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Well most Malaysians can say "give up" and be resigned to a life of Bankruptcy if the Barisan gains control of Parliament in the next elections.

Yes this is a fact, and all those who believe Najib's rhetoric had better think again, his constant promises, his constant lies and his inability to control the nations finances should be the lesson to learn from.

His refusal to come out and clear his name for, the sacking of the Attorney General, the unresolved murder of Altantuya Sharibu, the 1MDB case and much more, has made it untenable  for him to carry on as PM. The office of the Prime Minster Of Malaysia has thus been compromised. Moreover and to make matters worse he does not even have the popular vote of the Malaysians meaning that in the last elections more voters did not want him and BN than want him and BN the majority of voters in Malaysia wanted the Opposition to rule.

Najib's government and very particularity him, are one of  the very few if not the only government and O1, to have been accused of Kleptocracy. Very honestly I am yet to hear of another therefore in my books he is the only one.

Malaysia' Household Debt.

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 Malaysia has one of the highest household debts in the world

Malay, Chinese and Indian contributing factors.
For those of you who have managed Malays, they will tell you that Malays are famous for taking loans., and Malays make up sixty percent of the population, the Indians follow suit through dire need they struggle to make ends meet. Icna't tell you much about the Oran Asal in Sabah and Sarawak, I am quite sure they are not the borrowing kind like their West Malaysian brothers.

From my own personal experience these groups  the will come in droves looking for a Company loan and threaten to leave if the Company does not give them a loan.  

To "help employers"  (not really, employers saw it as a great escape route though) with the problem in those days, (I do not know if it still exists), Bank Rakyat would offer  Malays a loan at about 1 or 1.5 percent interest less than what they'd give a non- Malay

That really made life easy for employers, they did not have to offer any security for the loan nor worry about any security for loans  the employee took, all they had to do was to agree to do his monthly deductions as long as he was in the employ of the Company.

The employee taking the loan had to have a guarantor and it would normally work this way with them;  "I  guarantee you and you guarantee me" and the loan problem for the employee was solved.   As long as there was a loan to take they took it  and after repaying the loan they'd begin all over again.

In some Companies and this is not in the minority the loan shark does a roving business and he holds the bank card of the employee, taking his loan repayment installment first before drawing money for the card holder. 

Then of course there are credit cards, and the Banks are all around the place offering credit cards and these people are all around the place signing  up for credit cards even today. You can take a loan with your credit card and that is precisely what they do till they over spend.Credit card debt in this country is one of the highest per capita in Asia.

Some young Chinese boys use this to take money for gambling and then they get into all sorts of troubles. They'd take another credit card and take a loan on that card to finance part gambling and part repayment for the other overdue credit card. I have personally come across many of these cases.When all fails some  resort to theft and other petty crimes and I feel if left unchecked the crimes could get bigger.

 Money everywhere to Borrow.

Credit cards, installment schemes for purchase of cars, household equipment suppliers like the radio TV shop, Camera shops etc   hs  made super easy for many and many take  loans, and many  do not repay. I know law firms that just send out notices to these people on behalf of banks.

What is even worse, is that there are motorcar credit Companies offering loans without down payment and if that was not bad enough they'd advertise blatantly saying " Customers in the Blacklist"  also welcome."

The Property Bubble on the verge of bursting

If anyone comes out saying, "Kepala Otak Kau"  I have the perfect reply for him.
Wouldd hve been sold out like hot cakes before. Now going for a minimum of 1.3 mil

There are housing loans, Educational loans, vehicle purchase loans and what not and today the household debt in the country is at above 70 percent and that is a very dangerous figure, the World Bank does not trust Malaysian government's figures and that is a serious problem, it means the nation has lost its credibility.

Forecasters say the property market bubble is about to burst,  housing schemes are struggling to get buyers, whilst people who bought on speculation are now finding it a problem selling and even renting their property.

With the expected increase in unemployment many buyers are expected to default on their housing loans, so what recourse have the banks?

If the bubble does burst housing developers will have to get real,  developers must lower the price of  houses and other property, they are just simply overpriced and developers are getting greedier by the day. Of course they can argue that it is all driven by supply and demand, they will not talk about the speculators. Well the time is here the speculatoris aboutto get roasted, and the developer is in for hard times.

When the bubble bursts  property prices will decline steeply, at rates never witnessed before and the Government must not and should not go in to bail them out, that will be our biggest mistake.  

Reluctantly present house buyers will default on their loans as the amounts they are currently paying will be much higher than what developers will be offering for bigger and newer property and this will send the industry into a frenzy.

The burden must not be left to the bona fide buyer alone, the Banks that fed this greedy  enterprise have to bear the risk as well and so too the developers, there will be huge lessons to be learned once this happens and make no mistake it is already happening.

From what is being said now about the state of the property market the bursting of this bubble can be expected sooner rather than later, this will force banks to foreclose on property and declare  many a Malaysian Bankrupt. Not just one or two but many and you could be one, Yes a  Bankrupt., and the only persons who have the ability to stop that are found in Pakatan Harapan no Joke.

Najib has to take the blame for this, the drastic depreciation of the Malaysin Ringgit was caused in no small way  by Najib's mismanagement of the Malaysian economy but rather  in a big way, by the huge 1MDB scandal and now to add to that there are two more maybe even bigger scandals to follow, one the FELDA scandal and the other the Tabung Haji scandal, what surprise in the scandal storehouse  is awaiting to be revealed next is anybody's guess.

Najib is now trying to mine the EPF for funds, the body has been been able to manage its finances very well all this time, but with Najib it is a different story. He has placed his appointees in key positions in the EPF and is beginning to treat it as his own Bank.

Even your money in the EPF has depreciated  more than 30 per cent, the buying power of your ringgit is diminishing by the day, subsidies have been taken out, petrol prices are going up by the week although we are a net oil exporter of a higher and more expensive grade of oil, GST has helped the government collect more revenue from the people who are being hard pressed with the removal of subsides and the rise of prices for essential commodities,  whilst they tells us to be thrifty,  Mrs. Najib shops and shops for the most expensive products for her own personal use and as the !MDB audit reveals a good sue from the 1MDB funds too was used for this expensive and glamorous shopping sprees

To finance Aircraft for MAS will be suicidal, the airline has had trouble with aircraft from the very beginning, it had to be bailed out twice and now to use EPF to try and fortify that will be extremely dangerous especially knowing how Najib does business from the experiences of the 1MDB 

If Najib comes back to power or for that matter anyone in the BN,  this beloved  country is doomed  to the  fate of becoming a  Bankrupt Nation and we shall become a Nation of Bankrupts through no fault of ours.

Want to know what it is like?

Well we are lucky,  we can  ask the Greeks, the Spanish, the Portuguese, the Irish and the Argentinians they'll tell us. 

One of he most frightening things they'll tell us  is that our money in the  bank will only be part our money, and we can take only part of that out. 

Now does that make you feel right? Certainly not.

For your sake and truly the sake of your children and their children's children;


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After attending to the present crisis we have to find out what was the Met doing
MCA sec Gen makes stupid excuses and Met Malaysia is Silent.
MCA Youth Chief shoots himself in the foot and does not even know what he has done yet.

By Toffee

Only the scum in politics will use a natural disaster to try and gain political mileage out of it.

MCA's Sec Gen Ong Ka Chuan to try and save face has insulted himself, his party and his Youth Chief by comparing this 43 year old man with a juvenile delinquent.
full of excuses.

What happened in Penang can happen anywhere in Malaysia but Penang is more exposed as it lies in the northern part of  Peninsular Malaysia, and very rightfully  as the Deputy PM put it it is time to put Politics aside.

The unusually heavy rainfall was cased by a tropical disturbance and one has to understand these types of "Tropical Disturbances" before making sarcastic and insulting statements in an effort to gain political mileage.

MCA secretary-general Ong Ka Chuan is either a damn fool or he takes the Penang Chinese to be damn fools,. 

When asked whether the party would take disciplinary action against the party's youth chief Chong Sin Woon over his remarks  to Lim Guan Eng saying, "the diety like Lim Guan Eng should not fight the Heavens amid the floods."  a remark clearly designed to insult the Chief Minister which was totally uncalled for and insulting not only to the CM but the people of Penang especilly he Chinese, Ong Ka Chuan replied saying , "after all he is  a young man who can be hotblooded." What a stupid excuse.

To equate Guan Eng with a Tokong is to insult the Chinese of Penang those who voted Guan Eng in, he is implying the Chinese treat Guan Eng as a Diety. The people of Penang do consider Guan Eng their Hero yes, the Hero who came to free them from the corrupt clutches of the BN.

MCA is dead and the dead can't be resurrected.

Young Man? and is hotblooded? Is that  the excuse for a Youth leader of a party that is supposed or rather claims to represent the Chinese?
Looks small for the Chair in all respects.

Perhaps Ong Ka Chuan is ignorant of the fact, that the President of France today Emmanuel Jean-Michel Frédéric Macron is 39 years old, and that is old enough to look after one of the most powerful countries in the whole world. If Ong's excuse is acceptable then the majority of France must be idiots.

Ong  says, "hopefully people can understand and not take it to heart he is only 43 years old," yes "only 43" years old and is the head of the MCA Youth movement. 

Do not hide behind the tag "Youth" because the real definition of Youth places them in  a category of up to about 25 years old at the most. In fact the United Nations, for statistical purposes, defines those persons between the ages of 15 and 24 as youth..." and any dictionary will give you a similar meaning.

A man at the age of 43 cannot be described as "a young and hot blooded man," it clearly shows the attitude of MCA leaders and how they think. If at 43 you are implying he is immatured one wonders what quality MCA has.

At his age many  a man even in Malaysia have attained the position of CEO and other "C-suite positions "  of fairly large companies, so how can he describe this man be described as as young? Ha he got a problem Chong or have you got one?

Stop these misleading statements , learn how to discipline your politicians, they should be responsible people and as they should be trained to serve and respect the rakyat, or is it different in the MCA?

Any politician or political party that uses or allows its members to use natural disasters for political mileage are not politicians but gutter snipes of the lowest order.

I take my hat off to Zahid the DPM (although he is not some one I admire politically),  for the stance he took in this case. I'd like to personally salute that stance he took and the call he made that it should not be political. Tabay for once, and I mean it Datuk.

At his political best


Understanding the Storm 
What is a Tropical disturbance or depression? for more details please refer to TROPICAL CYCLONE, ROUGH SEAS ANDSEVERE WEATHER

Met Monitoring

I'll not try and explain this but let me remind readers that Malaysia has been hit by tropical storms of this nature including the great floods of 1969 that affected almost the whole country.
flood scene

Why was the early warning system not Triggered in time.

There is in Malaysia an early warning system for such occurrences and yet what happened in Penang was not reported well in advance for the right authorities to take appropriate action.
It states.
Tropical Depression(TD) Warnings and TD Advisories (for TDs which are significant enough) are disseminated to the disaster management agencies via short message system (SMS), facsimile and telephone calls.
The public can access the TD Advisories/Warnings through the Internet, social media(Facebook and Twitter), live media broadcast, TV, Radio and the print media.
The above does not come under the purview of the Penang State government but the Malaysian Meteorological Department(MetMalaysia) Ministry of Science, Technology and Innovation. No report indicates that the Penang Government was made aware of these unusually heavy rains and potential life threatening floods.

Thsi early warnig system comes under the  Malaysian Meteorological Department(MetMalaysia) Ministry of Science, Technology and Innovation and no one in Malaysia seemed to have the slightest inclination of this happening, but then again could this have been a freak occurrence?

If it was a freak occurrence there could still have been some warnings prior to the storm if monitoring was present, so to try and put the blame of a Natural disaster on the Penang Government could be akin to saying since MH370 flew over Penang,  Penang Government must be responsible.

Now Liow is up and about pretending that the MCA is going to wipe the DAP out in the next elections, these are separate issues. this si a natural disaster and beyond the control of the Penang Government it is what is often referred to as an Act of God.

The elections wil not be an act of God it will be an act of man.  Malaysians are more confident than ever, havign aken out the popular vote,a t the last elections from Najib,  that this time around with the increasing number of Malays in the opposition - thanks to Mahathir,  the BN days are  its very end, what more MCA will come out without a single seat in Parliament and Najib knows that too well too,  the research carried out by UMNO reveals, the party to be wiped out this time is MCA and so he has asked them for 15 seats to be appointed to the cabinet, hoping against hope that they can bring in at least 5.

He is equipping them with the threats they have to take to the Chinese, one of it being if the Chinese do not support him he will turn Malaysia into an Islamic state with PAS, but the stupid MCA does not realise that even in Saudi Arabia they are now trying to undo the strict adherence to the Sharia Law, and that PAS is a spent force which even Hadi has recently acknowledged, when he said PAS is not about winning seats.

To the young and innocent MCA members who are being taken up by lofty ideals please remember this, desert the fallen cause now, have some pride, save the people of Malaysia and do not threaten the Chinese to get what you want. Most importantly  do not be on the wrong side of the wall when this government falls because it is going to fall at the next General Elections.

Is the Penang Government to blame?

It is quite clearly no fault of the Penang Government, but the Penang Government is not blaming anyone else for it either and the reasons are quite obvious, that is not important for now.

There just isn't any time for that, the priority is the people of Penang who are affected, not blame games and The Penang Government is aware of it.

This natural Disaster could have been foreseen at least 8 hours before it occurred, the Meteorological Department which comes under the Ministry of Science, Technology and Innovation did not give Malaysians and the people of Penang adequate warning to prepare for these storms, anyway, that should be dealt with later after the aid and other measures are taken to mitigate the current crisis,   in the meantime the Met has to do more serious monitoring, and keep people informed as the season of this depression is yet to be over.

Monday, November 6, 2017

Najib family friend arrested In Saudi Arabia

Saudi Arabia's newly formed anti-corruption committee have arrested at least 17 princes and top officials, and among them is the good friend and close business associate of Najib bin Razak Prince Turki Bin Abdullah with whom 1MDB headed by Najib set up the Petro Saudi 1MDB Joint Venture if you remember well.
All in the family including Jho Lo the Prince Turki with the white cap

Prince Turki Bin Abdullah is a Prince from the house of Saud, and it has been claimed that the monies that went into Najib's personal Bank Account were donations of the Saudi King.

Probably this is the right time for Malaysian officials to seek clarification from the Saudi Anti Corruption committee especially at  a time when Saudi Arabia seems to be going all out to wipe out corruption.

USA Today reports that , "The kingdom’s top council of clerics issued a statement saying "it is an Islamic duty to fight corruption" — essentially giving religious backing to the high-level arrests being reported. A top royal court official, Badr al-Asaker, on Sunday appeared to confirm the arrests on Twitter, describing a “historic and black night against the corrupt.”

If it is indeed an Islamic duty to fight corruption I think it is high time the Muslims in Malaysia showed the world that this is the case. They have to fight it here on the international stage and what better a platform than the 1MDB as it is rated the biggest Corruption case in the world. Are the Malaysian Muslims strong enough to join forces with the Saudi Arabian Anti Corruption Committee and expose this the world's largest corruption case.

 The Saudi government said the anti-corruption committee has the right to issue arrest warrants, impose travel restrictions and freeze bank accounts.

It went further to say, "it  can also trace funds, prevent the transfer of funds or the liquidation of assets, and take other precautionary measures until cases are referred to the judiciary."

This is an excellent time for top Malaysian Opposition candidates. especially Dr. Mahathir, Zaid Ibrahim and Mohammad Sabu to approach the Saudi Government of the day to seek clarification on the "donation" Najib talked about, and verify the claim by  Ahmad Zahid Hamidi the Deputy Prime Minister of Malaysia that he met the donor who was supposed to be the Saudi King.

Najib in serious discussions with the Turki

Surprisingly Turki's name is missing from the BBC and CNN reports the Turki mentioned there is Turki bin Nasser another Turkey in this case.

Turki Bin Abdullah or rather Najib's Turkey was revealed in a list released by Forbes and other media including Badr Asaker, the bureau manager of the Crown Prince Mohamed bin Salman.

The surprise arrests, which also reportedly included two of the late King Abdullah’s sons, (one of whom is Turki Bin Abdullah) were hailed by pro-government media outlets in the Kingdom  as   sign  that the  Crown Prince Mohammed bin Salman means business and is serious in keeping his promise to reform the country, that has long been plagued by allegations of corruption at the highest levels of government.

This is an opportunity for Malaysia to get to the bottom of the lies of the 1MDB saga, the Jho Lo connection, because this man has had a lot of dealings with Jho lo too and expose the kleptocracy in full so that those people who still refuse to believe in Najib's huge case of alleged kleptocracy may realise the truth and how urgently this nation needs to vote out the BN and Najib for good.