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Najib treats Indians as Beggars

Najib Tun Razak, you  should be ashamed of yourself and your government, to get a crowd of less than 1000 people you had to give away bags of rice for free, and although you did that you had such a poor turnout. You want to know the numbers, click on this link.

These are no lies we don't photograph the people milling around the leader alone, in your case those are the only people and your controlled media talks about thousands when in fact many a time there are not even a hundred and that includes your bodyguards, your ministry people and the accompanying minsters officers too.

The Peoples Uprising Rally in KL which I attended was full of ordinary Malaysians, many  of them UMNO members from Johor, whose photograph is posted in my blog, all traveled for a cause, they were given nothing,  on the contrary they donated their own hard earned cash for the cause and yet they were there, about 140,000 people and the majority were not "party members" as you put it but rather a huge number of still registered UMNO members fed up of you and UMNO that I can assure you.

To top it you have insulted the Indians in Klang, G.Kathirvelu an Indian I encountered in the Jalan Mohet, in the vicinity of where you were  told me,  "this is  an insult to the Indian community, he (Najib) came  to give us  a handout of rice, that is what we in the  community do to beggars, and if this was paid for by the shopkeepers and the MIC there is a lot to answer for, we are no beggars, Ponggol Rice and raw rice are two different things, the Indians gave him Ponggol Rice not raw rice."

Kathirvelu who is from Sungei Pelek, said this was a common way in which the Barisan treated Indians, his father who used to work in Tumbok estate,  was a member of the MIC and during those days they used promise to pay the Indian estate workers five ringgit each if the Alliance won, he continued, and  the poor workers would oblige,  a few elections later  he said,  "the voters were split on this amount and as a result Cikgu Jaabar the independent won the seat, later to unseat Cikgu Jaabar in Sungei Pelek they paid the Indians ten ringgit on the insistence of the MIC, UMNO won on Indian votes then and even now they do the same and our people (the Indians) continue behaving like beggars a culture brought about by the MIC,  an it is a shame how they treat us and we allow ourselves to be treated too."

He was so annoyed he said,  "these people ( the Indians)  who took the rice had no pride in themselves they they have the beggar mentality, they have not changed from my father's time," saying, " Najib came to insult the Indians, he felt that the Indian political parties where those responsible for such actions they promote this beggar culture, undermining the integrity of the Indians advising an "onion*" like Najib to,  treat us as beggars and telling UMNO  that is when we will respond, this has to stop."

His story had some similarities with the Thaipusam being declared a National  Holiday, but the dame then wa so great the Indians shunned the Barisan, the Thaipusam national holdiay was mooted by the MIC.

This happened in the vicinity of  the Sri Kota Hospital and was witnessed by many Indians, many of whom supported this man, one man who tried to pacify Kathirvelu was immediately told off and told that if he had a beggar mentality than so be it but not to sell the whole community that way.

He made a valid point, it is forgotten that the Indian labourers  built the roads and the railways of this country, they cleared the land and planted the rubber and Oil Palm it was they together with the Chinese in the mines, who worked in the estates and mines that  brought development  and their contribution has never been  acknowledged.

I distinctly remember that somewhere between the late seventies and the mid  eighties Guinness Malaysia which was at that time a Company on its own and not part of the MBL group had offered to make documentaries on the contribution of Indians to the  Malaysian economy but the then Minisiter of Home Affairs put a stop to it.

This is how the History of this country is written, it takes away the contribution of the people and paint a  picture that it was the UMNO that developed this country.

Take a look at how Paramesewara has had his identity totally changed.

Take a look at how Hang Tuah whom they recently discovered was Chinese has so suddenly become a legend.

Why did they forbid people into the newly discovered historical Buddhist finds in South Johor?

Take a look at  how UMNO has removed parts of  the ethnic Malaysian Malay culture which were rooted in Hindu traditions  and are now trying to replace it with Indonesian culture which is angering the Indonesians at the same time as they are not giving due acknowledgement to the same.

This was the Mahahterian agenda, a person who is ashamed to own  up to his own roots is ashamed of his heritage and to hide that he is now creating a new culture to be imposed on the Malaysians.

Had it not been for  the Tin, Rubber and Palm Oil industries we would  not have much of  an economy today to talk about.

It was these industries and their spin offs that brought wealth to a Malaya of yesterday, it was from this wealth that we built our schools, it was from this wealth that we educated our young, it was from this wealth that we had the infrastructure ready for our own Industrial Revolution in the mid sixties with the advent of companies like Matsushita in Sungei Rengam Estate  in Klang now known as Shah Alam,  later motor car assembly plants and their spin off industries would be established there,  and  this was later followed by the Semiconductor Industry in Bayan Lepas in Penang, the Sungei Way Free Trade Zone, the Ulu Kelang Free Trade Zone, the Batu Berandam Free Trade Zone and form then on to other Industrial estates of  Prai, Kuantan, Johore and the rest.

The acknowledgement to these people who gave their lives to set up the foundation of the economy is forgotten, not because of anything else but race, and that was the accomplishment of Mahathir Mohammed who single handedly destroyed the world Tin Market something for which Malaysian History must give him due credit. In doing so he destroyed the economy of the fast growing town of Ipoh and the state of Perak, which has still to recover.

It was no secret that he was terribly envious of the Chinese in Malaysia, he secretly admired their desire for achievement an their diligence and hard work, so instead of telling the Malays,"Look at the Chinese," he said it differently, he said, "Look East," and looked at Japan instead, this man Mahathir was the greatest of all Malaysian saboteurs, instead of giving due credit to his own people the Malaysian Chinese he decided to give it to the Japanese, that was the Malaysia he envisaged, one without the other races and that is glaringly evident in his behaviour even today, and that is why Nazri once referred to him as a bloody racist.

So did  he purposely destroy the Tin market in order to destroy the Chinese Tin Miners? Only he will know the truth. 

A lot of the development of  this country may be credited to Mahathir, but what is there to actually show, history will unravel the true picture, for behind the facades of the huge buildings in Kuala Lumpur are the loss of valuable forests, trees like the famous Merbau are almost extinct they have all been exploited and sent to China and replaced with fast growing  imported trees of the Eucalyptus variant, the type that burns so easily the type that contributes to forests fires  in Australia and which have no value to our ecosystem, resulting in a chain reaction of reducing our insect and animal lives and flora and fiona so dependent on each other.

Behind the facade of so much development and "white elephants" are the huge financial scandals, cronyism, nepotism and corruption that drove  this one time world leading country in terms of worker productivity to non competitive status. And why? Just because of kickbacks and other forms of corruption that has bled the nation.

We are a leading nation in the outflow of corrupt monies, that is an  established fact. Anwar has asked the question some two years ago as to where this money went and who was sending this money out, and yet up this day the question has not been answered. Why? I do not think I need to elaborate and Najib who is also our finance minister, is noted for his silence when it comes to telling the truth.

Anwar is the biggest fear factor for UMNO and Mahathir. Anwar knows too much he is able to give us the bigger picture of what is really happening both locally and internationally, the people are listening and Mahathir and the Barisan government that thinks they have shut him up without giving him access to the mass media have been proven wrong his ability to reach the masses  may  even give Mahathir his worst heart attack of all time. (Julain Assange interviews Anwar Ibrahim)

A plane trip over the peninsular will show how our  lands were raped for personal benefit.  Why, only in one of my recent articles I wrote about the incident in Parliament about the time before operations lallang where Kit Siang was repatedly questioning Najib about a Timber concession valed at that time at bout 30 million ringgit awarded to someone whose address was in a low cost house, Najib as usual even at that time refused to answer, this is a tactic that Najib has used for  long time, and as Kit Siang began to mount the pressure till
Najib arrived at the TPCA (Tamil Physical Cultural Association renamed Tun Razak stadium to erase the fact that the Tamil community put up the first stadium in Kuala Lumpur and renamed after his father)  stadium together with  his present deputy and the famous Mohd.Taib bin Mohammed and after a very provocative rally Mahathir called in operations lallang and the timber story got burned with the lallang.(Will the Chetti Padang be next? Will it be renamed Najib Padang?)

One sees the corruption, the nepotism and the cronysim which Anwar saw and was bent on putting stop to, which resulted in the incarceration of Anwar Ibrahim.

Going Back to cultural roots
Najib Tun Razak you can say all those nasty things  about the "Peoples Uprising Rally", you had  to go to places filled with people, give rice away for free to show you had a crowd for your gathering,  but if you could not  even muster a crowd of 1,000 people for your ponggol gatherings I think you must  keep quiet!! and stop telling Malaysians lies, like that  that all those people  there at the Uprising rally  were "Party members," come to think of it you may be right almost all of them there, that is the Malays will be found on your  UMNO membership rolls without their knowledge, that we know UMNO is famous for, and it is a fact that my friends from the Johor UMNO were there at least 400 of them,  I got them to wave the flag to show their presence, the proof is here for you.
The Johor UMNO group

* Onion a referral to a brainless person, peel the onion the Indians say and you keep peeling there is nothing inside only layers and layers.

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