Tuesday, March 29, 2011

Hell at your doorstep if Gaddafi leaves.

There is a saying "better an old enemy than a new friend" and for Europe it could not be further from the truth when applied to Gaddafi.

There was a time when this man Gaddafi actually financed terrorists, from the Japanese Red Army to other  terror networks and reigned terror on the world over.

Why the bombing of the Pan American Jumbo over Scotland was Gaddafi's doing, the Moro Rebels were financed by Gaddafi, if you do not believe that ask his good friend Mahathir, he may pretend not to know.

However over the years and especially after Reagan went after this man with a real intention to kill him did he sober down, and  realised that the way he was going was dangerous for both him and Libya and he did turn over a new leaf or at least so it seemed.

He made a truce with the British, he surrendered the Pan American bombers his own men to the Brits, and then relations began to cool. The British were being awarded  huge contracts in Libya, they returned one of the bombers serving time in British jails under the pretext that he was terminally ill, and for doing that got more goodies from the Brits.

Having Gaddafi as a friend was good for an ailing British economy, but overrunning his country and going for the spoils of war is even a better option and that is what Britan is after now.

Will they get it?

They will successfully be able to drive Gaddafi out of Libya, they can't in the least bit be bothered where he lands up, Zimbabwe, South Africa, Cuba or even for that matter Venezeula, who cares the wealth in Libya is worth exploiting and that is what the British and their allies France included are after - the spoils of war.

The Chinese and Russians have let Libyans down or maybe not, but in allowing the Americans, the British, the French and the rest the 'freedom of establishing' countries a "no fly zone" and not spelling out how it should have been implemented - they sold the Libyans.

Is it a no fly zone that these allies are establishing or is it all out war from the skies, they are now arming the rebels on the ground, and providing them with air cover to attack Gaddafi, it is a tough battle for Gaddafi, they expected all Libyans to join the rebels, but no Libya is split in two and Gaddafi's peoples are fighting too.

Those who were not fighters have become fighters, and so what happens at the end of this trouble.

The rebels will win, but they do not want outside interference, they have said so, others in the rebels ranks will see it as necessary and  at least for the interim that will cause a split among the ranks.

Those from the Gaddeafi camp will seek revenge, they'll want their own ways, they may be forced to align with Al Qaeda, Bin Ladin is already grinning, his forces are ready to jump into this mess,and in a mess like this the guerrilla group is triumphant especially when they have in their arsenal suicide bombers.

Libya will be taken over by the Al Qaeda, the Muslim brotherhood is aligned to them, and then at the doorsteps of Europe one will find the all powerful Al Qaeda aligned with the Great Holy Islamic  Empire headed by Iran ready to strike Europe.

Libya will be the launching pad from whence they'd plot and attack Europe with all fury, killing man woman and child in the name of God is very Al Qaeda and that is what will happen. Europe is full of disgruntled and dissatisfied Muslims, and after all Europe is just across the Mediterranean. Libya becomes for now the ideal launch pad.

All Europe must be prepared to go this way, if they intend to intervene in Libya, and that is the only way it will go.

Listen to Ahmadinejad if you haven't yet, listen to him carefully when he talks if you haven't yet,  wait for his successful test  of his own nuclear warheads. its very unclear now but the nuclear clarity will come soon, he has the missiles to fire them as far as the USA, he has a great friend in North Korea who is kind of  related the Chinese, who in turn are kind of related to the Russians.

The cold war is back and it is hotting up, looks like there will be  nothing cold about this war when the time comes.

Where Gaddafi goes is nobody's concern, but will Malaysian toy with the idea? I hope not.

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