Sunday, January 20, 2013

UMNO mulls a Najib ouster

 by Toffee

If Najib is thinking of leaving the country I think he should do the rakyat a favor and stay he should not leave  not till the elections are over at least.

Is he looking sick?
Not that it would save the nation valuable money but more so that he may be unseated in an UMNO coup of sorts in his absence, some of his closest aides have joined the opposition  within UMNO to unseat him in a "coup de grace" of sorts save that there will be no real physical killing, but cutting him off completely from UMNO whist he is away.

These types of bloodless coup or any coup for that matter  have the tendency of  setting precedents  for others to follow, and that can be dangerous  and should not be allowed to  happen in Malaysia.

The recent rumour  of Najib's stroke was  was fed to the blogs by UMNO in a deliberate attempt  to give him a hint that his time is running out, some say such is Mahathir's fear of Anwar taking over Putrajaya that he is willing to risk all. Mahathir is certainly looking very dangerous to this society of ours, the dictatorial elements in his character is showing and that too very glaringly.

The news reached bloggers from within UMNO, it was not designed to  discredit the bloggers concerned  but  to give Najib a broad hint of where UMNO thinks he should be heading.

There needn't be a vote of no confidence in Parliament to oust Najib, all that has to happen is for him to be unseated as Presidnet of UMNO by the supreme council and once this is accomplished, all that needs to be done is for Muhyiddin to  approach the King  informing His Majesty  that he (Najib)  no longer enjoys  the support of the majority in Parliament.

With the likes of Mahathir  who it is believed is guiding  the entire exercise,  Chua Soi Lek and Palanivel will crumble and accept whatever is done by UMNO. The precedent has already been set in Perak and they are now planning to use it on Najib in absentia.

Some people have been talking about convening the supreme council and an  outright vote of no confidence by  the UMNO supreme council right in Najib's face, but others are against it, as experience has taught them that UMNO grassroots despise such  moves and UMNO will pay a heavy price if it tries that. UMNOputras are just  not the type to kick out a leader that way.

There seems to be disagreement in the approach, others talk about the sick excuse, this apparently  has to be the Mahatherian strategy, Mahathir has the experience of executing such an exercise, he knows how to clean up an existing PM's desk and tell him to go, and believe me it will be easier to do that to Najib there is so much to hold him with, all the chips are stacked in favour of the opposition within  UMNO.

The plot that is being  planned bears strange similarities to Shakespeare's Julius Caesar,  There is Brutus in this  is plot too, not that he would literally stab Najib but a stab onthe back it will be, the Brutus is not  Muhyiddin but someone closer to  Najib and there seems a to be a Mark Anthony too. Muhyiddin though is very much in the know of the plot and has  given his acceptance but tries to remain aloof, he is playing the game that he'd do what is good for UMNO.

In the UMNO hierarchy there are just too many of the big wigs with so much filth in the closet it does not take a genius to get rid of them. Think what an UMNO supreme councilor can do to Najib, if a nobody like Deepak Jaikshan   can wreck so much havoc on the credibility of the PM.
An abandoned Hotel in Port Dickson

There is of course a former state chief,  now seemingly aptly rewarded, who is part of this plot, he is not the main player but has been chosen to be an executioner  if the need be, he holds valuable proof to some  information that has come into  public domain  some time ago,  an allegation over which Najib as usual chose to remain silent, an incident it is said Mahathir saved Najib from, it is enough  to wreck havoc on Najib to the extent he may even lose his Pekan seat. God bless FELDA.

There are other classified information on the PM that has become available to certain  members of the security council and all this has got many worried about UMNO's chances in the next General Elections, some in the UMNO supreme council are also afraid that this information may now have been leaked to the opposition. This information has the results of a covet special branch investigation on the Altantuya case everything is known and it is a matter of time before what is in it will be made public by a mole.

These issues are of concern not only to UMNO but more so to the BN, although the other BN chiefs are not privy to all this, they are excluded so they can go about making all the noise they want to like Chua Soi Lek is at the present. Soi Lek to UMNO is  a chicken without a head, he can go out, run wild and make a lot of noise as though the 'world has come falling down." UMNO needs a headless chicken and for the time being Chua Soi Lek is the ideal choice.

Whilst some in the supreme council of UMNO are really concerned many are mere opportunists as they see it as the stepping stone to move higher in the pecking order.

There are deals made by Najib or influenced by Najib that runs into the billions that if unchecked will easly allow his rather no too tall  wife to dwarf the efforts of a rather  taller Imelda Marcos  all this and more, are too heavy a burden for UMNO to bear so Najib has to be removed, and that too soon - the sooner the better they feel.

Altantuya is the final  bait to get him, if he goes there will be no charge if he refuses that is the main charge and it is not only he who would be charged.

UMNO being UMNO they'd rather do it behind his back so that they do not have to confront him directly, they are hoping on his being outside the country they can convene the supreme council and certain government departments and settle the issue once and for all with Najib more graciously.

Khairy Jamaluddin will be given the rare honour of informing Najib during his absence and if he refuses he will be history, even if he accepts, he will they say become history.

Datin Paduka Seri Rosmah binti Mansor (FLOM)
The strategy is that   he will "fall sick" overseas, when he is "sick" and recuperating overseas, Malaysians will sympathize with him and should the opposition attack him the BN side would  use "the sympathy factor" to attack the opposition, it will try to show how wicked these people (the oppositon) are to an "ailing ex-PM" and it will not  under the circumstances, be difficult to photograph the FLOM weeping uncontrollably especially after her husband has been unseated.

Musa Hassan has been asked to remain quiet and not say anything in the meantime, all his wayang kulit has been directed by UMNO itself, and Najibs' not so intelligent cousin fell for it.

Certain opposition leaders are in the know of what is happening and prefer to actually sound Najib on this move, the Opposition feels with Najib at the helm the BN is easier meat, and if UMNO unseats him they feel there may be swing of sympathy  votes towards the BN.

It is reported that the whole machinery is in place to remove Najib the moment he steps out of the country, he will then be advised not to return till after the elections.Others say wether he goes or he does not go he is out.

Najib is expected to make a couple of trips prior to the General Elections overseas, well if he does then we know what to expect, and this may happen very soon.

If Najib is deposed this way it will be quite similar to the way Arab Kings get deposed by their sons or even their close relatives, it will mark a trend in Malaysia and the talk is that the plan has received the fullest blessings of the Senior UMNO member.

Najib Tun Razak, if you know what is good for you stay, do not leave the country not even for a short trip everything is planned, and the minute you board the plane the operations to rid this country of your not so impressionable Prime Ministership will be fulfilled by those who sit next to you.

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