Tuesday, March 22, 2011

Forget the video, focus on Sarawak!!!!!!!!!

Location of SarawakSarawak. Who stole our Oil? why are we the richest and yet the poorest?

I think we should forget the video, I think we should now focus on Sarawak, because believe me all Malaysians know this is a BN set up to take the focus away from Sarawak, many will openly say so, some the UMNOPUTERAS in particular, the dead NST, the Berita Harian and Utusan will also be harping on this issue, and if they go too far, lets do the next best thing dump the press, the NST is as good as dead, the news stands tell the story, but anyone else trying this should also be dumped.

This is a BN strategy, they are so afraid of Anwar, they would have killed him earlier like Marcos did Aquino.That thought ran down the mind of Mahathir, but that would have had Mahathir thrown out instantly, so he did the nest best thing, he declared him a homosexual and got the sister of his confidante to vouch for that. That's what you call, "Doctored in the House."

Mahathir Mohammed shudders of the thought that Anwar may get even with him if he comes to power, but small men think small and what else can you expect of a small mean man  like Mahathir. he gives himself too much prominence,

"Doctor in the House" even his memoirs lack originality, "Doctor In The House" is a British Television comedy and you can even take that comedy more seriously then the "recalcitrant."

Incidentally this video looks like it was "Doctored in the House."  How timely.

Najib is afraid that Anwar will send him to Mongolia, that is unbearable, Anwar says this at his rallies every now and then to poke fun at Najib, now he (Najib) has frequent nightmares and  Rosmah.finds it difficult to sleep as a result.

Speaking about Rosmah I received an anonymous call today telling me that this Datuk T is Rosmah's friend, and has done her many favour, but I do not give credence to anonymous callers, will that caller call me and give me his name and some evidence, I promise not to reveal his identity, or else this blog is asking you to  remain silent forever, we do not print wind news, if you know what I mean.

Anwar has gone to report  to the Police not the best thing to have done.

I asked that question before when Chua Soi Lek was captured on video, who shot the video?

Till today the police force has not identified that person or persons.

That is the crime, no matter who is on the other end, the question is who shot the video, that person is a criminal, and that requires urgent investigation by the police.

When a Minister can be filmed, and even if in the ridiculous situation that the head of the opposition got filmed in the act, it is a breach of National security, unscrupulousness will prevail and a lot of things can go wrong in government if these people can be blackmailed, and what other reason can be the motivation of such filming.

The Attorney General has to consider taking Datuk T to task for attempted blackmail or for that matter blackmail itself, he has asked the person in the video ( Anwar as revealed in Malaysiakini today) and his wife to quit politics or he will ..........does that not amount to blackmail?

I think making a police report on Anwar's part was a big mistake, now they'll look for more DNA they fumbled in  the Saiful case they want his DNA now in this case they coudl very well ask for his DNA too to determine it is not him, and use that to trap him in the Saiful case this is a huge fix up.

The people do not get fooled so easily especially by fools, you can't fool all the people all the time BN, and your game is up.

I hope they do not use JBP to investigate this case, no other Indian or Christian please, use a Malay and a Muslim, we have had enough of this.

In Sodomy 1 it was Augustine Paul, in Sodomy 2 it is Jude Blacious Pereira so that the sins do not fall on a Malay or a Muslim?

No more games no more fix ups and we are not going to fall for it.

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