Thursday, October 19, 2017

The war behind the now shattered UMNO curtain.

UMNO has begun its usual power struggle in the midst of the run up to the next elections, this time the battle has taken and extraordinary twist with Najib actually planning the downfall of his deputy behind a smoke screen.

Dr. Mahathi's revelation that Zahid had met him, supposedly to seek his help in replacing Mr Najib as prime minister has actually got this move by Najib going. 

The meeting according to Mahathir took place not long after  Zahid was appointed deputy prime minister following the sacking of  Muhyiddin Yassin in 2015. In fact by Zahid's own account it took place some 10 days after he was appointed Deputy Prime Minister.
Serious allegations of wanting to oust Najib

Following this allegations by Dr. Mahathir, Zahid has come out denying that he did it and in turn alleged that it was Mahathir who had suggested to him  that Najib be removed from power by a vote of No Confidence, and if that failed Mahathir  would approach the Council of leaders to have the premier step down.

According to Mahathir, Zahid had asked that he be made premier when Najib step down, to which Mahathir had told him "it’s not necessary that he becomes the prime minister, because Umno has the right to choose who replaces Najib."

Zahid has come out vehemently denying any such thing and even alleging he had the whole conversation taped which he has not  produced to date so is he telling the truth?

Was his threat to expose the tape a diversion to get  the UMNO members (who will believe anything they want to believe)  to take what Mahthir alleged lightly?

It could be so and even if it was so, it seems to have worked its magic, or has it?

On the surface it has,  when officiating the Shah Alam Umno division delegates’ meeting on August 6, 2017,  Najib came out openly and said, "Zahid and I have known each other for long, since 1986.
"It's not only money that talks" - A concrete statement
is not just my loyal deputy, but also my friend who is always beside me in good times and bad times, it does not make sense for my deputy to want to overthrow me,  not possible and not true. It is complete slander, let us not linger on this issue. Have faith in the strong Umno leadership. And I will continue to have confidence in Zahid. End of story", but was it really the end of story?

Not so,  according to certain groups within UMNO, "Najib is known to hit you hardest when you are least prepared and that is exactly what he plans to do with Zahid"  said one source close to Hishamuddin.

"Najib can't afford a Deputy who may offer him as the Bull for Korban,  (sacrificial  bull) should he lose the elections to the new government,  to answer the countless allegations made out against him, his wife and family".

The looming threat to Zahid's position
"If those allegations are proven the law will really come down hard on Najib and his family as the allegations are not just for petty theft but for criminal wrongdoings which even include murder and grand Larceny, and for a man (Zahid) who may have colluded with his enemies and is ambitious to the point he may sell anybody they way he did Muhyiddin to take the deputy's position Najib knows that Zahid can be extremely dangerous," said a senior UMNO division leader of a significant UMNO division.

Why then is Najib still maintaining Zahid? I ask

"To kill him slowly so he does not disrupt anything and make him believe he is still Najib's most trusted aide.  that is why  he made go to the UN and expose his uselessness as a top minister in the cabinet, that is the slow killing process," and he laughs.

That UN visit was purposely planned to allow Zahid make an international fool of himself, he could have chosen his cousin  and closest confidante, the "not so intelligent" Hishamuddin Hussein Onn, the grandson of the founder of UMNO who is more eloquent and could have delivered a well prepared speech to the United Nations even better than Najib himself could. Hishamuddin had displayed his fluency in English and good presentation skills when addressing the international press
Allowed by Najib to shoot himself in the foot
following the disappearance of MH370, a position Najib dared not assume.

Whilst allowing Zahid to slowly self destruct he is tacitly moving Hishamuddin to the more prominent position of his anointed successor. To write off Zahid openly is to seek trouble, as Zahid has a considerable grass root base and to move him out will only anger his support base and weaken UMNO, he is not prepared for that yet, but he is preparing for it at the right moment.

Najib  is expected to reveal to a select group of the supreme council the actual date fo the next elections, his line up for  that elections and the changes to be made in the selection this time. It is likely that Zahid is to be placed on one of UMNO's more difficult seats, but that has yet to be confirmed.

In the meantime Hishamuddin has been very quiet, he is seen as preparing to take over from Najib soon as the talk in some UMNO circles is that Najib will give up his position and leave the country probably for good.

Well Najib is not spoilt for choices for countries he can seek refuge in,  Khazakstan is certainly a safe heaven for the time being and so too are Saudi Arabia and Turkey so where will he go, if there is any truth in this talk, and when he does that Hisahmuddin  take over as Hishamuddin will ensure his safe exit from the country.

In the meantime the daggers are being sharpened in all the other corners of UMNO, the membership including many senior supreme council members smell blood.

Nazri is working hard to strengthen his position in UMNO, he wants to ensure that he will land the position of Vice President with the largest majority and in that quest has thrown his support for the UMNO Red Shrit leader Jamal Yunos in his quest to wrset the position of UMNO Youth Chief.
Vying VP position whilst trying to oust Kjairy

It is not too silly a move as most UMNO Youth Leaders came from people who were then labelled extremists and Jamal is no exception only that he has taken it that notch higher then  Krishamuddin if you remember and the Keris.

The Nazri camp are expected to throw their weight behind Zahid and Najib is vary of this as he can't anger this groups as well it will have serious  repercussions on UMNO's  bid to wrest Putrajaya and the escapade can only take place if  they retain power.

To put it simply UMNO is in a mess, I said this much earlier when I objected to Najib becoming the PM before clearing his name of the alleged murder of Altantuya Shaaribu,   I warned then that the whole system will be compromised if the top leader is compromised and that is exactly what has and is happening.

Najib has not come out openly to condemn the atrocities being committed in the country by almost any Ahmad, Din or Jamal.

The Launderette issue is one, the racist and extremist preacher  Zamihan Mat Zin, Jamal Yunos who was made a Datuk on the recommendation of the Najib Government, Najibs's own call to UMNO members to emulate ISIL if you remember, the Police Cheiefs saying one thing and others in Government contraindicating them all poin tto fact that the Government ahs been compromised, there are no rules anyone who has some authority can make rules and that too new rules they think fit, not only is UMNO in a mess the government is in a mess and the country is in a mess.

Now is it a wonder why foreigners choose not to invest in Malaysia,? Except for China of course they are purchasing Malaysia wih huge amounts of cash and it seems like it is going inot individual pockets, for which the people of Malaysia will ahve to repay China for generations to come and may never be able to free itself of that bondage.

UMNO members do not have the mental capacity to see this, they do not even know what is happening to the country, although they soften say "Tanah Air Ku" and believe me the only original words in the language are "Tanah Air" and yet they do not know what is happening to our beloved Tanah Air.

The time is coming for the great shift, Najib is  having sleepless  nights, he has options but is wondering if he can use it, he may have the authority to do so, but will the people allow him to?

Well for one he can declare emergency unilaterally and take over the country and become its first supreme dictator.

 I am sure that has crossed his mind and he is considering it seriously, he has the excuses, he will use Islamic state as the main excuse to do that, because without that he has no other option, the Malays have got fed up. many have deserted UMNO they know the country is in peril, those who remain are foolishly led by the PAS agenda and their own selfish gains,  which he now plans to use help him and that is, Islam is being threatened.

Surely the Launderette issue, the outbursts by the racist and extremist preacher  Zamihan Mat Zin cannot be coincidental, it is all well planned, they expected the opposition to fall for it and come out condemning it, had that happened they would have used the full force of the JAKIM and PAS machinery to condemn the opposition as being a threat to Islam and the Malays, it did not work.

In the face of all this Najib is in a quandary?

Ask him when is the next elections, and he'll say I have not decided yet?

And believe me this will be about oe of the first truths he will tell.

UMNO is in a mess and only a miracle can stop its split. With it's alliance now with PAS, what is MIC and MCA saying.

The BN rules specify that there must be consensus of all parties to admit any other party into the BN?
Have all the other parties especially the MCA, the MIC and Gerakan agreed to this?

We are yet to hear from the other BN component parties.

UMNO members are going to be angered when they lose their opportunity to contest as PAS takes their seats.

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