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If you read the news at today's Parliament session all Ministers and Deputy Ministers were absent with the exception of Deputy Domestic Trade, Cooperatives and Consumerism Minister Henry Sum Agong who tabled he Intellectual Property Corporation of Malaysia Bill 2017 for the second reading.

Henry Sum Agong - Mana lain Orang Menteri?
Dewan Rakyat deputy speaker Ismail Mohamed Said, who chaired the sitting, could not find a single minister or deputy minister in the house to second the bill.

Who will second the Bill he asked, but there was no reply as there weren't any minister for deputy minister in the house to do so.

Was this because BN has suddenly realised that Sabah will now fall to the opposition?

There is one thing I can tell you and that if indeed there was a separate meeting for this panic stricken BN, is there were at least 2  Sabahans MP's at the separate meeting which I suspect was the cause of this absence, both these 2 and maybe 4 are now against the BN and will make their move after the General Elections or even maybe on the eve of the elections.

Whatever the issue that was discussed the people of Sabah are disgusted and they are all showing their defiance to the BN openly in Sabah.

It was the Parti Kapal Layar (the Alliance) that brought Sabah into the Malaysian fold, then called the
Brought Sabah into Malaysiaa
Parti Perikatan or the Alliance party with the Sailing boat  as its symbol, now it looks very like Sahffie Apdal's Party Warisan Sabah ironically  with a Sailing boat as its symbol too that looks set to sail the BN and Najib into te furthest reaches of the South China Sea. and out of Sabah.

Set to send Najib and BN out inot the deep of the China Sea
Shafie  had the party well groomed  and ready for this Barisan move, he recruited youthful leaders in in the Party,  in a state where the majority of the population are youth. He placed them in key positions in the party to be ready to take the helm in his and his deputy's absence which they are doing right now, excellently.

Warisan Sabah together with the combined opposition forces there are out to claim back all Oil moneys wrongly taken out of the state by the BN and to implement the states rights under the 1963
Malaysia Agreement (MA63) to the letter.

There is also talk that Sabah whilst remaining in Malaysia as an equal partner with Sarawak and Malaya, each  will have their  own Prime Ministers and one Malaysian Prime Minister, the Sabah PM  will assume  full powers of a Prime Minister of Sabah, "that should have been there from day
Where did our Oil Money go asks the East?
one says one Warisan member, "check out the history  of   Malaysia, when Singapore was part of Malaysia Lee Kuan Yew was not the Chief Minister of Singapore, he was the Prime Minister of Singapore, so there should not be Chief Minister of Sabah but the Prime Minister of Sabah. After the next Elections it will be the Prime Minister of Sabah as we are confident the BN is out," he said.

I ask him over the app, "what about Sarawak, will they follow you?"

Almost instantly he sends a reply, "look Sarawak as far as we know is also going to Boot Najib and the BN, so certainly they will, they may not be thinking of it now, but when we do it they will too, we have discussed this common goal and we are all in agreement,  we are sure, why shouldn't they? We must be treated as equal partners, they must see us that way, they are not our bosses."

Is Najib being given the actual picture of his fixed deposit this time around I wonder, or is his fixed Deposit about to have him and the BN fixed at the next General Elections."

Whilst the BN is plotting all sorts of schemes behind the scenes wit their cronies working overtime, other more serious minded Sabah and Sarawak politicians are working furiously for an all Sabah and Sarawak Alliance to deplete the BN presence in the east.

 With a manifesto focused on the  states rights under the historic Malaysia Agreement 1963 (MA63), all the united opposition of the two states are working closely to ensure that  it  will not only be attractive as political tool, but it will deliver  those sacred rights that were taken away from the people two states by BN.

"The manifesto is being kept a secret to be released at the 'right time ' as the East Malaysians are not fools, we know that Najib is a famous copy cat, and if it is released that is exactly what he will put in print and claim it as his own with empty promises, like he did with the opposition during the last elections." said one source from the Sabah Reform Party. 

The brains this time formulating the manifesto are very notable people both  within and outside the political circles of Sabah and Sarawak, professionals who are held in high esteem for  their courage, their dedication and their integrity to the state and the peoples of Malaysia, held in high esteem by the peoples of Malaysia,  and all of them with the exception of one, with wide experience in Constitutional law is from the East.

Where is my home
The person who is apparently heading the work group has said "in the final analysis is it is the people of Sabah and Sarawak who will determine their destiny."  This time around the people  are being coached by NGO's working behind the curtains to educate the East Malaysians of their rights, and the big picture of what the future holds with the BN and without the BN.

Te\he message going around is this, the two are the richest states in the country and yet among the most if not the most backward. The people re being told tht their Oil wealth has been taken to enrich UMNO leaders,a nd the states in the West, to boost up the infrastructure there too whilst the East

Gone the Richness and the Beauty of my land
from where the Oil has been taken has been completely neglected. The word is out if the BN offers money take it, but then vote them out, because if you vote them in they'll take millions of times more from you after the elections.

The two states among the richest in the country are among the most backward and that alone is sufficient reason for the peoples of North Borneo to make a change and claim all their rights in accordance  with their rights spelt out in the Historic Malaysia Agreement 1963 (63).

What I am really worried about is, will  this turn out to be our own Catalonia story?

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  1. the end of BN n Najib is near. the mammoth BN is abt to be slain. hip hip hurray, BN to the dustBiN n Najib to Sg Buloh.