Saturday, January 26, 2013

Where Did BN get my personal particulars from?

Today the 26th of January is the Indian Republican Day, it is also Australia day. It is the birthday of the famous actor Paul Newman too, and a host of other famous people if you google the 26th of January you'll find Anthropologists of world fame and many others, but 26th of January is also my birthday and you may be wondering why I am telling you all this.

Well this morning I received an SMS from one Dato "Dr." Teh Kim Poo, I really like  to know where this "Doctor" got his doctorate from unless of course he is an MBBS.

This how  this SMS reads,: "Sealmat Lahir. (Happy Birth just that) Semoga, panjang umur. Murah rezeki dan sihatselalu7. Dengan ingatan tulus ikhlas daripada Dato Dr. Teh kim Poo- Penyelaras BN Parlimen Klang."

It was received from a mobile phone carrying this number; +60164281060.

This man is the Penyelaras BN Parlimen Klang, and he had all my personal details, he had my phone number, he knew my birthday and what else I really do not know. He has infringed my privacy, and I want to see if I have any recourse with the law, how did he get my details.

I wanted to know how he got my personal particulars, so I returned a call to the caller and as soon as it got connected it got  disconnected after one ring, so after a few tries I went into Google to find out who this man was, and  how he got all my personal particulars. Google led me to Bloomberg where I got the following:

Kim Poo Teh D.S.S.A.,P.J.K.,J.P.,DipM. MBA, MCIM

Founder, Managing Director, Director and Chairman of Remuneration committee, Resintech Bhd

Corporate Headquarters*

Lot 3 & amp; 5 Jalan Waja 14
Telok Panglima Garang, Selangor 42500


Phone: 60 3 3122 2422
Fax: 60 3 3122 2411 
Aha, now I had a phone number so I called the number and I asked for Dato Dr. Teh Kim Poo, the lady answering the call told me Dato was not available as he was overseas, so I asked her if she knew how  he got my personal details she of course did not know.

Well when  I am angry you can tell it by the sound of my voice on the phone, many of you who know me know that for sure, and this girl who does not know me was no exception either, when I gave her the number on which I received the SMS, she told me  that, that,  was not his number and gave me his business number but warned me he was overseas. I replied, "I feel like making an overseas call right now."
I called him and he answered.
I asked if it was Dato Teh and he replied, "yes." 
I asked if he sent me a birthday greeting, and he, sounding rather happy and proud replied, (this is exactly what he said), "yes I did, in fact everyday I send out thousands of birthday greetings, New Year greetings, festival greetings  to people in Klang, via SMS."
I am from Klang and as long as I can remember no MCA man has even said hi, to me on the streets, so why would this Dato want to go to all that trouble to get my personal details and send me an unsolicited SMS,  well I think the reasons are rather obvious.

He has infringed on my privacy, from where did he get my personal particulars, does he not know that he has infringed  my privacy, I wonder what are the other particulars he has about me.

Well if he came to my house and said, "tolong undi BN" I may not have got so angry, the worst thing  I  would  do under such circumstances  is drive him put of my compound, the best is If and only if I liked what he said I may undi him but not the BN, but to go and get my personal particulars, which I have not given to UMNO, MIC or for that matter MCA or any other Barisan Nasional Party is too much and I need to know how he got it.
Ya,  he had my phone number, he knew my birthday, and he he was quite proud of this, this man who is the founder of Public Listed Company had all this, and I wanted to know who gave it to him, he shoudl ahve more sense not the Cow sense the BN has.
So  I asked politely, that is as politely as I could ask considering I was furious, more so furious with a BN man, and more so MCA man, and he did not reply.

So furious that these people were strange bed fellows with one former Prime Minister who insulted our Citizenship recently, who illegally gave away citizenship to foreigners who now become Bumiputras whilst we remain second class citizens and this party had not stood up to this man, so why vote for such traitors?

I was really annoyed,  I told him he was a nobody, and that he was confounded  idiot working for other idiots, and that getting access to the personal information of  thousands of people in Klang is  a serious matter and asked again how  got it.
All he said was,  "okay, okay  lah, sorry, okay lah" and he switched off his phone.
The only people who have that kind of information are the government departments and the telecos. Now I need to know  which government department or which telco gave him these details?  I want  to find out,  who are the people in the government giving out personal details to members of political parties? This  is something we all need to know, because I am told by my friends they received Thaipusam greetings, they received Birthday greetings, and they received even Ponggol greetings, Chinese New Year is around the corner and many of you are going to receive this unsolicited mail from these running dogs.
this information could not have become available  from an MCA register, I am not a Chinese the nearest I go is my wife is Chinese so how did he get my details?
I was not born in a Chinese maternity home, I did not go to a Chinese School, so how did this MCA bloke get it?
They can't even have got from the MIC, I am no MIC member, I fail to qualify because I do not speak Tamil so where did it come from?
I am not Muslim, I am  a staunch Christian - a Catholic,  so I can't claim to be Melayu like Mahathir Mohammed Bin Iskandar Kutty, and become an UMNO member, so where did he get my personal details?
This only goes to show how desperate the BN has become, and how they misuse the  trust the people have placed on them that they can go the extent of infringing on our privacy without blinking an eye and no tfear the consequences.

I do not have to say I doubt the Police will take any action if I make a report because that is foregone conclusion, I do not have to say that if I report this matter to the Police the AG will say there is no need to prosecute that too is a foregone conclusion, after all it is so obvious we all know that they are all strange bedfellows.
Since he has my telephone number plus the number and  of so many thousands of you as he has told me, his phone number is available to anyone who may want it to send him CNY and birthday greetings to him, I know you may want to send some nasty greetings to him, but hold your horses, just wish him and tell him what you think of him that should suffice, we should all be decent, just tell him  the truth, tell him what you think of him.

If you really want his number just send me a comment include your email which will not be published and I'll send you his personal number.
In a way I think he made my birthday, he gave me an opportunity to go BN bashing what a way to begin a birthday.

Ps. just before publishing this I received a another sms  it reads. Sdra. (my name in full exactly as it appears in my IC) Selamat Hari Lahir/happy Birthday, Semoga Sejahtera sentiasa. Sayang Selangor, Yakini BN. This message was received from +601126308324

So you see the have my personal particulars , they have  yours as well, and where did they get it from, are they not using  their positions to get illegal information?  Well that is BN, there is hardly anything legal that they do and  we all know it don't we?


  1. Happy Belated Birthday wish to you my friend blogger. Wishing you continued good health, happiness and good fortune. I hope you do not mind me saying this although I do not know you personally.

    Before I speak on the issue at hand, I wish to state here that I do take your articles and post them on my blog site MALAYSIANS MUST KNOW THE TRUTH. I hope you do not mind me doing so. Your article do inspire Malaysians to wake up and face reality and these post need to be read by larger audience and only with the help of other blogs posting your article will Malaysian come to know.

    The ISSUE of personal information. I think we Malaysians must SUE the parties who have given out these private information by suing the person who had sent the message and making parties you feel that may have your particulars. I feel a CLASS ACTION would sound better since a number of people are involved and of many races. I am sure there are Lawyers who will do this for FREE just to get acknowledgement and publicity.

    I fully agree with you that we need CHANGE....UMNO/BN must be removed at GE13. BUT I feel we also need another force of UNITED INDEPENDENTS to speak out for us. What do you say?

  2. Dear Blogger, I share your concern on the unsolicited intrusion of one's privacy. This should not happen and it never happened in the past. Why now? The answer simply is "desperate people take desperate measures". Especially when these MCA fellows knows the BN ship is sinking.Not long ago I was told that the telcos are selling the personal phone numbers of their customers at RM0.50 sen per number along with personal particulars. They will(Telcos) of course deny but they know what their staff are involve in.

  3. Happy Belated Birthday to you.

    They being in the political party can gain access to information on some electoral roll that bears your name and IC number. This is quite obvious since BN will always send reminders of polling station to the voters before each General Election.

    And with the IC, one can know your birthdate. The trick is having your mobile number too. Here is what can happen. Cross referencing mobile lists that companies sell for advertising purpose can do the trick. And there are many companies doing that but I doubt if our telcos do it. Perhaps from some backdoor info in some customer service or support list that you may have given your mobile number and name to will probably be a practical explanation.

    Cheers...we all get some of this crap some of the time. Our votes will count soon ....


  4. Tokey cina kasi lorrr..tak tipu, tak cina la.

  5. I too have received such sms-es which I detest and also similar from marketing people who very kindly inform me that the banks gave them my particulars. Closed my accounts immediately

  6. Lighten up, Toffee!

    Look at the bright side ...

    1. Now you can call him directly if you need any toilet fittings or equipments for the playground at your taman.
    2. You can claim to have a friend who is a dato and founder of a big company.
    3. You have a friend call 'golden poo tea'. Probably taste better than darjeeling or orange pekoe.
    4. You have another mobile number that you can whatsapp or text when you are bored.
    5. You can get your 3-year old to practise ordering pizza with that mobile number.
    6. You can get a big loan from ah long and give them that mobile number as your contact.
    7. You can go on a naughty jaunt, sow your wild oats and leave them that mobile number to call.
    8. You can register for lots of things you don't need and list that mobile number as yours.
    9. You have a fren who is connected with the right people.
    10. You can quote him as reference when required.

    I stopped at 10 ... you can continue.

    Chill out, Toffee, there's a whole bright side to this.

    Happy Belated Birthday!

  7. First your date of birth, this surely from your ic number...where they get the ic number?...from the electoral roll and they have the right to have it to verify....both parties opposition or rulling parties have it.
    Now on your mobile number, they can get it from the some call centre that you have called to get help such as TM, your insurance company, your credit cards company etc etc etc. Even you enjoy a simple contest, you filled up forms for the contest and these information goes into the database by the collectors and these collectors sell it out. So many places they can get your number. If you're the person who has CONNECTION and you can get the numbers too.
    I too do receive calls to sign up for this credit card or that card credit or take up some hotel pakages and each time I tell them I will only sign up if they reveal where they get my number and so far none of them dare to reveal.
    Only this year, we have this personal data protection act in place and you can sue them for revealing your private information.
    Oh yes....changing gov will solve this problem???? Definitely NO...afterall they are all the same devil or the same angel.

  8. My wife received the same birthday message from DS Ir Mohd Zain, Koordinator BN Selangor on my handphone as she doesnot have handphone registered under her name. What I did was to reply" Sorry kami tetap menyokong pembankang". I hope that would serve them well.

  9. Yup, totally agree with you guys. Got some festival greetings like Merry Christmas and Happy New Year. Lucky they don't know my religion, if not more unsolicited sms. Worse than the telemarketers!!! My complete support for a Class Action ( to force them to reveal the source of the info) to teach this guys a Big Lesson!!!

  10. I also receive all this well wish form BN and sometimes election servey. Why so angry bro. Just give them a fake/false hope that the citizen is very happy with them lah. Later when you vote who, how they know. Aiyaaa..... SunZi War le mah.

  11. Sir

    the politikus is in violation of Personal Data Protection Act 2010 (PDPA)! you can make a complaint to the commission or even to the MCMC.

  12. They have access to ALL our records, including income tax. A friend, a Malay woman, accessed my former employer's income tax records to find out his state of finances. Is it a surprise that she is related to the former PM & has access to many govt depts, including a local Malay newspaper?

  13. Here is a little motivation song for all Malaysians, please share it:

    Malaysia Maju Jaya Ini Kali Lah

  14. bro, i received many from BN selangor to vote BN & also on my birthday. The irony is i also received birthday greetings for my wife as she does not own a handphone & never registered with any telco. How in heavens did they know she was my wife?

  15. Got a Xmas greeting sms from an anonymous person representing BN, telling me Pockets Full & Filled or something to that effect. Wanted to reply that I've decided not to vote for BN thanks to that particular sms, but then I don't wanna waste my money on such type of people.

  16. i also receive this kind of message almost everyday before the election and it's quite disturbing as i wonder wgere they get my number.. it seems that my privacy has been taken away by some idiot people who only want power and fame