Sunday, February 26, 2012

NFC awakens a sleeping Abdullah Ahmad Badawi

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Well our ever so efficient police force are at it again, the strings have been pulled  by the political puppeteers and the puppets (our police force) are dancing according to the strings rather than by the music.

Why have they to seek the consent of the AG before charging the chairperson of the National Feedlot Corporation (NFC)  Mohamed Salleh Ismail,the husband of Sharizat Abdul Jalil with what they claim is CBT?

Isn't CBT a crime and especially in a case like this where public funds are involved?

Do they always have to seek the consent of the AG before charging anyone?

What happens if they have to charge the AG himself will they have to ask for  his consent first?

This is nothing but "the turning of the screws,"  if Sharizat decides to step down then the AG will say there isn't enough evidence to go by I suppose.

If Sharizat decides to stubbornly stick to her position then Mohamed Salleh Ismail will have to face the music, they'll make beef stew out of him.

Mohamed Salleh is not the target in this case, it is Sharizat, Muhyiddin and Khairy who are on the chopping block.

With Sharizat out, Muhyiddin's camp weakens, he is someone Mahahtir never liked anyway, there is no love lost as far as Khairy Jamaluddin is concerned and that is common knowledge, Sharizat herself is not so much a threat, but if you take these two out of the equation Najib will sleep better, not that he will seep well, but better.

Mahathir wants Khairy out, "out!out! out!," it's taking too long, there is Mukhriz waiting on the wings and it is Muhyddin and Khairy who actually stopped him from taking that position.

Muhyiddin's people are Khairy's supporters, without him Khairy is out, with him Mukhriz faces an uphill battle, so Muhyddin and Khairy both have to go, not that Muhyiddin is a great Khairy supporter but it is a matter of political convenience, with Khairy there Mukhriz is kept at bay.

Mahathir has come out openly and asked Sharizat to go, the reason being once that is done the focus will be on both Muhyddin and Khairy, especially Muhyiddin, he has been supporting her all the time and that too openly. His complicity in this case cannot be denied, and that will be the move once Sharizat moves out, but that step can't be taken until and unless Sharizat moves out.

Right now she is the "great wall" for Muhyiddin, as long as she sticks there he is okay, when he is okay Najib isn't.
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Najib has Muhyiddin to reckon with, he has Mahahtir to reckon with too, Mahathir is prodding him from the other end like a nagging bitch,  to act and to act swiftly, if he does Abdullah is watching.

Abdullah is not sleeping, yes Abdullah Ahmad Badawi has awoken from his slumber he is not asleep, if Najib makes the wrong moves Abdullah may resurrect the case of Altantuya Shaaribu, he has all the facts and Najib knows that, except that Najib does not know how much he knows and that is frightening.

The Attorney General is the stop gap between charging Sharizat and Sharizat's willingness to let go, if she does not Mohamed Salleh Ismail pays the price.

The general feeling in UMNO is she will fight,  she is willing to take that risk, she has  tasted power - UMNO power and now she is willing to  let whatever happens  happen, she want's to fight to the end, and if that is her position the AG will go ahead with the order to charge.

In UMNO politics these days its all big, billion dollar scandals are not rare, sacrificial lambs are small things, in this case it is a sacrificial bull.

In any case if Sharizat remains she becomes a huge liability to UMNO and the BN and all BN people know that and are concerned especially with the General Elections looming, but the UMNO leadership of Najib is too weak to take her out -  and don't we know why?

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Sunday, February 12, 2012

War in UMNO? Which one way will Najib go?

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Unless Najib is willing to allow Sharizat the benefit and clear her of all wrongdoings,  he is in for a big battle within UMNO. Not really a battle but rather an  all out war - the likes of which have not been witnessed in all UMNO history, and Sharizat's, Muhyiddin's and Khairy Jamaludddin's supporters are ready to wage this war - a war that may either make or break UMNO.

All the three of them are UMNO leaders Sharizaat the head of the Wanita and Khairy the head of the youth wing,   Muhyiddin was voted in as Deputy President, and all of them have demonstrated tremendous grass root support.

Najib did not have that privilege or was he too afraid to challenge anyone, that the status quo had to be maintianed and the draconian UMNO rule of only being able to contest if you had a  minimum number of nominations   rendered Tengku Razaleigh ineligible to contest him. Had Kuli come in then Najib's real strength could have been gauged, Najib is thus a PM by default.

If Sharizat has to go as Najib wants her to, then the pressure will mount on Muhyddin and Khairy both of whom  are in one way or another involved in the award of the NFC contract to Sharizat's husband, he can't absolve one and keep the other two and hope that all will be okay, in fact it will only get worse, and that is what some factions in UMNO claim, after all it's Sharizat's husband who owns NFC not Sharizat, so it is those who were actively involved in the award of this contract who should be taken to task, and that includes UMNO's deputy president, and UMNO's youth chief.

Of course if Najib can wipe out all the three he will then be seen as the all powerful presideent, but in UMNO to carry out such an attack he has to have the resources, and resources in UMNO means money - big big bucks, and it has to simmer down right to the grassroots, it is only money speak in UMNO nothing else will do. He can get it but it will only give the others something to get him on se he can't go forr that option.

That is the reality of UMNO, corruption breeding corruption and more corruption.

If Najib on the other hand decides to be Jantan Kuat and go ahead and sack the three it will create an uprising in UMNO bigger than what has ever been seen, and the Mahathir - Anwar saga would  look but, like a storm in a teacup.

Can Najib Wage This War?

One UMNO division head tells me he'd like to, but being Najib he dares not, " had it been Mahathir, that man would  have gone for it, he had a hold on so many people that he would  have done it and still survived, he may come out bruised  yes - after the battle, but he (Mahathir) can survive.

Najib? OMG, Najib will be made sambal belacan, and served to the UMNO assembly. He does not have that clout, in fact no one, and I dare say, no one respects Najib in UMNO, maybe some people respect the seat of the President, but Najib no way."

Najib according to UMNO sources knows his strengths, he is a great disciple of the SWOT principle and is working overtime on beefing up his strengths and looking for opportunities, but this "beef case" is driving him up the wall.

All indications are that he will not only go for Sharizat Abdul Jalil but would include Muhyiddin in his plans, the current Johor MB position with the Sultan is a preemptive move on Muhyyiddin,  he'd  leave Khairy Jamaluddin alone as he   is no real threat to him, and with that move - removing Sharizat he inflicting  enough damage on Muhyiddin  and his camp, but Najib lacks the Jantanessto take a direct hit  on Muhyiddin.

If Najib takes the route  removing only Sharizat only, he may be solving one problem only to create  two more, if he decides to go for broke it will be all out  war, and if he does nothing  he loses the confidence of the Malay majority which is waning by the day, it is this reality that is drawing Zaid Ibrahim back to the opposition, after all he was/is an UMNO man.

Which one way will Najib go?

Is he thinking of parking Muhyiddin in Johor as MB or is he preparing for battle in Johor  -  battle in Muhyiddin's own backyard?

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Friday, February 10, 2012

Breaking Stories

We have been breaking the news because our sources are good and we do not publish everything we receive unless there is some form of credibility in the story.

We have  been breaking the  news and the good thing is our sources all but two have agreed that if PKR wins they are willing to go public and confirm what they have said.

The other two feel they have  too much to loose if they go public, they do not like what is happening although they are beneficiaries to the present cronyism in UMNO, they welcome a change in that but are not prepared to come out in the open.

On May 11 2011 we came out with the story, "All UMNOs enemies are within" where we highlighted for the first time the Najib Muhyiddn rivalry and how his deputy was using Rosmah to discredit him.

Following that on our July 11 post we wrote about how Najib's time was running out and all the signs to this day reveal nothing to the contrary, it has lent credence to that article.

On January 23 we carried the article,  "Muhyiddin in pact with old foe and that was the most widely read article in toffeesturn.

Then before that  on December 6, we began the story of Sharizat being dropped, take a look at what is happening today, it is moving hastily in that direction.

Today's Star hints on Sharizat's exit, one day after our article  the ever energetic MCA president issued a  statement to Bernama saying MCA was confident that Shahrizat would exercise "her political wisdom"the statement went on to quote him saying, ""She is a senior party leader. We have confidence in her making a decision in the best interest of BN and Umno,"  yes in the best interest of UMNO that is really what he himself did, when he decided  to go for the Presidency of MCA at the behest of UMNO to neutralise the Port Klang Scandal as the then President  Ong Tee Keat was bent on exposing it, or so it seemed.

This statement of  Chua must have some links to Najib, or else Muhyiddin would  have come out guns firing asking him not to mind UMNO business, it is apparent it has come with UMNO blessings.

In the presence of an ineffective head in Gerakan the statement in Gerakan came form its Deputy president  Chang Ko Youn., he has called on Sharizat to vacate her positions for the sake of the party.

His statement is one that is notoriously BN UMNO based - a stupid statement, he said while he has “much sympathy” for Shahrizat who is facing an “unfair and cruel” attack, she should vacate her ministerial post for the greater interest of the Barisan Nasional.

If that is the case why is he asking her to vacate?

Should he not be defending her?

He went on to say, "In the interest of BN, I hope Shahrizat will have the magnanimity to vacate her position as a minister in the cabinet...."

The writing is on the wall, the Malays are getting frustrated millions and billions go out to "Malays" who are actually mamaks, the ordinary Malay gets twopence, and they have begun to realise this, how they have been swindled over the years by this UMNO led government.

Notice Najib's silence, he can't come out with any statement, it will spur an immediate reaction if not from Sharizat then from her supporters. Najib has more to answer for and as the scandals abound the public is getting more and more frustrated with this government.

UMNO members will tell you today, "yes I am an UMNO member that is for my survival, but my vote goes to the opposition that is for the survival of my country," guess that is the mood of so many and it  keeps growing by the day.

Yes the word on the street is Sharizat is going, she will be dropped but in the exercise she will claim she is leaving on her own steam for the sake of UMNO.

Umno gets tough with Shahrizat: Najib issues ultimatum while Wanita members ponder EGM (

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Thursday, February 9, 2012

Sharizat's days numbered, other leaders may follow.

According to reliable UMNO sources, there are Najib's supporters including Nazri who are asking him to get Sharizat to step down on the one hand, and there are Muhyiddin's boys who are adamant that this case against Sharizat should be closed, and not talked about anymore, swept under the carpet that is,  to ensure they are not incriminated in the process.

Najib wants' to take the best position that is to get Sharizat to step down, that will portray him as a powerful leader and one who brooks no nonsense, and that he is clean.

Clean? Najib clean?

That he knows is his greatest challenge, the moment he takes on Sharizat others will take on him, Najib is not one of the strong personalities he does not even compare to a pale shadow of  Mahahtir Mohammed, he is not strong enough to handle these types of fixes.

Mahahtir managed to put Mohammed Taib away even after the courts found him not guilty, he managed to sack Anwar although he knew that was an unpopular move and Mahathir could all do this because he held  a tight rein on all UMNO's warlords, which Najib doesn't have.

On the contrary the UMNO warlords hold Najib to ransom and he knows that very well, too well in fact. They have so many cards to play with him, there is the Scorpene and Altantuya case they could resurrect with a combined effort, there is the mamak who is waiting to move his son upward and they'd support that idea at Najib's expense if Najib tries to pull the screws.

There is so much about his own spouse Rosmah how can he take on Sharizat?

Sharizat is distancing herself from her husband in this case, she is not saying there are no corrupt practices, she is saying she is not involved, so if there is anyone to  go after it's  her husband and she has nothing to about it, it's a, "leave me alone," solution she is embarking on.

Now in this situation she has  the ball  immediately thrown into Najib's court.

Can he do the same?

Will he ask Rosamh to fight her own battles and leave him out of it as it has nothing to do with him? (her buying sprees, her involvement in the Anwar case with Saiful etc.).

Can he ask her to explain her alleged involvement int eh Altantuya case by herself  without his involvement?

Or how does he hide all these, sweep it under the carpet that is, and do the same for Muhyiddin and Khairy's sake and save Sharizat in the process.

The trouble is as PM he can't sweep all these under the carpet, his and his wife's alleged issues he has to take it and face it head on once and for all, if he doesn't then there are a lot of questions and doubts that go a begging, and the UMNO warlords have a field day manipulating him and issues, and that is exactly what is happening now.

I am sure he is hoping Rosmah has a  magic wand to wave away all these misfortunes with, the trouble is she has as far as she is concerned and to her and only her that wand is Najib, but alas that wand is of no use to Najib himself.

This  today is UMNO's  delima, its Najib's big headache, Najib has to sort it out, but according to sources he'll move her out, and he has a secret weapon to use agaisnt her, what it is though  has never been revealed.

In a latest move Gerakan's deputy head has asked Sharizat to move out and make way for the sake of the party, Najib it seems can't get the UMNO faithful to do this job for him so it  now looks like the  other BN members will be roped in to assist him.

There are people within the party who have asked her to move, now there are those from BN who are jumping the band wagon, and it looks like Sharizat's days are numbered, and together with this looks like Najib will eventually get more than what he bargained for, the next will be  his deputy and Muhyddin and Khairy Jamaluddin, I suppose.

Is there an uncle working in the background?

Friday, February 3, 2012

Sharizat is a problem but Najib...

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Yes,  Rafidah is right, no denying it.

Sharizat is a problem a big, big problem.

Khairy Jamaluddin is a problem also  another big, big problem.

Then you have Muhyiddin Yassin a huge problem but.....

Najib is the problem.

So where does that leave UMNO?

These problems will not go away by designing lies to look like the truth, people are no longer ill informed, the alternative media has provided the tool and this reveals everything that a person needs to know before making a decision on who to vote to represent them.

Najib seems to be buried in scandals which he has made little or no effort to challenge to prove that they were only slanderous talk, and has hidden under his office as Prime Minister enjoying the coverage or rather the non coverage about his scandals.

Let's begin with the Altantuya Sharibu case. 

Najib had to have the AG use his powers to silence all accusations made agaisnt him, when RPK make all kinds of accusations against him he refused to take the  bull by its horns and take Raja petra to court, instead he used  the office of the attorney general till RPK took flight and left for London.

In a follow up to that there was PI Bala.

Why wasn't PI Bala's statement taken by our police in London as they promised to, why was he taken in by the police after his statutory declaration, held agaisnt his wishes, brought by a specially appointed lawyer and asked to make a statement after which he was whisked off to Thailand.

Where is PI Bala now?

Why isn't Najib going to testify at the Scorpene hearing in Paris, wasn't he the Minister of defence at the material time?

Anwar Ibrahim's sodomy case, sodomy II that is, Najib was a key player and why did Najib apply not to testify? Wwhat was he afraid of ?  In what context did Rosmah tell Karpal not to bully her at the preliminary stage of he was examining the witnesses?

What has happened to the Port Klang scandal, why was Ong Tee Keat removed from handling it, and why was it MCA went into overdrive to bring to Chuah Soil lek back?

Has Najib compromised the integrity of the office of the Prime Minsiter to the extent he is unable to discipline his ministers?

Is Najib afraid to act against Sharizat, Khairy and Muhyiddin Yassin is the feedlot scandal?

Why is Muhyiddin Yassin deciding whether there is a case or not? He is an interested party or at least a seemingly interested party, he has no business in this case, he has to stay out, he should be under investigation too.

Take a look al lthe three leaders of UMNO are big problems to UMNO, Najib the President, Muhyiddin the Deputy President, Sharizat the head of Wanita the women's wing and Khairy the head of the once powerful youth wing, where dos that leave the credibility of UMNO?

Now has the integrity of the office of the Prime Minister? It certainly looks so and if that is the case Najib is the problem and UMNO  Baru is in its worst problem since its founding by Mahathir Mohammed.


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Thursday, February 2, 2012

Damn it! Leave says Rafidah

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"Damn it! Don't Leave it to the PM, If you are a problem, Leave!" says Rafidah

In what is seen as attrition Rafidah Aziz the former “Iron Lady”  has called upon her successor or rather the person who ousted her from power to leave, “don’t leave the onus on the Prime Minister to decide for you," she is reported to have said.

In a direct reference to Sharizat in her interview with the Malay Mail Rafidah Aziz the former head of wanita UMNO and the former Minister of International Trade and Industry said, “why are you so hung up about the three week decision? You’re missing the point, the point is damn it, decide, don’t leave it to the Prime Minister.”

“If you are a problem to the party and government please move out! That’s for everyone whether it’s to do  with cows or anything. That’s the most matured way of dealing with your problems.”
Yes,  she did not make a direct reference to Sharizat by name, the above was reported in the Malay Mail today, so who do you think Rafidah was talking about, Little Bo Peep, or the Milkmaid?

The fat lady who is also a big cry baby as big as Sharizat, was quick to dispel questions about the allegations on Approved Permits that was used against her, “there was no evidence and there was no link to any family member (as alleged at that time).

Rafidah who is still a serving Member of Parliament said,  it was unfair to equate the two incidents, this was in the Malay Mail report, so is she saying that there is evidence against Sharizat, I would most certainly think so, and many UMNO big wigs seem to think so too, and as one ex UMNO strong man put it,  “she has the strong arm of the deputy prime minister  and the ex-prime minster (of mamak fame)  to support her, and she does not have a parliamentary seat but is a minister so just imagine how powerful she is?"

Does Najib want her out?

All references to her case seem to point in that direction. The whispers around the PM’s office is that she was asked to go on leave, it was the biggest hint that he wanted her to go, “he has to get her out if he wants’ to get out the non performers,” said  one UMNO veteran, “and if he can’t the others will stubbornly cling on to their positions and force him to drive them out – then all hell will break loose in UMNO and that will not be good for the party.”

UMNO members are already beginning to talk, Najib they feel is not strong enough to hold on to his position and lead the party. 

Are  Muhyiddin’s efforts beginning to bear fruit?

In yet another development, not related to this article but rather to that of "Designing the truth" read a point for point rebuttal on the claims of Rosmah's wardrobe by clicking on the link below.
Carl Kapp the designer caught smack in the middle
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