Friday, July 20, 2018



No Panda's of the normal kind for Mahathir - fei loh jho possibly

Tun Dr. Mahathir is to visit China next week and in the run up to that visit we have received unconfirmed reports that the rogue fugitive Jho Loh - business associate of  Najib Tun Razak and a close family friend of the Najib Razak family has been arrested according to China Press.

Strange it is been some time  and the Police do not seem to have received any confirmation about the arrest, neither has Wisma Putra or for that matter even the foreign press has not come out with any updates on this issue.

Even more strangely  Xin Hua the official Chinese News agency has remained quiet not commenting on the news and so to the reputable South China Morning Post and could this be deliberate. Most papers in China and Hong Kong are tight lipped on this news report which if true will spark international attention. Why this Deafening Silence.

So what is really up?

Could China have really arrested Jho Low and have decided to keep quiet about it for the time being?

And if that is the case why?

Well if he is in China, the Chinese authorities will get him without too much trouble, that is no problem to them regardless that China is such a huge country, he will not be able to hide from the authorities, if they really want to get him,they'd do so really quick.

The Chinese will be able to round up Jho the minute they say they want him within days if not hours.\
Jho Low is thought to be in China and the probability of him being there is very high indeed so why aren't the Chinese getting him?

Very honestly because at this very moment they have no reason to, but they may have when Tun Dr. Mahathir visits China next week.

So there is every probability that he has been arrested and is being kept till Tun Mahathir visits China.

The Chinese have a tradition of giving their friends Pandas, will they give Mahathir the priced panda - Jho Low to Mahathir Moamed?

Well very honestly that can't be discounted, there is every possibility it may be done but....

They may use this priced panda as bargaining chip for the ECRL, and the many other expensive Chinese projects, but if they try that they are underestimating Tun Dr. Mahathir, he'll not cave in and in fact it will be counter productive to China Malaysia ties.

They may on the other hand graciously give this priced panda  to Dr. Mahathir as a goodwill gesture at the beginning of the meeting, announcing officially over the media that he has been arrested and that the authorities will be sending him back to Malaysia as soon as the formalities are complete.

We must remember that we do not have an extradition treaty with China and the resultant due process may have to take its course and that could be very  long drawn, but in China and for China this can be overcome, the Chinese are very practical they can adjust the time span depending on what is at the end of the bargain.

If things go well they could add a catalyst to the whole situation and send Jho Lo packing on the  plane immediately before or after or for that matter in the cargo hold of the same plane bringing Mahathir to Malaysia. That will be the Panda that Mahathir will bring back.

If things do not go their way or if they can't reach a consensus of how to move forward especially with those projects which have already been signed they may delay the process of extradition even if they had announced it earlier blaming the due process and there is very little Malaysia can complain about as they the Chinese are fully aware of the Zakir Naik case and Malaysia.

In the case of Zakir Naik there is in place an extradition treaty that Malaysia has with India and refusal to extradite Zakir Naik blaming due process or for that matter other reasons may give China the best excuse to hold on to Jho Lo as China has policies on the protection of overseas Chinese and their rights and they may use it saying that is what is delaying the process.

They may even use the Zakir Naik case to argue their point of the delay, telling Malaysia that even though we have a treaty in place it is taking so long, thus justifying their delay.

Another reason  China may to want to hold back is the fear of how much does Jho Low know about the Chinese connection with Najib and his deals with China if any, any spilling of the beans  may compromise the integrity of China, some of its leaders  and the nation as a whole, after all Jho Low is close to the Najibs and maybe privy to this information.

I am more inclined though to think that the Chinese will come upfront and make the offer if they have Jho Low, they will prefer a friend in Tun Dr. Mahathir rather than an enemy, they know that he does not mince his words and if they anger him he will show them that even without them  Malaysia can prosper.

The Chinese will not underestimate the intelligence of Mahathir he will see through their plans and schemes if there is any, but if there's none and they come upfront really eager to serve and work together with Malaysia and acknowledge any wrongdoings in previous contracts they can expect a mutually rewarding future relationship with the PRC.

Of course giving us the right Panda, the priced Panda  this time will go a long way too. 

Sunday, July 15, 2018


Is he still calling the shots?
UMNO is in deep crisis, the oligarchy that helped the Najib backed Ahmad Zahid  Hamidi to become the President are finding it difficult to maintain their grip as the more intelligent members of the party are waging a war to take Najib out of the limelight and for him to  stop issuing policy statements, they do not want Najib around at all, so it seems, as they see him as a huge liability to the party especially with the possible criminal cases coming up against him and the mounting evidence against him being made readily available both nationally and internationally.

Is he really in control
According to a Negri Sembilan UMNO youth member who has links with some of the new breed in UMNO it is reported that the move to appoint Apandi into the Supreme Council was the work of Najib whose advice the President, Zahid Hamiddi still  solicits rather frequently.

In this case it was cast upon him to appoint Apandi and when the move backfired from both within and without UMNO,  Apandi withdrew after first likening  his return to the party to a fish returning to its spawning grounds.

Following his appointment  there was an uproar not only in UMNO but also in the alternate media, however initially Apandi stood his ground  saying "I am now able to exercise my right to associate with a party (UMNO)" with whom he was a member and claimed he left after being admitted to the Bar."

A pandi,  even went on further to claim it was "an honour to be appointed", and that he would help the party in its efforts to rejuvenate itself  but  suddenly did a 360 degree turn and declined the offer saying,  "After thinking about this thoroughly and deeply, I think it's unreasonable for me to accept my appointment as an UMNO supreme council member."

Suddenly turned down Supreme council position in UMNO
"What plays in my mind is that my appointment will be mired by all sorts of negative perception that will be linked to whatever move and decision I made while I was a judge and the attorney-general," he said.

This decision came on the heels of Kedah's UMNO Youth Chief Shaiful Aazizy criticising  the move to appoint Apandi to the Supreme Council. 

Shaiful Azizy said it was not an UMNO team,"committed to the transformation agenda" and will only drag UMNO down further in the public eye. 

What is even more striking is;
Shaiful Azizy came out with a mei culpa saying, "the strategy to appoint the former attorney-general (Mohamed Apandi Ali) to the supreme council appears desperate and done without consideration. The public knows his role in previous scandals". That was indeed a damning statement.
Kedah State Youth Chief - Young guard shows his mettle

Khairy Jmaluddin described the appointment and the acceptance and then the fact that Apandi turned down the appointment as,  "disappointing" and "embarrassing"

In his tweet he said the "initial appointment was embarrassing," Khairy's statement is a  a clear indication that there are many in UMNO who know that this man Apandi is not only an embarrassment but also a liability because of his role in the Najib alleged scandals which are being pursued by the MACC.

Concerned UMNO seniors sees this as a 'journey  to disaster', "there is a third force now in UMNO", said my friend from Johor UMNO, "it is not a new force but now it has become the third force, it is equipped and has 'immense  resources.' it is directing the party towards looking after only its own selfish interests, and if Zahid does not check this soon, UMNO will be gone." 

Taking pot shots at Zahid
These are concrete indications that there are  groups in UMNO who are willing to admit that there were mega scandals in UMNO and that Apandi was involved in them 

The Youth Chief of Kedah seems to have hit the nail on the head so much so it seems to have  prompted Najib to come out openly to  assert his influence on the party again.

Although in the run up of the Presidential elections Zahid had promised the UMNO members that he would provide transparency in UMNO and allow the party to be criticized  his mentor and now ex-President Najib Razak has come out and seemingly hit at these critics, the timing at least seems to indicate so, saying, "any UMNO member who is not willing to die for the party must leave the party." 

"Why should he make such statements at this time,  when the President himself is quiet,"  asked Daud (not his real name) from Johor UMNO. "We see it as serving his own interests and we feel the timing of this statement has a lot to do with Shaiful Aazizy's press statement. Many UMNO members especially from the Youth wings  support Shaiful's stand, that is the correct way to go, we wronged the people and suffer today, we want to show them that we can change, but with these kind of moves how can we?"

According to our sources, Najib's wrning to UMNO members came  following "Najib's utter disappointment" of Apandi turning down the position in the Supreme Council."

There is discontent in the Youth movement in Johor, Kedah, Selangor, Federal Territory and parts of Pahang especially on the behind the scene roles being played by Najib.

Sources tell us that there is a new movement taking shape within UMNO with the aim of removing the present oligarchy as the funds in UMNO have been frozen, they feel that with Najib's defence team delaying things it will take longer than usual to get a final judgement in the case. 

These new guards  are hoping for the funds to remain frozen and untouchable, that way there will be ample opportunity to beat the system of money politics that is  so rampant in UMNO resulting in making  the removal of these powers thata possible task. "Cut the funds and they will lose."

Wednesday, July 4, 2018


The electorate voted only one party and that was "Pakatan Harapan" there was no Hibiscus, no Rocket but we used the black eye of Anwar and believe me that was one of our biggest winning points and it was the only party we voted into power - "Pakatan Harapan." We could not use the harapan logo as the Registrar of societies illegally made it illegal so collectively the parties in PH agreed to this logo.

The one party PH that we voted into power
We had a common logo and we stood under the common logo as one.

Why then these divisions now?

Let the PM of the day, the man most responsible for getting us to Putrajaya do his job, it has only just begun and there are years of undoing to be done.

Rome was not built in a day so too will the rebuilding of Putrajaya as there is so much of change to be instituted.

Change is a must, it is a difficult process because there will be a lot of resistance to change.

Our past has left scars embedded into each and every one of us so much so even though we proclaim to be Malaysians we want to see our own kind up there.

Change has to be done at a pace, a pace the people can accept, why even now it seems we can't accept this change at this slow rate and that is why things get delayed because of us, we do not allow the people we chose to make decisions, every time they do it we question we criticise, we condemn and we nit pick. How are we to progress then?

There are 30 million Malaysians and if each one of gave an opinion of the way things are done it will take till Kingdom come to solve our problems.

Admit it, we still have this deep rooted Chinese, Malay and Indian in us and that is the major element we must change.
Mahathir Mohamed Claims Pakatan harapan Victory
This element of our Race is  precisely where this disgruntlement is coming from.

It was first how come a Chinese Finance Minister, now it is how come this DAP MP and that other MP has not been made a Minister, or why this small boy (only  9 years younger than the age at which the present  French President became Deputy Secretary General to the President of France, one of the four world powers and today at the age of 39 he assumed the French Presidency in  a country with more than 60 million people) could be made a full minister?

When are we going to discard our dinosaur mentality.

The Prime minister makes his choice of ministers in his cabinet, he is responsible to the people for the performance of the government, we can't dictate terms to him, then expect him  to perform if we decide who should be this minister or that minister or for that matter even a minister.

If we decide that, the PM can't be held responsible for the performance of the whole.

Our job is done we voted who we wanted in Parliamentnot who we wanted for PM, or DPM, or Finance Minister or even Defence Minister.

The people we voted into Parliament chose the PM and the PM in turn chooses his cabinet.

We must first realise that we require to do this to give the PM our fullest support, he chooses the people he thinks are most capable and believe me even to appease you people to a very great extent some others.

He needs to do the choosing,  it so that he can carry on with his work of governing and with critics and disgruntled politicians all around a very fine balancing act.

Very honestly I think he is doing a marvelous job, don't get side tracked by people with agendas both from within and without.

Let the PM do his job.