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The Trio (EXPOSED) have been around for a long time

"Official" Three Stooges logo since ...Pic taken at Carcosa Sri Negara from left: R.Thamby Rogol, SK - anglicised Eskay and Shuib

I am sure you recognise the  three fellows in the picture, ya you are right it is the 'T' unfortunately at the time this shot was taken they could not be given a Datukship, but they are a Trio alright.

According to this  3 stooges script, one of the 3 latest stooges called the press to Carcosa Seri Negara, the former residence of the British High Commissioner, a building given to the  British by the Tengku on independence,  but taken back from them by well, none other then Mahathir Mohammed, the move was planned by him and Anwar his deputy was to execute it, he always made somebody else do his dirty work, check his history and you'll see a lot of it.

For instance if you were to take Musal Hitam and hold him to his word he will have some good stories about Mahathir, ask him the Sabah elections the time when Harris Salleh was defeated.

Mahathir guessed the people in Sabah were going to dump Harris and did a Houdini, that is the disappearing act, he went overseas leaving the baby to Musa.

Harris tried to go around the elections by  getting the Governor to appoint him the Chief Minister and he would appoint a few assemblymen that way he'd have a majority,  Musa would have none of that, and Musa insisted the  results be respected.

Mahathir came back and told some people he'd not have a Christian as CM of Sabah, there are journalist who will vouch for this, and after some time managed to get Pairin out of the CM's post. That will explain why Sabah has this rotating system of CM, it is the only state, he may get Najib to try that in Sarawak after Taib's defeat soon.

I would urge NGOs to go to Sarawak for this elections it is going to be dirty, very very dirty, and that is why this latest Anwar episode.

The police are  keen on investigation as to who is on the DVD, but is that the issue here?

Najib has urged the police to investigate in that direction too. And why? Finish Anwar.

It has already become common knowledge that the three stooges became a laughing stock even before the Thamby came out and identified  the whole group, this plan failed and it failed miserably, the public are not buying this story. Some Malays are already saying this is not the work of Malays, it is  some people who are not Malays but are allowed to call themselves Malay that are doing this. One even asked me, "is Thamby Malay? Where got Malay name Eskay? But got SK Ubaidullah, he is a gentleman he never said he is Malay, he said he is Indian."

The Thamby's role in this is revenge, the Thamby was being groomed by the Mamak, his country man for higher office, when the old lady in Melaka approached Anwar first on the alleged rape of her granddaughter Anwar was so shocked, he was in disbelief, and knowing the relationship between the Thamby and his boss, Anwar directed her to Guan Eng, that is a "Top Secret," on a no favours request.

Now that the entire nation was mocking this Trio pictured above,  another plan had to come into action, in the first place this was not supposed to be the strategy, but because the judge in the Sodomy 2 case decided that the plastic bottle and the good morning towel could not be used as evidence and,any evidence obtained from it was non admissible, it had ruined the case of the prosecution in Sodomy 2 and that is why this "sex scandal' was brought up by this "Trio, " it was plan B and plan B was bad, it failed, B must have stood for Bad, and who their masters are is everybody's guess.

So the next best thing in desperation was to get the judge to reverse his own judgment, something never before done in either commonwealth or world judicial history. Is this judge working alone?

In this particular case the issues at hand are; The making of the film - it is a criminal offence, the screening of the film it is a criminal offence, the sexual act in itself is no crime, sex between two consenting adults is no crime, a Syariah offence, yes but not a crime in our laws, if it were a crime, the PM would have long been jailed, Chua Soi Lek would have been jailed, DPV would have been jailed, and,  oh! the numbers would have been so high, my gardener would  have found it easy to become PM.

Evidence is so clear, Eskay has admitted to making of the film, Eskay has screened the film for others to view, he has threatened Anwar that he will reveal it if Anwar does not bow to his wishes, that is blackmail another crime, and why are the Police not working along those lines?

Had it been a PKR man who exposed this he would have been tortured and killed and they'd call it suicide. Well there was a case and Lim Guan Eng was jailed for it, remember it?

Why has the PM come out and made statements regarding this investigation implying that it is the person n the tape who should be identified,  on this assumption alone one would think the PM has had a hand in this whole operation.

This blog has said it on more then one occasion; IT'S ALL SARAWAK!!!!

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