Monday, October 23, 2017


Anger grows in Sabah as Sabahans question the treatment of Shafie Apdal.

Sabah UMNO Chief Musa Aman's wealth is an open secret, that it has also benefited his family is no longer a secret they say and yet the MACC which they say should be called NACC (N for Najib) is now on a political witch hunt and has decided to go for Sahfie Apdal, the man who spurned Najib and was sacked from UMNO by Najib.

In the first place says one Sabah observer the NACC chief should be disqualified as there is irrevocable evidence of his adultery and instead of doing the right things he says people are targeting him. He seems to be to be doing Najib's bidding and his adultery is being overlooked, that in iteself is corruption.

The people of Sabah are now asking the MACC to arrest Najib in the face of overwhelming evidence of his own corrupt practices involving billions of "people money" and Musa Aman too for corrupt practices.

Expertise - making all the wrong moves
Referring to NACC chief one Sabah MP interviewed over the phone had this to say, "he (the MACC chief Dzulkifli Ahmad) is quoted in Malaysiakini to have said '"I would like to stress that I and my colleagues in MACC will carry out our duty to the best of our ability and will not be affected by these dirty and disgusting attacks,' what dirty attacks is he talking about, the arrest of Apdal is dirty very dirty, dirty, dirty, dirty. Dzulkifli should stop accusing people of using dirty tactics, if they are nto true he should sue those responsible for what he calls "dirty tricks" against him.
His arrest is uniting Sabahans from all sides against UMNO

This MP is not from Shafie Apdal's camp on the contrary he is a Barisan MP and he continued "you can't come over here and catch Sabahans at your whims and fancies and throw them out, or into jail,  it has been happening for too long, this is what the Federal people do, do they think we are trash? Don't play with the people of Sabah we'll teach them a lesson they have not yet experienced," when asked what the lesson was he said,  "just wait it could happen before the elections, it could happen the minute the results are confirmed" he said., "if we don't the next time it could be me, it could be anybody, so as Sabahans we must take a stand, there is too much pressure from the people of Sabah now," he said.

"If we do not act now we will get fired from both sides, that is first the people of Sabah will kick us off like they did Harris Salleh, and also if we do not and assuming we do not get kicked off Najib will get us jailed if we object to the ways he handles Sabah, we might as well get the BN out of Sabah and then watch and see the MACC chief come to Sabah."

The ripples of what is happening in Sabah is now being felt ins Sarawak as well, the people of Sarawak  are asking the same question Mashathir asked, "why didn't Najib  act against Shafie Apdal whilst he was in the BN and when he was an UMNO VP?" Note they are not asking why is the MACC Chief not acting, but rather, "why didn't Najib Act."  They do not believe that this action is independently being carried out by the MACC chief.

Note, Dzulkifli Ahmad had in May declared that MACC will only go after  allegedly corrupt politicians after the 14th general election explaining that  this was to avoid MACC being dragged into politics and its cases being used as fodder for campaigning in the general elections.  Why is he now going after opposition politicians?

Why has  Dzulkifli  not gone against Najib as Sabahans are now openly asking?
Why has he not against Musa Aman as Sabahans are now asking? In both cases there is an overwhelming amount of evidence even in public domain for him to act on, so it's no surprise why the Sarawakians point the finger at Najib and not at him.
Najib is fast losing his fixed deposit, it is turning out that the fixed deposit is now about to fix the BN and that  machinery has begun to roll in the Eastand the BN has Najib to thank for this, he is shooting himself, UMNO and the BN in the foot.

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