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Najib's Mega Headache!!! - The Next elections

 by Toffee

Together as one for one purpose the Nation.

The battle lines have already been drawn, that PAS is in the BN fold is no longer a secret, but how they plan to play the game is the lingering question that is on everyone's mind including the racist parties like the MCA, the Gerakan and MIC chieftains.

These other racist parties excluding UMNO  in the BN fold are not privy to much that is happening in the UMNO - PAS tie up, they are not supposed to be,  as PAS does not trust them and so too do many from UMNO imagine a party from outside the BN can dictate to UMNO,  "what, who should know" so, they are kept in the dark, the leaders of these racist parties  know it too but choose to remain quiet as to them, the most important thing in the whole game are their own seats,  it is a "what is there in it for me  that counts attitude", after all almost every leader from the these racist parties in the past became millionaires after their term in office, and these are no exceptions,  and that is I think the only motivation that drives them. I can't think of any other, considering the circumstances.
Hear,See speak no Evil (just pretend to)

Well one thing looks certain the MCA and  the Gerakan are not going to get the favours they usually get from the BN (UMNO actually) to wrest their seats, if it is a Malay majority seat UMNO or PAS wants it this time around, unless there is a substantial minority and by that I mean at least 40 percent of the electorate in the constituency has to be Chinese then of course the battle  will be between Gerakan and the  MCA as to who gets the seat, they can't rely on the Malay for the charitable vote. The MIC is still holding its hand out whilst Kayves from PPP tries to pluck out Cameron Highlands, whoever gets it it will not make difference, the BN will be defeated there.

Gerakan and MCA can maintain their traditional Penang seats, so they can't complain, winning is another story, losing their deposits is the highest probability.
He supported the move by religious extremists

Liow is assured of his Bentong seat though - assured to be able to only  contest the seat on a BN ticket winning it is a completely different issue and a huge doubt lingers there,  Liow is working very hard, even harder than he did as a minister, as a minister  he hardly works I am told.
Dead Party man walking

His desperation has got the better of him, he has gone to beg the Indians in the Bentong constituency, but  the Indians in Bentong had made up their mind long before, it is not going to be Liow for certain  this time around,  as the MCA has done literally nothing for them at all, all  the while they have held the seat, and it is only now, when fighting  for dear life and when even the majority of Chinese are deserting him that Liow has decided to go to the Indians.

Well the Indians know better they are no fools, the  "Indians never stood a chance with the MCA in place and they know it, why even the Chinese were overlooked except for some cronies in the MCA,  and they'll tell you,  so what about us," asked Varatharajoo a small Indian contractor in Bentong who makes a living providing weeders for the small holdings in the area.

Varatharajoo's sentiments were echoed by Kamala Devi a single mother who angrily said, " that man (Liow) has no shame to approach us, I have struggled here in Bentong bringing up my three Children all these years,  doing all kinds of work, there was no help from the MCA, every time I approached them they told me to see the MIC representative who is hardly around and has no time for us, if I must see the MIC representative, why must I vote MCA? I did not  get welfare, I struggled and the Chinese who helped me here were not the MCA towkays, some of them would see Liow when he came by smile laugh and shake his hands attend dinners with him,  but the minute he turned his back they would curse him, ask the people in Bentong, they'll tell you, these are my real friends and they are not voting the MCA and so am I."

Postal votes and armed forces votes can't go to the MCA or for that matter even the MIC, as UMNO is in dire straits, the fact that they have to go for a pact with PAS is evidence of this panic. At the same time many UMNO members are watching to see what considerations and goodies Najib is going to give PAS at their expense. One Negri Assemblyman said,  "if they sacrifice us for PAS then I can assure you Najib's is as good as gone."

Down south in Johor the mood is right, ask the Johoreans, the educated elite, the ones who work with the grassroots, these are UMNO members who want a change and are willing to sacrifice the next two or even three elections to get the equation right. The performance of the opposition in Johor during the last elections was to a very great extent aided by the work of  this group.

One of them a charted accountant told  me this time, "the party has to be purged of all the filth that sticks to it like glue", he likens the the filth with slime, he says "it sticks and is difficult to remove so a thorough cleaning job is required, we need to wash with  acid, yes", he  says, "it is an acid test, we need to clean with acid and an acid wash is what is required."

"Today's UMNO is Branded on the corrupt mentality of its membership, we need to re-brand the entire party, to do that we'll need to re-educate those that can be re-educated, discard the trash which is plentiful as they have got used to this retarded mind set of working for the leadership, (even if it is corrupt rather than the party),  only if there are goodies and are  not focused on the interest of the party and nation building as a whole, it is a rapidly spreading disease" said the other gentleman a chubby well mannered person who goes by the name Bob. "God willing we will succeed this is going to be an uphill task but it must be done not only to save the race but to save the country" he continued, "and if that means destroying UMNO so be it, if we do not do it the Malays will lose everything, they are being taken down a bottomless pit  by UMNO through this greed and corrupt practices".

So, now we see Malays who are UMNO members willing to see their party fall for what they say is "the good the Race, the Nation and Islam." Hearing them talk with so much conviction is mind boggling, I met some of them before the last elections the mood was similar only that now it has reached fever pitch, they have taken it a few notches higher, because their efforts are producing results.

Before the last elections when I wrote about Muhyiddin's supporters calling for Najib's ouster I reported on what one Muar UMNO member said, I reprint it here;
......, "in those days the Malays never openly took sides, the listened quietly and gave their support, there was hardly a whisper, today they are not quiet anymore they are not even whispering, they are shouting on top of their voices, 'we're  fed up!!!' we have been betrayed for so long and this party has not only betrayed us they have stolen from us and other Malaysians, we'd rather vote the DAP.

This time it is getting louder and we can not only hear it  hear it.  we can  even see it, Mahathir is on the same side as the DAP.

"We are making Malays aware by the day, the last time we told you  Najib will fall, he did  and we believe he did, because he did not get the popular vote and by that token alone his legitimacy as the elected leader of the country can be challenged. This time around I am telling you Toffee, he is about to make history, he will become History." said Daud in his usual cool and collected manner and form the way he was looking at me I could tell he was serious, dead serious.

Johor is a gone case for the BN, Johor is not PAS country the people of Johor have always shunned PAS and they'll do so this time around too, so if Najib thinks he is going to make inroads with PAS he has read us wrong, he must accept the fact that Johor has fallen it is fallen even before the first vote is cast" said Daud.

"Well okay Johor is okay let's assume it is okay, let's assume what you are saying will come to pass, but what about the other states?" I ask

This other tall and mustached chap, fair skinned, looks at me and sighs, " hai ya, he says, you do not seem to understand do you?" he asks.

"Negri will fall, because the people of Negri are just fed up with the BN, one of its daughters is not their favorites she is seen as an insult to Malay culture and Malay wives, she bears the brunt of the discontent in the state, and she has now become the focal point of the Negri campaign. There are other reasons too, Md Isa being a very prominent reason ask any UMNO division head and he'll tell you if he is free to speak, but they all know how powerful his hold on Najib is, so no one will go as far as even whisper, they will say it at the ballot box" said my friend who accompanied me, Manap, he heard it from Negri boys.

Mahathir is drawing the UMNO crowds, they still love him, trust  him and believe in him, The PKR MPs still hold sway and so too does Mat Sabu and the other members of Parliament who are now with Amanah, the states of Penang and Selangor are rock solid and Perak is giving way, way to fast for UMNO's comfort, htat Najib has asked Zahid to lead the campaigns in that state.

We really do not have to talk about Penang, it is a foregone conclusion, the people of Sabah and Sarawak have been told to go take the money being given to them by Najib, and demand for more, but when it comes to the crunch to vote the BN out and it seems to be working. Najib had been booed out of Sabah and if that was not a sign of the times one wonders what is.

Today I am told that almost every household in Sabah is annoyed with the arrest  Shafie Apdal, it is an insultto Sabahans, they feel that the Federal Government in pursuing its own selfish objectives vicitmises true Sabahan leaders, if you doi not believe me pick up the phone and even call any Sabahan, even the Kadazans who are not Apdal's favourites will tell you so. Sabah is not having it any more, this move has backfired, it has angered Sabah and BN will receive the news from the ballot box for sure like they did a t the end of Harris Salleh's reign.The latest news that Shafie apdal has been admitted to Hospital for High Blood Pressure has got Sabahans really angry and worried, even the supporters fo the STAR the Sabah baed party are asking the MACC why Apdal, why not Najib?

For the Opposition this time the National focus is to on UMNO.

 The MCA and the Gerakan have all but been wiped out over the last two General elections, this time around it is UMNO and that is more or less a foregone conclusion thanks to Najib and the "less intelligent" men of his cabinet and the even less intelligent members of Parliament from UMNO the game is all but over.

Mahathir Anwar Reconciliation Najib's Biggest Blow

The more they mock Mahathir the more they hurt the Malays, and more people jump ship, to make matters worse for Najib,  Mahathir and Anwar have reconciled, the Malays  recognized  the magnitude of the problems facing them with Najib,  when they witnessed this reconciliation. That
Reconciliation A very difficult move for both of them, but for the National good they did it.
these two men were willing to forget the past and rescue the nation was beyond belief, it was beyond anybody's wildebeest dreams, but now that it has happened it has brought the Malays to a realisation  that something really seriously is wrong with Najib and that the nation needs to be rescued, the Malays  are now rallying behind these two leaders.

Najib is vary of the score he is afraid,  he's even doubtful if he'd  call for elections come March, that will be a bit too soon he feels as there is so much to be done. Some observers say it depends on what he has in store at the budget, if it is full of goodies he'll call for the elections soon, if it is not he is expected to drag on till August 2018.

The goodies will not pull wool over the eyes of the people, the poor do not pay taxes, they are the majority of the voters, they will come out with a vengeance, this time and Najib seems to be the target of that frustration

The poor pay more for petrol, they pay more for rice, they pay more for vegetables , they pay more for school uniforms, they pay more for everything nd earn less than they did before because the buying power of their ringgit has depreciated and to make matters worse prices have gone up, so tax incentives is of no use, they now are forced to pay tax even with their lower wages GST.

The opposition in the meantime have got their game plan well settled, they are coming out in numbers, almost every seat will be contested,but the big contests are being prepared for in  Bagan Datoh, Bentong, Pekan\and  Sembrong, these seats are to be heavily contested. Work in Semborong is going on, on  a daily basis and this could be one of the the reasons why  our Minister  Defence has been rather quiet for some time now, but I think it is our Deputy Prime Minister who has more to be worried about this time around.
Big headache. Did he advice Malaysians about  obesity lately?

Do not be too surprised that Najib will decide to contest in Putrajaya to ensure his victory, the constituency is small, he can even afford to pay every voter in the constituency to ensure his victory, but on the other hand that is an educated electorate, as one Putrajya resident put it to me,

"The Malays of the next Generation those yet to be born will one day curse  and say we would have been a better nation had our stupid and greedy forefathers not betrayed our leaders for a few dollars more.The Malays of the generations to come will weep over the jailing of Anwar Ibrahim and the destruction of their nation, and they will blame their forefathers, that is u for their poverty." 

Then he went to say, " In 30 years time Oil will be of n use, it's value will drop as the cars by the tiem will no longer use petrol, our own car industry will vanish we will import cars again. look at our development how far have we progressed. What have we invented and what have we produced on our own, we lack the ability to invent the government is bent on making people stupid so that they can rob us"

"When the price of petrol drops and we are reliant on importing technology what have we got and where are we headed? We will be worse than Bangladesh.  Will our children then shout Hidup UMNO!!! Hidup PAS at the top pf their voices?"

"What have been our own technological advances over the years, if our Oild money was saved and not wasted we'd have money to invest on other things as it is right now all our money has been stolen, and to balance the books we are borrowing huge amounts, who ends up paying, you me, your children my children and their children's children"

"It's time for UMNO members to shout Hidup Pencuri!!!"

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