Tuesday, January 22, 2013

Find Yao Zhen Zhong and get a 10,000 Ringgit Reward

 How Sad, the news I am receiving so far about Yao Zhen Zhong is not too good, for one the police have said the initial DNA tests found of the body of a boy  who matched his descriptions  in the Klang River matches his. 
His is mother had earlier made a positive identification too, but the news surrounding the death is sketch at least for the time being, I will not speculate or rely on rumours, but what is coming in is not at all good.
The story so far is bad really bad, and I guess we are all sad this boy had to die.

In the meantime a friend just sent me this:


 Myanmar refugees know more than us about missing people the next time you meet a Myanmar refugee please ask them.

Unfortunately the Malaysian government does not recognize refugees in Malaysia, so these people are bunched off with illegal immigrants and are subject to abuse,and abused they are.

The Myanmar refugees know the whole story, ask them.

How will this little boy spend Chinese New Year away from his Parents? Think about it.
How will his parents be celebrating Chinese New Year? Think About it.
Can you really celebrate Chinese New Year thinking about it?
What is there  you can do to help? Look at this photograph, picture it in your mind, and look for him in every kid you see on the street. If you find him call the numbers listed below, inform the people around you, and if he is found because of you, yes, this blog is offering this;

 REWARD RM10,000


 We can't turn a blind eye, we cannot be so thoughtless, we have to act and act fast for this innocent little boy, it has been happening once too often and we do not seem to be getting the answers.
The only way to make it happen is to pledge a sum so huge people will just want to take up the offer and turn the tide on the kidnappers.

Toffeesturn is making a pledge of a reward of a total sum of  Ringgit Malaysian Ten Thousand (RM10, 000) only, to person or *persons   for information that leads to the return of this boy Yao Zhen Zhong safely to his parents.

Any person with information should take such information to the nearest police station or call Goh Lai Than 03- 5631 9800, or Subang Jaya Police Station 03-78627222 or The Selangor Police hotline 03-2052 9999

*Where there is more than one person the sum of RM 10,000 shall be shared.

Now Go to  Our missing Children how many more 





  1. Can you contact me at cyrusedmund@yahoo.com? I would like to pledge RM 10,000 as a reward as well for a total reward of RM 20,000 and make this a full scale campaign on facebook. Time is of the essence.

  2. Cyrus I think you have got the idea, I am so sorry I read your feedback a bit late, I'll write to you shortly, we shoudl start a campaign of pledges so that the minute it is needed we are there.