Friday, June 7, 2019



It was  a stroke of brilliance, Mahathir used the discretionary powers vested on the PM and nailed the issue right appointing  Latheefa Koya as he new MACC chief.

Her integrity is without blemish as far as we know, she can't be easily intimidated, indications based on her character and what she stands for suggest  she may even do better than Harun Hashim the only MACC (ACA then) chief we had any respect for, he was so good the PM of the day removed him and made a judge of the chap probably for fear that too many big heads would roll in government.

Latheefa Koya - The new MACC Chief
Now suddenly this rule of law thing is being bent backwards a bit too much, there are extremists here too it seems who are what I would call rule of law extremists, there are times when discretion must be allowed and what is wrong if the Prime Minister exercises his discretion, which he is entitled to?

The appointment of the MACC chief is the sole prerogative of the Prime Minister, he is vested with that discretionary power and he does not need to consult anybody, he makes his choice singularly  if he feels that is in the best interest of the nation, as at the end of the day he is held responsible for that decision and more importantly for what it yields.
Mahathir Mohammed the PM

Now if the new MACC Chief he has appointed  fails  to live up to expectations, the PM will be held accountable, not by the Bar Council, not the opposition or even MPs from within the government who have kept quiet all this while and feel they have an opportunity to talk now, no  it will be only the PM because he took this decision by himself, he becomes singularly responsible for the outcomes.

If on the other had this new Chief does better than expected, it will reflect on the new government as a whole and the people of Malaysia - us, and a great many have the confidence she will live up to expectations.

To the Bar council, to the MP's on both sides of the divide, to all these people who have voiced their objections,  if what the PM did is illegal take him to court if there is a case to take him to court, or come out with valid reasons why you think Latheefa Koya  should not be  the next MACC head, otherwise please let the PM do his job, it's not always that he uses his discretionary powers.

The Prime Minister, must have that prerogative to exercise his  prerogatives as the head of government  at  anytime he feels it is important to do so and that is precisely what he is doing now, and in this special case I think he has done the right thing.


What is really surprising is that  the Wangsa Maju MP comes out and makes  statements that are actually troubling,  and this is actually what she said, ""This has nothing to do with Latheefa's integrity and capability," then she admits that both she and Latheefa sit on opposite sides within the party, that alone should disqualify her from making statements about this particular appointment as it reeks of  internal politicking and factionalism, that is something we did not vote for and the fact that it comes from her - a former BN person makes it more suspect.

Are there people within PKR who need to to be protected, as her statements seem to imply?

That is the more pertinent question, because if you look carefully at her statements there may be.

Now  is that "protection" the cause for the factionalism within PKR?

Tan's statement in Malaysiakini, " Some had viewed Latheefa’s MACC appointment as a political tool to block party president Anwar Ibrahim from becoming the eighth prime minister, noted Tan" begs clarification.

If the MACC chief can stop Anwar then what she is saying in essence is that she does not trust the AG, the Judiciary and the PM,and is she implying that there may be corruption cases against Anwar to be looked into? Why else should she make such statements?

To stop Anwar, Latifah from her role as MACC chief has to charge him for corruption, she can't get him for sex scandals that is beyond her purview.

If in the unlikely event she brings charges agaisnt Anwar, then the AG Tommy Thomas has to agree with her  that she has a Prima Facie  case and find merits to bring him to court, and the judiciary has to convict Anwar  and only then can Anwar be stopped, so is she implying that all these appointments are fixed for Anwar?

Is she telling us there is a case and Anwar needs to be "protected"? or

Is she smearing the government of the day by her actions, being a PKR member the party has to weigh its options as far as she is concerned remember where she came from.

Well we all know that there is no such thing, Tan Yew Kew seems like a loose cannon she seems to desperately want to plant doubt in the minds of the electorate and has to be checked by the party for its own health,  and that begs the question: Is the Wangssa Maju MP Tan Yee Kew a Trojan Horse, she sure is looking like one and PKR has to seriously consider what to do with her.
Tan Yew Kew - Trojan Horse?

I am certain that on all sides of the divide there are many who have had their hands on the till at one time or another, in one way or another or who have been corrupt in some way or another and since it is really difficult to say who is and who is not it is best the PM makes the choice himself and that is precisely what he has done period.

We all know it is difficult to find a suitable person in government service who you can really say is not corrupt or is at least not suspect,  even among MPs in today's government, we have so many who have come over from the  BN parties and who have had an influence in government are suspect too, so you look for someone you can trust, has the ability to do the job, who you know is clean and who is not afraid to call a spade a spade regardless, and to Mahathir  Latheefa is the one, and many Malaysians back that decision.

The next in line to be taken to task  with the MACC as we know are Hishamuddin and Zahid and there is  also the case of Mohamad Salleh Ismail, remember there are also  members who are in Bersatu who were then in the BN who may be implicated in these cases too, there are many  who came into PKR from BN too and we all know that too well,  it is  being shown so glaringly that the entire BN and its machinery were corrupted to the core is no more n official secret, many a BN person is now still in government both in the civil service and in Parliament, even the head of the opposition had been accused of receiving monies   so who do you select,  the select parliamentary committee too could have worms and the PM can't be expected to take chances with this position of the appointment of the MACC chief he has dome the very right thing.

Then there are possible cases against  the former chief of the Elections Commission, agaisnt the former Inspectors General of Police, the Attorney Generals, cases against Heads of many Government departments and all these have to be  investigated and where action is necessary it has to be taken.

With all these cases the PM is not expected to listen to a select committee and select someone who may  himself/herself be compromised.

Zahid, Hishamuddin were in the Home Ministry they have had close association with the agencies which will inevitably in one way or another be involved in investigations, for that matter even Muhyiddin who is the sitting minister of Home affairs could be subject to investigations for activities during the Najib era so with all these complications what panel can Mahathir trust.

Latheefa Koay feels most certainly honoured to have been given this position, she seems excited with this appointment and did not have to think about it twice, she has accepted it and I must congratulate her.

If there be any specific valid reason as to why she should not be given this position let it be voiced.

Are any of the people now being investigated related to her?

Has she been implicated in any corruption case?

Is she suspect to have been an accomplice in any corrupt case that we know of?

If there is any such reason let those in the know the Bar Council speak up or else keep shut and let Latheefa Koya Carry on, let her performance speak if that be wanting then everyone including your goodself will speak up.

For the moment, let the PM do his job without hindrance and when he needs advice he'll ask you


Friday, May 10, 2019


Lokeman is famous for rhetoric and now after his failed "Black Attire Campaign" this Najib's Jester is now being taken by Najib to Sandakan to campaign there.
Lokeman intimidating students

In fact no one takes Lokeman seriously, he is more of a sidekick who is given the freedom to make statements like those made by Jamal Yunos who is now very quiet.

In fact this failed politician is hardly taken seriously in fact he is more like Najib's jester and that is exactly how Najib treats him.

Now he moves East with his Boss in tow, if his boss is not accepted than Lokeman will take centre stage,and display his antics there., that is how the jester works.

I wish Angelina Jolie of Al Jazeera is there this time again to interview Najib, that will be great.

He will begin with his religious campaign saying that the religion is under threat, the Malays are under threat and will promise everything including the Pan Borneo Highway.

Najib promised this highway for such a long time ago but it never materialised, on the contrary Najib's governmetn went on to build a parallel highway to the existing North South Highway in Peninsular in Malaysia - the West Coast Highway, and the construction of that highway nearing completion by contractors appointed by Najib, has caused the major pipe bursts that has kept Klang
Najib will be there without Rosmah - change game
without water for almost a week beginning Sunday 5th of May.

Najib did not only make empty promises but stole from the nations coffers, then put the country into huge debts hoping to rake money from the debt ridden projects to pay off the sums not accounted for in the 1MDB.

Najib even allowed the dangerous Lynas plant to operate in his own home state, if he could play with the lives of people in his own home state think what he will do to you Sabah? 
Deepak in today's "Al Jazeera 101 East" interview refers to Najib as as a "Master liar he's lied about every single matter."
Was all Najib's corrupt deals done at the expense of East Malaysia?

Of course it was, in fact from the time it was in power the BN only took from Sabah and put it in more misery than ever into Sabah by inflating its population with illegal immigrants who were later legitimised and made citizens.

I was in Sabah in 2009, I was really amazed that  the "land below the wind has beaches that will put Bali to shame, Sabah has a Tourist potential that will give it more wealth than its Petroleum and Palm Oil  if managed well, and the only people who can really do that are the Sabahans themselves because they know Sabah better than anyone else.
The President in cold storage wiht the Acting President who'll be there

If the question of Sabah's population is addressed and put right, and the Federal Government is committed to beefing up security in Sabah and Sabah waters are safeguarded from the marauders from the Filipino Islands - the Abu Sayaf, Sabah will become the Tourists Paradise in Asia stripping Thailand and even Bali.

Sabah is poised to provide immensely beautiful family Tourism, a fantastic convention centre to world Tourism Nature at its best.

All this has been overlooked and allowed to deteriorate under UMNO, to the extent UMNO brought in illegals and legalised them there.

It is time Sabah takes all of that back, and the DAP can champion that for he Sabahans and that is exactly what Lokeman is going to make an issue of, he is going to tell you that that DAP is anti Islam, it si anti Malay.

Now consider this by 2035 the majority of DAP members will be orang Asal, Malays like Lokeman included although he is not Orang Asal, he will tell you that religion will be under threat, that is the kind of rhetoric UMNO is famous for divide the people and then steal from you using their lackeys in the Sabah. Isn't that what they have been doing all this time?


The Sabahans need to give the Pakatan the opportunity to right the wrongs it has suffered since becoming part of Malaysia and the only way to do it is now with Pakatan if moves are nto properly organised for this they'll have th3e opportunity to move them out in the elections to come, but it is high time Sabah tried to give the Pakatan a chance to see if it is better in delivery than BN and of course it is,

Sunday, April 21, 2019



Well let me outline some details for you just in case you are so daft.
1. The Abu Syaf operations in Sabah where scores of people have been kidnapped including and mainly tourists, your purported operations to free them - where ransom money was not accounted for as Abu Syaf did not receive the full sum raises questions.
Tourists have paid with their lives for visiting Malaysia what can you say about it?

2.Where did the balance of the millions OF Ringgits  collected for ransom go to?
Finance terror activities in the Philippines?
Into the pockets of some ministers?
Into the pockets of some senior Police Officials?

The US and other countries will see it as money that has most probably gone to finance other subversive or terror activities in Sabah,  now does that not raise concern with their nationals coming to Malaysia?
In the absence of proper accountability that is the only conclusion they can draw from a "Safety first" for their own Citizens point of view.

3.Then there is the disappearance of Pastor Koh, activists Amri, in what looked very much like an organised Police action, but you deny it, you say you're unable to track these people down.

Well we Malaysians do not believe you , because we think that after seeing the photographs and and videos of the operations, especially the motorbike that went to divert traffic, we are quite sure it was as the Suhakam inquiry concluded - the Special branch.

If they were terrorists they would have just fired hails of bullets on the oncoming traffic, these people knew they had to do a job fast but nevertheless they knew they had the time, the cops would not intervene, after all if they were cops as well and they had the muscle to cope with anyone else who might intervene.

Any reasonable person will, on the substantial merits of the facts present, your reluctance to come out with a periodic report to keep the public informed on what is and was happening with your investigations,  be convinced that the Police were not really concerned investigating this case, and in all probability the police or as Suhakanm inquiry has concluded that  the branch of the Police force referred to as the SB were.

Now, if we Malaysians can believe that, think what foreigners would believe.

I'd like to ask you if  you are complicit in this case. I am beginning to  believe so and I am sure I am not alone here.

Look what you have done to this nation, you have no foresight and one wonders how you ever became Police Chief, you should have been aware of your incpabilities and should not have and should not have accepted the position, that you did leaves so much open to speculation and reasonable people will think you went in full aware of your role in this activities which I'd term subversive.

Did Najib bring you in to reform and  head a secret and clandestine police force,, a force  that was already at that time already looking so, to silence people by whatever means were possible and available.

After all at that time there was a lot of noise about the government, Najib's government and the Police Force he had complete control over,  and the credibility of the Police Force was at its lowest, it still is with you around, a legacy of the Najib Razak regime.

I seriously think that is why you were brought in, the level of intelligence and common sense displayed by you so far as Police Chief seems to indicate that you will dumbly follow and do any stupid thing required to keep your position.

Najib would have known this,  you knew it he appointed and you and you readily accepted.

There needs to be thorough investigation and inquest into you and the former IGP Khalid as well, there is the people trafficking case now in progress, where some cops were deliberately excluded from the investigation as you do not trust good and honest officers. that is what the reply in today's papers seems to imply.

Then there was Xavier Justo and the IGP's interest in him in Thailand, when the IGP should have been busy going after Najib, when you should have gone after Najib as head of the Special branch then instead you exonerated him the both of you, now will you admit that even with so much of evidence around for you to have remained silent you were complicit?

There are deaths - apparent murders - Altantuya Shaaribu - and in case you haven't heard there is talk that, yes, Najib did not do it, Kill Altantuyabut a woman ordered it, and Najib knows that, can you tell us truth the whole truth and nothing but the truth about this matter?

We all know that as head of special branch you would have had intimate knowledge about that case, if you haven't you did not do your job and deliberately so  too, the two murderers were Cops from a very special unit of the force and personal body guards to Najib and wife.

Kevin Morais was murdered in connection with the 1MDB case.
Who leaked the arrest warrant for Najib, to Najib to preempt the arrest and allow Najib to summarily dismiss the Attorney General from Office for what Najib claimed were "health reasons", health reasons that the then AG himself was not aware of?

There were only that number of Tan Sri's who knew of the impending arrest, they met and agreed to it, there was a case and it had to be done in the national interest,  so who did it be? One of those Tan Sri's was a cop.

As head of Special Branch then tell us who leaked that information.
I am sure Khalid is not going to tell us that, in fact all Malaysians will vouch for that, that Khalid will not tell us, but you as head of special branch what were doing, doing an Ostrich on all Malaysians?

I am sure you'll either say, I don't know, or that you will investigate, or that you were not privy to all that. take your pick I have provided you all the answers you can give just in case you are asked.

Then there is PI Bala's sudden death which for all intents and purposes looked so natural, honestly I have my doubts and so too many other Malaysians,  and I am sure you are "not aware" of it.

Kevin was found in a drum of concrete, yes, concrete,.

Altantya was blown to smithereens, we have  never known of such murders in our lifetime,inthe last seventy years we have never heard of such gruesome, and barbaric killings, Altantuya even pleaded for her unborn child, what barbaric animal or monster could have ordered the killing?

Is there any connection between you and Abu Syaf via intermediaries in Southern Philippines?

You headed the SB so you tell us, it is a question that needs an honest answer, there are so many possibilities, in  murders everyone is suspect, cops included, isn't that what you people say?

In the Najib era the IGP, your predecessor would arrest any Abdul, Wong or Muniandy for sedition if they said anything against Najib or Rosmah, they were busy doing that, the terror activities the murders taking place were not important to the Police force led by the both of you and the then IGP.

By your very actions you were reigning terror on the people, what was the agenda?

The people have no confidence in you, how can foreigners, and you are out of place coming up with this call; Urging the US to withdraw, the travel advisory on Malaysia.

Considering the above can you present some really good reasons why they should withdraw that advisory.
Like the majority of Malaysians I am keen they do so, because this is my country and I want the Tourists to keep coming to this country to keep our economy growing, your actions however  prove otherwise.

Sunday, April 14, 2019


 Forget China surrendering Jho Low he is part of the Najib Jho Low plan that would have sold this country to the Chinese and which was the most significant strategic acquisition China would have ever made in its history.

China is beholden to both Najib and Jho Low, to send Jho Low over is to be ungrateful the architect of the plan, and to send Jho Low would also mean to betray Najib who was ready to sell his country to China.

Why  do you think the son of the man who ordered May 13, who despised the Chinese would send his son to China to learn Mandarin.

Malaysians must now watch and see if China is really a sincere friend or is it just taking maximum  advantage of us.

Surely the ECRL and other expensive deals with a corrupt government in Malaysia (during Najib's time) was opportune for the Chinese to ink  mega lop sided agreements involving billions of Dollars,  enrich some crooked UMNO men in Malaysia  or maybe just one with  billions as well ,  as most expedient way they could  achieve one of their most significant strategic advantages in Chinese and word History.

Looking like a new Union of States like the USSR.

Of all countries China which has very strict laws for its own citizens and its politicians where the punishment for corruption  that involves a million Yuan  leave alone billions of Yuan is death by a firing squad, and the standard of judgment in  a Court trial is not innocent until proven guilty as in our case, but the reverse of "Guilty until proven innocent", could stoop that low. To say that it was just a good business deal is to regard ordinary Malaysians stupid, for after all that was what we all were to allow a corrupt regime like UMNO to rule us for sixty years.

On all accounts Malaysia gave in to China, it was to a very great extent cowed down by its economic and military might and that can't be denied, to do anything else would have been economic suicide, and tough arm tactics by China.

The government of the day realises that the railway will not be an investment from which it will reap profits but rather a liability that has to be maintained at the taxpayers expense as no railway in the world runs at a profit, so it is not really the best alternative mode fo transportation  of people, but essentially to give in to a bully, they gave in to the  bully -  China.


Why then one wonders did China agree to loan Malaysia the money for this exorbitant project at a time the country was really in  financial mess and China knew we were weak financially?

Well there could have been more reasons than one for this project,and to get Malaysia indebted to  a level we would never be able to repay China and thus economically colonialise  the nation for a very long time if not for posterity.

China's claims in the South China Sea keeps shifting and it has claimed the James Shoal which we call Beting Serupai and China refers to as Zēngmǔ Ànshā  which is a mere 45 nautical miles or about 82 kilometers off Sarawak's coastline and about 1,800 kilometers off the coast of China.

 Malaysia has  asserted its jurisdiction over its continental shelf including the areas in and around James Shoal, Parson's Shoal and the Lydie Shoal. The activities of the Malaysian authorities include the construction and maintenance of a light-buoy on nearby Parson's Shoal on round the clock 365 days a year basis, constant  patrolling and policing of the area by the  Royal Malaysian Navy and the Malaysian Maritime Enforcement Agency undertaking economic activities like exploration for and production of hydrocarbon resources on a sustained basis.

This  shoal  claimed to be the southernmost territory of China by the People's Republic of China changing the British name of the Shoal to Zeng Mu Tan in 1933, and renamed it Zeng Mu Ansha in 1947.

China had the arrogance of  of sending the Peoples Republican Army's Navy placed a sovereignty stele  in the maritime area of the shoal to mark it as Chinese territory on 26 March 1990, again in January 1992, on 15 January 1995, on 20 April 2010 and as very recently as 2012, if this is not wilful aggression and bullying one wonders what is.


The Nine-Dash Line—at  times also referred to as the "10-dash line" and the "11-dash line"—refers to the undefined, vaguely located, demarcation line used initially by the Rebublic of China (1912-1949) in the pre Communist era  and subsequently the governments of the Republic ovf China (ROC / Taiwan) and the Peoples Republic of China  (PRC), for their claims of the major part of the South China Sea.

The contested area in the South China Sea includes the Paracel Islands off the Coast of Vietnam, the
Spartly Islands (Claimed by Malaysia, Vietnam and Philippines) and various other areas including the Paratas Islands  the Macclessfield Bank and the Scarbourough Shoal and encompasses another arrogant claim of Chinese man made Islands referred to as the "Great Wall of Sand."

Whilst maintaining that always that they intend to find a peaceful solution to these preposterous expansionist claims, China still uses its military and economic might to do what it pleases in the South China Sea over the weaker South East Asian nations.

China adds and takes away territory from this map almost at will.

Its claims that these are historically theirs can hold no water.  The vast majority of international legal experts have concluded that China's claims based on historical claims are invalid. Many ambiguities also arise from the notion of historical claims as a basis for claiming sovereignty; China's position is essentially ambiguous.

China is a signatory to United Nations Convention on the Law of the Sea (UNCLOS), and yet China refuses to follow the conventions and rules of UNCLos and goes by what it claims are historic facts which are not recognised  as legitimate claims by UNCLOS.


The Chinese have shown a keen interest in the development of areas around Port Klang and Melaka, so there is a possibility that thy may lay claim to these ports either by economic subjugation or as they more often like to claim by Historic means by adding these places as the Red Dash lines cannot be discounted.

The ECRL from Port Klang to Kuantan will provide the perfect means of transporting material from Port Klang to Kuantan and subsequently to China, will Malaysia then become part of China, will we be required to use Chinese passports then, and judging from what has happened in Tibet and many of the inner regions of China this is not an impossibility.

With Port Klang  takeen China can effectively stop all sea freight bound for China at Port Klang and have it loaded on trains to be transported either to Kuantan or an extension of the ECRL that will go all the way to China.

Had Najib been around this would have been the most certain plan of action and I believe should Najib come back this will most certainly be the case.

Kuantan will strategically become the eastern corner of the Navy of the Peoples Republic of China and possibly also be home to their air force and Nuclear basis.

If Kuantan can be added  we'll  lose more than just Kuantan but Peninsular Malaysia as a whole too.

Do we need to bring aggression to our shores.


Well the answer is a simple no, to have Najib back and in the drivers seat is the fastest way to set up a puppet regime in Malaysia.

Some people will say that China has a strict policy of non interference.

Yes that is what China always claims, try talking to the Chinese about the Uighur adn they'll say you are interfering in their internal affairs.
Ask a Malaysian NGO to raise the problem and you'll get the same response. Ever heard of even PAS or UMNO raising the issue?

Mahathir sent Uighurs whom China demanded sent back to them to Turkey, Mahathir can stand up to them not Hadi, not Najib.

Getting back to interfering in our internal affairs I am sure you have not forgotten all the BN and UMNO banners printed n expensive cloth and supplied to  the BN for the last elections, the free T-shirts, and God  alone knows what else.

The Chinese like UMNO misread the situation as htey were so confident Najib was going to win the elections.

This is the  reason UMNO must open its eyes, it is not the Malaysian Chinese like Lim Guan Eng or Lim Kit Siang who are the threat to the Malays and their religion, it is UMNO and the China Chinese.


Saturday, April 6, 2019

PASTOR KOH, AMRI, JOSHUA AND RUTH DEAD OR ALIVE's related to the retraction of the Rome statute.

I'd like to apologise for what might seem to be a thoughtless  question , devoid of feeling for  the affected families and loved ones, but it is the very thought of what these the families are undergoing that has driven me to ask this question crudely so the authorities will sit up and realise that we need an answer, more so the families of  these missing persons, and for us Malaysians who are so often laid back to sit up awake from our slumber and take notice of what is happening to us.

Pastor  Raymond Koh, Amri Che Mat, Joshua Hilmy and Ruth are us, They represent every Mat, Kow, Muniandy, John, they represent all of us, and what has happened to them can happen to any one of us.

Malaysians of all races should brace themselves for the serious implications of the retraction of the Rome statute, and the only ones to gain anything out of this will be the radical right wing religious bigots in our society who seem to be the driving the force in putting pressure on the government to retract it in the light of what has happened to the missing  Pastor Raymond Koh, Amri Che Mat., Pastor Joshua Hilmy and his wife Ruth

Picture from the Malay  Mail

We must take note that the police had ordered Suhakam to cease their inquiry after it began, why this Police decision only the Police can explain.


The findings of the Suhakam Commission  just fuels the need for Malaysian s to be fearful of  the governments retraction of the signing of the Rome Statute, did our government of the day do it out of fear for themselves too?

It seems that these forces that objected to the Rome statute are so powerful they can even dictate terms to the government of the day, this has been demonstrated in tow cases that actually are concerned with the Basic Human Rights of all Malaysians - ICERD  and the Rome Statute.

The Suhakam inquiry has pointed the finger at the Police force and more specifically to the Special Branch of the Police Force.

The President of the Malaysian Bar  "Abdul Fareed Abdul Gafoor responding to the findings of the Suhakam Inquiry said, the Bar was appalled that Suhakam came to the conclusion that both men were victims of “enforced disappearance” at the hands of Bukit Aman’s Special Branch.

 He went on further to say, "the findings were proof of the Special Branch’s privileged position that was protected from scrutiny and accountability, and also highlighted the various “fake alternative explanations” made to shift attention away from the Special Branch and to pin the responsibility for the disappearances on other groups or individuals."

The above damming statement coming from the President of the Malaysian Bar gives us cause for concern.

 There were conclusions arrived at by the Inquiry Panel concerning dubious and contradictory testimony by various police personnel, including by former inspector-general of police, Tan Sri Khalid Abu Bakar; possible fabrication of evidence by the police; and even a concerted effort to derail the proceedings by charging an individual and claiming that, as a result, Suhakam no longer had any jurisdiction to proceed with the inquiry.

“More worrying still was the thread of actual testimony and circumstantial evidence that interwove this operation by the Special Branch with the abuse of power by certain individuals within the state Islamic religious authorities, to seek to highlight the threat of Shia Islam,” he said.

Now with these special  powers of impunity of this branch of the police force led by fanatics now it is time for us to take serious attention to what could happen to them in their daily life, their basic freedoms and the freedom of religion.

Abdul Fareed the President of the Malaysian Bar also issued a warning saying, “more worrying still was the thread of actual testimony and circumstantial evidence that interwove this operation by the Special Branch with the abuse of power by certain individuals within the state Islamic religious authorities, to seek to highlight the threat of Shia Islam.

Now in light of all this and the statement of the IGP who was the then Special Branch Head wh only very recently told us that all leads in the cases have run dry, I ask;


The Malaysian Bar has strongly urged the government to adopt the recommendations of the inquiry to  clearly demarcate the powers of the police and state Islamic religious authorities; reform the standard operating procedures of the police, to make the police more cooperative, open and transparent, less suppressive and avoid concealing of evidence; deal with cases of missing persons more quickly; and establish the Independent Police Complaints and Misconduct Commission, as an independent oversight body to investigate complaints about the police force.

There seems to be an obvious link now between the Special Branch and the Islamic extremists in this country and the question of who infiltrated the other is of no importance but that we Malaysians  have protection form this state owned secret societies is,  and from whom if not the Rome Statute.

It is clear that it  is these bodies that  are the driving force behind the prevention of  the government from signing the Rome statute, for that their criminal interests will be curtailed and they'll be responsible to the International Criminal Court.

The crimes described in the Rome Statute are brutal in nature and capable of being committed only by a leader or a command structure of any given state.

In the case of the missing four and the findings of the Inquiry it was carried out there seems to have been a command structure and it was a command structure of the state, and the more serious question is;

If it is it is the duty of every responsible Malaysian to rise up to the occasion and demand we sign the Rome Statute  less this beastly terror organisation  takes over the state - our beautiful Malaysia

Thursday, April 4, 2019


I am not a lawyer, I am an ordinary lay man and I wish to share my understanding on Suhakam's finding in this case.

Special Branch held responsible for them missing
Extract from FMT
"The Malaysian Human Rights Commission (Suhakam) has held Bukit Aman’s Special Branch responsible for the disappearance of Pastor Raymond Koh, who was seen being abducted by several men in broad daylight in February 2017.
This comes after Suhakam blamed the same unit for the disappearance of Amri Che Mat, a Perlis-based activist who went missing in late 2016.

The panel is of the unanimous view that Pastor Raymond Koh is a victim of enforced disappearance,” said Suhakam commissioner Mah Weng Kwai.
He was abducted by state agents, namely the Special Branch, Bukit Aman.”

We must first understand that this is a Commission of inquiry and not a Court of law.

The Burden of Proof
Although made up of eminent persons including a senior judge, the burden of proof of of such an inquiry in such cases are based on the  balance of probability and not  beyond reasonable doubt.

An inquiry panel can and will only find on the balance of probabilities and the substantial merits of the case, and nothing more and that was exactly what was done in this case.

Their findings are based on what any reasonable person given the facts of the case will conclude without bias.
Must act accordingly

How should a Responsible Government Act on these findings 
In this particular case after the findings of the inquiry the government is duty bound to begin investigations based on the Commission's findings. 

The Police force comes under the purview of the Ministry of Home affairs, the finger has been pointed at the Special Branch a pivotal wing of the Royal Malaysian Police force and as such the government must act as it reflects on the government, although this was done under the previous government it must be acted upon or this government will have to bear the consequences..

I am honestly surprised by Tun Dr. Mahathir's statement it seems very defensive. 

Implicated must be suspended
The inspector General of Police Mohamad Fuzi Harun, who was the Special Branch Head at the material time   should immediately be suspended from service pending investigations into the case and till investigations are complete he will  be deemed to be under suspension. 

This is the basis on which follow up action must be instituted. If you wait till his retirement what are you trying to do? Reward him before calling him to question?

If the period of investigations exceeds his retirement date he will retire on such date he is scheduled to retire, but will not be eligible for benefits if any, under his contract till investigations are complete and he is either charged or discharged.

Missing Ruth and Joshua
If he is discharged of any wrong doing and there is no prosecution, he will then be paid his back wages and all benefits he is entitled to under his contract up to the date of his retirement.

However if he is charged in court and is found guilty he should be dismissed from the police force and will lose all benefits including retirement benefits he is entitled to under his contract of service including such sentences befitting him for this act as foudn fit by the sentencing judge.

He must shoulder the responsibility if indeed it is the Special Branch who committed this crime. It is so common these days for people in such high office to plead ignorance, this is totally unacceptable, the position comes with the  responsibility and the accountability, now they have to give an account of  what they were responsible for.

 One wonders what would have been the response of  this government or even the previous government,  if these were Sunni Muslim Missionaries in Europe, India, America or even Israel?

I think the answer is only too obvious having had the experience of the responses of our government. Our responses. 

We are of course fully justified with such responses, but this is Malaysia and these are Malaysians our own people, they come first so drop all other foreign issues and look at this.

Troubling Trends in Malaysia
There has been dubious reasons why we should not be signatories to ICERD and the Rome Statute, both only address the protection of basic human rights, could this be the cause, is there a deep hidden agenda to terrorise Malaysians who do not share the same view of the government of the day?

Are there plans to subjugate people of certain races and religions in this country?

Judging from what has been happening in this country, this most certainly seems to be the fear of many Malaysians.

We have politicians claiming that Lim Guan Eng is the actual Prime Minister of Malaysia and we have their galleries drumming this to rather naive sections of the population created by them to create such havoc really believing this and intimidating people based on their racial origins.

How many times have we heard UMNO people threatening non Malays with May13, and how many times have the police or the authorities done anything about it?

UMNO claims that they were not responsible for May`13 and yet it is they who threaten Malaysian Chinese with May 13, so who do you think are responsible for May 13?

Is this plan of intimidation orchestrated today by both Pas and UMNO, so that people of the other races will accept that they are second class  citizens and behave such?

Isn't this subjugation at the highest level?

The Rome Statute:
The International Criminal Court is an international institution created out of the Rome Statute.

The crimes described in the statute are brutal in nature and capable of being committed only by a leader or a command structure of any given state.

If in this case there is involvement of the Special Branch of the Royal Malaysian Police force it should fall  under a command structure of a given state,as stipulated in the statute.

Our misgivings of the Rome statute are all frivolous and without basis, we can apply for and can be granted exceptions, to say that will mean legalised same sex marriages is absurd, that comes under our laws.

Now that brings us to ICERD what is ICERD do those who oppose it even know what is ICERD?

ICERD stands for  International Convention on the Elimination of All Forms of Racial Discrimination.

Now isn't this  cause of worry too to the  non Malays, as it is UMNO and PAS who have come out almost violently to protest our intention to join ICERD.

Malaysians had accepted the favoured status of the Malays and the Bumiputras for many years this favoured status has done hardly anything for them, they can be fooled by their leaders who have actually used the favoured status to con them and make them more ignorant of real issues.

To make matters worse by the day new Bumiputras are added into the list of Bumiputras, whilst Malaysians of other races  who have lived here for generations and in many cases even longer then Malays are treated as second class citizens.

The case of Zahid Hamidi is a classic one, he has become a Malay and Bumiputra and although I am a third  generation Malaysian, my children fourth generation and my grandchildren fifth generation, people like him who were probably born in Indonesia or whose parents came here from Indonesia are first class citizens whilst he is Bumiputra and Malay.

Today a Bangaladeshi, Indonesian or any Muslim can come into Malaysia work here and eventually obtain permanent residence there are countless cases.

The children of these foreign workers will if they are Muslims, speak Malay and observe Malay culture be considered Malay and Bumiputra and be accorded special privileges, whilst my children and grandchildren remain second class citizens. How absurd.

When will Bumiputra Privileges cease?

We hear Politicians in Parliament shouting out almost every day  that Malay contractors are at a disadvantage when the government decides to have open tenders.

Isn't this racial discrimination and when will it end.

This is the primary reason why UMNO and PAS are so dead against ICERD.

No Right to Champion International Causes. 

We stand up in international forums championing racial and religious discrimination, from Palestine to Myanmar, the heinous Christchurch massacre, apartheid when we are ourselves guilty of such criminal behavior.

We must champion such causes but how can we do so if we are ourselves discriminatory and are unwilling to accept international Human Rights conventions. 

This Disappearing Act must not Disappear.  

This is the reason why, findings of the Suhakam Inquiry must be taken seriously. It must be investigated the same way we would  abduction of the highest person in the land.

There must be no stone left unturned and agaisnt a landscape of the people in our Police force, the make up of those in power, can the families of these missing men ever hope to obtain a true and clear picture of what really happened.

I have my doubts, I can imagine theirs, so please prove me wrong.

Monday, February 11, 2019


The defiant Najib look
Our responses to the present government gives me the feeling that Malaysians are either wittingly or unwittingly encouraging g the return of the Kleptocrat and his entire train back to power, in what can be seen as a one way ticket, for if Najib does return then there is no turning back and we can be assured of this, he will dig in his heels and stay in power and engineer it in such a way his sons will succeed him.

That power greedy streak is in the Razak family DNA believe me.

The present day government is hardly even one year old and everyone  expects changes immediately to "put Malaysia back on track" they say and that too immediately!!!.

I am even surprised that seasoned professionals like Ambiga can fall into this trap, it only shows a lack of  understanding of the complexities of managing society at large, a society whom we depend upon to make these changes happen.

Today's Government had to be given at least 15 years to turn this country somewhere close  into the idealistic nation they want it to be, but to go at this stage and demand express changes is nothing less then suicidal. They have to tread carefully the Majority of the electorate is Malay, the constituencies have been re engineered to favour a Malay friendly government, and yet they the majority of Malays responded to a  National need to oust that corrupt regime and save the nation.

We must remember one thing and that is if the NEP really did its job there would be no reason to  talk about equal rights, but we allowed by our own indifference the government of the day in the years past steal from the people for the benefit of a handful and Najib Razak seems to be the biggest of the whole gang, it was only after he came that we realized that if it was allowed to continue the nation would become poorer then Myanmar and drop to one of the poorest nations in the world competing for that place with nations like Haiti who are restucturing and would then beat us easily, that is no joke.

The ECRl for instance is a great example,  the confusing messages coming out of our leadership only goes to show the complexities of the corrupt project, being looked inot by sincere men who have very little experience in such matters, it was certainly a project by the Najib administration to sell Malaysia to China in what looks like an attempt to hide the billions he raked in from the 1MDB and other scandals, and it is really surprising how China could allow such a game, a country that portrays itself as  nation of high integrity.

In the face of this delima the government is now working on, there are those who talk negatively about us as a nation breaking a contract that has already been agreed upon.

A dubious contract of the nature of the ECRL contract that is overpriced to the extent the Chinese are willing to half the project costs only goes to show how inflated the whole damn this is, and even at half the rate it is hugely overpriced with all contract terms slanted in their favour. The only people who can really support this project and condemn the government  can only belong to one of the following categories;
they are beneficiaries to some material or monitory gain from this project,
they owe more allegiance to China then to Malaysia,
they belong to UMNO and are yet to benefit out of this project,
they have already collected large sums and are in a hurry to ensure the projects closure.

Maybe we have forgotten the millions that these Chinese Companies put into the last elections by openly sponsoring BN Banners and one wonders what else they sponsored.

To quote Dennis Ignatius a former ambassador to China in his article

ECRL Time to cut our losses and move on; 

ECRL bad in every way
"By all counts, the ECRL project is an extraordinarily bad one. For one thing, it was grossly overpriced. The actual costs were so vague that we still don’t know what the final tally would be with estimates running between RM80 billion – RM110 billion. In fact, it was so grossly overpriced that the contractor (China Communications Construction Company Ltd) is now reportedly offering to cut the price tag by a staggering 50%. That’s how much fat there was in it!

And then there were the terms of the contract – all heavily slanted in China’s favour. China derived all the benefits while Malaysia shouldered all the risks. It was part of a grand scheme to massively defraud the people of Malaysia, the consequence of local greed finding common purpose with big power ambition.

What’s worse, the project was completely unviable and without merit. Like so many of the Najib-era projects, it was designed to skim money rather than serve a useful economic purpose. Even with a 50% reduction in price, it would still not make any sense to proceed with it. It’s a mammoth white elephant that will end up becoming a huge drain on the treasury for years to come.

That money, as economist KS Jomo rightly argued, could be put to better use developing the east coast and other parts of the country that are lagging behind in basic infrastructure.

The socio-economic development of the rural heartland is, in fact, a critical issue with enormous political implications. Unless the PH government can meet the socio-economic needs of the rural heartland, it’s very future and that of Malaysia Baru’s reform agenda could be in jeopardy. Surely, that is one of the takeaways from the recently concluded Cameron Highlands by-election."

Our lack of understanding of a new government filled with inexperienced ministers many who are really just trying tro understand their roles we go all out and criticize giving eh opposition and that is the BN and PAS every opportunity to pick up from our criticisms and confuse a really ill informed and incompetent electorate, a people who continuously and repeatedly voted such a corrupt regime into power that the regime gained the status of the most corrupt in the world.

Just like his father and the Kuantan Port during those days Najib went for the ECRL, his motivation was to acquire funding to cover up his 1MDB theft and to cover upf or his wife and all that "shopping" made with our money.

We are Running Haywire

We have forgotten the zeal with which we really saved this nation, if there were those who thought they could have done  better they should have stood for th elections too not sit on the sidelines and take potshots at the government who is trying its best to get back the loot and to bring some orderliness int the country.

I am surprised that there a re Malays in UMNO who go after Lim Kit Siang, these people who have feared the Malaysians Chinese so long should now open their eyes and see that the Chinese they should really fear are those amongst them - The MCA.

UMNO should be demanding that MCA be investigated to see if it had a role in these lop sided projects the  ECRL programme included with China, after all the MCA was working overtime with the Chinese government in promoting business deals with both countries.

Did the MCA receive funding from the Chinese Government or Chinese Companies?

Is that why Najib allocated the least to MCA for the last General Elections?

Is that also why they decided to be quite contended with it even with the MIC receiving more generous donations from Najib?

We lost Cameron Highlands because we made Pakatan lose that elections, we gave UMNO and the BN (if it still exists) a great boost as a result and we are effectively spelling the return of the Kleptocrat. We initiated the racial politics by attacking pro Malay policies with due regard to the surrounding factors, totally insensitive to our own folly for being responsible of re electing the BN time and again because the economy was doing well we thought and there was nothing to complain about.

Taking away Malay rights is not as easy as it sounds if that is done we are rolling the red carpet for both PAS and UMNO.

The UMNO led NEP has met its objectives, it has fooled the Malays and has led them to believe in everything UMNO says using two factors, the threat of the Chinese and religion. 

The Malay mindset has actually been set, they have been thoroughly indoctrinated and no amount of reasoning will take that away from their mindset. I ma talking about the majority, those led by the UMNO/PAS threats of race and religion and the Chinese threat.

The Malays did not benefit out the NEP, that is a fact, they were given handouts, yes to keep them quiet, they were contended with it, many were given University degrees and not jsut  places in the University and that I am convinced about it, after having interviewed so many graduates from local and overseas Universities.

At one particular interview the hiring manager asked a candidate from a reputable local Government University, a graduate in Material  Science, if he knew what was density he said yes, then he was asked for the formula to measure density, the candidate replied, I forgot, this was a fresh candidate with the second class upper in Material Science. Then when asked what is Mass over Volume he still did not know.

The interviewing manager was an Indian, he looked at me and asked me after the interview how did this guy graduate?  I tld him density was something I learned in my seventh year in school that was my first year in secondary school and it was my first Science lesson and I still remembered it. As a material Science student he would have really been drowned in density adn yet the poor fellow came up with "I forgot."

I am mentioning a single case, but believe me it was the same with most cases of Malay graduates from both local nd foreign Universities.

This s is what Malay privileges was resulting in for many Malays giving them and their parents and the community the false impression that Malays were progressing. This was the NEP it successfully made large numbers of Malays ignorant and that was the tool for UMNO dominance where the UMNO warlords thrived even in their stupidity.

There are Malays who are brilliant but in my interviewing and hiring process they were few and far in between and they were grabbed each time we cam across some of them, there were others who were Chargemen and Electricians without a degree but who were taught in house and made more competent and recognised as Engineers in the Company and place in Engineering positions and even Managerial positions in the Technical divisions of the Company.

Nationalism and patriotism were the furthest things in the minds of the UMNO leadership, they were never interested in Nationalism, they only wanted to enrich themselves, they were only bent of accumulation of wealth for themselves and their families and all at the expense of the other Malays.

Really many of them are mega rich they'd make the Chinese in Malaysia and the top ten rich Malaysians look like sawrfs if their wealth can be uncovered.

We are seeing it now the huge wealth these people own and one dead UMNO politician has even laid bare his wealth after his death,  the family feud on inheritance, the magnitude of that wealth is just unimaginable and to the UMNO Malay it is normal, the ordinary membership ill accept that as a lie and say that he is being targeted by the present day government and of course the finger will be pointed to the DAP. That is how the Malay mind has been tuned.

Ask them aand they'll tell you it is an UMNO derived line, if we do not do it the Chinese will do it so it is okay as long as it goes to a Malay.

The NEP from the UMNO perspective has attained its objectives and needs to continued with more vigour on the same lines, enrich the UMNO war Lords and make the ordinary Malay more ignorant.

These same UMNO Malays will all turn back the more we start demanding the equal rights, let us face it they can stand on equal footing we need to change that and we need to do things differently.
Malays ned real assistance in the field of education especially, they need to be made to realise to leave sentimental folly get the better of them, they need to understated the  need for English in education and one positive influence has been Chinese education , as we see more Malays send their Children to Chinese Schools, realising the potential it will have for their Children in the future.

This possibly explain the reluctance of this and previous governments stall teh recognition of the Exams in the Chinese Schools.

Perhaps the real move should be to restructure the Chinese Schools, where they offer Bahasa and Chinese as compulsory languages, the remaining curriculum in English, and English as a third language. Chinese as a compulsory language to learn, it can be at a lower level of competency like Bahasa Kebangsaan in the older days and Bahasa Melayu as pure Malay. There is in fact simplified Chinese (Mandarin) and advanced Mandarin this will benefit all sectors of our society and will meet the needs of the nation in innovating and inventing new systems,  technologies and drive us to true industrialization.

We could opt for a dual system one the way of the Chinese schools and the other the National curriculum as  is practised today. It is nt common as even in England they have more then just one examining body for schools and Institutions of higher learning.

In England they have the Cambridge Examination Board, they have the Associated Educational Board, they have Ordinary National Diplomas (OND) they have a Higher National Diploma equivalent to a degree (HND) the road to academic excellence  and knowledge is opened to all who at any time wishes to pursue it.

Examinations must be based on merit and not on race, you do not uplift a race by giving them false qualifications, if extra effort need to be given to special students it must be accorded and I am of the opinion if give to the Malaysian Chinese they will do a good job for rural Malay students. If need be bring in teachers from China who will be supervised by the management of our Chinese schools in as far as curriculum is concerned.

All these issuers takes time to resolve it can't be done overnight, there is the process of reeducating the people in realisng what is really good for them an it will take time, in the meantime we have to give the government of the day the time and the space to do so.

We can suggest but not condemns and give ultimatums that is not he way to go, even then understanding the pitfalls.

Remember at the last elections we got a new government because of the Malays, if they Malays hadn't swing their vote we would have been with Najib stop condemning them, understand them and support them to build a better and truly prosperous Malaysia.


Tuesday, December 18, 2018



Umno is a party that can be very nasty,extremely nasty when it needs to inflict suffering on a member to force him to quit, and the President is no exception.
Pondering his choices?

UMNO members of "reputable standing" according to sources have lodged  reports with the MACC regarding corrupt practices by Zahid to buy his way into the UMNO Presidency. 

This allegation being leveled against the man who in the run up of party elections was reported to ave said, "party had to eradicate the culture of warlords and money politics", is now very likely to be investigated for what he seemingly deplored.

Senior UMNO representatives are now pondering party investigation against Najib although those still  inclined to Zahid are insisting that the party first receives a complaint or report on the issue.

One Supreme Council member who knows the people involved in making this report to the MACC, is of the opinion that, "to safeguard the integrity of the party the party has to initiate it's own investigation and if the person or persons who lodged the report with MACC come forward it will be a bonus, but UMNO has to initiate an investigation and there can be no 2 ways about it." 

Saying they must first have a report is to block the issue fro being investigated, this has been an UMNO practice for ages, because the person who comes forward is the one who will be fired and incarcerated as has been the habit in UMNO.

This  reason is the reason the report was made to the MACC instead of to UMNO. Previous whistle blowers have suffered incredibly that they are not willing to take a chance even though UMNO is not government today.

The people who are behind this report are said to come from both sides of the nation both East and West and they had hinted that Zahid goes on leave pending his trials and were very annoyed when he did not as they feel his staying on the Presidential seat with all these charges against him will be detrimental t the party and there is a lot of evidence even now to show that it is happening.

Sabah UMNO is totally against PAS, Sabah UMNO is extremely with the anti ICERD rally because they feel that it was actually initiated by PAS and not UMNO and the entire rally was orchestrated by PAS with UMNO playing second fiddle.

"Like all UMNO Divisions in Semananjung and Sabah we believe we are the masters of our own destiny and PAS ideology has not place in UMNO," said a Sabah UMNO member.

As it is Zahid is already facing 46 Charges of criminal breach of trust, money laundering, and graft.

According to the East Malaysian members, they had already believed Najib's role in 1MDB but were quite confident that Najib would balance the books  after GE 14, by returning some sums and getting the rest vial mega projects including projects in Sabah  as promised him.

Now with these charges against Zahid the Sabah UMNO members  strongly believe Zahid is involved in most charges and as such has to quit "not just take leave as suggested by other party members in semenanjung" said the East Malaysin member we were talking to.

"Najib has relinquished the Presidency that is not good enough, he must quit from the party or face the prospect of being expelled, his presence in the party is dangerous, and instead of getting him sacked we are still trying to pull wool over the eyes of UMNO members like we did when Najib was in power." 

"That is some of the prime reasons we lost the last elections,and we must face it and if we decide that was the cause we must sack Najib if he refuses to move out, similarly we must sack Zahid because it was he who capitalized on Muyhiddin's move to get Najib to answer the accusations and instead of assisting Najib he saw it as an opportunity to get Muhyiddin sacked and get elevated to the post of DPM." said this member complaining about Nazri and Khairy saying, " they dare  to say that UMNO lost because of 1MDB, but lack the guts of calling on Najib to quit or demanding the Supreme council sack Najib."

From the looks of it pressure is mounting on Zahid from all quarters to quit and if he does he may get off wit this charge of buying himself into the Presidency of UMNO, as UMNO will not cooperate with the MACC or for that matter even the police.

Zahid has to make up his mind be slapped with more charges with reprots coming from within  UMNO, or quit the party.

Sunday, December 16, 2018


A vocal critic of the President
A group of prominent UMNO leaders including two women are working towards an EGM to force Zahid to sack Najib from UMNO as they believe it is Najib who is forcing Zahid to follow an agenda
directed to protecting their personal interests including that of Hadi Awang.

Taking pot shots at the President
Hadi holds the key in this trio that Najib and  Zahid  are willing to sell the interests of everyone just to protect their own and in doing so are prepared to go to any lengths including a merger with PAS.

Vying the Presidency?
This is was the reason Mohammed Hassan led a group of UMNO members to seek advice from Mahahtir including joining PPBM. Our sources tell us that there is a lot of discomfort in UMNO with Najib's and Zahid's very close relationships with PAS.

Hadi is even now calling for a merger between the two parties and many in the PAS leadership aere trying to woo UMNO MPs to their party.

This prominent group in UMNO  is adamant that Najib be sacked from the party, as that will hpefully drive a wedge between Hadi and Zahid and eventually Zahid will eventually self destruct.

Some of them believe they have to go for a two pronged strategy, get the supreme council to sack Najib first then take a vote of no confidence on Zahid and given the present circumstances they believe they can muster the numbers.

The group of members mooting this EGM include a few supreme council members and at least 4 divisional heads according to the source who has revealed this information and has requested total anonymity.

According to the person who introduced me to the two  members of this group Najib is now working really hard to get back the presidency of UMNO and has publicly being saying this in UMNO, as he put it , "look he is already calling  the shots, and he has learned from Rosmah, whenever he is with Zahid, Zahid will walk behind and allow him to speak first. What does that imply," he asked.

The group believes they will get the backing of Mohamed Nazri bin Abdul Aziz, Umno deputy president Datuk Seri Mohamad Hasan, vice-president Datuk Seri Mohamed Khaled Nordin and
Rosnah Abd Rashid Shirlin.

They feel that the supreme council is toothless as members like Mustapa Mohammad has already left and with so may of the important people in the supreme council being charged in court they need a total revamp of  the entire supreme council as many of its members  are still "yes" nominated and appointed with the full backing of these corrupt past and present leaders who they can't have at this crucial time, when UMNO is facing challenges regarding its, integrity, its level of corruption and its  very survival.

Najib still holds sway in the  Supreme Council although he is not  a member there and many including new members still regard him as the unofficial leader with Zahid as his sidekick. When Najib talks even Zahid listens.

Being wooed by PAS
"It is true it  was Khairy who told Najib to step down, even if he stood for party  elections  he would have been kicked out, so it was he who decided on the strategy of giving way to Zahid as he has seen it as his passport to continue control of UMNO,"  said the source.

Razaleigh was brought into the fray just to neutralise Khairy and create confusion amongst the most confused political party members in the country - UMNO.

UMNO members are easily confused but now with this planned merger with PAS many think it is time to take the Supreme Council and the President to task,it is not in their DNA the PAS vision of an
Islamic state.

It is believed that the EGM is scheduled to be sometime in  March and the main item on the agenda will be Najib's sacking and, if not cooperative Zahid may also be booted out.

However it is believed if Zahid as much as only remain neutral in Najib's ouster he will be spared and asked to go on leave instead.

Meanwhile both Khairy and Nazri are beginning an onslaught on the leadership which is attracting the attention of members and divisions, with the Deputy President remaining calm and taking pot shots on the President from the sidelines. Sources tell us that he has been personally warned by Najib not to try and oust Zahid.

Khairy Jamaluddin,  Mohamad Hasan and possibly Nazri arre on the same page but prefer to take thier role in seperate ways in this great UMNO Delima as all three seem to be vying for the position of Number 1 in the party.

Mohammed Hassan who is likely to be without seat in Parliament may have a disadvantage and Khairy is likely to bring in the Razaleigh faction plus the Sabah votes for him to get the Presidency this time around.