Sunday, January 27, 2013

Ibrahim Ali! We Are Different.

Ibrahim Ali, you blatantly called on Muslims to burn Bibles here in Malaysia,  if this were to have been said by some non Muslim about the Koran  it would have wrecked havoc the world over, you'd see demonstrations, and maybe even killings such is the response, that is the typical reaction we would have witnessed, not that I am saying all Muslims are that way but that would have been the general reaction from Beirut to Jakarta, from New York to London the world over and that is a fact.

If it was done in the Muslim world the man who said such a thing about the Koran would be no more, and yet you have the double standards, it  is all right for you people to say anything you like, as you like attacking other peoples sacred beliefs, and I suppose you are right the Federal  constitution guarantees  the freedom of speech and expression but when anybody else uses this freedom in such circumstances you cry for blood, you ask for that that person  be charged and killed, what is this in you I wonder. It's not only me who is trying to figure this out it is the whole world, why is it you feel that you are the only people in the world who are given an Allah given right to do such things, abuse others, use others,  defile other peoples beliefs and places of worship, and that is all right as though you are the only righteous people in this whole world, and the  others owe you  all the respect for it.

I am glad the great majority of Muslim s do not subscribe to your narrow way of thinking, just like most Christians do not subscribe to Christian fundamentalism

In fact  you will protests about any non Muslim who even whispers something about Islam some 20,000 miles away,   the  protests following that incident  by Muslims in Kuala Lumpur   would  have been led by none other than you, and that too is a fact, but you see we the Christians  do not deal with such issues in that  way. Now imagine what would have happen  if I shared this piece with the people in countries like Holland, New York, London and Australia, I do not intend to, you see I am a Christian and that is not how we respond.

We will not stoop to do what you have done, we are different we are Christians. You see Our Lord Jesus Christ asked us to love those who persecute us, who tell lies about us, who do bad things to us, for there is no greatness in loving those who love you,  even the biggest crooks in the world do so, even the most wicked in the world love those who love them, so there is nothing great in that. I'd rather stop as you may interpret it as proselytising one of the things you accuse us of doing and one of the reasons you say why you  do not want us to use the word Allah in our Malay Bibles.

You called for the burning of Bibles because you claim that there is a group who tried to proselytise Muslims,  which you really know  is totally fabricated and I have a strange feeling you are the one who is spinning this rumour, fed by your sponsor to try and unite Malays using religion, don't let him use you this way.

Proseltyisng of Christians in rural and poor areas by offering monitory reward has been the order of the day  and since  it does happen it must be reciprocal, you can't claim a right only for yourself and your beliefs alone, our beliefs are sacred to us too and the constitution of this country guarantees  every citizen regardless of race or creed the freedom of religion.we do not stop Christians from embracing the Islamic faith the world over not only in Malaysia, so why do think you are entitled to this right alone especially in a country where the constitution guarantees freedom of religion to all including the Muslims?

Christians who embraced Islam like the wife of Abdullah Ahmad Badawi  proudly acknowledge that they have done so, and yet sometimes we get you people going after dead bodies claiming the person converted to Islam, and that too is something their spouses never know, it is really baffling,  have you ever sat down and pondered why would a person embrace a religion and keep it secret? Would he not want to tell his closest relatives at least about it if he did really embrace the religion for the love of it?

Well of course in this country if a Muslim embraces another religion  that is a different story, ,he will not tell you or any other Muslim till he gets close enough to trust you because he would  still want to share the joy of the other religion with his close ones as it is a belief system, it is about God, but he will be very careful telling it to a Muslim, and you know why he will not tell you, in case you don't please ask me and I'll tell you why.

Your arrogance in part stems from the support and encouragement you have been accorded by Tun Dr. Mahahtir Bin Mohammed the  former Prime Minster of Malaysia, our beloved country, and a man who has rather  unsuccessfully tried to portray himself as a "moderate Muslim," for the entire Allah issue was created by him rather than by the less intelligent ministers who once served him in government as many may believe, for they are but pawns he uses for his own purpose to this day just like he does you.

In fact on the day you issued your call to burn Christian Bibles he delivered the Key Note address at the meeting of your NGO Perkasa. He is seen as it's main sponsor I'd like to let the world know how deceptive this person is . In fact the world already does but I need to just show them that he has not really changed his views and his dubious ways.

Inciting sectarian violence and using religion for political ends have been the domain of such people, for them the ends justifies the means, and you naive as you are (I am trying to be polite here) you are the tool of this man he has read you like a book and he uses you at every corner, he is famous for this and that is why Nazri  a minister from his own cabinet once referred to him as a "bloody racist."

Now we on the other hand  are aggrieved  at what you said, but remember that Christians used the term Allah long before the Muslims did, I do not think  you have the mental capacity to understand that so I am not going to pursue that with you.

I know that like me, you believe that Allah was the creator of the whole Universe and everything that is in it and that includes you and me unless of course you choose  believe otherwise.

Now if you believe that, then it is the same Allah that made you and me  what is wrong in my calling upon the same Allah?

If anybody should have got angry and  sentimental UMNO style,  it should have been the early Christians and others who used to pray to Allah before the Muslims  as the Allah predates Islam, but that can't be the case and everyone including the Muslims of early days and even today understand that, Allah is God and as such no one can claim  aright to Allah.

Allah cannot and should not be made an issue, it is blasphemous,  Allah is above all these things and we should not draw Allah into petty squabbles especially if it is meant for political ends, that is the signature of your mentor, he uses anything even Allah for his own ends.

We shall ask all Christian faithful to pray for you, to pray that you understand better and get out of this darkness that blinds you so that you shall be able to see the light. That is what we are commanded to do.

We shall pray for you to be a  better Muslim, like the others I know.

We do not really blame you, how can we? I don't think anybody really does, not you and I'll tell you why.

We realise your shortcomings,  Nazri once told us you talk only nonsense and no one takes you seriously,  that is why you are not arrested for all these outbursts, any other Malaysian I suppose  would have been arrested but we know the Chief Mufti of Perak got off Scot free for his inciting trouble agaisnt  the Christians as well, so Nazri can't be correct,   if I said or did something, something far lesser agaisnt the Muslims  the Minister of Home Affairs would  have had  me arrested immediately as a threat to the nation, but you see it is not in my Christian upbringing to say things against your faith and your beliefs.

Anybody else in Malaysia would have been arrested, you are the only one left off the hook, and there can only be two reasons, one is you are used by some really very powerful people, the other is like Nazri would have  us believe,  you are so stupid, that you are the only one in the country to be given this exception, and I beg to differ with Nazri, it can't be only you, for now there seems to be group distributing flyers asking people to attend the burning of Bibles in Butterworth this Sunday.

So you see there are others like you too, and so Nazri can't be completely right.

I'll  try and make sense with you, the word Allah is Arabic, it is also the Malay word for God, and it has been used in Malay Bibles since the 16th Century, it is used by Christians the world over and your excuse, which is this government's excuse as well is that, "it will confuse the Malay Muslims."

Well it has never confused the millions of Indonesians, the Bangladeshis, the Arabs and the rest of the Muslim world thus far, and  from the 16th century to this day it has not confused the Malays, are you now telling us that the Malays have gone backward  since our independence under this Barisan Nasional Government that they now can't reason as well as they did then?

We Malaysians always thought the Malaysian Muslims we were far more progressive and tolerant and moderate as some people would describe us, I believe so too to this day, but elements like you, the scumbag of our society with the backing of the government of the day, and coupled with police protection go about with a free reign promoting violence agaisnt the Christians for absolutely no reason whatsoever.

As a non Muslim let me give you this advice, say and do whatever you want if you do not like us, but do not use religion to back you up, do not  use Islam to gain support for what you are saying and for yours and  the selfish  ends of your political ends.

You have now turned to use religion to turn Muslim agaisnt Muslim this is being done because you are afraid PAS and PKR will oust UMNO, but believe me they will not harm you, you were once kicked out of UMNO, Mahahtir as you know never really liked you, all he is doing is knowing you he is using you, the same way he used all Malays and that is why the Malays are turning away from UMNO.

You too  should leave UMNO, once they win you will be a nuisance to them, if Nazri can have us believe you are a fool right now you shoudl know what to expect if they get what they want from you. I am not telling you to join PKR or PAS you can vote the BN for all we care, but watch out they are going to dump you again, and they have made no secret that they think you are fool, Nazri once said, "nobody takes you seriously," and that is actually the truth.

Now Ibrahim my friend let me let you read what your Holy Prophet said about us Christians, in fact you as a Muslim are warned by the Prophet on how to treat Christians;

 Islam's Holiest prophet - The Prophet Muhammed had this to say;

"This is a message from Muhammad ibn Abdullah, as a covenant to those who adopt Christianity, near and far, we are with them. Verily I, the servants, the helpers, and my followers defend them, because Christians are my citizens; and by Allah! I hold out against anything that displeases them. No compulsion is to be on them. Neither are their judges to be removed from their jobs nor their monks from their monasteries. No one is to destroy a house of their religion, to damage it, or to carry anything from it to the Muslims' houses. Should anyone take any of these, he would spoil God's covenant and disobey His Prophet. Verily, they are my allies and have my secure charter against all that they hate. No one is to force them to travel or to oblige them to fight. The Muslims are to fight for them. If a female Christian is married to a Muslim, it is not to take place without her approval. She is not to be prevented from visiting her church to pray. Their churches are to be respected. They are neither to be prevented from repairing them nor the sacredness of their covenants. No one of the nation (Muslims) is to disobey the covenant till the Last Day (end of the world)."

The question I wish to ask  is;  Are  you Ibrahim Ali  a  Muslim?

Ref: Dr. Muqtedar Khan is Director of Islamic Studies at the University of Delaware and a fellow of the Institute for Social Policy and Understanding.

Saturday, January 26, 2013

Where Did BN get my personal particulars from?

Today the 26th of January is the Indian Republican Day, it is also Australia day. It is the birthday of the famous actor Paul Newman too, and a host of other famous people if you google the 26th of January you'll find Anthropologists of world fame and many others, but 26th of January is also my birthday and you may be wondering why I am telling you all this.

Well this morning I received an SMS from one Dato "Dr." Teh Kim Poo, I really like  to know where this "Doctor" got his doctorate from unless of course he is an MBBS.

This how  this SMS reads,: "Sealmat Lahir. (Happy Birth just that) Semoga, panjang umur. Murah rezeki dan sihatselalu7. Dengan ingatan tulus ikhlas daripada Dato Dr. Teh kim Poo- Penyelaras BN Parlimen Klang."

It was received from a mobile phone carrying this number; +60164281060.

This man is the Penyelaras BN Parlimen Klang, and he had all my personal details, he had my phone number, he knew my birthday and what else I really do not know. He has infringed my privacy, and I want to see if I have any recourse with the law, how did he get my details.

I wanted to know how he got my personal particulars, so I returned a call to the caller and as soon as it got connected it got  disconnected after one ring, so after a few tries I went into Google to find out who this man was, and  how he got all my personal particulars. Google led me to Bloomberg where I got the following:

Kim Poo Teh D.S.S.A.,P.J.K.,J.P.,DipM. MBA, MCIM

Founder, Managing Director, Director and Chairman of Remuneration committee, Resintech Bhd

Corporate Headquarters*

Lot 3 & amp; 5 Jalan Waja 14
Telok Panglima Garang, Selangor 42500


Phone: 60 3 3122 2422
Fax: 60 3 3122 2411 
Aha, now I had a phone number so I called the number and I asked for Dato Dr. Teh Kim Poo, the lady answering the call told me Dato was not available as he was overseas, so I asked her if she knew how  he got my personal details she of course did not know.

Well when  I am angry you can tell it by the sound of my voice on the phone, many of you who know me know that for sure, and this girl who does not know me was no exception either, when I gave her the number on which I received the SMS, she told me  that, that,  was not his number and gave me his business number but warned me he was overseas. I replied, "I feel like making an overseas call right now."
I called him and he answered.
I asked if it was Dato Teh and he replied, "yes." 
I asked if he sent me a birthday greeting, and he, sounding rather happy and proud replied, (this is exactly what he said), "yes I did, in fact everyday I send out thousands of birthday greetings, New Year greetings, festival greetings  to people in Klang, via SMS."
I am from Klang and as long as I can remember no MCA man has even said hi, to me on the streets, so why would this Dato want to go to all that trouble to get my personal details and send me an unsolicited SMS,  well I think the reasons are rather obvious.

He has infringed on my privacy, from where did he get my personal particulars, does he not know that he has infringed  my privacy, I wonder what are the other particulars he has about me.

Well if he came to my house and said, "tolong undi BN" I may not have got so angry, the worst thing  I  would  do under such circumstances  is drive him put of my compound, the best is If and only if I liked what he said I may undi him but not the BN, but to go and get my personal particulars, which I have not given to UMNO, MIC or for that matter MCA or any other Barisan Nasional Party is too much and I need to know how he got it.
Ya,  he had my phone number, he knew my birthday, and he he was quite proud of this, this man who is the founder of Public Listed Company had all this, and I wanted to know who gave it to him, he shoudl ahve more sense not the Cow sense the BN has.
So  I asked politely, that is as politely as I could ask considering I was furious, more so furious with a BN man, and more so MCA man, and he did not reply.

So furious that these people were strange bed fellows with one former Prime Minister who insulted our Citizenship recently, who illegally gave away citizenship to foreigners who now become Bumiputras whilst we remain second class citizens and this party had not stood up to this man, so why vote for such traitors?

I was really annoyed,  I told him he was a nobody, and that he was confounded  idiot working for other idiots, and that getting access to the personal information of  thousands of people in Klang is  a serious matter and asked again how  got it.
All he said was,  "okay, okay  lah, sorry, okay lah" and he switched off his phone.
The only people who have that kind of information are the government departments and the telecos. Now I need to know  which government department or which telco gave him these details?  I want  to find out,  who are the people in the government giving out personal details to members of political parties? This  is something we all need to know, because I am told by my friends they received Thaipusam greetings, they received Birthday greetings, and they received even Ponggol greetings, Chinese New Year is around the corner and many of you are going to receive this unsolicited mail from these running dogs.
this information could not have become available  from an MCA register, I am not a Chinese the nearest I go is my wife is Chinese so how did he get my details?
I was not born in a Chinese maternity home, I did not go to a Chinese School, so how did this MCA bloke get it?
They can't even have got from the MIC, I am no MIC member, I fail to qualify because I do not speak Tamil so where did it come from?
I am not Muslim, I am  a staunch Christian - a Catholic,  so I can't claim to be Melayu like Mahathir Mohammed Bin Iskandar Kutty, and become an UMNO member, so where did he get my personal details?
This only goes to show how desperate the BN has become, and how they misuse the  trust the people have placed on them that they can go the extent of infringing on our privacy without blinking an eye and no tfear the consequences.

I do not have to say I doubt the Police will take any action if I make a report because that is foregone conclusion, I do not have to say that if I report this matter to the Police the AG will say there is no need to prosecute that too is a foregone conclusion, after all it is so obvious we all know that they are all strange bedfellows.
Since he has my telephone number plus the number and  of so many thousands of you as he has told me, his phone number is available to anyone who may want it to send him CNY and birthday greetings to him, I know you may want to send some nasty greetings to him, but hold your horses, just wish him and tell him what you think of him that should suffice, we should all be decent, just tell him  the truth, tell him what you think of him.

If you really want his number just send me a comment include your email which will not be published and I'll send you his personal number.
In a way I think he made my birthday, he gave me an opportunity to go BN bashing what a way to begin a birthday.

Ps. just before publishing this I received a another sms  it reads. Sdra. (my name in full exactly as it appears in my IC) Selamat Hari Lahir/happy Birthday, Semoga Sejahtera sentiasa. Sayang Selangor, Yakini BN. This message was received from +601126308324

So you see the have my personal particulars , they have  yours as well, and where did they get it from, are they not using  their positions to get illegal information?  Well that is BN, there is hardly anything legal that they do and  we all know it don't we?

Thursday, January 24, 2013

Our Missing Children - How Many More?

This government justifies it's money making schemes and makes the rakyat feel that when they are making money for their personal selves it is all for the good of the rakyat, for the good of you and me.

Let us review some of these shortly, we have the AES which has been farmed out to some private organisation and if you were to go into the details you'll discover some minster, or his wife or even other family members or a crony or cronies are involved in these guaranteed to get rich schemes, (It's a no way you lose scheme).  The banks immediately give you a loan, it is too good a deal, and  this is happening  in so many cases from cows to cars (AP), from petroleum to Ports, from ownership of newspapers to the ownership of other media groups including television stations, from toll roads to the issuance of road tax and car insurance and even transfers, from Felda which was built on the backs of hardworking Malaysian individuals to the likes of public corporations, and  all these are grounds for these politicians to ravage from, it is their money making machines, and soon after they retire these people who come into government without a shirt on their back are multimillionaires, and dare I say even multibillionaires and one is now being touted as one of the richest in the world a former Minister.

The smaller fry in their midst are exposed, in fact some are not to do what the master does, so we have seen the railway gatekeeper who built a Palace sacrificed.

They'll go to any extent  to defend their turf and that they do and it is seen, it has been exposed, they have even gone to the extent of selling citizenship in return for votes so that their power they get from these votes allow them to carry out their corrupt practices unfettered,  and that put any way is selling the country to foreigners. These people are plundering the land and we have allowed and continue to allow them free reign to do so.

Malaysians have been losing children by the hundreds each year, yes hundreds each year, and yet this government has done nothing concrete to stamp this out for each time a child is lost all we get is news in the newspapers of  a child lost and that begins to look more like an obituary, and we Malaysians have come out to accept that as one of those things, yes to the majority of us it will be one of those things till it hits us then we'll know how tragic an  experience that  brings.
Some of the missing children

To be out there in the wilderness as a child yearning for his/her  parents, in a state of loneliness and isolation completely lost, constantly worrying, crying,  and in the hands of terrible strangers, who do not know what it is to be kind, who have nothing but barbaric traits, is terrible, it is horrible and the agony, the stress are    unbearable till maybe one day the child is numbed and becomes a real zombie, yes because the survival instinct takes the child into another realm and the child at that very innocent age grows up to accept his fate and sometime he/she does not - imagine, imagine, imagine!!!!!!!! How will these innocent little children handle these traumatic situation.

Can you imagine yourself in that state, can you live in that state, will you accept that as fate, now imagine what these lost children are going through and ask yourself these questions.

Whose responsibility  is it to help us get these children back?

We accept that it is ours, but what role does the government play?

Hand out posters like Muhyiddin and Chua Soi Lek in what looks so obviously a BN publicity campaign whilst  the Prime mister is busy trying to mend fences between two warring factions of the Palestinians?

Whose responsibility is it to see that the police force pulls up their socks and ensures practice is wiped out?

Hishamuddin Hussein Onn?  I hope we have a better answer to that.

What has  your UMNO led Barisan Nasional Government  done to find these Children?

What measures has this government taken to stamp out this practice?

Well all I can tell you is  they have gone to all media available to tell you how good the AES is for the people, and why? Only because it's going to put rakyat's money into their pockets.

The innocence you see in every child
Have they gone to the same extent to the media to continuously hammer in the message that your children are not safe if left alone even for a minute in this country?

No, they'll not tell you that, it will only expose them and confirm what we all know and Hishamuddin has been denying all this while, "the country is not  safe, and we are all far from being secure of snatch thieves, robbers, gangsters some state sponsored like those who went to terrify Ambiga, and now this group we refer to as syndicates, they are terrorists yes that is the only word we can use for them and are young children being taken by them to be nurtured into terrorists? Only this government has the answer, but it merits an in depth study, for it is children that terrorists develop into suicide squads.

Nurlin Jazlin is just one of those missing children to them, her father still believes she is alive and so do many Malaysians.  Many  believe she is out there somewhere and the poor man has been trying to get the attention of the government and they have only treated him as a nuisance trying to convince him  she is dead.

I believe, her father believes, that she  is with a syndicate, we have seen syndicated child beggers in our streets and have the police done anything about this other than arresting the children and sending them to homes?

Fact or not, which father would not want that hope that he would still be united with his daughter.  Think how traumatized he would be.

Have the police been successful in getting those in the syndicates?

If they have, how many have been brought to justice?

Or do they the Police not know that such syndicates exists, and are relying on us to tell them each time we see a child beggar?

The fact of the matter is  many people are vary of going to the Police less their identity  be compromised, for many people are afraid some of the officers in the police force  may be in league with these syndicates  and this is the truth.  An independent  survey will reveal this to UMNO and the police force unless,  MCA has already told  the government or the police force about this and that we know will never have been done.

I'd like to get to Nurlin's  father  and listen to his story, I know it will be difficult to for him to relate but we must know how he feels, to be able to feel like him,  his experiences and his anxiety to this day will reveal more than just what this blog can say.

How did Nurlin celebrate her rayas that have come and gone, how have those ministers who sit on their lofty thrones celebrated their rayas, have they ever even given a thought for these children.

This traumatic experiences of the children  is something even adults like me and you can't take and that is why we are so dead against the ISA, those  arrested under this draconian piece of legislation are kept under isolation  which is one of the most terrifying experiences a human being can ever be put through, but those are adults who know one day they are going to come out, and whose loved ones know where they are,  and  that  seems to be nothing compared with the plight of these missing children, yes children, and the plight these parents have to endure.

Did any minster,  any at all, visit the parents of these lost children during their major festivals because it is during these times that agony becomes unbearable, were any of them there to talk to them to help them handle the situation, I am certain not, they are void of such feelings some would  have been busy getting cows slaughtered to give their UMNO supporters.

The Minister of Family Development, amongst other things had other things to be busy about and we all know what those other things were about, and now that portfolio rests with someone many Malaysians have learned to distrust, the Prime Minister Najib Tun Razak, so who is going to look at this issue?

It is very noble Mr. Prime Minister,  for you to be in to be in Ghaza in Palestine to  try and mend fences for the warring factions of the Palestinians on the eve of the date they themselves think they have a solution, but what about your little children at home,  they are being snatched away like flies Mr. Prime Minsiter and we need to know what you have done about it, and what you intend to do about it?

Your PR campaign in Palestine is nothing but your usual hogwash, leave all that aside and give us answers to these questions?

Are there measures in place Mr. Prime Minister to wipe out these terrorists who haunt us and our children?

What measures have you and your government  taken so far?

Have you looked at it as eagerly and as anxiously as you have the Scorpene Submarines?

Have you considered it the way you have your 1 Malaysia Plan?

Or, have you gone about it the way you have awarded  the contract o George Kent?

Mr.Prime Minsiter these are our children we want and we need answers, we need it now.

Are you capable of seeing the forests from the trees and realise that these little children are our promise of the future and not the warring factions in Gazza?

Well that may be a cliche, but do you realise we as parents brought them into the world just for that - the future, and is this how important the future is to you?

Can I suggest  your government offers a reward of 5 million ringgit for each child found and a reward of 5 million ringgit for each kidnapper,  and 10 million ringgit for the capture of a syndicate or group of persons responsible for the abduction of such children?

The sheer quantum will encourage some betrayers, that is what we have to buy.

This is a war against terrorism, and do you realise how much nations spend on anti terrorists activities?

Can we offer such a bounty with immunity form prosecution for the person who betrays the syndicate together with a change of identity and safety for the person, the person's family so that the syndicate will never get him?

This is serious we need extreme measures to wipe it out, unless you see our children as less important.

We have lost  more money on other things,  corrupt schemes most of them including  your BRIM used to fish votes, they were corrupt practices whichever way you look at it. What this blog is suggesting  is by far  the most noble of all causes - The safety of our children.

Do you want me to say "Undi Lah Barisan Nasional" for you to react positively?

Honestly, I do not think you are capable of even imagining the misery each of these children go through, honestly I don't think you have the capacity to understand the plight of the mothers and the fathers who lost their children.  All the promises you made to Teoh Beng Hock's family leaves your credibility here in tatters you have to seriously mend it, and mend it now before it's too late.

Can these kidnapped children be found? 

Can those who have taken them be found?  "YES THEY CAN."

Call me mad man, a retired fool who has offered a 10,000 ringgit reward for anyone who brings back this missing boy and yes this fool is going to tell you how.

The first thing that has to happen is to get a government that is committed to stamping out this evil practice from our midst, to do that we have to have a government whose integrity has not been compromised.

A government that has it's integrity compromised can never rid the country of so many evils as they too are part of  evil schemes to which the very people who carry out  this evil scheme may be  privy to, so how can they stop it, they can't,  because it's  a "you don't know, I don't know " thing and that is how this country seems to be run.

We'll never get back the billions from the Port Klang scandal it is all gone and those who took it are  all well protected, that is why Najib took over the case personally relieving Ong Tee Keat of his position, remember?  I have my doubts even Ong would have had the courage to see it through, after all he is MCA the party that sucks up to UMNO.

The same will apply to all the billions we have lost, and now to appease the people  they give away 500 ringgit to all retired Malaysians whose family income does not exceed RM3000/ per household, what a farce, what can that money bring to the household, and to top that Muhyiddin has claimed that it can even be better it will be raised to a thousand ringgit, and that money will be a one off for the rakyat to take to live for the rest of the year I suppose.

I can safely assume that the alleged Altantuya's murderers will be freed or,  have their sentences reduced, I used the words alleged because even if they committed the act it must have been on instructions, or else there would be a motive.

The  big issues for this BN government are, being  "concerned" with Malaysians speeding on the 3 lane highways where they impose a speed of 80 KPH and 90 KPH, driving cars that are supposed to cruise at 120 KPH what an easy way to mint money and not just 1 ringgit or two but, three hundred ringgit for each  car that has been caught and that too, a fifty fifty deal. half of it goes to the Government and the other half to some crony, and the crony is already talking  about reaping in billions.

The example they set, the PM with outriders in front of him and outriders at the back of him speeds at 150  KPH that is a tremendous example set by him.

 There seems to be  is no morality in this government, it is corrupted to the chore.

All these  corrupt practices coupled with the Altantuya murder which this government and the police force know has not been solved, has compromised the integrity of this nation.

There is an RCI now in motion about the citizenship fiasco, Mahathir has come out openly and declared that it has happened although he claims there is nothing wrong with what has happened, he knows  he is free from investigation, no one will dare take him on,  his  Mahatherian logic will be accepted by the UMNOputras and he is given free reign, and in the face of those  powers  we succumb, we crumble and we accept all this that is happening to us.

Can we take a lesson from what is happening elsewhere?

Do we want to go down that way where law an order is nothing but the domain of terrorists, of bandits?

Or do we want to change it, change it now not when we sink into this filth, we're already knee deep in it or are we going to cowed down by some stupid Doctor who leads a politcal party  who will literally sell his father and mother at a loss, claim to be full blooded Chinese say this government has proven what it can do, and frighten you with the Hudud.

We are losing children at  rate of at least 8 per month, and these are between the ages of  1 to 12 figures obtained from the police web page,  and yet this government has not come out with anything concrete to stamp it out.

They the police  will report that the losses are actually higher and that about half are found, those found were not really lost,  they're those who have been taken by one parent from the other in a family squabble, or those who had gone to their grandparents place or with some other relative or friend,  very rarely, extremely rarely in fact in almost none of the cases have the kidnappers been found for kidnapped cases and brought to justice.

Could it be that some of our Police officers too  have links with these Kidnappers (terrorists)?

Do the police know some things about these happenings, and like the military aiding the Taliban in Pakistan could we have members of our police force  who aid these kidnappers?

These are issues we have to seriously look into? I am asking these questions because I fear for the children not myself, I am asking these questions because I feel these are questions the ordinary Malaysian who has been numbed by a false sense of affluence - the educated class, will not ask for fear of reprisals, it is a "leave well alone attitude," coupled  with "after all it will not  happen to me" mentality.

These are areas we have to address first,  for if there are moles or active participants within the police  force, these children will never be found, not today not ever and is that what we really want, and are we that  cold hearted to accept that?

Has our less intelligent Minsiter of Home Affairs - Hishamuddin bin Hussein Onn (I get weary of that name)   considered this?

What has he done  as Minster of Home Affairs, really I think there is no point asking at all.

Whilst the country is totally unsafe for children,  our Prime Minsiter is busy trying to look after the affairs of the Palestinians.