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The BN is guilty of criminal intimidation - nothing less.

MALAM KARYAWAN 2Anwar persecuted
Speaking to Malaysiakini on the videotape allegedly depicting a leading politician in a compromising situation with a sex worker, Bishop Paul Tan said: "If the authorities do not take action against those responsible when laws are flagrantly flouted, then they are engendering a situation where fair is foul and foul is fair."

Like we said before having sex between two consenting adults is no crime, it may be  morally wrong, it may be a Shariah offense  and to  be one - a Shariah offence that is,  I believe it has to fulfill certain conditions, so whether it is Anwar with Rosamh on the DVD or not it does not concern anyone but the two adults on the DVD.

That it is not Anwar has been made clear.

On the other hand those who produced the video are criminals, it is a crime to produce pornographic videos and this from what has been said so far is porno, one of the three in this episode said, he is seen on the video because he was there and he knew about its production, so there is a suspect here.

Filming the video for viewing by others is also a criminal offence, and we have a 'criminal lawyer' purportedly saying the informer should not be charged.

Yes, if he was an informer he should not be charged, but is this guy a "Datuk," an informer or an accomplice in a criminal act? From what he has done and said so far he is a suspect for the commission of the crimes stated above.

When you take such information in your possession and ask others to do what you want them to do with an "or else condition" for your own ends then that is blackmail, and blackmail is a criminal offence, so you have another crime here.

Then as in the case of Chua Soi Lek, I have said it many times, the police have to work with utmost urgency to get those who made the tapes, because that is a threat to National Security. And any threat to National Security is serious threat.

A vyr senior cabinet minister -the health minister, and now the leader of the opposition, both could have been blackmailed by foreigners for their own benefit. I suppose the IGP is too dumb to see this, or is it because those who produced these DVD's are from the government itself, because if it is not then one wonders why, why on earth is this being allowed to continue unchecked, is this being done by those in government itself? Because if it is,  that will explain why the Police are more interested in non criminal happenings and allows the criminals off, as the criminal offence is targeted at certain people the government is not comfortable with.
Moreover in the case of Chua Soil Lek the sexual act  is a crime although it involves two consenting adults because in Chua's case there was oral sex, and Chua admitted it was him on tape, so you have the former minister of health and the present President of the MCA caught in a criminal act and let off without any charges being brought against him, and like sodomy oral sex is an offence here in Malaysia, so why is Chua not charged, is this not clearly a case of selective prosecution by the AG and selective persecution by the government?  This blog is not saying you have to charge Chua, far from it, it asks the question why is it so selective on the part of the Attorney General? Well it certainly is criminal intimidation of Anwar.

This selective process in itself is a crime,a nd those who discriminate and selectively charge shoudl be brought to justice.

Well it certainly is a case of criminal intimidation, and we all know why, this BN government is afraid of Anwar, it is so scared that Anwar will turn the tables on them.

This is sheer criminal intimidation, and they are after Anwar no matter how ugly they look, they want Anwar out, they are after Sarawak they must win it no matter how ugly what Taib has done, Sarawak must be BNs and Anwar must be silenced for good.

I hear it every morning, I go for my hill walks the Malays are talking again, and when the Malays talk something is brewing, they are getting fed up with these acts of criminal intimidation, this vulgar politics, these fix the man type of thing, many UMNO people seems to be falling out,  when you intimidate Anwar you intimidate a good portion of Malaysian citizens and that too is a crime, especially when it is done to prevent the people, Anwar included, from exercising their constitutional rights, we are not fools try fooling us again, you'll ahve to come out with something more sophisticated, and it has to be very sophisticated because we too are very sophisticated, its a different generation, not war babies of 1969, whom Najib's father managed to muscle.

The Muftis have come out with the most positive of statements, the call by 
former Perlis mufti Mohd Asri Zainul Abidin to put an end to  lewd and gutter politics in the country, as it not only projects a poor image of Malaysia but sets a bad example for the younger generation.

Following Asri' s lead a coalition of Islamic NGOs have come out and claimed the current situation where there is widespread slander involving several prominent people would only result in confusion among the Muslim community.

In a statement today, Azmi said if the muftis were to take a firm stand on this matter, it would indicate to the people that they should not be easily manipulated by prominent parties who do not seem to conform to Islamic teachings when it comes to slander.

The Malaysian Consultative Council for Buddhism, Christianity, Hinduism, Sikhism and Taoism (MCCBCHST) has described the recent emergence of a sex video as slander designed to humiliate Anwar Ibrahim.

In a statement signed by president Reverend Thomas Philips, the council urged the government to take swift action against 'Datuk T', the code-name used by three individuals who have admitted to being behind the release of the video.

"Their aim in publicly humiliating (Anwar Ibrahim) the Opposition Leader of Parliament offends the sensitivities of decent people, no matter to what race or religion they belong," the statement said.

"Over the few decades, we have been treated to and numbed by numerous financial scandals, social scandals and political scandals committed by those supposedly dedicated to leading our citizens through 'leadership by example'.

"This latest video clip to slander a fellow Malaysian, albeit a Muslim MP, is viewed by our members with great concern and revulsion."

Now the stage is being set and this is something we do not want to do, this blog has stressed time and again that what happened in Egypt and the middle east does not have to happen here, it must not happen here, but look who is trying to  force  the rakyat to.

Now the entire spectrum of the  religious  community have spoken.

This looks like someone is waiting for some kind of action with which he can set up another National Operations Council, remember that the "NOC," like father like son?

 "This is a dangerous pass, one in which people, especially the young, will think that there is one set of rules for a privileged few and another set of rules for the rest," Bishop Dr.  Paul Tan SJ.
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