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Umi to vie for Wanita UMNO Top spot

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Umi Hafilda the "political actress par excellence" who almost single-handedly saved Mahahtir in 1997, by getting Anwar off his back and implicating her own brother in the process, and whose influence in Merlimau needs to be carefully gauged must be surely having her sights  for the Wanita UMNO post as Sharizat and even Rafidah of past would not have been able to match her effectiveness, or so  it seems.
The Star in a report carried on 6 March  stated, "Ummi Hafilda Ali still has the ability to make waves wherever she appears. Love her or hate her but you cannot ignore her." she has stories, and a lie told often enough gets to be perceived to be the truth, a Hitler philosophy practiced so well by someone so close to her i do not need to mention him here.

For a woman of such "substance" to UMNO, UMNO can't afford to ignore her capabilities or she may do the next best thing squeal on UMNO at the next General Elections.

Word has it that she has been contacted by a  former UMNO strongman to do just that with a promise of great rewards if she delivers the humiliation to Najib, Mahathir and the rest, and she has the capability of doing so, but the question is will she? Or even, can she?

The UMNO script written for her which she used at Kerdau is;  " I still have several things to disclose, if he still accuses me of taking money, conspiracy and so forth, I'll have no qualms in exposing him."

There must be a scriptwriter or scriptwriters whose job it is now to write Umi's speeches for the General Elections that is why she says, " I still have several things to disclose...."

Being the younger sister of PKR deputy president and Anwar's closest aide, UMNO found her the right target to say things about Anwar to get him convicted by the infamous justice Augustine Paul, and now in the face of the uncertainties that plague the calling for  the next General Elections,  Kerdau and Merlimau, UMNO  were  testing grounds by  trying Umi Hafilda and it seemed to have paid handsome dividends.

It is not Malay to go public and condemn one's own brother, why amongst the Malays this is almost totally unheard of. why did Umi decide to do just that? What was her motivation, or better still what was the power of the force that made her do it, and come back and do it again. Normally at this stage it should have been let bygones be bygones.

Umno must have a very strong hold on this woman, what it is for the moment can only be reduced to roumer but whatever it is she is willing to wreck her brothers entire career send him to the gallows for all  she cares and be faithful to UMNO for some reason other then all those 'noble' reasons she talks about.

Is she doing this out of her own free will, or is it being done because she is being blackmailed? Maybe a lie detector test may shed some light, although  that can't be taken to be conclusive.

Any woman who says such things about her brother will weep for two reasons, one it is the truth, if it is, consider this,  does she so easily take the rostrum and do it?

Or,  could it be that she hates herself for doing so and has no alternative but to do so, because she is being blackmailed?

Mahathir claimed that he believed her when she began to cry, but he did not believe Lee Kuan Yew when he cried on the separation of Singapore, so why believe this lady, because that was the best opportunity he had to give a reason of belief, and we all know Mahathir's excuses of convenience, after all Anwar was not helping him to help his sons out of the huge financial mess of 1997 that they had got into.

Was Umi crying because she was to tell lies about hurt elder brother? anwar was nobdy but her brother was now brought int the fray and she was destroying him, could that be  the reason of her tears?

Although Umi harbours great plans for UMNO positions both at wanita and at the executive council, she actually has no power to move in because the powers that be here are the ones that seem to have the control over her, and Sharizat can rest peacefully for the time being at least, because in politics, and especially UMNO politics, things can change course and an ambitious Muhyuddin,  Khairy Jamaludin  and the Mukhriz Mahathir could play the card to get back into power with a lucrative deal for Umi Hafilda at the end of it all.

Umi on the other hand has to be mindful, this is UMNO and there are lessons, Altantuya Shaaribu for one.

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