Thursday, June 30, 2022



Well I did predict in my last article that should BN win the next elections it may not be good news for Zahid, and for all his efforts to get Parliament dissolved it is very likely that  he may well land up in prison for a long time courtesy of his good friend described as  "the world's number one Kleptocrat."

sacked from UMNO supreme Council

His good friend had tried to get rid of him and that has been revealed by Tajuddin who said Najib was prepared to get rid of Zahid,  Nazri has confirmed what Tajuddin has said. 

Tajudin has revealed,   "during a meeting, held in May 2020, it was agreed that Zahid should go, and they were to collect the signatures of Umno division leaders from across the country on a memorandum to be sent to the president," meaning Zahid. 

 According to Pasir Salak MP, among the leaders present were former prime minister Najib Abdul Razak, Umno deputy president Mohamad Hasan and UMNO vice-president Mohamed Khaled Nordin, Najib supported the move and later backed down when Tok Mat who was intimidated by Zahid refused to support the move, why that was so  it is not really clear.

UMNO President under fire 

As long as Zahid is President of UMNO he stands the best chance to become the next PM,  "IF" and
only "IF" UMNO and BN should snatch victory under his Presidency. Now that goal seems to be distancing itself from UMNO thanks  to its President Zahid Hamidi.

It is no secret that Najib wants the seat of the PM at all costs, why right now even in the midst of his court cases and after being found guilty and being  sentenced for 12 years he is dictating terms to Ismail Sabri as though he is still the power behind the throne  but Sabri stubbornly  does not want an election soon he want to make sure that he will remain the candidate for that position come the next GE so he keeps Najib at Bay.

While Zahid begins washing dirty linen in public, dirty UMNO linen I mean  to justify his  misdeeds ( he seems to think that he can be corrupt because others are too) he is putting himself in a very precarious position, no one in UMNO will trust him and  I'll say it again, "there is no honour among thieves," and Zahid seems to prove that statement. UMNO as a result is  a party where the leader is running around like a "Chicken without a Nec," in desperation after all he is one of the "desperate dua".

The  Khairy faction is working with Ismail Sabri  to stop this court cluster from  grabbing  power in the next government, the Zahid faction in UMNO are against him Khairy and Tok Mat an advisor to Sabri, but how strong is the Zahid group? 

According to  UMNO insiders 130 UMNO divisions had signed a petition for Zahid to step down at the time Najib met with UMNO leaders for this purpose, and if it is put again more will join in and make it untenable for Zahid to continue, but Najib will not push that idea as she needs Zahid for now to pursue his own goals, that will com in handy to Najib later, but now is not the time and Najib is keeping that on hold for a more appropriate time.

Khairy and many UMNO MPs of today are in favour of forming a 'Big Tent' government without Najib and Zahid, the Najib and Zahid faction can be dispensed with and a coalition of  parties may be in line to form the next government, as the majority of who should be the next PM will be decided by a vote in Parliament and not UMNO, the King must appoint someone who has the support of the majorityin Parliament.

There are already secret talks to this end, and Anwar is in serious discussion on the matter, in the next few weeks we shall see Tajuddin throwing his support behind Bersatu or Amanh ,  he'll quit UMNO, I am told, he is not in favour of PAS as he is vary of the relationship between Hadi and Najib and he is quite sure he will be back stabbed there. PAS call to Tajuddin is do Najib a favour, and get rid of him for good from politics.

Tajuddin has a war chest and has had ambitions to oust Zahid, but I do not think the grass roots will go for him, like Zahid he does not only look incapable but is really and truly so plus his record speaks poorly of him.

 Khairy is still the best bet and  had Razaleigh not come in to play spoiler in the last UMNO elections both Najib an Zahid would have been minced meat with Khairy as  the President and they knew it, it was they who convinced Razaleigh to to contest knowing full well that  "the man who was born to lose" would never win, but with his presence Khairy would lose a whole chunk of votes and that is exactly what happened.

UMNO is filled with "leaders" if they can be called such whose own interest comes first above nation and party, that is in fact the the very nature of UMNO it is part of the party's DNA and has been so since the days of Mahathir and that is telling among all UMNO leaders today.

Najib wants power to free himself and his wife. 

Have the UMNO members forgotten their beloved Rosmah Mansor?

Mahathir has been exposed by Najib, Anwar refrains from doing so and I wonder why, he says he knows all Mahathir's secrets and I believe so too and that is why Mahathir is "Hell bent' to ensure that Anwar never becomes PM.

I doubt there is a single clean politician in UMNO past,  present and looking within UMNO even the future,  all have had their pockets lined and continue to do so, once they are cast away from politics like Tajuddin now has,  all is gone. There is so much money in UMNO politics for leaders from Brach to division to the supreme council. 

Why do you think Mahathir is so crazy on still becoming PM?  

Will Ismail Sabri want to relinquish the position of PM? 

Most certainly not but  he has to find innovative ways to make sure he remains if he wants to remain and he is doing it right now.

If he calls and early election he is going to get fried, it will be in his best interest to run the full term if he is to give himself a real chance to continue.

Will Zahid want to become PM? 

Of course, this clueless man wants that most of all, but will Najib let him? 

Najib would drown hism right now if he had no sue of him in the interim, so the most likely candidate to become PM is Najib he'll try another Mahathir he's vying taking that seat again.

If Najib loses his appeal and is  jailed he will seek a Royal Pardon and do you think he'll get it? 

Well your guess is as good as mine. 

If he does get the Royal Pardon which will  be most likely to happen,  then Zahid will have to give in to his demands to enjoy that pardon too and so doing will become History.

Zahid  may be made High Commissioner to Pakistan, if he doesn't he'll have a full bed suite in Sungei Buloh and Najib would like that better, because Najib  will then show the world that he does not interfere with the judicial process, Zahid will become Najib's kerbau Korban.

Najib would want to look like clean leader who does not interfere with the judiciary and would sacrifice even his best friend when it comes to "National" I mean Najib interests.

That is the irony of today's Malay politics, but even as I write more and more Malays are seeing the trouble brewing with today's bunch of "leaders." 

Even as I write Zahid is pointing his fingers everywhere, now it is Jeli MP Mustapa Mohasmed  affectionately knownas Tok Pa, and that man Tok Pa was a close confidante of Najib's following him on almost every trip abroad, though on those trips  his wife being a close confidante of Rosmah travelled on the same Jet with Rosmah and Najib,  he Tok Pa chose not to most of the time,   as Najib was known to be fond of wine and fine cigars  which he enjoyed on the Executive Jet, being  a devout Muslim he did not want to be part of that, and he could not stand the smell of Cigar smoke, soe he normally flew on commercial flightts.

To date Tok Mat has not said a word about Najib although he is  privy to some juicy stories from his travels with Najib. 

Zahid's allegations that Kelantan UMNO which Tok Pa headed came from 1MDB could be true, there was some 30 million ringgit there but it is very likely that To Pa had no inclination of where the money came from,as did many of the other UMNO leaders and Branch leaders, as it was abundantly clear that even the Deputy Prime Minister at that time was not privy to such knowledge, to Tok Pa and probably to all the rest  it was money from UMNO HQ allocated to them as election funds that is the more likely scenario.

                                               He knows a lot about Najib but is not talking

But ask Tok Pa about what happened on Najib's trips to New York and Seoul, and he may tell you if Najib does nto put a noose on his barking doggie. Tok Pa's wife was the lady Rosmah always insisted fly with her, because his wife was fluent in English and was on the same academic level as Rosmah she has seen a lot too so Zahid had better watch his ramblings.

Tok Pa has been quiet about all this, and Najib must surely appreciate it so it will be wise for Zahid to watch what he says about Tok Pa as he was closer to Najib then Zahid has ever been though on the intellectual and professional level.

By pointing his finger to Tok Mat he is surely inviting reprisals from Najib, but not so soon, Najib is tolerating him and what he is saying, Najib would not want him to think he's not with him, Najib needs him for now.

UMNO is now under siege from its own members and ironically its President too, there are at least three factions if not four, the clarity will settle in soon and the next GE may not go UMNO's way after all,  as the people especially the Malays  are now reading the true UMNO better by the day.

More interesting news and exposures are in the pipeline from Perlis to Johor and the stories are going to come out strong and clear soon,  it will fan the fires that could well destroy UMNO for good  as the s*it continues  hit the ceiling. 



Friday, June 24, 2022


 by toffee

24/03/2022 Khairy and Mat Hassan keep watch.

It is now open warfare the desperate duo or should I localise it by  calling them the "desperate dua" are trying everything within their means to get Parliament dissolved.

Perhaps the biggest mistake in Malaysian legal history will be the bail allowed to Najib and Zahid pending the completion of their cases, I doubt there can be any legal loophole to have the bail for these two at least  revoked because once this is done they will expedite their own cases and stop what seems an abuse of the due process by having it postponed at almost every turn.

The call for the next General elections has never been so loud in our history  then now by this desperate dua, that's how desperate they seem to be and we must not allow it, even allowing the present clueless PM Ismail Sabri  to continue his term till completion is better then to give these two the opportunity to come back,  they are in a state of panic and people in such a state can be very dangerous especially when they are known to have extremely powerful links with  people who sympathise with their alleged criminality.

Najib is already convicted in one case and that case is pending appeal,  he senses he will lose his appeal so now he has going for the judge in that case to have his case thrown out, the only way to get him to allow the process to take its course without any or delays  is to commit him to jail to begin his sentence of the 12 years imprisonment now.

Within the framework of UMNO itself there is a battle raging and the truth be told Najib and Zahid have the upper hand for now, how long it will hold is left to be seen although witth the presents crack that advantage seems to be waning.

Zahid is the man who I reckonwill lose the most if they manage to call another General election and regain power,  there are many possibilities and lets take a close look at them. 

Once it is called and should the BN win which is likely, then Najib will  seek a Royal pardon for all his alleged  misdeeds for which he has been convicted, then he will worm his way out of all cases the same way he did the Altantuya case by going to the Mosque to take the sacred oath probably.\

Getting Zahid out may be a dangerous game for Najib, Zahid will want to collect the spoils too, but that may be an impediment to Najib's greater plans, so Zahid may have to go to prison after all, to indicate to the world that Najib is not meddling with the due process and that will clear all hurdles for Najib to wrest power again which he so obviously desires.

It sounds very simple but then there is Mat Hassan, Annuar and Khairy and that is why Khaairy is now  being implicated, it looks like clear that Zahid and Najib  wants him out of the picture, and yes all these money transactions that Zahid now claims went to them  do not seem at least for the time being to have a money trail, these monies are alleged to have gone to the branches of both Khairy and Muhyiddin that indicates that this would have been modus operandi for election funding in UMNO and as longas it came from UMNO it is not necessary that they would have known where it came from.

A dying man will cling to a straw, and that seems to be the case here, every trick in the book is being applied to force a quick General Election, to delay all hearings in court and more, and we see it happening almost every turn in these court cases.

In the meantime the support for Najib is waning as more and more issues are being exposed by way of the trial, Arul Kanda's testimony in the current case may throw more light and lend more damage to the "Bossku" personality and image. It is already happening as more and more Malays take to the alternative media with their narratives of these two.

Zahid is not facing a smooth ride he is now exposing all the others in UMNO especially those who do not want him back and who refer to him and Najib  as the "court cluster." for the first time in History UMNO is being exposed from within and by whom? 

Its President himself.

Then there is Ismail Sabri doing the "Silat politick" to remain in power, he is not going to allow the position of Premier go, he wants it more then ever that is the UMNO tradition and there is a urgent need for the desperate dua to get him to dissolve Parliament, he will not  as there is too much to risk by him doing so and he'll not allow it, he wants to remain in power as long as he can even if it means for the term he has got, why should he allow it to go, because once it slips from hsigrip he'll never get it back and he knows that, so as long as he can hold on to it he will want to.

All Pakatan factions will not support that move by the "desperate dua" to dissolve Parliament   and neither will Muhyiddin and his Bersatu so "desperate dua"  can't dictate that even though Zahid is trying very hard to. 

The sacking of Tajuddin has made Zahid and Najib's position even weaker and as time goes by their grasp on UMNO is turning  loose and that is what makes them even more worried, the anti cluster group actually wants these two men locked up so they can go about rebuilding the UMNO brand name that has been crushed by these two and their predecessors  and that is what is now going on.

In desperation Zahid has turned public "dhoby" for UMNO at least, he is  washing dirty linen in public, he does not want Khairy to gain a foothold on the party and sin the process has inadvertently  got even Hishamuddin in trouble.

Then of course there are the revelations from Najib  Razak, he is exposing Mahathir his mentor, Mahathir's  sons and what Najib termed his cronies, many so called rumors' of the past seem to be true from what Najib is now alleging and I wonder why Mahathir is so quiet and some of his cronies who are alleged to amassed considerable wealth are quiet too it's all hush, hush, shhhh  thanks to Mahathir we have this grand UMNOXPLOSION.

Why isn't Najib being hauled to court and why the silence from Mathir and geng? Is it because these are true and that Najib would be able to muster tonnes of evidence to prove his case?

Well from what is in the public eye  there seems to be a load of truth in what Njib is alleging. There is no honour among thieves and that is now playing out loud and clear.

Well of course there is Anwar Ibrahim too and he has come out with his "Big Tent" policy where even Najib and Zahid has room I believe that looks extremely dangerous to Mahathir, but it is dangerous for our National politics too.

If that coalition works then we are told that Anwar holds a lot of Mahathir secrets, could it be Anwar who is letting out these secrets to Najib?

Muhyidin is not in the clear either so will the clean Malay Malaysian Politician of this generation stand up?

Will Hadi Awang want to put up his hand? 

I'd advice him not to, as Ms.Rewcastle has a lot on him and that can be revealed by third parties, 

Are there any Mr. Cleans?

Yes I suppose, and that is the young Malays, my pick are the likes of Rafizi, Sidek and the group, I would even allow  room for Khairy and Nurul if they can all team up and give the Next GE a go and allow the Malay electorate and all Malaysians a new choice.



Tuesday, March 29, 2022


 The only hope for  Malaysia today is to ensure that  BN will not make it back to Government and that both BN and PAS are obliterated.


To know how crooked this grouping is   they already are although they lost the last General Elections effectively the government and a lot of that blame falls squarely on the shoulders of PKR and its membership to deny that will be to shoot ourselves between our two eyes - not just the foot.

It was the support of Azmin Zuraida and gang that got Muhyiddin to make his move.

Barisan is gaining momentum and the irony of the entire fracas is that they have been helped by Anwar and the PKR in more ways than one and it all began with Anwar's deal with Zahid and an offer to drop prosecution of the cases against him and Najib - and it almost worked something  he denies to this day.

Anwar has become as desperado willing to shake hands with the Devil to get the position of PM, he is  so obsessed with the idea he really feels he has been anointed for the post of PM of Malaysia.

The truth is the people are aware of this and do not like a desperado, and the more Anwar talks the greater the fallout for PKR, and our chances to win the next General Elections. 

It was that deal making that got us entailed with the Barisan Nasional who eventually sent Muhyiddin out of Office and brought the clown who now occupies the seat with the support of the  of PH members.

Revenge was on the mind of PH in dealing with Muhyiddin and revenge is toxic and that toxicity has poisoned the the chances of any new government and only  enhanced the chances for a BN come back.

Had PH made a deal with Muhyiddin the situation would be different today, Anthony Loke's call for such a deal was shunned then, not only by the PKR but DAP as well and today Najib, Zahid, Rosmah see the light at the end of the tunnel.

Reality Check

Anwar must step down  and leave politics for good, Rafizi should take over the reins of PKR and Shafie Apdal and a Sarawak MP must be given the mandate for PM allowing the members of the house post elections to make the choice.

                          TIME TO STEP DOWN AND MOVE OUT

One as PM and the other as Deputy Pm with Home ministry in West Malaysia. Defense must go East and so too Education, that will make it attractive for the East Malaysians to vote in a new government free from the BN.

Malaysians should rally around the new government and not expect miracles in the first term that way we'll get a good government.


It is high time the East took over the helm of the country, they seem to understand politics better, and if we could ban the Communist Party of Malaysia why not PAS?

DAP has done the right thing both Guan Eng and his Daddy have stepped down, it's time for Anwar to do the same and if that is done UMNO will act they will see the need to kick out the court cluster.

Malaysians have to realise that a government that includes Najib and Zahid is disaster, aren't we even reading the news, the international media, Najib and his wife a being disgraced by revelations as far a s New York and the world is laughing at the stupidity of the Malaysians  who today call this kleptocrat, "Bosssku."

Don't just fault the Malays for corruption for almost behind every Malay politician who is corrupt you'll find a Malaysian Chinese, and that explains the huge Chinese crowd in Penang shamelessly hailing "Bossku" in the glare of the press.

Star gave it all the publicity the papers normally gives BN and UMNO.


Yes there is time to change the mood and very little and to do that we must change the narrative.

To begin with both Anwar and his beloved wife have to bow out and if they don't get kicked out, yes and there can be no other way.

Rafizi hs to take over the helm of PKR and Amanah must be given a bigger role in the coalition and there could be consideration of for Bersatu but with very strict terms Muhyiddin has to be dropped, he must step down and in the process get rid of both Azmin and Zuraida and their followers, they are toxic.

The youth must be given a greater voice and MUDA must be given prominence by senior politicians from all component parties backing them for key Parliamentary seats, just do not throw them to waste it is they who will lead the nation tomorrow.

The coalition must not only look strong it must be strong, not filled with toads and frogs who jump at every opportunity. The frog lives both on land and water so it is not Halal but I see Malay based parties topping the list when it comes to eating frogs.

The Reformasi has to start now and it has to start with the man and his wife who made that famous call many years ago in Malaysia, both have to step down in the spirit of Reformasi but will it happen?

Well the truth is it cannot as long as Anwar is around.

Thursday, May 27, 2021


  by; Francis T Rozario

27May 202



 The numbers have increased, the 10,000 infectivity rate per day  is within sight and can be surpassed soon at the rate the present increases are taking place.

It is time for employers to act, they have a moral duty to safeguard their employees and their families.



"Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) refers to the efforts made by a company to improve society and contribute towards sustainable development. 

Also known as corporate conscience or corporate citizenship, CSR describes initiatives run by a business to evaluate and take responsibility for their impact on a number of issues ranging from human rights to the environment.

Corporate social responsibility is a type of self-regulatory business plan, with initiatives focusing on achieving economic, social and environmental benefits for all stakeholders involved (employees, consumers, investors and other groups)."





It is time employers displayed a sense of being one with the communities they operate in and that  is Corporate Social Responsibility.

Most employers have been talking about CSR, this forms a huge part of their management jargon especially when taking VIP's around their respective organisations,  when talking to big customer groups, when met by Government officials and as a Public Relations tool.

In terms of their earnings a very very tiny proportion of their net profits goes to corporate social responsibility  (CSR) if any.

Employer Organisations such as the Malaysian Employers Federation (MEF), the Federation of Malaysia Manufactures Association (FFM), the Association fo Banks in Malaysia (ABM), the Chambers of Commerce,  The Malaysian Agricultural Producers Association all other Industry Organisations and all such related organisations should convene an Emergency session to see how they can martial the resources of all their related organisations   to schedule a Real and Practical Corporate Social Responsibility Programme immediately to address the problem of a full MCO as we call it to check this spread of Covid 19 and get the government to work with them to implement A new and  National Vaccination programme as soon as possible to stem out the inefficiencies of the current system.

If the Employers embark on such a programme they will have acquired and earned  the right  to demand of that of the government of the day. It is as important to them as it is to the people of Malaysia.

These associations must come out with one voice and demand  the government vaccinate employees especially those currently working  at their work places as soon as possible. That can be done with relative ease and more efficiently by employers if they were given the support of the government with the necessary medical staff and the vaccines.

But before doing all that do the most sensible thing for now 

                                        SHUT DOWN LIKE YOU DID AT MCO1


The employer vaccination programme must be seen as an extension of the present snail paced National Vaccination Programme under the Khairy Jamaluddin.

If there are a kind souls willing to donate vaccines for free to states there should not be unnecessary terms and conditions placed on them, as long as they can prove that the vaccines come from the sources of approved vaccines and are legitimate there should be no barriers, on the contrary the government should support it and not involve government appointed third parties to intervene for no rhyme or reason.

It is an act of open corrupt practice for governments in the country to charge employers for vaccines when huge and disproportionate amounts of Public Funds have been used to finance this specific purchase. 

These vaccines that they purchase are to vaccinate Malaysian workers and employees here in Malaysia the money allocated is supposed to be sufficient for eighty percent of the entire population although that is so much more then what Vietnam is paying for 100 million people.

Instead of offering it on sale for employers they should have demanded that supply  from the Federal Government for free. What is going on especially when hugely disproportionate funds have been allocated for the purpose from Public funds without real accountability is only privy to the government and the people are in the dark at such times as this. This is a National calamity and what is happening?

The Government seems to be playing with lives without a care, maybe through ignorance of their ministers and officials or, on purpose by individuals or groups looking to  profit from the scheme, at least  that  is how it looks like on the surface with all the secrecy and unnecessary moves being made like getting Pharmaniaga to bottle the Sinovac vaccine, h all this taking place  who is to blame the public for suspecting that the officials in this case the ministers are suspected by the public at large for pocketing money out of these purchases. Hiding under the veil of secrecy of prices by vendors we are not subject to any knowledge of what we pay for the vaccines when it is plain knowledge in countries  the world over. 

Any responsible Manufacturer will tell you, that any more handling then what is absolutely necessary to get the product finished is not "Good Manufacturing Practice" (GMP) which is the standard for all Pharmaceutical and major established and responsible Manufacturing Organisations. The management of Pharmaniaga should know this better than anyone else.

Pharmaniaga had a responsibility of refusing that part of the operation and so today if there is suspicion about he product, real or otherwise it can't be blamed on the people. 

The government of the day is not worth the trust of the people and the Corporations that pay taxes to them to administer this country  fairly, impartially, and with the trust accorded them by society.

We should not be groping in the dark as we are now, if Malaysian Employers can address CSR not only for employees but also towards the support groups that allow our employees to function the hawkers, the grocers the street vendors etc. we can wipe this problem out faster then any other country in the world it only takes our will and determination.  We are a small nation of only 32 million people and this is possible.

Self interests must be put aside, only the best should be chosen to undertake the project regardless of race or creed, this virus knows no religion nor does it race and we must treat this as such and all actions must be transparent and responsible.

Initial reactions of many Malaysians to the short doses given to people at various vaccination centers were actually brushed off as rubbish but when this government came out to say they'll investigate there were two reactions; 

the first was "ya they will investigate like they did the ministers and celebrities who violated the SOPs":

the second, "ha it must be true, and did they plan it so they can vaccinate more people with less vaccines?" 

There is almost a total distrust of the Government of the day, the people are losing trust in the nation, one wonders what right has Muhyiddin to talk against the problems of Myanmar isn't his emergency government just as legitimate?

Our as employers as the leaders of industry the backbone of this or any other nation our employers must rise to the occasion and really at least for once do their Corporate Social Responsibility and if that does not mean putting life first one can only wonder what on earth this management jargon called CSR really means.






Friday, May 7, 2021




 Howl Pillai


Tommy Thomas is no writing sensation. And how is it possible that without even reading a page, millions of good Malaysians feel happy and high? A few excerpts and reviews cannot explain this euphoria. Heaven! Perhaps the title of his book is a good starting point. 

It's not just Justice that has been in the wilderness. Too many of the good and the decent among us have been banished to the fringes, the margins of national life. And deprived of that greatest gift of real citizenship: to take part in the life of the nation. Without exception. 

The book’s very publication is proof we have not been cowed into submission. Not entirely. There is at least one brave soul among us. Bravo! We need heroes like the desert needs rain. A few hundred silly police reports cannot put the genie or the hantu back in the bottle. 

Like the Emperor’s ‘new clothes’, all this outrage cannot hide the fact that the corrupt lack even a modicum of modesty. We snigger and we laugh at what we have known all this while: naked is the Gomen that hides behind the smoke and mirror of the law and its lackeys.

True, this AG came in from the cold post GE-14. The Rakyat then was baying for a New Malaysia that would prosecute the obvious wrongdoers. They were hiding in plain sight for too long. Tommy was neither from the same mould or from the fold as the previous ones. 

He was not from the old network, biased on twisted motives and interlocked interests. He had a mind of his own. A good legal mind driven by the highest ideals of the Law. Nor did he feel bound by our Gomen’s version of Omerta, that infamous code of silence, Mafia style.

Add to that, the belief among our Pemimpin Yang Tercinta aka Dear Leader that since we adore them, they can do no wrong; that they are above the law. But, though reduced to a nation of khabar anginers, we know well the rot of our Gomen, of our Dear Leaders. Shame!

Judging from the reaction to the book, the hornet's nest has been thoroughly stirred if not shaken; a few bigwigs have been raked over the coals; hotshots cut down to size and Goliath has been knocked down for the count by David with a slingshot to the solar plexus. Ouch! 

Tommy Thomas is a rare high official, driven by conscience not compliance. Every country worth its honour needs a hero. Like Thomas More. Convicted of treason in 1535 by Henry VIII and his goons, his famous last words: “I die, the King’s good servant and God’s first”.

The crime of this ex-Lord Chancellor: He opposed the king’s separation from the Catholic Church and the annulment of his marriage to Catherine of Aragon. In plain language, he told the King and his kakis that his conscience was not for sale. Not even for billions of ringgit.

Thank you very much! I say it as a citizen of a country that insists our parliamentary democracy is modelled on Westminster, complete with a sound system that allows the Speaker to cut-off an Opposition MP for raising the alarm on corruption and patronage. 

But it is Eastminster now and millions know that Eastminster is rotten to the core. Every pillar and post. We speak of these things everyday of our lives. Endlessly. Close to four decades now. In homes, workplaces, gatherings and meetings. On WhatsApp, it. Hell! 

Injustice! The bane and burden of our lives. It has clouded our minds, turned our emotions raw, soured our tastes and pained our hearts. And yet, it is us, so often cut-off in mid-speech or muted into silence who pay the bills and put food on the table for all. Second class citizen? 

I know what I will do in the Hereafter, if there is one. From dawn to dusk, from under every tree and from every stone, I will speak of the injustice heaped upon the heads of those who meant well for the King and country by the corrupt and the connected- Tun, Tan Sri, Dato.  

Our self-styled Pemimpin yang Tercinta must be both blind and mad not to see that this nation’s running sores will not be healed by banning the book. Our raw nerves will cheer Tommy all the way. Ban the book but you cannot ban the man. As Bertolt Brecht wrote:

      Teach Contentment:


                                 Those who take meat from the table

                                Teach contentment.

                                Those for whom the taxes are destined

                                Demand sacrifice.

                                Those who eat their fill speak to the hungry

                                Of wonderful times to come.

                                Those who lead the country into the abyss

                                Call ruling too difficult

                                For ordinary men.


I have held on to this article for far too long.
Publish or don't publish, an element of fear kept me from doing it.
Will some idiot who speaks English but does not really comprehend what he says go to the Balai Polis to make a report against me?
There is no shortage of such people, from hawkers to Senior Politicians or their cronies and even perhaps a PhD we have them in the hundreds these days - all Permanently head Damaged.
If one does, the consequences for me depends on the political inclinations of the person maaking the report and I will be called to the Balai Polis (Police Station) and like Patrick Teoh, be held for a few days with Bubur (porridge) and 2 ikan belis (Anchovies) for my meals I suppose.
At 72 I though maybe I am a bit too old, but then my conscience told me I have to, it has been nudging me since I received this article and if I don't publish this I'll have to reckon with my conscience and my God.
I'd rather reckon with some idiotic person or persons here on earth then not do what is right.
Please pass this on, Howl Pillay has given us all the reasons why we should take notice of this book by Tommy Thomas, it is about the worst part of the History of our nation.
Generations from now or even in the next our children will ask the question they will not be able to comprehend because of the skewed up history they are taught in Schools; "If we were so good what went wrong?" Tommy's book will tell them a little, it will be part of recorded history, but from that little we will learn a lot more about what went wrong and as Howl Pillay puts it in "Eastminister."




Thursday, April 8, 2021


by Toffee

8th April, 2022 





                                                             Denials are not good enough Action speaks louder then words. 

 It is not difficult to put to rest this issue of whether the calls now gone viral were actually communication between Zahid Hamidi the President of UMNO and Anwar Ibrahim the President of PKR.

At a PKR meeting Anwar has denied that the viral audio recording of a call alleged to be between him and Zahid was a "malicious political move" to bring down his party and that it was slander.

Zahid Hamidi has also come out with an outright denial of the recording and has claimed that it was not him.

To be fair to the two I think we have to give them the benefit of the doubt but for how long?

Well actually the time is up, both Anwar and Zahid or the party who is very sure it is not him in the audio recording should immediately make a Police report and not delegate that responsibility to other party members, this must be their priority number one right now and there can be no delays about this, they must head to the Police Station.

Saifuddin Abdullah the Minister of Communications and Multi Media must order the relevant service providers to immediately conduct an investigation into these calls, get the culprits involved for exposing it or faking it, because whatever it is this is a crime and the responsibility of identifying those criminals falls squarely on his

           He does not need any Police Reports to order an Investigation. This reasoning that he requires a report has become a common lame excuse

ministry and Polis Di Raja Malaysia (PDRM). 

It is a crying shame that the minister has not ordered such an investigation as yet, it reflects badly on him and his ministry. -  

Did the government eavesdrop?

The responsibility of the ministry of Communications and Multi Media is to go after those who exposed this video recording, these are people who have illegally got confidential information illegally and they are criminals. 

Their investigations will not be on Anwar or Zahid, but shoudl the audio recording be genuine there will be a different issue  for the police to handle. 

it does not matter if the recording is genuine or not, those who spread it shoudl be arrested there is a case against them, and for this reason too both Anwar and Zahid must make Police reports. 

The Malaysian public are very savvy and can read between the lies wherever it comes from and that has been proven time and time again.

The proof for this issue will be iron clad as the identities of the callers can be made without too much hassle. We have the technology to do that, the records should  still be around and there can really be no excuses. 

If the excuse or the fear, whichever it is on the part of Anwar and Zahid is that the police will blame them on the instructions of the Government they need not be.

After all Zahdi was minister of Home affairs and he has intimate knowledge of how the Police carry out their investigations in such cases. He must give them his trust, they will carry it out meticulously, if however they don't the Malaysian Rakyat are wise enough to see through it.

The rakyat will not buy excuses like PDRM has given in the past, "we can't positively identify the persons on the picture although it looks like them," and that too after one person in that picture  had openly admitted that it was him and the minister. Well as we all know  the rakyat has not bought the story and never will and if there is to be a blotch in the record of the current IGP in the minds of the rakyat  that must be it, and he knows it, so I don't think he will do it.

Once that report is made it is a matter of days if not hours after which the Police should be able to positively identify if the callers are indeed Anwar and Zahid or imposters. 

If they are imposters or even if they are not  immediate police action must be taken against these criminals  and they should be charged to the fullest  extent of the law,  even if it involves a minister.

If it is not, one must be aware that Anwar and Zahid if they made this call indeed committed no crime whatsoever, but if the investigations prove otherwise after they have made a police report and  if they make a police report,  then they would have committed a crime of making a false police report themselves and expose themselves to action as well.

Both men owe it to themselves if they are telling the truth, their respective party members and the rakyat to solve this issue once and for all, without which their integrity will be brought into question with a great degree of suspicion that the audio recording now viral exposing what is alleged to be a conversation between them is not a fake.

They also owe it to the rakyat at large to ensure that there is no illegal eavesdropping into the personal calls of any Malaysian unless it involves the security of the nation. 

The only persons who can eavesdrop are the Government via the Multimedia Ministry, if it is genuine it must be the government unless there was a breach in security which is an extremely dangerous situation and the silence of the Minister in such a case can only mean two things.

The Government ordered the eavesdrop or;

there has been a serious breach of security in the Ministry of Communications and Multi Media.

This gives Anwar and Zahid more reason to go through with this Litmus Test.

It begins with the Police report,then the investigations and like I have said with the technology available it will bean "Iron Clad"  which can go to the courts for them or against them.

They have no choice after having made the denials to take the Litmus Test, by their denial they have put their integrity on the line, now they have to prove it and only they can.

Will they?



Friday, March 5, 2021


by; Toffee 

5th March 2021


 After all this time Anwar is still trying to become Prime Minister and in desperation is willing to sacrifice the interests of the nation to do so.

I am really sorry for this great man who can still do so much for the nation to put us on the right path. 

                              legacy is greater then the position of Prime Minister

Anwar's majority numbers are not coming from the former Pakatan Harapan but rather from UMNO and his own party the PKR and this is unacceptable, it is just like going for another "Back Door Government." 

It looks abundantly clear that Anwar's deal is with the Zahid -Najib faction and for such a deal to be put in place there surely must be concessions and what else can this be if it is not to allow Zahid, Najib,Rosmah and the train of BN cheats and scoundrels walk free Najib's style.

The heat on the case of Altantuya Shaaribu is not over yet, and in desperation it seems  both Najib and Zahid are  willing to make Anwar the Prime Minister to get over this mess and set them free provided there is a deal written in stone.

Both Zahid and Najib seem willing to give the position to Anwar so that they can walk free and that seems to be the pact but I have this feeling any deal will only be temporary, they will turn around take over everything and jail him again, he is  the favourite for these greedy and unscrupulous UMNO people who will not batter an eyelid to take him out, no matter what he does.

Anwar is too trusting and that is his weakness, he forgave the greatest evil character in the play and got played out, he must learn from his lessons.

Anwar must remain steadfast, he must realise that he is no more Prime Minister Material, he should give up his  dreams but still remain the great leader of Malaysians he is, forget the PM role, it is not destined to be his but a greater role lies ahead.

Time and the battles he has fought have taken its toll  on him, he should realise that,  hand over the reins of  power in PKR to the likes of  Mohd Rafizi bin Ramli and his daughter Nurul and in doing so  get his wife to relinquish her seat to Rafizi that will be a clear sign of really wanting to move forward.

In orchestrating that move he must as a party senior then spend his time to woo the likes Syed Saddiq, , Khairy Jamaluddin and other young and upcoming Malays into the party to really create a young and vibrant PKR as a meaningful alternative to the people. If he makes that move the young will see that he is a genuine leader and they will want to follow his example and that will be right note to take the future of this country on.

PKR will of course remain a multiracial party. 

Going his present course will only destroy all that he has fought for in all these years, the new  PKR with new blood must set itself out not only  to take Malaysia on a new road to development and economic progress, but to weed out all the corrupt of the years that have gone by and get them punished to the to the fullest extent of the law so that others will not  want to follow in their footsteps.

Stop all the division in the country, religion and race must not be used to divide the nation, we must unite as one people.

The new Government has to give priority to real advances in our educations system so that our students do not become  tools to political agenda where they are unable to reason, but to a be really academically strong positive minded and  properly informed  groups of Malaysians  Engineers, Doctors, Innovators  Scientists, Artists, Administrators who will then become our next set of leaders  so that Malaysia can really progress,  and not students of religious schools where the political agenda is drummed into them under the guise of religion to the extent  they can't  see the wicked realities of which they are being made subject to. 

Anwar has to take a lesson from his University days and  especially the Baling incident, where he stood up for rural poverty and HUNGER, for which he was jailed.

Anwar may not have become Prime Minister, a position he longed for after being sacked from UMNO and that is something all Malaysians are aware of, however history must  remember him as a great leader of the peopleand that will be subject to his final moves.

Anwar was never prime Minister but he was one of our greatest  leaders and it was under his leadership and that too from behind the bars of  Sungei Buloh Jail that he led the nation to overthrow the wicked and ruthless UMNO/BN machinery which up till that time was thought to be invincible. 

Anwar has to make this  final contribution in his leadership by relinquishing all dreams of Prime Ministership  to the next generation, take the role of a Party mentor and put the country on a new course, he has already found his place in History as one of the greatest if not the greatest leader this country has had, he must not lose it by the insatiable desire to become PM at the expense of the nation,  that will destroy him and his legacy.

We must admit that has sacrificed more than any other politician for the nation being incarcerated multiple times to ensure he will not become Prime Minister, he should move aside   they may have won that battle against him, but let him now win the war for the nation as the leader who will make that happen by leading the right way and not by shaking hands with the Devil.

Saturday, February 6, 2021



 Let me begin with a clarification. The Lunar New Year is the  Spring Festival,it is the end of Winter, it's a time of celebration for Chinese who have to cope with harsh winters where in some places temperatures can sink to below -25 to-35 degrees Celsius.



Sorry but I have to begin with some more clarifications, or else some of you might say I am talking nonsense and as the Chinese put it, " talk one talk two" whatever that means.

I have been a staunch advocate of a total lock down since October of 2020, I have warned about this rise in figures for what is after all a an exponential spread and the disease is now beginning to rare its ugly head if we are to trust the figures dished out to us by the Government.

I would have remained silent if there was a total lock down, if every one was confined to their homes and maybe the Malaysian Chinese being very practical would have taken it in good faith too, I have no reason to doubt that. 

 The government has ignored calls even from its own Ministry of Health calling for a lock down earlier, my sources tell me that the calls of the Ministry were shot down by the Minister of Housing and the Minister of International Trade and Industry among others who instead of concentrating on their jobs have decided that since Covid 19 is a big issue they use it to cover their own failings.

Even the Minister of Health has admitted that he was calling for  total lock down.


Well in the  the case of this Chinese New Year lock down declared by this government  it has been made abundantly clear by the PM himself that breaking the rules will result in harsher punishments including jail sentences for those who do not comply with the rulings,  this seems to target one race in particular, it is extremely race specific, because it has been timed for the CNY season,  and in my opinion it is meant to send a message from a bunch of racists to the Malaysian Chinese and this bunch of racists who form today's Government, are telling the Chinese "Remember we are the Bosses, not you."

          Stricter Rules, the army is coming in harsher punishment

I am sorry I can't read it an any other way.

Now Ismaail Sabri claims that he is surprised by the reaction of  the Chinese to the CNY lock down, he goes on further to  claim all the Chinese religious heads were consulted and they agreed to what was told to them, I'd like for him to provide us with the details of who these religious heads are and to refer to my clarification above in red.


If he sought the opinion of Chinese Monks, well they are not the people to seek permission from and they may be least competent to give an opinion that could represent all Chinese leave alone the Buddhist, and if you even ask the Chinese Buddhist they'll tell you so because these Chinese Monks and the others the Taoists, even Catholic Monks (as I am Catholic) live almost in  solitary confinement, this is out off their realm - earthly celebrations that is, these Holy men celebrate in prayer solitude,  and even fasting, so I wonder if they ever gave an opinion on Chinese New Year and family reunion dinners, I most certainly think not.

Pasar Malams are opened, an if you go to a Pasar Malam you'll notice it is almost impossible to practice social distancing, in a Pasar Malam you are in the midst of strangers, complete strangers, and they are there in the hundreds and yet it is alright for Pasar Malam's to open , but for families to get together it is not, how absurd.

Does Ismail Sabri leave his brains at home before coming to make statements even if it is the official stand of the government and not his, his position as a minster especially a senior minister demands that he uses common sense and not parrot what idiots have decided.  

Should he not question it? 

By virtue of the office he holds - a Senior Minister he should question and if he does not agree with it refuse to make that statement that is why he was selected to represent the people, he was not elected to represent his cabinet colleagues but the Rakyat.

I am seriously  beginning to wonder if it is a prerequisite for Malaysian Ministers in today's government to be stupid, the more I think about it and observe what is happening around, that is today's ministerial judgements, the more I believe that you have to be stupid to be a Minister in Muhyiddin's cabinet.

It is okay for the barber shops to open, the barber does not crop your hair from 2 meter distances that is 6 feet away, he is almost in your face most of the time, what happens if he had encountered a covid infected case before you, or what if you are a asymptomatic case without knowing it, how many people will the barber infect before he knows that he has been infected? 

Well its is okay for the Barber shop to be opened and the Pasar Malam to be opened and for people to mingle,rub shoulders literally and for some to come right into your face, but it is not okay for family members to sit across the table and share a dinner together. Will you not have to be extremely stupid to think out such strategies? 

There you go it must be a prerequisite -case closed.

I remember in the first lock down it was Azmin asking to open Barber shops for which he was immediately overruled by the rakyat, I guess this must have been his call, he seems very close to Barbers I am

                           Has he got an affair with barber shops cleancut everyday?

wondering which type the male or the female Barbers or could it be both.

When any of us visit families in these covid times we are more sensitive than when we are with others, we know the risks involved these are our family members, we would not want anyone in our families to get infected.

We don't get them infected by our arrogance and say that was the will of God, we do not blame God we know he has given us sound mental faculties which we have to use and how we use it he has given us a choice and I am sure that is the reasoning of any reasonable thinking individual regardless his religion.

All reasonable thinking people will always put the priority of the family first, this family reunion is to mark just that, the  all important belief and way of life it is not to endanger the family and all those who go for a family reunion and the Government has failed to see that in good faith.

If the government had banned inter state travel I would have backed them, but to ban family members from the same district or neighboring districts or even in the same townships as long s they were not living under the same roof is nonsense, especially when you allow Pasar Malams and Barber shops to open, how do you justify it? 


Then again case confirmed Stupidity is a prerequisite - Case confirmed.                   

 The Army may well be out at Chinese New Year, these soldiers are not competent on Police procedures so anything they can and might do will be excused as "well they are soldiers, they did not know" so watch out, that is really the case, these soldiers are being called to work outside their realm of expertise, some of them may be overzealous to carry out their duties, ordinary soldiers always take orders  now there is a feeling fo giving orders it may make they may act differently, has the government addressed these issues?

What this government is doing makes no sense, had they declared a total lock down earlier, like I said, I saw this coming and wrote about it both on this blog and the Eastern Standard Times blogspot as early as October this would not have been necessary.

If I could have predicted this I wonder what the huge machinery of our government was doing all this while, I warned that it will only get more expensive as time passes us by, today we are told by a report that the UN has reported that foreign investors are fleeing Malaysia, it was a UN report and we are members of the UN nothing of the sort was reported by our very government supportive media that is party to screwing up this country

Instead of looking for ways and means of giving investors confidence in the country, a weak and drained of resources Government that is refusing to allow itself to be held accountable, hiding under the veil of an Emergency carries out such activities targeted by race.

Where are we headed?

If the government was sincere their actions would have been equitable, where necessary advice would have been given and not threats of even more stern action including Jail sentence when openly their ministers an members get away with publicly  defying MCO orders and regulations time and time again over which the Prime Minister who is so dependent on the support of a frail government dares not act.