Monday, November 6, 2017

Najib family friend arrested In Saudi Arabia

Saudi Arabia's newly formed anti-corruption committee have arrested at least 17 princes and top officials, and among them is the good friend and close business associate of Najib bin Razak Prince Turki Bin Abdullah with whom 1MDB headed by Najib set up the Petro Saudi 1MDB Joint Venture if you remember well.
All in the family including Jho Lo the Prince Turki with the white cap

Prince Turki Bin Abdullah is a Prince from the house of Saud, and it has been claimed that the monies that went into Najib's personal Bank Account were donations of the Saudi King.

Probably this is the right time for Malaysian officials to seek clarification from the Saudi Anti Corruption committee especially at  a time when Saudi Arabia seems to be going all out to wipe out corruption.

USA Today reports that , "The kingdom’s top council of clerics issued a statement saying "it is an Islamic duty to fight corruption" — essentially giving religious backing to the high-level arrests being reported. A top royal court official, Badr al-Asaker, on Sunday appeared to confirm the arrests on Twitter, describing a “historic and black night against the corrupt.”

If it is indeed an Islamic duty to fight corruption I think it is high time the Muslims in Malaysia showed the world that this is the case. They have to fight it here on the international stage and what better a platform than the 1MDB as it is rated the biggest Corruption case in the world. Are the Malaysian Muslims strong enough to join forces with the Saudi Arabian Anti Corruption Committee and expose this the world's largest corruption case.

 The Saudi government said the anti-corruption committee has the right to issue arrest warrants, impose travel restrictions and freeze bank accounts.

It went further to say, "it  can also trace funds, prevent the transfer of funds or the liquidation of assets, and take other precautionary measures until cases are referred to the judiciary."

This is an excellent time for top Malaysian Opposition candidates. especially Dr. Mahathir, Zaid Ibrahim and Mohammad Sabu to approach the Saudi Government of the day to seek clarification on the "donation" Najib talked about, and verify the claim by  Ahmad Zahid Hamidi the Deputy Prime Minister of Malaysia that he met the donor who was supposed to be the Saudi King.

Najib in serious discussions with the Turki

Surprisingly Turki's name is missing from the BBC and CNN reports the Turki mentioned there is Turki bin Nasser another Turkey in this case.

Turki Bin Abdullah or rather Najib's Turkey was revealed in a list released by Forbes and other media including Badr Asaker, the bureau manager of the Crown Prince Mohamed bin Salman.

The surprise arrests, which also reportedly included two of the late King Abdullah’s sons, (one of whom is Turki Bin Abdullah) were hailed by pro-government media outlets in the Kingdom  as   sign  that the  Crown Prince Mohammed bin Salman means business and is serious in keeping his promise to reform the country, that has long been plagued by allegations of corruption at the highest levels of government.

This is an opportunity for Malaysia to get to the bottom of the lies of the 1MDB saga, the Jho Lo connection, because this man has had a lot of dealings with Jho lo too and expose the kleptocracy in full so that those people who still refuse to believe in Najib's huge case of alleged kleptocracy may realise the truth and how urgently this nation needs to vote out the BN and Najib for good.

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