will manage to convince Muhyiddin of the proposal and he Muhyiddin will accept it, at the same time the Mahathrian camp sources say that is enough time for Najib to replace  Muhyiddin with Mukhriz. 

This is the classic example of “no permanent enemies and friends in politics”and it is not more glaring in UMNO than it is in any other party.

Once the truce is put in place Najib will call for the next general elections, among those to be dropped will be Chua Soi Lek  seen as an embarrassment to the party, Najib has already promised Koh Tsu Khoon a position outside the cabinet with the rank of a cabinet minister. The wanita UMNO head is reported to be heading the way of being dropped too, the UMNO youth Chief will not be fielded.

Who Najib will field from UMNO will decide the fate of the elections, there are Mahathir favourites beginning with his son of course, then the Muhyuddin camp have their people, Najib is at a loss as to who he should pick, the UMNO people see him as a weak leader, his failure to settle the Altantuya issue is seen as a burden to the party, Rosmah is seen as a huge liability, so whoever he chooses will land up on Muhyuddin’s lap.

Najib’s talks  with Mahathir are not going too well, Mahathir is campaigning for a more powerful position for his son, Mukhriz must be given home affairs and Trade and Industry, that will pave the way for him for better opportunities. The only persons he can rely on are Nazri, Hishamuddin and the man who told the whole world he burnt all his bridges when he left UMNO for  Semangat 46, all  seen as not the most intelligent persons in Malaysian politics.

Muhyiddin has proved himself in the many by elections he was in charge of, he poses a real threat to Najib, but he is in no hurry  to call for Najib to step down yet, the next General Elections must be held first, the Deputy Prime Minsiters men will ensure that Najib puts on a worse show than Badawi did, and in the aftermath of the next GE, Mahathir will lead the voices of UMNO again with a deal struck with Muhyuddin, Muhyuddin knows exactly how to play his cards with Mahathir, he has worked with the man before, fallen out of his favour and returned.

Mahathir is playing both sides, he is king at playing the flipside when the odds are stacked against him and that is what he is doing, and Najib is stuck with Rosmah right at dead centre.

In politics the dead centre is the worst place to be in, for history has taught us that, “Hells hottest spots are reserved for those who in the face of crisis declare neutrality.”