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By Howl Pillay

Bumiputra. From the Sanskrit--Bumi (Earth,Land) and Putra (Sons, Inheritors). Give us any Malay word and we can easily trace its roots to Sanskrit, Tamil, Hindi, Persian, Arabic, Chinese, English, Portuguese and Spanish.
But tracing the origin of words does not tell us  why and how certain words and terms came into use in a particular way. Why did the Malays choose “Bumiputra” to express a political idea, an idee fixe and an ideology ? Does the word  “Bumiputra” unconsciously express an aspect of culture, a past or even a suppressed  ‘race memory’ ? Here are some possible answers  to these questions.
There is no more fascinating history  than the history of South East Asia. It beats me why this history is not compulsory reading in our schools. Perhaps it is because education here has a strong political agenda. It remains a tool to propagate and perpetuate political and economic policies of the government. What a pity! And what else is “Interlok” all about ? What a shame! But those who have read South East Asian history know that its treasures are numerous!
So much of this history is turbulent-- waves of migration, wars, conquests, subjugation, depopulation, under-development, colonialism, cultural hegemonism and  economic domination. But make no mistake. South East Asia has a real and formidable indigenous history. There is no finer example than the magnificent civilization of the Khmers centred around the fertile flood plain of the Tonle Sap lake, the Siem Reap River and the mighty Mekong River. These three distinct but interconnected  water systems act as a huge natural hydraulic mechanism that stores and discharges live-giving waters in abundance for wet rice cultivation.
The Khmers worked their sophisticated, stunning and splendrous magic here for close to half a millennium. From the eighth to the thirteenth century the Khmer civilization with Angkor Wat as the pinnacle of her agricultural,  artistic and architectural achievements was the Rome of South East Asia. No other civilization came close. Even the Bumiputra hero, Mahathir Mohamad  found it hard to resist the form, grace and beauty of Khmer architecture-- the Petronas Twin Towers reflects  the architecture of Angkor Wat, the jewel in the crown of all the temples in the Angkor complex.
I had the pleasure and privilege of travelling to Angkor and Kampuchea on many occasions. Both her ancient and modern history ( Pol Pot and Co ) had always and still fascinates me. I had over the years read books, articles and features on the Khmers-- Pierre Loti, D.G.E Hall. Chandler and Short. And then on a day, a bend in a muddy brown river, a wooden landing platform, graceful hand-made boats moored to it,  coconut palms in a cleared patch, a cluster of houses on stilts and leading away into the distance, green fields of rice paddies, brown faces, sarongs and loosely tied headgear. They called it Kompong Snang or something. “My God! I have been here before!”, I said to myself. It could be anywhere in Malaysia but perhaps more so in the east coast. Kelantan or Trengganu.
And here just like in a Malay kampong the welfare of the community was more important than the achievements of an individual. For  without communal work wet rice cultivation was doomed to fail. In ancient Angkorian  society the division was even more pronounced between those who grew the rice and those who did not. In these Kompongs  there were no kings, no nobles, no high officials. But everyone here shared an ambition-- to be “rescued from the mud” and become an elite of sorts. Few succeeded. Perhaps a tenth of the toiling masses. They became the clerks, artisans, master craftsmen, artists, dancers, concubines, high officials of state and priests together with favoured royal servants, their relatives and soldiers of a sophisticated civilization.
In this equivalent of Rome, the center of a veritable South East Asian Empire, as in pre-Islamic Malaya, ancestor worship was the glue that kept communities, clans and families together. This ancestor worship was markedly different from the ancestor worship of the Chinese centred on strict rules of naming newborns, maintaining surnames  and of keeping genealogical records. Since genealogies were not maintained, all the ancestors were collectively termed in Khmer society as “Nak Ta”. They were the symbolic ancestral spirits of all the people in a particular place who by dying in that place came to pervade and patronize the very soil of the place.
In these ancestral places, the “Nak Ta” were benign, tame and could be spoken to. And those spirits in the forests or in abandoned places were thought to be malignant and powerful. “Nak Ta” in  the form of good collective ancestral spirits were  often asked to assist and intercede. If all this sounds familiar with bomoh culture, it is one and the same. And once the believe in “Nak Ta” pervading and patronizing the very soil of a place has firmly taken root,  the continuity of habitation and continuity of sacredness of the land became the twin pillars (twin towers?) of much of South East Asian including Malay society. The “Balek Kampong” phenomenon involving millions in modern day Malaysia is an  expression of these twin pillars.
So the French are right after all! The more things change, the more they are the same! And our Bumiputra brothers ( No! not those of the new Khir Toyo type immigrant ) springing from the soil that was inhabited, pervaded and patronized by their  collective ancestral spirits, the “Nak Ta”, are reluctant to accept that many generations of Chinese and Indians now lay buried in this land. And many more will be buried here but these ancestral spirits will never be “Nak Ta-ed”.But why?
Perhaps “Nak Ta-fication” is a process similar to beatification in Catholicism-- a long, painstaking and cumbersome process which will no doubt include showing proof of a miracle or something close to it. Like showing how, as if by a miracle, Chinese and  Indian genes are changed into Malay DNA!
Till then it is comforting to know worship of ancestral spirits is alive, well and powerful. And  now we know where and how it all began!
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Wednesday, March 30, 2011


By Howl Pillai

There are always warning signs when bad things are going to happen.                                                       
Some 2 weeks ago there was one such ominous sign--direct, clear and unmistakable.It was reported in our leading newspapers that the Chief of Police of the far -flung province of Papua,Indonesia had had enough.He took a hard stand on what else but penis enlargements.Candidates who had resorted to this local ironman procedure would no longer be recruited into the police force. A sociologist in Jakarta explained that native males use the leaves of the "gatal-gatal" plant to form a holster of sorts to house their very personal arms. The aggravating environment does the rest. We must take note that in their society a puffed up ego means a heck of a lot. 

Clearly the Chief of Police was a hard man himself if not a genius. "Gatal-gatal  translates accurately to 'itchy-itchy' and it is a warning sign he did not miss. Not one to rest on his laurels he probed further. He was then able to put all the ominous signs together and see the danger : A puffed up ego,a dangerous loaded weapon and an aggravated environment are a potent mix.  Unfortunately, we here, failed to heed the warning signs that the Chief of Police there so ably deduced and reduced. 

A few days later, in a gentle, leafy and quiet residential suburb of Shah Alam a 14 year old unarmed kid was shot fatally by a policeman for 'impersonating a criminal'. The world over, tensions always rise dramatically when a police officer of one ethnic group uses deadly force on a suspect of another ethnicity. So the ensuing tension, hue and cry was rather puzzling. The deadly use of force this instance, for want of a new term, was a "same ethnicity shooting ". Again there were signs that something nasty like this was waiting to happen.                                                                                                  

For years now the most dangerous places for a Malaysian to be on is our world class roads and our police lockups. A close third- never be on a overnight Express bus. I suspect more people die needlessly in these places than anywhere else. And I do not want to splash cold water on anyone's hopes but if you are a suspect held under remand in a police station, your chances of coming out alive,unscathed and smelling of roses is as good as our ex-PM keeping his mouth shut for just a day. 

And Guantanamo is kids stuff. There they waterboard you; here you are just drowned  in your own spittle and then a report is made out that every attempt was made to save you from the pail of water you accidently fell into. If given a choice Kugan's mum would have happily agreed to send her son to the Carribean. After all it is better to be in Guantanamo than to be no-more .And again there were clear and unmistakable signs.

Suspected criminal after suspected criminal was dying in police custody the past many years. At first the gullible public suspected malnutrition if not self induced starvation. Others advocated a racial disposition to depression leading to suicide. And still others entertained the possibility of negligent food poisoning. Perhaps mango lassi served in lockups is 3 days old. Once a serving PM no less, even suggested the possibility that some of these detainees had punched themselves blue and black to gain the sympathy of their jailers or worse still to accuse them falsely and put them in trouble.

Neither the cabinet nor the minister responsible ever extended their regrets in such cases. I can well imagine an old and retired senior police officer say:" You don't set out or intend to use lethal force.You want to beat them to within an inch of their lifes. That to make them confess. A conviction based on forensic science  and detailed police work is time consuming and difficult. Susah ! Of course on certain days we get our measurements all wrong by an inch or so ". And there were still more signs.

In a blaze of publicity high ranking police officers visited the scene of the fatal shooting. Co-incidentally on the same day Goldman Sachs traders were being grilled and questioned by a US Congressional Select Comittee. And Jay Leno in his "Tonight Show" a few days later had this to say about the hearings ( or is it herrings ? ) in Congress: "See, I told you, criminals always return to the scene of the crime ".Meanwhile  high ranking police officers assured the public at large and the grief stricken mother that they would personally ensure investigations are properly carried out and there will be no cover up.

Accordingly  a Committee made up of the proverbial Tom, Dick and Dirty Harry was constituted to investigate Dirty Harry who by chance happens to be the father-in-law of Tom and the cousin of Dick. And besides the public had long forgotten that a camel is actually  a horse designed by a committee. Meanwhile the public at large is still awaiting  with quiet desperation to see whether judge-fixers and fixed-judges will ever spend at least a day in a police lockup sipping stale mango lassi. And now there are new and more frightening signs.

Just yesterday, an off -duty middle-ranking police officer walks into a pub in the suburb of Puchong. He takes a seat and coolly prepares his 'joint' in full view of the other patrons. Someone picks up enough courage and expresses his consternation. Mr.Cop stands up. He unbuttons his shirt and flashes his gun still sitting pretty in its non-gatal-gatal holster. As I said there are always signs. And by the way if errant Mr. Cop is ever found guilty by a disciplinary committee should he be fired, discharged or shot ?

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Hell at your doorstep if Gaddafi leaves.

There is a saying "better an old enemy than a new friend" and for Europe it could not be further from the truth when applied to Gaddafi.

There was a time when this man Gaddafi actually financed terrorists, from the Japanese Red Army to other  terror networks and reigned terror on the world over.

Why the bombing of the Pan American Jumbo over Scotland was Gaddafi's doing, the Moro Rebels were financed by Gaddafi, if you do not believe that ask his good friend Mahathir, he may pretend not to know.

However over the years and especially after Reagan went after this man with a real intention to kill him did he sober down, and  realised that the way he was going was dangerous for both him and Libya and he did turn over a new leaf or at least so it seemed.

He made a truce with the British, he surrendered the Pan American bombers his own men to the Brits, and then relations began to cool. The British were being awarded  huge contracts in Libya, they returned one of the bombers serving time in British jails under the pretext that he was terminally ill, and for doing that got more goodies from the Brits.

Having Gaddafi as a friend was good for an ailing British economy, but overrunning his country and going for the spoils of war is even a better option and that is what Britan is after now.

Will they get it?

They will successfully be able to drive Gaddafi out of Libya, they can't in the least bit be bothered where he lands up, Zimbabwe, South Africa, Cuba or even for that matter Venezeula, who cares the wealth in Libya is worth exploiting and that is what the British and their allies France included are after - the spoils of war.

The Chinese and Russians have let Libyans down or maybe not, but in allowing the Americans, the British, the French and the rest the 'freedom of establishing' countries a "no fly zone" and not spelling out how it should have been implemented - they sold the Libyans.

Is it a no fly zone that these allies are establishing or is it all out war from the skies, they are now arming the rebels on the ground, and providing them with air cover to attack Gaddafi, it is a tough battle for Gaddafi, they expected all Libyans to join the rebels, but no Libya is split in two and Gaddafi's peoples are fighting too.

Those who were not fighters have become fighters, and so what happens at the end of this trouble.

The rebels will win, but they do not want outside interference, they have said so, others in the rebels ranks will see it as necessary and  at least for the interim that will cause a split among the ranks.

Those from the Gaddeafi camp will seek revenge, they'll want their own ways, they may be forced to align with Al Qaeda, Bin Ladin is already grinning, his forces are ready to jump into this mess,and in a mess like this the guerrilla group is triumphant especially when they have in their arsenal suicide bombers.

Libya will be taken over by the Al Qaeda, the Muslim brotherhood is aligned to them, and then at the doorsteps of Europe one will find the all powerful Al Qaeda aligned with the Great Holy Islamic  Empire headed by Iran ready to strike Europe.

Libya will be the launching pad from whence they'd plot and attack Europe with all fury, killing man woman and child in the name of God is very Al Qaeda and that is what will happen. Europe is full of disgruntled and dissatisfied Muslims, and after all Europe is just across the Mediterranean. Libya becomes for now the ideal launch pad.

All Europe must be prepared to go this way, if they intend to intervene in Libya, and that is the only way it will go.

Listen to Ahmadinejad if you haven't yet, listen to him carefully when he talks if you haven't yet,  wait for his successful test  of his own nuclear warheads. its very unclear now but the nuclear clarity will come soon, he has the missiles to fire them as far as the USA, he has a great friend in North Korea who is kind of  related the Chinese, who in turn are kind of related to the Russians.

The cold war is back and it is hotting up, looks like there will be  nothing cold about this war when the time comes.

Where Gaddafi goes is nobody's concern, but will Malaysian toy with the idea? I hope not.

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The BN is guilty of criminal intimidation - nothing less.

MALAM KARYAWAN 2Anwar persecuted
Speaking to Malaysiakini on the videotape allegedly depicting a leading politician in a compromising situation with a sex worker, Bishop Paul Tan said: "If the authorities do not take action against those responsible when laws are flagrantly flouted, then they are engendering a situation where fair is foul and foul is fair."

Like we said before having sex between two consenting adults is no crime, it may be  morally wrong, it may be a Shariah offense  and to  be one - a Shariah offence that is,  I believe it has to fulfill certain conditions, so whether it is Anwar with Rosamh on the DVD or not it does not concern anyone but the two adults on the DVD.

That it is not Anwar has been made clear.

On the other hand those who produced the video are criminals, it is a crime to produce pornographic videos and this from what has been said so far is porno, one of the three in this episode said, he is seen on the video because he was there and he knew about its production, so there is a suspect here.

Filming the video for viewing by others is also a criminal offence, and we have a 'criminal lawyer' purportedly saying the informer should not be charged.

Yes, if he was an informer he should not be charged, but is this guy a "Datuk," an informer or an accomplice in a criminal act? From what he has done and said so far he is a suspect for the commission of the crimes stated above.

When you take such information in your possession and ask others to do what you want them to do with an "or else condition" for your own ends then that is blackmail, and blackmail is a criminal offence, so you have another crime here.

Then as in the case of Chua Soi Lek, I have said it many times, the police have to work with utmost urgency to get those who made the tapes, because that is a threat to National Security. And any threat to National Security is serious threat.

A vyr senior cabinet minister -the health minister, and now the leader of the opposition, both could have been blackmailed by foreigners for their own benefit. I suppose the IGP is too dumb to see this, or is it because those who produced these DVD's are from the government itself, because if it is not then one wonders why, why on earth is this being allowed to continue unchecked, is this being done by those in government itself? Because if it is,  that will explain why the Police are more interested in non criminal happenings and allows the criminals off, as the criminal offence is targeted at certain people the government is not comfortable with.
Moreover in the case of Chua Soil Lek the sexual act  is a crime although it involves two consenting adults because in Chua's case there was oral sex, and Chua admitted it was him on tape, so you have the former minister of health and the present President of the MCA caught in a criminal act and let off without any charges being brought against him, and like sodomy oral sex is an offence here in Malaysia, so why is Chua not charged, is this not clearly a case of selective prosecution by the AG and selective persecution by the government?  This blog is not saying you have to charge Chua, far from it, it asks the question why is it so selective on the part of the Attorney General? Well it certainly is criminal intimidation of Anwar.

This selective process in itself is a crime,a nd those who discriminate and selectively charge shoudl be brought to justice.

Well it certainly is a case of criminal intimidation, and we all know why, this BN government is afraid of Anwar, it is so scared that Anwar will turn the tables on them.

This is sheer criminal intimidation, and they are after Anwar no matter how ugly they look, they want Anwar out, they are after Sarawak they must win it no matter how ugly what Taib has done, Sarawak must be BNs and Anwar must be silenced for good.

I hear it every morning, I go for my hill walks the Malays are talking again, and when the Malays talk something is brewing, they are getting fed up with these acts of criminal intimidation, this vulgar politics, these fix the man type of thing, many UMNO people seems to be falling out,  when you intimidate Anwar you intimidate a good portion of Malaysian citizens and that too is a crime, especially when it is done to prevent the people, Anwar included, from exercising their constitutional rights, we are not fools try fooling us again, you'll ahve to come out with something more sophisticated, and it has to be very sophisticated because we too are very sophisticated, its a different generation, not war babies of 1969, whom Najib's father managed to muscle.

The Muftis have come out with the most positive of statements, the call by 
former Perlis mufti Mohd Asri Zainul Abidin to put an end to  lewd and gutter politics in the country, as it not only projects a poor image of Malaysia but sets a bad example for the younger generation.

Following Asri' s lead a coalition of Islamic NGOs have come out and claimed the current situation where there is widespread slander involving several prominent people would only result in confusion among the Muslim community.

In a statement today, Azmi said if the muftis were to take a firm stand on this matter, it would indicate to the people that they should not be easily manipulated by prominent parties who do not seem to conform to Islamic teachings when it comes to slander.

The Malaysian Consultative Council for Buddhism, Christianity, Hinduism, Sikhism and Taoism (MCCBCHST) has described the recent emergence of a sex video as slander designed to humiliate Anwar Ibrahim.

In a statement signed by president Reverend Thomas Philips, the council urged the government to take swift action against 'Datuk T', the code-name used by three individuals who have admitted to being behind the release of the video.

"Their aim in publicly humiliating (Anwar Ibrahim) the Opposition Leader of Parliament offends the sensitivities of decent people, no matter to what race or religion they belong," the statement said.

"Over the few decades, we have been treated to and numbed by numerous financial scandals, social scandals and political scandals committed by those supposedly dedicated to leading our citizens through 'leadership by example'.

"This latest video clip to slander a fellow Malaysian, albeit a Muslim MP, is viewed by our members with great concern and revulsion."

Now the stage is being set and this is something we do not want to do, this blog has stressed time and again that what happened in Egypt and the middle east does not have to happen here, it must not happen here, but look who is trying to  force  the rakyat to.

Now the entire spectrum of the  religious  community have spoken.

This looks like someone is waiting for some kind of action with which he can set up another National Operations Council, remember that the "NOC," like father like son?

 "This is a dangerous pass, one in which people, especially the young, will think that there is one set of rules for a privileged few and another set of rules for the rest," Bishop Dr.  Paul Tan SJ.
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Sunday, March 27, 2011

The Trio (EXPOSED) have been around for a long time

"Official" Three Stooges logo since ...Pic taken at Carcosa Sri Negara from left: R.Thamby Rogol, SK - anglicised Eskay and Shuib

I am sure you recognise the  three fellows in the picture, ya you are right it is the 'T' unfortunately at the time this shot was taken they could not be given a Datukship, but they are a Trio alright.

According to this  3 stooges script, one of the 3 latest stooges called the press to Carcosa Seri Negara, the former residence of the British High Commissioner, a building given to the  British by the Tengku on independence,  but taken back from them by well, none other then Mahathir Mohammed, the move was planned by him and Anwar his deputy was to execute it, he always made somebody else do his dirty work, check his history and you'll see a lot of it.

For instance if you were to take Musal Hitam and hold him to his word he will have some good stories about Mahathir, ask him the Sabah elections the time when Harris Salleh was defeated.

Mahathir guessed the people in Sabah were going to dump Harris and did a Houdini, that is the disappearing act, he went overseas leaving the baby to Musa.

Harris tried to go around the elections by  getting the Governor to appoint him the Chief Minister and he would appoint a few assemblymen that way he'd have a majority,  Musa would have none of that, and Musa insisted the  results be respected.

Mahathir came back and told some people he'd not have a Christian as CM of Sabah, there are journalist who will vouch for this, and after some time managed to get Pairin out of the CM's post. That will explain why Sabah has this rotating system of CM, it is the only state, he may get Najib to try that in Sarawak after Taib's defeat soon.

I would urge NGOs to go to Sarawak for this elections it is going to be dirty, very very dirty, and that is why this latest Anwar episode.

The police are  keen on investigation as to who is on the DVD, but is that the issue here?

Najib has urged the police to investigate in that direction too. And why? Finish Anwar.

It has already become common knowledge that the three stooges became a laughing stock even before the Thamby came out and identified  the whole group, this plan failed and it failed miserably, the public are not buying this story. Some Malays are already saying this is not the work of Malays, it is  some people who are not Malays but are allowed to call themselves Malay that are doing this. One even asked me, "is Thamby Malay? Where got Malay name Eskay? But got SK Ubaidullah, he is a gentleman he never said he is Malay, he said he is Indian."

The Thamby's role in this is revenge, the Thamby was being groomed by the Mamak, his country man for higher office, when the old lady in Melaka approached Anwar first on the alleged rape of her granddaughter Anwar was so shocked, he was in disbelief, and knowing the relationship between the Thamby and his boss, Anwar directed her to Guan Eng, that is a "Top Secret," on a no favours request.

Now that the entire nation was mocking this Trio pictured above,  another plan had to come into action, in the first place this was not supposed to be the strategy, but because the judge in the Sodomy 2 case decided that the plastic bottle and the good morning towel could not be used as evidence and,any evidence obtained from it was non admissible, it had ruined the case of the prosecution in Sodomy 2 and that is why this "sex scandal' was brought up by this "Trio, " it was plan B and plan B was bad, it failed, B must have stood for Bad, and who their masters are is everybody's guess.

So the next best thing in desperation was to get the judge to reverse his own judgment, something never before done in either commonwealth or world judicial history. Is this judge working alone?

In this particular case the issues at hand are; The making of the film - it is a criminal offence, the screening of the film it is a criminal offence, the sexual act in itself is no crime, sex between two consenting adults is no crime, a Syariah offence, yes but not a crime in our laws, if it were a crime, the PM would have long been jailed, Chua Soi Lek would have been jailed, DPV would have been jailed, and,  oh! the numbers would have been so high, my gardener would  have found it easy to become PM.

Evidence is so clear, Eskay has admitted to making of the film, Eskay has screened the film for others to view, he has threatened Anwar that he will reveal it if Anwar does not bow to his wishes, that is blackmail another crime, and why are the Police not working along those lines?

Had it been a PKR man who exposed this he would have been tortured and killed and they'd call it suicide. Well there was a case and Lim Guan Eng was jailed for it, remember it?

Why has the PM come out and made statements regarding this investigation implying that it is the person n the tape who should be identified,  on this assumption alone one would think the PM has had a hand in this whole operation.

This blog has said it on more then one occasion; IT'S ALL SARAWAK!!!!

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Saturday, March 26, 2011

It is the Iranian Shite Holy Islamic Empire in the making.

Greater Middle EastImage via Wikipedia

The upheaval in the middle east is not pro American as many would like to believe, its more like the Holy Roman Empire, except that it is not Christian this time, it's Ilam, and instead of the Pope the Arabs will have the Ayatollah, Al Azhar  will be replaced with Tehran and maybe a council of Ayatollahs.

The role of Charles Martel or Charles the hammer will be taken by Mahmoud Ahmadinejad.

That the Americans see this as an opportunity to stir confusion and take sides and hope to colonialise the Arabs with the current situation, what is really stirring the Arabs is a great deal of anti American sentiment driven by years of neglect of the common Arab by the governments in the region.

Arab governments have long thrived on the ignorance of the masses, an issue that is rather is not too far from what the BN government has and is doing.

Keep the ordinary man in the street ignorant, do not allow him to think, think for him all the time, so that he is completely dependent and you rule  the roost, this was the Mahathirian   ideology, those who could think, those who could question were purged, then we he appointed a successor we saw the results of this ideology..

This ideology is deep rooted in our education system, when school boys refused the book interlok they were sent to police stations, University students are so dependent on lecturer notes the great majority are not familiar with churning out their own, the ability to think and differ is not there, in fact in this system you can't differ it is a mortal sin to, students learn from the notes of the lecturers and that explains the quality of our University graduates.

In government service it is no different, no one thinks, UMNO thinks for them, and with UMNO filled with Malaysian graduates you will appreciate the current situation in the country. Why,  the don't think ideology is even practiced very high up in UMNO the hierarchy and that explains the stupid statements coming out from many a minister.

The problem is in the middle east is a Shite/Sunni problem, the Shite are on the rise, the Muslim brotherhood for instance is very Shite inclined, the problem in the Baath Socialist state of Syria is Iran inspired, Iraq will soon be under complete Shite control, there will be Sunnis in the cabinet but the Shite will rule the roost, the time has come for Persian greatness.

All Muslim nations will be under the influence of Tehran,  and sooner or later that will include Malaysia.

In Malaysia the Shite are treated with great suspicion, in Klang a Shite Mosque is not identified such, their faithful have to conduct their prayers discreetly in the confines of the Shite Mosque, and I dare say many a Malay living in Klang is  not aware of this Shite Mosque, it is situated in a locality where there is no Muslim resident. In fact if in new York the Government did that to Mosque the entire Muslim world have protested, and I do not think that is the way to treat Shite Muslims.    

If the Iranians only knew.

So you see it is not an American problem, it is a problem for the Americans and in that sense it is an American problem.

The Kingdom of Saudi Arabia will be the grand prize, but to get at the Saudis the Iranians know they have to get rid of the Royalty, and the Iranians are experts at that, they did their own Shah, Mohammad Rezā Pahlavi on 11 February 1979., so no one in the Sunni world actually needs to teach them how to do it.

The Shite despise such rulers in fact, in the type of Islamic republic they have in mind there will be no such rulers, no monarchy and the leaders of the state are the clerics.

The Iranian plan  according to my friends Trabulsi and Omrani both in Libya is to convert all of Islam to Shite and this Arab revolution is what they the Shite of Iran have termed the revival of true Islam, a Renaissance of a kind.

After the Arab revolutions they will focus their energies on transforming the Arab world, following which the Islamic states of  the former Soviet Union, and South East Asia will just follow, it will be the natural course of events.

The Iranians foresee problems with Turkey and Xian Jian in China, these will be their greatest challenges.

The Malaysian government has to be careful in its treatment of the Shite, and people of other religions, as in Egypt and elsewhere in the Arab world the Arabs know what their options are, and they choose to go that way rather then suffer  under repressive and corrupt regimes.


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Friday, March 25, 2011

Najib is right, Muhyuddin is right, it's very clear, let's go nuclear

Trojan Nuclear Power PlantImage by Curtis Gregory Perry via Flickr

by Howl Pillai

Why fear? The Government is here!
But first an admission. Mothers of my generation were all radioactive. They mothered us and got the housework done without a maid in sight. All they needed to remain active the whole day was a radio kept on for songs, chats, dramas and news. They were truly radio active! But there is a lethal variant of radioactivity.
Let us kick off the discussion of lethal radioactivity with a quote from a Russian scientist in the aftermath of Chernobyl: “The most dangerous fallout was the lies the Government told. That includes the Western ones too”.
Fortunately we are an Eastern one! We have high ethical, moral and religious values in case you haven’t noticed. And more importantly, our Government does not lie to us. And we will know they are lying when they tell us. And I am sure they will tell us the truth about any lying on their part using all of the print media, radio and TV at their disposal. Given all this surely you are not going to ask whether  we can trust them?
And then there are critics of nuclear technology as a source of energy. Writers and thinkers in the West say that our civilisation built on sophisticated science and technology is fragile and a mere 200 years old. How can we secure it for future generations with nuclear technology that can potentially have ill-effects that lasts thousands of years? Look at what is happening in Japan. She is a leading nation in science and technology. Japanese win Nobel prizes with astounding regularity. And yet they are struggling heroically to cope with Fukushima. We? We are still at the gadget making level. But who said we are going nuclear to take our place among the leading scientific nations of the world?
The government has been upfront in explaining that power is at centre of the argument for nuclear power stations. They have never mentioned hefty commissions, vested interests or front companies. After all what proof has the government to say such wild and unsubstantiated things about others? I told you they are fair and we too  have to be fair......acquiring nuclear power stations are a lot more complex and complicated than purchasing submarines. Many more agents, negotiators and even translators will be required. Meetings in Paris, London, Moscow and Washington. Some expenses and some entertainment. Surely we must accept this as reasonable. Must we still doubt their good intentions?
And we cannot be left out of the nuclear technology industry.We are still gunning for Vision 2020!I am sure the Minister in charge knows what he is doing. If not, he would not have become a minister. Besides we have a Parliament.They will scrutinise the actions of our Ministers. Like always. The Executive has to answer to Parliament! The People are supreme! Remember we have fair and free elections! And as a further check on the powers of the Executive their decisions can be challenged in our courts. Surely you are not now going to say that our judiciary is not independent?
And then there is this issue of ‘when will we ever learn’. An ex-PM was ever so found of urging us that there is nothing we cannot do if we set our mind to it. Of course we will make mistakes. The Americans made theirs at Three Mile Island; the Russians at Chernobyl and now the Japanese. So safety also has to be learned. Besides it will boost our confidence in our people and their innate abilities. That is the way the Minister will explain this issue, I think. And then I am sure he will also share his vision for us in the field of nuclear technology. One day our researchers may discover a new isotope. And we get to name it! Perhaps we will call it Bolehrium. Or Mahathirium. Or Umnorium. Won’t that be great for the country’s image?
And one day soon we will have Independent Nuclear Power Producers like we have IPPs now. That is surely progress. And we are sure INPPs will supply power to TNB at even cheaper rates than the IPPs charge now. And besides we know no one can pull the wool on TNB’s eyes twice. Or the government’s. Our government is there to make sure citizen- consumers like us are not screwed out of our hard earned money. The negotiations on rates will surely be transparent and in the best interests of the Rakyat. The Rakyat cannot go on subsidising crony capitalists forever. Don’t you think we should urge the government to rush the building of nuclear power plants on account of this alone?
And you must simply believe the government when they say they have experts to study these complex issues and advise them on it. Everything the government wants to tell you will be done transparently. No effort will be spared to employ the right consultants of international repute. A special team will be formed to decide on the location of the nuclear power plant. Because our government is always fair, Kuantan in Pahang State will be excluded as a potential site given that the Lynas Rare Earth Processing Plant is already located there. Papan in Perak State is now Asia’s largest radioactive dumpsite and is also excluded. Penang is an opposition held state. Johore State is DPM territory. All of Malacca State is near the sea. And Negri Sembilan State? That will fall to the opposition soon and besides it is my home state.  Where then do you think we should put our very first nuclear power plant?
For me, the winner is Putrajaya! The Pride of the Nation! The Seat of our Government!

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Thursday, March 24, 2011


 Howl reviews the Judiciary in his own peculiar style, This wordwright never fails to amuse whilst  he presents the facts for serious consideration. He allows you to smile whilst you read and your blood boils in sheer anger.
By Howl Pillai

For hundreds of years in the West three vocations were regarded as the learned professions - Minister of the Church, teacher and lawyer. What about us here ?
We will let ‘lawyer jokes’ take care of our lawyers. As to our teachers they exist to prepare our students for national exams run by the Lembaga Peperiksaan which, and you would not believe this, is officially translated into the English as the Examinations Syndicate. It is some syndicate alright!
Now as to our Ministers, I do not know whether they are learned but I know they have nothing to do with the Church except when it concerns the Bible in Bahasa Malaysia. And you must also take note that doctors (that includes the spin variety as well) then or now are not regarded as belonging to a learned profession. And quite rightly so!
Surely you cannot be very learned when thanks to the medical profession of this country there is so much confusion as to where the anus ends and the rectum begins. Perhaps a third sodomy trial will finally shine some light on a place the light doesn’t shine on anymore! We are also unhappy with pathologists who appear to be lying in commissions and courts. We are again confused as to whether we can call them pathological liars ?
But let us return to the story of the learned professions. Though learned these professions were not on top of the pile. It was the judges who ruled the roost! They were not only learned but honourable as well. Honourable servants of the law of the land! It was they  who saw to it that “Be you ever so high, the law is above you”. They were in essence the last bulwark of that most precious of things in a civilised society, “The Rule of Law”.
It is for this reason that judges are respectfully addressed as “Your honour” and referred to as “The Learned Judge”. The equivalent of the latter in Bahasa Malaysia is “Yang Ariff”. I wonder why we don’t address our judges in Bahasa Malaysia with “Yang Berhormat”. Is it because our politicians have usurped it for themselves ? Or is it because of our judges themselves ? The point here is that judges must be both learned and honourable. We simply cannot have a dumb as doorknob  judge who is honourable nor have a learned  judge who is as crooked as a dog’s hind leg.
These days and around these parts there is this widely held perception that judges are not both honourable and learned. As concerned citizens we are duty bound to ask, “What is to be done ?”. A very learned and honourable friend has modestly suggested the following :
1) Suspend all our senior judges for a period of 5 years with full pay and benefits.
2) These forced 5 year suspensions will be officially called “Rancangan Belajar Sambil DiRawat” or in English, “Learning While Being Treated Programme”.
3) Suspended judges will be forced to attend as observers all sittings of the courts as if they had not been suspended. They must be seated in the public gallery.
4) Using the latest audio-video and teleconferencing ICT technology ala telemedicine, we will obtain the services of really honourable and learned judges from our fellow Commonwealth countries to ‘sit in’ as judges in our courts. Just picture a empty high chair where one of our judges used to warm his  ample butt  while hearing the lurid details of a supposedly sodomised butt. And on the table in front of the chair facing the court a giant LED monitor. And on it you will see perhaps a judge of the South African judiciary adjudicating in our courts ‘live’.  
5) These telejustice judges will be well rewarded for services rendered to the Rakyat of Malaysia. But they better be warned that at the first whiff of corruption they will be shamed the world over. No long distance backroom wheeling and dealing; no betting on golf courses and deliberately being allowed to win; no holidaying in New Zealand or elsewhere with lawyers whose cases are presently being heard by you via telejustice; no allowing lawyers to put their hands around your shoulders while on a  fishing expedition in calm or troubled waters; no waiting or hesitating for further instructions from you know who; no caught talking with drunk lawyers; no repeating “Correct! Correct! twice in a row and no reversing your own decisions.
As to our suspended judges, at the end of the five year period they will be retested on the law without exception or exemption. All of their exam papers will be marked by judges of the Chinese judiciary.(Remember , ours is an Examination Syndicate). Those who pass will be issued a Certificate in Judicial Practice or CJP. Those who fail will be shot. Chinese style. No appeals . No reversing decisions. No trial-within-a-trial.
Yes, shoot them! Why not ? It is not DNA that perpetuates humankind. It is ethics, integrity and honour that sustains us.
Your Dishonour, I rest my case!

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"Proud to be a Sikh."

Symbol of Sikhism, white and golden version.

The letter below was sent to me by an old friend of mine, and he is none other then the son of Joginder Singh Jessy - whose History books were standard issue in schools in my time, my friend's  name is   Ajit Singh Jessy from Jessy &Associates Penang. 

Ajit and his daughters are  prominent Industrial Court Lawyers.

This is no ordinary letter, I like to salute the Sikh Community for their courage in coming out with such a statement, and like Ajit I am proud to post this on ‘Toffeesturn’

Remember they are one of the smallest main stream communities and yet they will not be intimidated and neither will they allow others to be wrongly intimidated.

Ajit this blog salutes the Sikh Community. 


Hi Friends,
Proud to be a Sikh. The Sikhs have   decided that the Government has no right to chop anything in the Bible and stands with the Christians on the issue. .
Who the hell is the Home Ministry to bar me from reading the Bible, Quran or any other religious book? If we fail to stop this in its track, there is nothing to stop the  Home Ministry from taking another step and say that we must all read a particular religious book and not any other.
This is precisely how the campaign against the Jews gained momentum, when people remained silent in the false comfort that the horrible atrocities will never visit them.
If evil is not checked then it will engulf all of us, whether Christians, Muslims, Sikhs, Buddhist, Hindus or even non believers.
Evil feeds on fear and cowards.

Wahe Guru has told us, that ,it is the duty of every Sikh to challenge and fight evil and protect the meek. This is momentous decision is in keeping with the teachings o f our Gurus

Ajit Singh Jessy

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Wednesday, March 23, 2011

Sodomy 1, Sodomy 2, then Datuk T, now back to Sodomy2, but it is all Sarawak

This is it, this is the clearest indication that our Judiciary works on the orders of others, and this being the case how are we ever going to be accorded any justice.

The Anwar Ibrahim Sodomy 2 case has taken a peculiar turn, so peculiar it has never ever been witnessed in Malaysian legal history.

The Judge in the trial, who in a trial within the trial had ruled as inadmissible the evidence of plastic bottle, the towel and other items in relation to the Anwar's DNA has now reversed his judgement.

Malaysiakini reports
Lead defence lawyer Karpal Singh had described the second application as having never been done before in the “history of the country, Commonwealth and the world”.

Johor PKR chief Chua Jui Meng believes there has been pressure from the government.

Normally, when a trial-within-a-trial decision has been made, he says, it is very rarely overturned.
"However, in this case the court allows further submissions and review after the prosecution had finished calling its witnesses," decries Chua, who is also a lawyer.

How on earth did this judge ever pass judgement and then decide to reverse it?

It is crystal clear that some stupid people in power behind the scenes has asked the judge to do so, this is and was done in desperation, desperate men do desperate things and this is a classic case and I'll tell you why.

Before I go into telling you why this reversal by the judge is to me the clearest sign that the judiciary in this country is not independent, that judgements are the dictates of other persons, and that the judge just sits and takes orders,( it was so glaringly blatant in this case,)  till when this judge decided to have a trial within a trial people still did not believe it, when he made the judgement not to admit the plastic bottle the towel etc.. for DNA evidence people still said it would be reversed, it would be reversed  at the appeal by the prosecution where Anwar would have no recourse to rebut anything the prosecution says, but no this judge  has reversed his own judgement some two weeks or so after it was made, how much more glaring can this be? The prosecution probably knew this too,and that is why they did not appeal the judgment of the trial within the trial, they probably knew what the script was all about.

The Government of the day seems it be  openly warning us in no uncertain terms that they will get us one way or another if they need to, and there is nothing we can do, they have become Judge Jury and executioner. Who will write this judge's judgment is anybody's guess.

The question is can we have some noble judges in these trying times, Wee Choo Keong what have you to say, I am no lawyer I am but just a plain ordinary citizen, I am no turncoat, turncoats are treated worst then pariah dogs by the Chinese.

I have just  said in my article "Doctored in the House"  that the famous Datuk. T's video is nothing but something doctored in the house to fix Anwar because it now looks like he has no case to answer in  Sododmy2,  the Sarawak elections is round the bend, they needed a diversion they are desperate, Sodomy 2 lost its bite, so what was going to happen they invented Datuk T.

It is overwhelmingly apparent that Datuk T was the biggest con game ever staged by the Barisan in Desperation on the eve of the Sarawak elections. The Sarawak Elections will be the forerunner to the next General Elections they can't afford to loose Sarawak if they do they'll loose Putrajaya, and Najib himself has vowed that they will never let that happen, this is in keeping with that vow. Now that Datuk T is somewhat of a national joke, they had to get Sodomy 1 to work, Anwar is is on the Altantuya trail so he has to shut him up.

To Barisan, Sarawak as it is now is a hopless case, there is the issue of Taib who behaves worst the Louis XVI of France, and Tzar Nicholas II Russia put together, with  his alleged ill gotten billions, there is the native land issue, there are the Penan rapes, and most of all the country's richest state houses the country's poorest and most marginalised -  people the natives of Sarawak, and yet the Chief Minisiter is by any reckoning one of the richest men if not the richest  in the  country, how did he become so? Sarawak must be paying their CM handsomely. 

Oil revenues from Sarawak have not gone back to Sarawak, the infrastructure is even worse thaen those of African Nations, the Ivory Coast does better, then Sarawak, education is of a low quality, like the MIC the Sarawak BN leaders will deny this, they'll talk about the likes of Idris Jala, how many Idris Jala's are there anyway? 

Where is all the Sarawak wealth today?

Sarawak is rich in Oil the richest oil state in the country.  Has some major part   of the oil been given to another country for safe keeping so that it benefits only certain people? We'll never know.

Well, we are all aware that Tengku Razaleigh Hamzah had rather recently announced a huge  Oil find that would keep our wells pumping at full steam for a long time to come, then suddenly the axed Prime Minister who was called corrupt by the PM who axed  him (pot calling the kettle black) said it was not ours but rather belonged to another country.

Sarawakians need to knw the exact location of these wells, and how it has become so, Petronas has to become more transparent so that we can know the stretch of this find, so that parts of it are not hidden from public eye for the benefit of unscrupulous people, and talking about unscrupulous people this country has many of them,  in fact a surplus.

With all these issues the rakyat of Sarawak have been asked to vote, and vote they will, the BN needs to confuse these marginalized people, read my articles on the Malaysian Indians, I keep telling the Indians the natives of East Malaysia are more marginalized then them, and the modus operandi as it for the Indians,  
use a native or some natives to do the job and that is an UMNO speciality.

Are we being driven to revolt, is this the game of the government, can't the BN  see what is happening in the middle east, this blog has spoken against it - taking the issue to the streets, but is this government in ther desperation driving the rakyat to the other end, once that happens,  then, as in the case of Hosni Mubarak, and Gaddafi it will be to late for Najib and the BN  to react.

God Bless my beloved country. 
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